Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

Debbie is bound to make us all jealous with these photos of MAC’s Starflash eyeshadows!  I know I want a few…

Check the other 11 shadows out, and tell me which ones catch your eye!

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

MAC Cosmetics | Starflash Fall 2008 Swatches & Photos

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109 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Starflash Eyeshadows Photos

  1. Kristen Elisabeth

    The only one I think I will need is Lotusland.

  2. Cassie

    Gotta have Lotusland, Grand Entrance, and maybe a few others but its hard to tell without swatches!

  3. Leila

    OMG I am a neutral kind of gyal and most of these look so enticing! Cant wait to see swatches!

  4. Alexa

    wow those are really pretty
    i want top hat, smoke and diamonds, glamour check, mink & sable, bold and brazen
    when do these come out?

    • Definitely! I believe they are due in August, potentially earlier (maybe late July?). Some MAC stores are already getting some of their stock in for Electroflash and the like.

  5. Ashley H

    These look gorgeous ! Very excited. Is there a release date yet ?

  6. Kharina

    It seems most of these shadows are Frost finish. Wow. I really need to see swatches 😉 Just looking at these pictures though, I really do seem to like MINK & SABLE (Frosty olive green–frost) , and SMOKE & DIAMONDS (Frosty dirty taupe–frost). I just hope the green in MINK & SABLE is not very similar to GREENSMOKE (Tarnished olive–lustre). Overall, they seem like very cool shadows so yay and thanks to Debbie and Christine for posting the pictures!

  7. Sarah

    How does Starflash shadows differ from regular shadows? Or are they just LE colors?

  8. Nell

    Go, Smoke&Diamonds, Grand Entrance and Top Hat are the ones I want!
    Lushious Babe – thank you!

  9. Kharina

    Me again :) So… I was looking at the last three shadows and it made me wonder how TALENT POOL (Frosty blue green with gold pearl–frost) , SUNSET B (Frosty clean mid-tone pink–frost), and TOP HAT (Frosty dirty indigo–frost) all compare to the shadows that came out in the HEATHERETTE trio compacts 1 and 2 (you know the pink, aqua, and purple shadows)????? I can’t wait to find out, altough just by looking at it… TALENT POOL looks more blue than TEAL so it may not be anywhere close… oh well.

  10. trojanchick99

    These are all frosts, but supposedly there is a new formula (like with the Mattene release).

    They all look so pretty, but the proof is in the swatch.

    Top Hat and Glamour Check really stand out for me.

  11. victoria

    Just like with Cool Heat, I’m afraid I will be getting all of these shadows :)

  12. TT

    I love these colors, when is this suppose to launch?

  13. Rubi

    I like the Mink & Sable. I wear a lot of greens with my “safari” outfits.

  14. slick

    i think my heart just skipped beat.

    off the bat i’m digging Go, Mink and Sable, Grand Entrance, Smoke & Diamonds, and Top Hat.

    can’t wait!!!!

  15. Pquanda

    Oh lord. Dream Maker, Bold & Brazen, Go, Grand Entrance, and Glamour Check (if they come out like they do in the pot and aren’t a hot, frosty, 80’s mess) may have to be mine. Mink and Sable and Top Hat are a maybe. Def. need swatches before I pounce!

  16. Tanya

    i think top hat and smoke & diamond look kinda neat. i’ll have to see a swatch of these shadows before i decide =] make is gonna make me break the bank one of these days…

  17. cloudburst

    Well since eyeshadows are my weakness, I’ll probably get quite a few, but Mink & Sable, Go, Top Hat, Smoke & Diamonds & Grand Entrance look the most promising to me.

  18. Jessica

    I can’t wait to see the swatches. For now I’d say Lotusland and Top Hat.

  19. Shefali

    I’m definitely not getting the blues. Lotusland, Top Hat, and Glamour Check look great. Smoke & Diamonds also pretty but I’ll have to wait and see…

  20. victoria

    now this collection is interesting. i love it when they have different kinds of colors to choose from. wanna see the swatches.

  21. Sandy

    I’m liking Mink and Sable, Glamour Check and Grand Entrance. I reserve full judgment until I see swatches on sking though…

  22. Nartian

    What great photos Debbie took! I’m so lemming this collection, but would love to see swatches too.

  23. HeavenLeiBlu

    Bold & Brazen looks like Jordana’s Terracotta with frost, ha ha! That’s one less shadow to buy :-)

  24. viv

    wow. they are gorgeous! but yeah.. as everyone else said (and you too Christine), swatches make all the difference! i can’t wait till we get some!! 😀

  25. Eva

    Oh wow, they´re right up my alley, I am a “neutrals” girl as well. :o)

  26. melissa

    Pretty! Oh wow, all the possible looks I could create with these. I’m soo excited.


