Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

MAC DSquared² Collection

U.S. Launch Date: October 12th, 2009
International Launch Date: November 2009

Every season the fashion crowd is up and on the run, crazy for the fierce and sexy fun we’ve come to expect from designers Dan and Dean Caten, the Canadian twins who know how to pack a punch and throw a party! With their haute hi-jinx and body-beautiful clothes for boys and girls, a collaboration with MAC simply could NOT be avoided! “DSquared2 and MAC are on the same trip!” says Dan. This collection brings us to the Ziegfield Follies by way of Grey Gardens, a bit disheveled, a little Girl Interrupted, both dramatically hip and dangerously sexy.

It starts with a strong, sooty, blackest-ever wild-child eye…a new Greasepaint Stick also in blue and violet versions, and Pro Gloss to create it. Neutral and perfected skin will get more drama with highlighting and low lighting from Sculpt and Shape Powders and the 165 Tapered Cheek/Highlight Brush all the better to achieve it. And finally, the totally nude Pro Lip Erase does its stuff, followed by a light Lipstick and Lip Conditioner to put the lilt and lift back in…. But the cynosure of this season’s scintillating collaboration is the daring, dramatic slightly demented DSquared2 eye. Have fun with it!

Lipsticks ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Nude Rose Light neutral pink (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Blood Red Clean deep berry (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Lip Erase ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN)

  • Dim NC37 Fleshtone (Permanent at PRO)

Tinted Lip Conditioner ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Fuschia Fix Deep pink sheen (Permanent)

Grease Paint Sticks ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Black True black (Limited Edition)
  • B Bright blue violet (Limited Edition)
  • V Bright yellow blue (Limited Edition)

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Kohl Power ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Feline Glossy black (Repromote) (Limited Edition)

Sculpt and Shape Powder Duos ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • Bone Beige/ Emphasize Palest cream / Tan (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
  • Accentuate/Sculpt Pale blushed beige / Soft taupey brown (Repromote) (Limited Edition)

Gloss Texture ($18.00 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Clear A colour-free gel formulated for full-on shine, M·A·C Gloss adds polish, shine and highlights to bare or made-up skin. May be used on the face or any part of the body where shine is desired. (Permanent at PRO)

Brush ($34.00 U.S. / $41.00 CDN)

  • 165 Brush Medium-sized tapered brush with soft, natural bristles. Provides perfect application and blending of powder products. Can be used to highlight the cheeks or all over the face. (Repromote from Brunette Blonde Redhead) (Limited Edition)

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80 thoughts on “MAC DSquared Collection for Fall 2009 – Preview Photos

  1. Karly

    I’m not entirely sure what a Greasepaint Stick is… What is it used for?

  2. Sass

    Definitely getting the brush, a shape/sculpt duo and all of those paint sticks. :)

  3. MERY

    amazing love it

    collections after collections no time to waist hhhh

  4. I am most excited about the paint sticks…I think they are multipurpose and can be uesd almost anywhere….sorta like the paint sticks at MAC pro, but these are in a pencil format? I also want the shape/scult duos because its so hard to run through those and this way there is less to keep in my makeup stash!

  5. GucciGirl1229

    I am jusy wondering will the grease sticks crease? Are they like shadesticks but with a shiny look? They look cool but I have to check these out in person.

    • Greaspaints do not crease since they are smudge proof and waterproof. They are like shadesticks that you can use as eyeliner or as eyeshadow.

  6. Christy

    Am loving this! I’m getting the paint sticks, a shape/sculpt, the 165 brush, both lippies and about 7 Feline eyeliners. <3 <3 <3 that eyeliner!!!

  7. claudia

    sculpt and shape and 165 for me !
    not sure about feline, though. read people raving about it, what makes it so special ??

  8. Emm

    Curious about the Lip Erase and Grease Paint Sticks, but love the repromote of the 165!

  9. only the brush…but i have 116..i dunno hw similar will those two perform?

  10. Tekoa

    *sneaks away with Feline X 8*

  11. Am I the only person amused that Blood Red isn’t blood red at all?

  12. Alannah

    Hmm, this one doesn’t excite me at all but I’ll check out the grease paints at least.

  13. Wilcoa

    eeee 165!! I can finally get the brush after they sold out before I could even see it the last time 😀

    • glitter princess

      this brush is amazing i got mines at the start of the year when it was realsed with BBR and i love using this for cheeck highlight/ using with loose powder under the eyes or around the nose defo worth gettign it should be perm brush X

  14. Jasmine

    I’m so excited for this collection! I’ll be picking up a Feline and 165 brush for sure. Maybe a greasepaint stick too, once I figure out how to use it.



  16. Cherie

    sculpt & shape and 165 brush for sure! I’ve heard great things about these. I might get feline too… need to see it first though.

  17. The lipstick Nude Rose, absolut Sculp&Shape and the Feline eyekohl just love this collection <3

  18. Sophiiieeee

    ahh i want it allll :]

  19. Cynthia

    I have to see the brush first the feline a must.

  20. nancy

    the way mac decorated the products with “dsquared” running across the products looks king of sloppy; like they didn’t put much effort into it. They could have done a real cool design but this one falls flat for me

  21. amani

    deff getting the lipstick in Nude Rose , lip erase , 3 feline

  22. I have the 165 from BBR and it doesn’t look anything like that one in the photo. Maybe that’s a bad photo, but that brush isn’t tapered as much as the BBR one is. The BBR brush is like a calligraphy brush. =\

  23. I want the lip erase!!! And maybe the 165 brush… and the Nude Rose lipstick.

  24. Shonn

    I haven’t tried the feline before either… What makes it great??

