Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Creme de Violet

A little patience, and here are most of the product photos for Rose Romance :)

Et Tu, Bouquet?

Of Summer

Shadowy Lady


Blush of Youth, Summer Rose

Just a Pinch

Circa Plum


Nordstrom Exclusive Quad

A Rose Romance, Oddsey, Way To Love

Stealin My Heart, Magnetique, Virgin Kiss

Secret Crush, Loving Touch, Tender Tryst

Love and Friendship


Splashproof Lash

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83 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Rose Romance Product Photos

  1. wendy

    whoaaa thanks so much for this!
    do you think that Of summer e/s look like stila kitten e/s? thats the first thing that came to my mind when i saw that!

  2. kae

    wow.. i want the beauty powders but i dont want the rose design to go away! haha

  3. Annika

    Shouldn’t Blush of youth and Summer Rose be the other way around? 😉

  4. OMG THIS LINE IS BEAUTIFUL! I’m definitely gonna try to get at least something thank you!

  5. charlieee

    Thanks for the pictures, Christine! i’m actually excited about this collection…really liking the lip colours. and the rose imprint on the blush is nice :)

  6. I want pretty much allll of the lip stuff. And maybe Mutiny, since I didn’t have the money when it came out with Naughty Nauticals.

  7. I wanttttttt the blush! It’s so pretty!

  8. Fie

    I want the blushes…and keep staring at them. I’ll be very reluctant to use it though! I might get all the lip products…because the colours are so gorgeous!

  9. PAOLA

    i’m so getting the quad! thanks!!

  10. i am afraid of how much of this I will be buying.

  11. Gail

    Thanks so much for the pictures Christine! Any idea on the shade names or descriptions/finishes for the shadows in the quad?

  12. Jenn

    yay thanks so much for posting these!! I know I want some lippies and Just a pinch at the very least.

  13. carriespooner

    Virgin kiss.. nice!

  14. Everything is SO pretty! Can’t wait!

  15. Carla

    Finally – a collection where I lurve them all! Oh dear this is going to be painful for my pocket. HK was not my thing at all…way too tacky (please dont’ shoot me lol) but these creamy delights are making me salivate…..

  16. sprut

    I hope you do swatches of some of these if you get them. I’m definitely buying a blush and probably some eye shadows as well.

  17. Faiza

    Everything is SOO gorgeous! Mutiny pigment is back, and ALL of the lipglasses/lipsticks are looking cute.

  18. Jackie

    I’d love to know the shadows in the quad also!

  19. Mutiny is the only thing I’m really interested in. I’ve been dying for it for so long and it’s unfair that counters only carry pigments with certain lines, they should carry them all the time.

  20. Jannete

    Is Creme de Violet eyeshadow a permanent color?

  21. Ariana

    Oooo the Nordstrom quad looks tempting. I really like Creme de Violet and Of Summer. Purty!

  22. Jessica

    Is this being released in the UK?

  23. kristie

    uh oh my wallet is scream in pain.

  24. kristie

    uh oh my wallet is screaming in pain.

  25. Ashley

    I love this line!! I’ll be trying to save up for it.

  26. RockiFatale

    AHHHH what is in that quad? Paradisco? All that Glitters? Beautiful Iris? Deep Truth? Vanilla?

  27. Elisa

    aww i love all these colors of course te lipgloss and yeah imma save for this one!! i wanted it all imma skip on some collections lol

  28. Macaddict

    Glad for myself that so many are repromotes! I already have both Mutiny and Circa Plum pigments, Just a pinch tendertone, as well as Shadowy Lady and Creme de Violet e/s! Now, all I need is both blushes, all 3 lip stains, Et Tu Bouquet and Silverthorn e/s, the Fix+ with rose water…Yay for me! It’s still a pretty big list! LOL

  29. MACmademoiselle

    Uhhhh! That was my wallet groaning!

  30. Rachael

    Oh man Et Tu, Bouquet? and Of Summer look stunning as well as Circa Plum pigment. A Rose Romance, Way To Love, Magnetique and Virgin Kiss look lovely too!

  31. amanda

    This is not going to be good for my bank account. Hopefully I can justify it because it’s going to launch on my birthday?

  32. The pics are amazing! I’m after Mutiny, Circa Plum, Fix+ Rose, Of Summer, A Rose Romance and Virgin Kiss. I have Shadowy Lady and it’s a must of anyone doesn’t have it.

  33. Brenda

    Someone please tell me that the quad will be available at The Bay….

  34. Oh my goodness;what pretty colors! Just when I thought MAC could never out do the Barbie collection, they introduce this one, I am glad I was wrong! Love, love, love these shades-especially the lip colors! I started saving; want to make sure I am able to get a lipglass,lipstick, blush, oh my! The new Viva Glams look nice to!

  35. Jenny

    I must get the Nordstrom quad and Way To Love.

  36. the blush is soooooooooo cute like wow

  37. Leila

    Will the quad be at the bay? If it’s not I’ll be really sad.

