Wednesday, January 28th, 2009


Once again, MAC has shattered expectations for foundation performance with its debut of Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation. The gel-based cream formula is the final result of an extensive collaboration between MAC’s Product Development experts and PRO team of makeup artists. Backstage at fashion week provides the perfect testing ground for MAC’s new products and our artists, working tirelessly at countless fashion shows, were eager for a foolproof makeup they could apply quickly and easily. Studio Sculpt is the answer to their prayers. It glides on smoothly and blends effortlessly for a flawless satiny finish—even when additional layers are needed for extra coverage. The water-resistant blend leaves complexions perfectly even-toned and hydrated, while providing all-important broad-spectrum sun protection.

The easy squeeze tube eliminates waste; just dole out the amount needed for each application. Every drop contains uniquely formulated micronized silicone-coated pigments that keep color true, so it appears to sink into the skin without ever becoming mask-like or cakey. A cushiony gel base helps color slip onto skin for a medium-coverage silky finish. The smooth formula offers ample blending time for near mistake-proof application yet adheres flawlessly and stays in place for hours of beautiful wear.

With an ingredient list that reads like a sophisticated skin care product, this makeup clearly aims to offer significantly more than temporary benefits. Sodium hyaluronate, yeast extract and shea butter, all proven moisturizers, add hydration to keep skin looking youthful and feeling healthy. Hyperlea Rhopdopensis Leaf Extract, Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract and Tamarind Seed Extract help to improve skin’s hydration with continued use. Antioxidant vitamins C and E help defend against free radical damage, and a mixture of titanium dioxide and octinoxate give SPF 15 protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Made for all skin types, this lush formulation is especially suited for dry, sensitive and mature complexions; with continued use, skin becomes increasingly hydrated and supple. Because of the extreme conditions a fashion models skin is exposed to during the 4-week marathon sprint across 4 countries and countless shows, Studio Sculpt was their salvation. This lush uniquely textured foundation delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing dull and dry skin.

To complete the flawless face created by Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation, MAC introduces Studio Sculpt Concealer. Inspired by the needs of MAC makeup artists, who demanded a full-coverage concealer that never becomes dry and cakey, the gel-based cream formula slips onto skin, effortlessly hiding imperfections. Its silicone coated pigments help retain color purity, for superb coverage that blends easily yet covers completely with just a small amount of product.
Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

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47 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation & Concealer Background

  1. AJ

    This reminds me of Giorgio Armani’s face fabric. Can’t wait to test it out!

  2. Amanda

    I can’t WAIT to try this! I hope it’s not too expensive in Australia. *fingers crossed*

  3. aaj83

    eeehhh..i waaaaant this…!!!!!!
    hey christine….do u know the price for the foundation and the concealers???

  4. KaylaK

    Yay good for all skin types! I think I will try this out I am in the market for a new one!

  5. when is this going to be out?

  6. Rena

    I am going to give this a shot… so far, I’ve used Select Moistureblend SPF 15 foundation and Studio fix powder… the select moistureblend was too messy, it made my face feel SO greasy and came off on everything… and the studio fix is too drying and makes my face look mask-like, even when I don’t put on very much. I hope this is a nice in between, I have dryer skin with some oily spots, so we’ll see!

  7. I hope this lives up to all the hype.. even though I bought a stash of Hyperreal before it was d/c, I’m still looking for an even better foundation that doesn’t feel and look heavy.

  8. mars

    I took a sample of this home on Saturday and wore it out on Saturday night and to work on Sunday. Mind you the tester we had was not my color (NC20 when I’m usually an NC15 with NC5 powder) but I made it work because I have really been looking forward to this foundation. I routinely rotate through all of MAC’s foundations with my favorites being Studio Stick, Face & Body, Hyper Real and Studio fix Fluid. This gave me perfect coverage which felt and looked completely weightlessand made my skin look like I was 10 years younger. The gel consistency was uber thick but not at all heavy. I didn’t need to use powder to set it, wore it for 14+ hours on Sunday and it was still flawless. the only touch up I did was some blot film. I can’t wait to actually have this in the right color.