  25. vane

    what is the lip erase?

    • i would say its conclear for the lips so that you can lip line your perfect pout ! you could easily use your conclear for this! if you go to the us mac website and watch the video for the red lips this shows ypu i belive chrisitne has done a video on this too x

  26. sonia

    yay! can’t wait for this and the grease paint sticks…imagine the blue one! and dsquared^2 is one of the hottest canadian designers! yay for canadian companies 😀

  27. I wish they would’ve had a grease stick in brown… black is to harsh for my fair skin =(

  28. Teeena

    So what so good bout feline?? And why is everyone tempting me to buy like 3 of them just in case???

  29. Steff

    All I want is the 165 :)

  30. rowan

    the grease paints (horrible name) sound really interesting, i want them! they look smooth and pigmented. i wonder if mac will release some permanently?

  31. I want everythingg! Can this collection come any sooner!?

  32. Miss_M

    Hmm, looks like I’m only going to get Nude Rose lipstick.

  33. Nyricangirl

    Maybe silly question – does anyone know how to use the sculpt and shape? Never use before. Thanks.

  34. jolenz

    sorry if this is silly…but what is the sculpt and shape powder duos for? All this other is so new to me. Thanks!

  35. Rachel Marie

    WHAAA. I’m so excited for the sculpt & shapes!!! I’m definitely getting the 168 finally to go with it! <333

    & Did anyone else notice that blood red is…. purpleish?

  36. I want EVERYTHING!

  37. Hannah Rose

    the light pink ls the lip erase both stulpt && shapes purple && black greasepaint sticks feline kohl power && the 165. I need an asprin, no not for me, for my wallet!!!

  38. does anyone find the sculp and shape powders from last time a bit chalky??

  39. macaddict

    yeah so im excited! def getting the shadesticks and feline! brush looks nice too!

  40. ines

    is it wise to buy both of the sculpt&shape duos? if i use only on myself. so i’m just curious that these two goes with almost all of the skintones?

  41. Courtney

    Has anyone tried these Grease Paint Sticks? I’m really interested in them and was wondering what peoples opinions were on them. Also it Feline Kohl Power eyeliner as amazing as everyone says?

  42. Joy

    FELINEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’ll be rocking back and forth in a corner until Feline comes out. I’m buying about 5 backups. Maybe more.

  43. Diane

    October is going to be a boring month for me… I don’t like either of the MAC Collections being released in October. Unfortunately, it’s my birthday month, too. :o(
    No MAC presents for me…

  44. Ms Trendy

    A monday launch date? Hmm that is unusual for MAC. Lately they havent been sticking to the original schedule anyway so I wont be surprised to see it earlier.

  45. kerrielovemac

    Nude Rose, Sculpt and Shape, 3 felines, 165, greasepaint sticks!
    Oh my, theyll have to go in my christmas bag!
    I wonder when its launched on the UK website anyone know?

    • glitter princess

      all mac collections are realsed on the 1st thursday of the month in the UK X

    • Ellexheartsxyou

      In the UK the collections come out at the stores and counters on the first thursday of the month and comes out on the website until the first tues of the month. So for this month it comes out on the website after it comes out in the stores :'(

  46. Brie

    I really like Nude Rose lip stick, Bone Beige/ Emphasize sculpt and shape,2-3 felines (seriously), B Grease Paint,Thats it. This collection is gonna take alot of my money, I didn’t even expect it to be this good cause none of the recent ones have been anything special.

  47. I know this isnt completely related, but a question I have been wondering for a while. Is Back 2 MAC existant in the UK and what products does it not include? Thanks for anybodies help in advance!

  48. Emily

    Ohmigosh! I will definitely be getting all the greasesticks, lip conditioner, and the eyeliner! Maybe a lipstick! The lip conditioner is such an awesome color! Omigosh :) I am in love with greasesticks beacause of the Style Black collection! Cant wait for this!

  49. selena

    so is the 165 just a highlighter brush?
    im defitnitley getting a sculpt and shape so can i use it with that?
    well im getting nude rose LS for sure and sculpt and shape but i want to know whT THE BRUSH IS FOR BEFOR I ACTUALLY BUY IT

    • You can really use the brush however you want, though I do use it as a highlighter brush myself. I like the 168 or 169 for contouring!

    • glitterprincess

      hi selena. like christine i do love using the 165 for highligting but my fav is to use it with loose powder for under neath the eyes and around the nose too :) X

  50. Tash

    Kohl Power:Feline + Sculpt & Shape Duo:Accentuate/Sculpt=MINE MINE MINE!

  51. kristel

    I went to my local mac today and I was asking about this collection since it releases tomorrow. She mentioned that feline will be back sometime again =) But the only thing is she didn’t say when or what collection. I’ve never tried feline myself but I am definitly going to pick up one since its so highly rated..then maybe I will pick up another if I really like it.

  52. Lisa

    i want to get one out of the two sculpt and shape powders but i have no idea which would look good or show up on my NC40-42 skin tone. I have a really yellow undertone. i would really like it if someone can tell me which would look best???any suggestions?

    • Id get the darker one, Accentuate. Bone Beige made me looked a little stark on me. Im NC40 most of the year, hint darker in summer and a bit lighter in winter. HTH =)

  53. Lize

    Ohh, I want the Nude Rose lipstick and the Bone Beige/Emphasize sculpt & shape duo <3

  54. alice

    dsquared got released in some stores already!!
    i already got my feline and 165. so so so beautiful.