Monday, February 23rd, 2009

MAC Cosmetics | Sugarsweet

Just some product photos from upcoming spring collection Sugarsweet! :)  You can read about the full color collection details here!

See more promo/product photos

Consume Me TriColour Gloss

Red Velvet, Penny Shadesticks

Aquavert eyeshadow

Club eyeshadow

Bubbles Lipstick

Touch Lipstick

Perfect Topping MSF

Refined MSF

Peppermint Patti

Seasonal Peach


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81 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Sugarsweet Collection Product Photos Sneak Peek

  1. Yaya

    o my! i’m liking the touch lipstick and the shadesticks!

  2. vicki

    I’m getting those nail polishes! and I’m going to buy those shadesticks.

  3. Susie

    when is this one due out?

  4. Brie

    Gawd, that promo image is terrible. I don’t know what it is but it looks sloppy to me.

    Not to be all down on this particular collection, but I still think the tri layered gloss in a cheap gimmick. It just makes me think of stuff you can buy a young girl at a drugstore.

    On the other hand though, the new shadesticks look fantastic and I cannot wait to try them!!

  5. KaylaK

    Ohhh pretty stuff!! Thanks for the info!

  6. Hmm I have both eyeshadows I might get Club again. I use it with everything. But I want those MSF’s and the lipglosses are really cool looking.

  7. Shanel

    I want perfect topping MSF & tri’color glosses :) possibly a shadestick also…
    money going right my hands soon :(

  8. Shanel

    btw, what colors is the model in the promo pic?
    verrrrry prittty :)

  9. Natalia

    This collection looks pretty but il probably jus get red velvet shadestick and one(possibly two) MSF’s and one shadow. Is club permanent?? It looks really nice =)

  10. Nancy

    i can’t wait for the MSF!!!! thanks so much for all the info as always :)

  11. OOOOO, the TriColour Gloss and the pale green nailpolish! WANT.
    I wonder how sheer the Bubbles lipstick is…

  12. cmferrets

    ohh i totally want the msf, the e/s (except the club, since i already have it )the lipsticks and the nailpolish (99love the pale green one).
    i think im going to pass on the tricolored lipglasses. they look cheap and weird, i mean whats the point? i dunno , ill have to see them upclose when they come out.

  13. Shefali

    I have to have Peppermint Patti!

  14. Just wondering, does anyone know what finish the lipstick Bubbles is in?

  15. NJ

    Come to me oh MSFs!

  16. eowyn797

    Bubbles lipstick is a frost, iirc

  17. Diana

    I am so getting both of the MSF’Sperfect topping looks so pretty can’t wait to swatch these 2 :) thank u so much for posting this

  18. the promo pic is horrible lol

  19. Tanya

    My first thought when I saw the promo pic, I just kinda thought it was odd…not in a good way. Its soooo different from the “usual” make-up promo pics…but after looking at it a while, it really grew on me. I really kinda like how “odd” it is, its charming! I think its about one of the cutest promo pics I have seen in a long time, its just really interesting and totally adorable :) I am just soooo sick and tired of how everything has to be so model glam looking, this is cute and fun…it makes me happy.

  20. Chiara

    Isn’t that Chanel Iman?

    Anyway, i’ve got to have Perfect Topping MSF!

  21. GretaluvsMAC

    OMG! I want it ALL! Especially the peppermint nail laquer! EEEEEE!!

  22. The shadesticks definantly have me hooked already, as well as the Perfect Topping skinfinish, it’s pretty exciting now because I love variation of skin finishes.

  23. Sarah

    Can’t wait for this collection! Loving the MSFs especially!

  24. Crystal

    WOW! OK this is going to be the first collection i actually HAVE TO HAVE! omg SO YUMM AND BEAUTIFUL

  25. Jessie

    Collection looks GORGEOUS, everything looks sooo amazing and the new shadesticks look great! The model in the picture however, does not. She looks very ILL and probably needs a burger :(

  26. Anna

    the model honestly looks scary. but perfect topping msf looks so pretty! 😀

  27. Christy

    So pretty! At first I wanted all of the lipglasses but I think I’ll get just one. But I gotta get at least the MSF’s and nailpolish now! =)

  28. carriespooner

    I am so not a fan of that picture. She looks like a crackhead.
    I know.. that’s someone’s art but I’m just not feeling the look.
    The eyeshadow looks like she applied it using her big toe.

    I like quirky or unique just fine. This one.. does not make me want to buy the makeup. Remember that Dazzleglass image? Or the Creamteam lippie image? that makes me want some product!

    They should have mixed that makeup in with some cuppies and candy. MMMMM Food and cosmetics my two favs!

    I’m getting Touch for sure.. but that’s about it for me. I’m with Brie, the tri colored lipgloss looks drugstore and it basically comes out clear ish. Not in love like I ought to be.

    I won’t be getting those ‘first date’ butterflies when I go to see this collection.