  38. Dominique

    Wonder what shadows are in the quad?

  39. Dominique S

    thanks for that!!!
    they are amazing!!!!!!!
    Love the blushes!!!!!!!!

  40. Pinky

    Ohhhh my gosh! How delicate and girly this collection looks! So pretty! That quad…i reaaally want it! :)

  41. Kerry

    when is this collection due in the UK all look stunning

  42. Kat

    I am going to be completely broke…this collection is SO my kind of thing and I want everything!

  43. Sophie

    I love this collection, especially the blushes!

  44. fidigum

    ok, this is insane, I want it all. This has never happened to me… I cant believe it… GOOOORGEEOUS!! argh… Im gonna be so broke this year.

  45. Jody

    I cant wait for the review on this! I am going broke too and my kids are soooo tired of seeing this site up, I have a million different temptalia tabs up. LOL If that is Deep Truth in that quad, is that a bad color? I was just about to purchase Deep Truth on the Mac site. lol

  46. zoe77

    this collection is utterly forgettable. such a shame.

  47. zoe77

    whats gorgeous about it? i dont get it. pink, pink, gold, pink, violet, pink. same ish, different collection. do something unique and original.

  48. Tierra

    y r they so damned pretty!? i dont get paid like that T_T i want the lip glasses and the quad

  49. Plastica

    It’s like candy!!! I can’t wait!!! <3<3<3!

  50. Bhav

    i like the blushes.

  51. Kimberly V

    i like the rose shape in the blush! also the see thru lipglosses they look yummy!

  52. Julia

    This is my personal way to insanity :-)
    I want them all!

  53. Alexandra

    OMG! So pretty!
    My wish list is: 2 Lipstick Way To Love and A Rose Romance. 3 Eye Shadows Et Tu, Bouquet?, Creme de Violet and Silverthorn. The nail polish, the Fix+ Rose and both blushes. There is 100+ in here, so i will probably have to narrow down the list :) But this is just my wish list :)

  54. Laura

    Virgin Kiss looks fabulous. and a quad! YES!

  55. mac addict

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  56. olliesbear

    Does anyone know if they will be pre-selling and when that would start!? I’m in love with this collection, it’s right up my alley!

  57. Liana

    These are my colours! everything looks so amazing! I want it all!

  58. any idea what are the name of the colours in the nord exclusive quad? :)

    • Nope, we basically have no info other than the pic!

    • Paola

      The colors on the quad are
      Solar White Golden white (Frost) (Repromote)
      Contrast Dark purple/blue (Velvet) (Permanent)
      Seeds of Love frosted peach (Frost)
      Petal Worship Light, blue-based pink (Frost)

  59. It’s all so soft and sweet! Must get the blush, who could pass it up with the embossed rose?

  60. nursevonzombie

    I have tried to convience myself that I don’t want this but the more I look at it the more I want!!! I really need to savve money….the things I want:
    Fix + rose
    Pigment in circa plum
    Both blushes

  61. Chloe

    Thank you so much for these pics, they are amazing. I may get one beauty powder, cos I can’t resist the sculpted shape in it. 😀

  62. Tanya

    This collection is gonna make me broke….

  63. Stefani

    Cannot waitttt for this!!!!! <3333

  64. Julia C

    i can’t wait for this to come out!

  65. Breanna

    does anyone know what just a pinch is?
    is it a tendertone or a paint pot?

    also, is there any dupes in the perminant collection for the 2 pigments, or any pigments that are close to those colours?

    are there any dupes in the perminant collection for Magnetique, Virgin Kiss (lipglasses)
    and are there any dupes in the perminant collection for Way To Love (lipstick)

    this collection looks really nice, but i spent all of my money on sugarsweet, so i need to save my money for this collection..and i wont get all of the money by when the collection comes need dupes 😛

    thanks for the help :)

    • Makiya

      Just A Pinch is a Gel Blush

      “Sheer gel cheek blush in a pot delivers a rosy glow of coverage for a healthy complexion. Dewy texture blends into a thin film on skin, giving low to medium transparent coverage.”

  66. Stefani


    want allllll!!

  67. Mikki

    I’m sooooo picking up that blush!

  68. Ioanna-Ameerah

    Circa Plum, probably is identical with Beanie Nyx Chrome pigment.. Do you agree??

  69. i can’t wait for this to come out
    i’m gonna go broke:$
    but yea
    i’m sure i’m going to get
    3 lipsticks &
    3 lipglasses!

  70. Elisa

    omgggg!!!!!!!! creme de violet is my FAVORITE. i love how it looks on me, and i love how its such a nice shadeee. lalala lovess it!!!!

  71. Shadowy Lady is so gorgeous!

  72. Erin H.

    this collection looks really pretty. i especially the quad

  73. oh my, i must start saving up for this one…
    that and double dazzle might hurt my wallet.
    but i haven’t bought makeup since dame edna so i consider myself in for some new makeup products!

  74. Paola

    Does anybody know the finishes on the lipsticks?