Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Here are some Sonic Chic product photos and swatches, courtesy of Debbie!  If these go on pigmented on me, I may just have to get a bunch!  I love blush!  What about you?

Check them out!

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54 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Sonic Chic Product Photos & Swatches

  1. Ashley H

    pleasantry looks beautiful ! I just hope they aren’t toooo shimmery.

  2. jesstooimpress

    Ahhh im thinkin nuance because im tannn right now, gentle & pleasantry so far! Chris, when’s this one released alsoo

  3. Nell

    I loooove those, I would love the get them all! we´ll see…

  4. kellie

    I am liking Dainty, wonder how it will look on my fair skin.

  5. Jessica

    Ooo Pleasantry is very pretty!

  6. victoria

    these look nice and a lovely sheen instead of chunky glitter. me too, if these shows up on me, i’m getting them for sure.

  7. Sandy

    oooohhhh, i’m liking Pleasantry

  8. HeavenLeiBlu

    Warm Soul and Nuance are so pretty, but I fear they’ll disappear on me. We shall swatch and see!

  9. viv

    OOO. I think I’ll go for either Warm Soul or Nuance… I prefer the brown/bronze look more than the pink blush look. I’m just.. not a big fan of pink (although I do use it sometimes) hehe :) they look lovely!

  10. lala

    I want all the ones in that picture :)

  11. cloudburst

    They all look nice, expecially Gentle. I didn’t think Nuance would look so orange on given the colour of it in the pan. There’s gonna be alot of stuff to buy in July & Aug!

  12. Stephanie D

    I just recently got really into blush. These look so pretty. I really love Dainty!

  13. Ariele

    Ohh these looks so smooth, not glittery or chunky like some of the MSFs. I prefer the smoother ones. So these look right up my alley :) Gentle is much lighter than I was expecting, but it looks gorgeous just the same. I’m a sucker for blushes AND MSFs so I’m sure I will end up with quite a few of these.

    • Since I’m not a MSF fan, I’m hoping that these will give me the color I have never gotten from MSFs (all MSFs looked the same on me, lol).

  14. Balqees

    Did i said i’ll take them all !!
    Certainly they are all Beautiful, But they close in color!
    for now Dainty and Nuance in the list waiting for the others.
    Gentle verey close to X-Rocks from Neo Sci Fi
    and Worm Soul to warmed from N Collection ,arnt they?

  15. Ping.

    oh my these are gorgeous. so gonna get it. any idea when the international release date? thankss

  16. Erin

    Dainty, Nuance and Pleasantry are mine!!

  17. *sigh* So beautiful… I’m sure I will be suckered into getting most of these!

  18. Em

    When does this come out in the US? I want them all! :)

  19. Kelli

    I like all of these! :)

  20. Fie

    I like all of them. So pretty especially Dainty and Warm Soul. But they remind me how Light Flush and Warmed looks on me; without the mass of glitters.

  21. claudine

    ohh i love dainty and pleasantry

  22. Balqees

    sorry i main Gentle close to spaced out :)

  23. Thalia

    These remind me of Bourjois blushes, only bigger. I wonder if they’ll cost as much as MAC’s line of regular blushes.

  24. Claire

    Arghhh, I fear for my bank balance with the release of these! I have no idea how I’m going to choose which ones to buy – they all look beautiful. I’ll probably spend so long trying to decide which oens to get that I’ll end up missing out altogether (it happened with the Beauty Powder blushes – still sad about that one!). Will have to find some way of justiying buying them all. 😉 If anyone has any ideas, answers on a postcard please. 😉

  25. Oh noooo!!! I looove blush and these look gorgeous! Especially Dainty, Nuance and Warm Soul. Although, I must say Nuance reminds me a lot of Spaced Out from Neo Sci-Fi. =)

    *gulp*.. my purse is shivering and hiding in a corner.

  26. Here I make my decision, Dainty will be mine!

  27. Haydee

    Dainty will be on my list!