  9. Sandy

    thanks for the info Christine, I still haven’t found my HG foundation so I’m always up for something new. The gel formula sounds intriguing

    • emily

      im pretty sure this will be everyones new HG! i went to a seminar at my mac today, and they let us buy these early! they are sooo amazing! wayy better than my studio fix fluid! when i put that one on it always feels like a mask, this new one, no way! it feels like there is NOTHING on my face!! :)

  10. was this released yet? I wanna try it!!

  11. Shanel

    Im sooo goin’ to be broke next week :(
    HELLO KITTY, cremesheens & now this?!
    sorry wallet!

  12. I just bought a concealer from MAC but I just know that I’m gonna buy this. I can’t wait!!

    I’ve been using Studio Fix for a bit and it is making me feel a little itchy (not as itchy as mineral powders), so I want to try this out.

  13. Madeleine

    I’ve been using Hyper Real Foundation for at least 3 or 4 past years,and I’ve been pretty happy.
    My question is,if you have tried this new product,Christine,and what are your thoughts?

  14. Dode

    I will give the concealers a shot maybe not the foundation since I like my foundation to some in pump bottles.

  15. carriespooner

    Because this has silicone in it, I’m wondering if you will still need a primer.

    I don’t think I’ve used a gel based foundation before so this does sound interesting.

  16. emily

    okay everybody listen up!! i went to a seminar at my mac today, and they let us buy these early… let me say… IT. IS. AMAZING. buy them both, you will soooo not be dissapointed! (spelling? lol) they look sooo natural, and are not heavy AT ALL! unlike my studio fix fluid, which i can totally feel like a mask on my face! the foundation and concealer together give such a beautiful dewy look, its amazing. set it with just a little natural msf, and youre good to go :) you really dont even need to set it with a powder though. BUY THIS ASAP!! 😀

  17. JackA.

    I’ve never really tried out MAC foundations (other than Satinfinish, which looks good on some but greasy on others). I’d love to test it out though!

  18. jamie

    ooooh! i want nc15, that is my exact color!

    one time i went into mac and the lady said to me, “wow, i have never met an nc15 before, you are really pale”!

  19. Valerie

    i want to win the nc15 one! :]

  20. thunder

    i want to win nc15

  21. K

    Ohhh me so want this!! I just hope that it will not cause any breakouts or feel heavy on the skin.

  22. deepblue

    I have bought this foundation yesterday and I am very impressed -it’s so wonderfull! Skin feels smooth and it’s like a Spa-Feeling to wear! Great! And it covers so perfect, so that I need no concealer!

  23. Leah

    I wonder if it’ll stay on long enough for oily skin…! I’ve yet to find a non-powder foundation that doesn’t just slide off my face lol.

    • Awwww! I haven’t really tested it, so I can’t tell you. Everything I’ve heard has been positive though!

      • Leah

        Really? I’ll have to go try it then. I’ve been so frusturated with my skin lately. I can’t tell if it’s the skin care, the primers, or the foundation but nothing I just can’t find my HG oil control products yet. Crossing my fingers for this one…!

  24. I want to try the foundation, I need oil control.

  25. Can

    Help! is there any way to get MAC Hyper real NW 200? I’m desperate!

  26. Kayc

    I really want to try this out but I’m scared my face will be like an oil can within a few hours (I kind of have oily skin). I’ve been using mineral foundation for a long time now and even then my face still gets kind of oily. =(

  27. Kayc

    for some reason i find that the studio sculpt concealer creases under my eyes… i asked the MA at my local MAC store for an undereye concealer so she gave me this in NW25. i don’t know if it’s meant to be used under the eyes though since it creases 2 minutes after applying it!

  28. Can

    thanks christine!

  29. Hello . I just want to say that since I started wearing mac I been more happy in wearing makeup.I WEAR M523

  30. For those of you who have tried this, how do you think it compares to Studio Fix, and how is it for oily skin?

  31. Has anyone else broken out from this stuff? I’m not sure if it’s my moisturizer or my studio sculpt.

  32. Laura :)

    dya wanna know something? this is the best foundation i have ever tried. wow expensive, but its wow amazing! and wow worth it!!

  33. Manal

    Is there a review for this product by you ???