Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Soft Dazzle, Sublime Shine, Perfectly Unordinary

MAC Dazzleglass Cremes Collection

U.S. Launch Date: September 24th, 2009
International Launch Date: October 2009

Flashing Flecks of lustrous glimmer give the lips a new kind of high-beam shine, while the balm-effect of the pillow-top comfort creme keeps the supple going and going. Ultra-luxurious, no sticky smack or drag. Aloe and Vitamin E enrich, keep lips lightweight but strong-willed, for long-lustre, ultimate luminosity. Wear it alone for medium-sheer, dewy coverage… For dazzle with absolute comfort, it’s better than brilliant. And the accompanying applicator brush is a dream.

Dazzleglass Cremes ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Soft Dazzle Mid-tone peach pink with gold pearl
  • Sublime Shine Light coral brown with gold pearl
  • My Favourite Pink Light blue pink with pearl
  • Perfectly Unordinary Bright yellow pink with gold pearl
  • Luscious Spark Light orange with gold pearl
  • Do It Up Bright blue pink with pearl
  • Totally Fab Bright yellow red with pearl
  • Amorous Deep brown red with pearl
  • Creme Allure Bright yellow plum

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My Favourite Pink, Do It Up, Luscious Spark

Totally Fab, Creme Allure, Amorous

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58 thoughts on “MAC Dazzleglass Cremes Collection for Fall 2009

  1. Arianna

    OMG!!! I’m already eyeing between 2 and 6 colors!!! Why MAC why????

  2. Tattoo Girl

    I know what I’m getting for my birthday!!! It’s the day before this!!


    is there a difference between thiS n the original formula of dazzleglasses..!x

    • MAC expert

      This formula is like a synergy of Lip Gelee and Dazzleglass. Much smoother and silker, but more coverage than you got from Dazzleglass – the coverage is similar to what we had with the lip lacquer

  4. what’s the diference between the dazzleglasses and cremes?

    and i want my favourite pink + soft dazzle(:

    • Tattoo Girl

      I was told by my MUA that these are less sticky and less glittery. They are more creamy and a bit more pigmented.

  5. i realized i spelt my name wrong haha
    its Lindsey :*

  6. Aramis

    ahh are theses a mixture between dazzleglasses and creamsheen. i want em all hehe but in reality imma stick to 3 or 4

  7. Wilcoa

    Just by reading it I’m taking a guess that these may be more opaque than the dazzleglasses we’ve been getting. Should be interesting to see when they come out!

  8. this mixture should be amazing! The cremesheen are perfect and i don’t like dazzleglasses…. so they’re should be a happy medium for me!!!!! I do hope they’re gonna cut down on glitter for these.

    can’t wait for the promo pics 😛

  9. DevilishDoll

    I want
    Soft Dazzle
    Luscious Spark
    Do It Up

    maybe more, depending on how much money I have.

  10. lovepotion18

    i’m def going to buy some items from this collection. can’t wait to see the promo pics

  11. Evelyn

    hmm i wonder how these will look, a dazzleglass creme…

  12. Very excited about these one!

  13. Ms Trendy

    OMG i was just thinking to myself why did they launch cremesheen glosses as a limited collection… they were teasing us! I think a blend between cremesheen and dazzleglasses will be to die for!!! cant wait. i might just get them ALL!!! I use my cremesheen glosses so sparingly because i dont want them to run out.

  14. Christy

    This sounds interesting, but I will have to see how they swatch before I get any.

  15. Torrie

    Soft Dazzle
    My Favourite Pink
    Perfectly Unordinary
    Luscious Spark
    Do It Up Bright
    Totally Fab

    Oh No! SO many colors sound lovely!!!

  16. margot

    This sounds super interesting :p like a mix between creamsheen glasses and dazzleglasses. I’m impatient for the photos and to find out more about the collection

  17. Fie

    I’m quite excited to see how these turns out. My fav lipgloss are creamsheens…I wonder if they’re going to be like creamsheen with shimmer inside..that’s be gorgeous. Don’t like dazzleglasses, but if the formula is similar to creamsheens…SIGN ME UP!

  18. omg if the formula is similar to creamsheens, I am sold :)

  19. Sounds interesting. I love Dazzleglasses. :)

  20. Annie

    I’m not a big fan of dazzleglasses , so I’m super interested to see what these will look like. Toned down glitter? Hopefully =D

  21. Jen

    Meh…the color descriptions don’t sound original at all and if these are anything like Dazzleglass, I won’t be spending 18 dollars on 3/4 of a tiny tube of gloss.

  22. Ashlee

    i might want my faveorite pink. maybe

  23. I want:
    Soft Dazzle
    Sublime Shine
    My Favourite Pink

  24. Hopefully, more opaque…?

  25. Kari

    I don’t know about “less glittery”….maybe in general…but Amorous seems to have a lot of glitter on the lips. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…. 😀 Definitely love the fact that there is more color payoff with these though…

  26. Liz

    The last collection I was interested in was Double Dazzle, so I don’t feel so bad being interested in these. There’s almost three months until the collection 😛 I wonder about these though. If they are less glittery, then I’d like to see how these look like in comparison to regular lipglasses… 😕

  27. Luscious Spark, Creme Allure, Amorous <<< most def! :)

  28. margot

    I want them all :p

  29. I’ll definitely want the last 3.

  30. charlene

    Are they going to be permanent at all? :(

  31. Soft Dazzle, Sublime Shine and Luscious Spark seem interesting…

  32. Summer

    I want

    Soft Dazzle
    Sublime Shine
    My Favourite Pink
    Luscious Spark
    Creme Allure

    These r so pretty!!!!!

  33. Kitson

    Im gonna need to see some swatches before I really scope out this collection.

  34. ChiPui

    I want them all 😐

  35. Angie

    Can’t wait for these to come out!! YAY!! Something else to look forward to!

  36. I simply cannot wait for these new Dazzleglass(es). I find that the original have a bit of an “off” taste with too much glitter and shine. I really think the creamy version will be a sure-fire hit for MAC.

  37. Brooke

    -Do It Up
    –Totally Fab
    —Luscious Spark

    I am SO excited. I really don’t think these will disapoint, and MAC always comes out with the best products!!!
    One question: Could someone please, please tell me what the difference the creme sheens will have?

    • The cremesheens? They’re not changing from what I know. The dazzleglass cremes are very much like dazzleglass, just more pigmented — not really like cremesheen glass, IMO.

  38. Hannah Rose

    OMG, I cant spend that much!! :( I’m thinking….

    Soft dazzle
    Sublime shine

  39. Tiffany

    Dazzleglasses are absolutely one of my favorite products from MAC! Im so excited and the colors seem really nice too~

  40. liz

    hey girl, idk where to put this comment but allcosmeticswholesale is having a 10% off all mac lipglasses with offer code MACGLOSS10

  41. PrincessJodie

    oh my goodness theres four that i want from this collection this looks like a good collection and its only focused on dazzleglasses hhehe

  42. BrownEyes

    Seriously considering Luscious Spark. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  43. Ellie

    Amorous looks gorgeous. I love red lips but you can’t wear them around all the time especially during daytime and this looks like the perfect substitute!

  44. purity


  45. Wendy

    I’m such a pink girl – My favourite pink, do it up, totally fab and creme allure are all on my to purchase list now.
    MAC will bankrupt me soon :o)

  46. Stacy

    i want
    soft dazzle
    creme allure
    perfectly unordinary
    sublime shine!

  47. Rory

    i’m definitely going to get My Favourite Pink…!! it looks gorgeous…!!

  48. Lauren

    i’ve got my eye on My favourite pink looks beautiful :]