  27. Evangelia

    Oooh, I’m digging Mink and Sable.

  28. Zoila

    Definitely gonna get mink & sable :)

  29. Trace

    go, lotusland, and tophat look nice, but I agree I want to see swatches first. :)

  30. Lexi

    I’m liking Top Hat, Lotusland, Talent Pool and Smoke & Diamonds.

  31. lala

    smoke and diamonds and go …I think I want and

  32. Stephanie D

    I have to say I like them all. There are tons of looks to create with these whether you’re cool or warm toned!

  33. jesstooimpress

    Chris, maybe its my phone but go looks like tempting.with less sparkle? Talent pool & star by night I need to see swatched because it looks dupeable so far.

    But im likein bold & brazen ; grand entrance ; glamour check & sunset b.

    whatever hook ups debbie has, I need too have god!

    swatches please!
    thx chris btw.

  34. Ariele

    I would be jumping up & down if these were all VPs instead of Frosts!!!! But I am excited just the same, some of these look really gorgeous. There is a great variety of shades, which I like. I can’t wait to see swatches!

  35. JackA.

    Wow these are really boring.

    Of course, I’ll reserve total judgement until I can try them out myself, but these just look…done.

    • This is what several people are saying, actually! It might also be that we’ve been SO inundated with collections in the past few months that it’s hard for anything to be particularly original.

  36. Carrie

    I can’t wait for these. My list has everything on it except for Lotusland, Bold & Brazen, Sunset B. I’m really excited for Mink & Sable and Smoke & Diamonds.

  37. Smoke & Diamonds will be mine! (Along with most of the collection, lol) God I am a sucker for eyeshadows.

  38. Milan

    I really like Lotusland, Smoke & Diamonds, Glamour Check, Grand Entrance and Mink & Sable. I need more neutral tones in my collection so this might be a good collection for me. Of course I need to see some swatches before I really decide.

  39. Ashlee

    Hmm, not sure what one(s) I want but the blues look lovely.

  40. Stephanie

    Ooooh!! I’m sure Lotusland will be on my list and probably Mink & Sable as that fits into some of my favorite looks (green/gold/olivey stuff). I want to see swatches of Top Hat, Talent Pool and Star by Night and comparisons to similar colors to see if I *need* those or not. They’re colors I love but might already have something similar to. I could use some more neutrals so I’ll be waiting on swatches of the rest too! Love having the preview!!!

  41. Lehea

    Geez, I just got my Cool Heat haul today, and now this?! When does this come out?

  42. Theresa

    The colours look lovely….esp SMOKE and DIAMONDS!!
    Again, I need to swatch ’em before I make a decision.

  43. kobri

    So many nice ones! I’ll have to see them in person though. I looked at swatch after swatch for cool heat and neo scifi and was like, not interested in NSF and want everything from Cool Heat and when I got to the store it was the opposite! I liked the cool heat, but I didn’t think I would actually use them whereas the NSF was so much better in person.

  44. DevilishDoll

    I’m definitely adding Lotusland and Sunset B to my list. None of the others really interest me though.

  45. Kelli

    I see only one or two that I don’t think I want. I’ll have to wait to see swatches first though.

  46. Miss QQ

    Wow, these are very pretty. In fact I like them more than the Cool Heat Collection. Cool Heat is not yet released here in Singapore so from the product pictures, I like the Starflash eyeshadows more. BTW I’m a new MAC addict and your blog get me very excited. Thanks!

  47. Jelissa

    I n e e d grand entrance !
    thank god antwerp has got his own little MACshop since a years or so ^^

  48. claudine

    ohhh those are gorgeous
    im loving
    grand entrance
    top hat
    and smoke & diamonds

  49. I like these – but they need an actual GREEN toned e/s – not green-esque, or tinged with green. But an actual EMERALD green shade – with these lighter tones, a vibrant green would be nice.

  50. lucyzombie

    so priddddyyy.
    i wanna see swatches but atm, i only see about 2 that i DON’T want.
    i hate being in the uk sometimes though. we still havent got cool heat! grrr!

  51. I’m intrigued by “Smoke & Diamonds”…but the more and more I look at these numerous new product launches, the more I see repeat colors…MAC is scamming me and it’s working! Can’t wait to see swatches!

  52. Marcy

    Does anyone know when this launches? Is it just a MAC store thing? I was reading US Weekly and Christina Auguilerra said that her favorite eye shadow is smoke and diamond, which is how I stumbled across this blog!