Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Some early Cult of Cherry product shots/swatches! Just of a few things I was privy to see early :)

Check out a few more…

** Illegal Purple is a nail lacquer!

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79 thoughts on “MAC Cult of Cherry Product Photos & Swatches Preview

  1. Lexi

    I’m not feeling that quad, but Illegal Purple is GORGEOUS looking.

  2. Holy moley. Illegal Purple looks like jam. Like, straight up, preserves! o.O What is that? A lipglass?

  3. I agree with Lexi!

  4. sunny

    wow i wish illegal purple was a lip product, its amazing! so far i want jampacked really bad! thanks for the swatches!

  5. Kristen

    Jampacked is super pretty! I can’t wait to see it in person. I am not feeling that one quad either as Lexi put it. Mac sent me their promotional flyer the other day for Cult of Cherry. I really can’t wait for it!

  6. Kristen Elisabeth

    Mm.. these are all too dark for me. I like the colors in the quad, but I don’t think I’m going to need it. I can probably dupe them all.

  7. Jampacked is gorgeous! I’d probably the the quad more if I could see a look with it. The colours are nice.

    • The quad is pretty, but it’s not a must-have if you have similar colors. Sharp stands out, but I still find it similar enough to Overgrown/Bitter family of color.

  8. Marni

    I’m feeling illegal purple and so scarlet. I haven’t tried MAC’s lip products before, but I think this collection would definitely push me in that direction.

  9. Tekoa

    What, that’s Sharp? It looks totally different from the promo pictures. Not so amazing… I’m waffling now. Depends on how blendable/pigmented it is.

  10. danielle

    i can’t wait for this line to launch.
    i love the palettes. and some of the lip glosses.

  11. the 21st can’t get here fast enough!!! LOVE Bing, So Scarlet and Jampacked – need all of them and more!

  12. marsina

    I don’t think the picture does the tempting quad justice, because it’s much better in person. Although in the promo pics, the sharp is gorgeous because it’s layered over chartru paint. The spiced chocolate quad I’m definitely buying but I’ll skip the shadowy lady quad because I already have shadowy lady and deep truth and the other 2 colors look a lot like shale and mink pink in my opinion. I’ll definitely get all of the mattenes (my fav formula) and the darker lipglasses, the blushes and the nail colors.

  13. Bea

    Thanks for the info masina!

  14. lala

    creme cerise looks yum!! soo xtine got this stuff when you went to the invite for the cult of cherry event?? ..just wondering …i’m going soon :)

  15. Courtney

    I am so buying Illegal Purple. That is the vampiest nail color ever, oh man.

    I like Bing, too. I’m not sure how much wear I’ll get out of it, but goodness it is sexy.

  16. so scarlet looks quite pretty… mmm… but Christine, I cant wait to see your review!! =)

  17. Brenda

    I am LOVING the lip colours they are right up my alley!

  18. Asta

    Okay, I’m going to admit that I don’t yet own any MAC. But I’m probably going to nab all three quads to make up for that. Loving the Spiced Chocolate quad, and I like Sharp and Tempting. I might be able to skip the quad with the blues, but on the other hand I don’t have deep truth.

    If I were to grab a few paints or pots to use as bases what do you guys recommend starting with? Like, if I could only buy two?

    • marsina

      I’d get painterly paint pot or untitled paint for a cool neutral, bare canvas paint or soft ochre paint pot for a warm neutral and stillife paint for something with shimmer. I use untitled paint almost every day and if I need some extra color under a shadow, I use a technakohl liner over the paint.

    • Aw, MAC virgin!! :)

      Soft Ochre is my FAVORITE base. That one for sure!

  19. RuBie

    Jampacked looks gorgeous, but I dunno whether I could wear such a dark colour. Christine, can you please do some lip swatches or looks for us using those products?

  20. Lingping

    jampacked; yum!

  21. Jennifer

    Ahhh, this confirms my unyielding desire for Cream Cerise! And the Tempting quad. And also makes me want some of the other lip products – I had planned on 2 l/s and 2 l/g, but that might have to be re-thought! My CoC money is starting to burn holes in my pockets, but I’m trying to be so very virtuous…

  22. Lexi

    I think Sharp is a hideous color.


  23. SnickerDoodle

    ooh i want creme cerise!!

  24. Becky

    Hmm finally a swatch of Jampacked! Pretty but I need to see the other ones too to decide on one..

  25. Erin/slipnslide

    I want to see the swatches of spiced chocolate!
    hotchuma hotchuma!
    Your audience clamors for MORE! 😉

  26. Ashley

    My MA was super nice the other day and actually showed me some of the products in person.. and they are WAY more gorgeous in real life. I’m a ‘neutral’ eyeshadow person, but Sharp is something I think everyone can pull off.. it’s very unique. The mattenes honestly all looked black to me.. and the Spiced Chocolate quad is beautiful as well. The other quad with Deep Truth in it was my least favorite.. but the purple color in it is GORGEOUS. That quad is worth buying simply for that color. If you dont have shadowy lady or deep truth already, that’s a plus as well.

  27. Jess

    Bing looks really pretty.

  28. kat

    I really can’t wait for this one! I was dissapointed when more info came out because the lips look quite dark in general, but the quads look fab!

  29. Asta

    Thanks Marsina! I’ll be checking out those PPs when I grab the quads!

  30. Jamila

    omg !
    so i like am on a first name basis with all the MAC artists in SF at the shopping centre. I swatched all of the cult of cherry products. OMG ! I had her total everything so far..and it was like $209. I still have to buy an electroflash shadow and starflash shadownsv +eye liners!
    im definately going broke !

  31. niki

    Suite Array is going to kick Cult of Cherry’s butt!

  32. yuppy

    it looks like your flash washed out the colors of the quad a bit.

    • I think it looks very accurate – I even hold up the quad next to the picture and they look the same to me. Sorry it doesn’t work out for you!

  33. jenna

    I am loving the look of the mattenes, I’ve been seeing that dark vampy lip in all of the magazines for fall (on the models of course in fashion spreads) and as much as I love it I just can’t imagine how I would be able to pull it off on a day to day basis… Can’t wait for the full review!

  34. Laura

    The greeny yellow of the quad looks like a nicer more wearable version of eyepopping from c shock…

  35. Natasha

    I got the “Tempting” quad. Will you be doing a look?

  36. aradhana

    does anyone know when this collection will be launched in the uk?