  29. That perfect topping MSF and those nail polishes are what are catching my eye. Maybe the three shadows that aren’t permanent. Maybe Lollipop Lovin’ cause I missed it, but other than that, I can’t say this one is too appealing. They could have done WAY better on this collection if they didn’t have those cheapy tri colored glosses.

  30. I think Carriespooner’s comment is one of the funniest comments I’ve seen in a while.

    Touch lipstick looks the most appealing out of this collection.

  31. gin

    regular mac packaging!! yay!! i cant wait for this!!!

  32. jess

    I think the model looks like a oompa loompa and she ain’t happy about it! lol Does not sell this collection at all. Even a crackhead oompa loompa couldn’t make this collection look interesting! Those glosses look cool but they probably have no color pay off, just pretty to look at. Why do they do green nail polish? who wears that! blerg.

  33. I love that Perfect Topping MSF!

  34. Ariana

    what color is on her eyes? gorgeous!

  35. Anitacska

    I really want those MSFs and maybe the glosses, but I need to check them out first in real life. I agree about the promo picture, she looks awful, but then to be honest, I never really like the promo pictures for the MAC collections anyway.

  36. lucyzombie

    ooooh perfect topping msf looks pretty for paleys like me.

  37. Brittnie

    Club and Perfect Topping are BEAUTIFUL!

    • cmferrets

      club is already out, its part of macs permenent line

    • Joli

      Club is also not nearly that green. It’s a brown with green/teal duochrome (i think). I have it, and I have to put it over a black or blue base to get any color but brown from it.

  38. Rachel

    Does anybody think that Perfect Topping would be a dupe for Lightscapade? *crosses fingers*

    That’s probably the only thing I’ll get.. and Saint Germain if it looks good on me..

  39. sharon

    I want all the glosses, but I already knew that. I couldn’t find a picture of peppermint patti nail polish anywhere and I just knew I would love it. Thanxxxx!!

  40. DoDe

    I am def getting the seasonal peach NP. I hate that I missed it with the cremesheen collection. the msf’s look fab too

  41. lala

    MSF = LOVE!! <33

  42. kiki

    does Bubbles come out sheer? ’cause white lips might scare someone away 😛
    but it looks like whipped cream to me, i just wanna eat it up!

  43. Now This is a collection I am excited about!

  44. Paola

    def gettin shadesticks!!

  45. amanda

    love those unique nail polish colors, i’ll have to see if i can make my own.

  46. love

    The model is gorgeous!
    I got to get the MSF in Perfect topping!

  47. Cassykins

    I wonder is Bubbles anything like FunFun? If that’s what the model is wearing, it sure looks like it. I would love to replace my almost out FunFun. Aside from that, I may get another Aquavert and that’s about it. I never got the appeal of shadesticks. I have a few and they aren’t that great a base and seem… dry? I have to press so hard on them I feel like I’m going to pop my eyeball.

  48. Erin

    HATE the promo pic, but I’m dropping like $300 on this collection!!! LOL.

  49. Oooh the shadesticks and MSFs are so pretty!

  50. Oompa Loompa Doompity Doo…

    I’m sorry, but MAC really should picked a less unfortunate look.

  51. Lizzclare

    msf and club e/s ooh and like the lippys and gloss

  52. Jody

    I want whatever she is wearing on her lips! Does anybody know what it is??

  53. Julie

    I NEED to have those MSFs! So gorgeous!

  54. Heather

    the nail polishes look good

  55. Amy

    MAC releases the WORST product photos. They do not even closely resemble the shades correctly… Grrr… I mean just look at the picture of Club… When has Club ever looked forest green like that? It’s deep brown with bluish green duochrome. That is so frustrating. We really have no idea what the products will look like until someone gets their hands on them and swatches them. :(

  56. Sarah

    One of the reasons I got into MAC so late was because I was always freaked out by the crappy promo pics. This one, honestly is nowhere near bad, I just don’t like the hair, otherwise it’s pretty cute.
    The A rose romance first pic is something I hate more than this one actually.
    The only promo pics I’ve ever loved were the recent red she said and monogram one.

  57. Dominique

    I like the Aquavert eyeshadow!

  58. Jody

    Does anyone know what she is wearing on her lips? I am loving it!!

  59. Tierra

    Pretty!!! I want those shadesticks and lipsticks! gimme sticks!!!! lol

  60. Kay~d

    y??? y??? too many collections in a row!! I need time to re-coop after hello Kitty…that took half a weeks Pay check!! ahhhh now this…….lol…

  61. Gee Gee

    Maybe I Overlooked… but does anyone know the actual release date, is it 03/13 or 03/18/09??

  62. I’m dying to buy refind….!!!

  63. on3cut3cupcak3

    when finding swatches of the msfs it looks as though it would make a tanned skinned gal like me really look as its TOO much (im NC42), just because its SO light…. (unless used JUST for a highlight with a VERY light hand!) I was REALLY excited, but now im kind of like bleh about the msfs. My shopping list?? Lollipop Loving L/S, and Peppermint Patti NailPolish. That’s it!