Thursday, June 5th, 2008

MAC PRO launched six new neon pigments that are matte in texture! (Thanks to Krasevayadancer for these images!)  Unfortunately, SF PRO is closed for the night (I always order through them, because then the package arrives next day, practically!), but I did call up South Coast Plaza PRO (makes me miss living in Irvine — cause you know your girl would be driving there right now!) to get color names!  Since I own so many pigments, I imagine I’ll probably order them all tomorrow morning.  Whether I’ll wear them is a different story.

What about you?  Would you wear these?

  • Red Electric
  • Full Force Violet
  • Green Space
  • Neo Orange
  • Magenta Madness
  • Kick-It Yellow

Check out three swatches…

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78 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – PRO Lanches Neon Pigments

  1. julie

    Oh i want these but have no pro store by me:(

  2. I love bright colors! These are very intriguing!

  3. LAURA

    any idea which/if any are eye safe?

    • Hey Laura! I totally didn’t ask. I want to say that there’s a definite possibility that the red/fuchsia ones aren’t, but the others may be. I will try to remember to ask tomorrow!

  4. julie

    How can one buy these :)

  5. julie

    they are not eye safe ohhh that would be sad if they were not :(

  6. lala

    beautiful!!, but nope …I wouldn’t wear them lol <3

  7. Tammy

    The yellow one is Kick-It Yellow, I’m pretty sure.

  8. Shefali

    Cool…but will never wear them. I don’t like matte pigments cuz they feel so chalky. Phew…one less thing I have to spend money on.

  9. angie

    I just love these kind of colors ^^. They’re so bright and pretty. I definetely would wear them.

  10. You lived in Irvine?? I live there too! Well, only on the weekends, but I grew up there.

    & I love the MAC store at South Coast (: hehe

    • I went to UC Irvine for three years :) LOVED Irvine, wasn’t so keen on anywhere else (what can I say, nothing like a pseudo-planned community, no homeless people, streets with 50+mph speed limits…).

      My favorite MAC counter was @ Macy’s Newport Beach (totally blanking on the mall’s name).

  11. claudine

    ok for these i would have to drive 1 hour because they do not ship them without a special store card :( i would get all except the orange….orange looks weird on me

  12. I have been dreaming of a hot pink pigment for ages! I’m kinda sad that they are matte, though. I’m gonna have to play with them first before I get my hopes up.


  13. Zsofi

    How nice vibrant colors!!!!
    If only there would be a PRO store in Hungary!!!!
    not a bad business idea to open one here :-)

  14. Chica

    I love bright colours but I can’t see how I could make these look good and not just weird to be honest.
    The only one I’d even try to use is the green because I think with a much more muted green it could look quite dramatic.

    • I think it’s possible, but you probably end up muting some of the colors, at least! Like bright yellow on the inner lid would be just fine to wear.

  15. Tatti

    This reminds me of my Kryolan Neon Aquacolor… Which I bought and have yet to use lol

    BTW, hey. I’ve been lurking for awhile and never commented :-)
    ( I NEVER buy MAC….. But I’m a makeup artist who really really likes your looks, so props to you!!! They are so well done and I love the color combinations you come up with. Especially the really really bright ones (that’s how I usually do my makeup, strong bright colors) )

    • lol, Tatti! I haven’t tried it, though I’ve heard of it.

      Thank you so much! What brand(s) do you use?

      • Tatti

        I use Sacha, Arista, Bellapiére and Medusa’s Makeup (both mineral and GREAT) that’s for the shadows. Anything else I just do trial and error! I opened a blog but haven’t written anything into it so I won’t link it just yet :-)

  16. lisa

    Nope i would not wear them.

  17. Jennifer

    They are cool colors, but I’m not daring enough – wouldn’t wear them :)

  18. Kell

    These are faaaaaaabulous! To die for; I’d rock them! I’d love to have them all. They’d add such amazing dimension to looks. My fav would be to add one of them to a totally neutral look.. like pale lips, nude shimmery eyes, perfect looking skin.. and a POP of fluorescence!!

  19. jenn

    They are NOT eyesafe according to what I’ve read so far. I’m pretty sure I saw that they aren’t even lipsafe.
    LOL, I really hate them.

  20. Jenny

    hmm.. I’m definitely not a fan of these neon colors. It already looks chalky :(

  21. Cassie

    I called the San Fran store and they don’t have the pigments in yet!! They gave me a 1-800 number to find out the launch date and if they will be available online as well as in the pro stores. But they don’t have a launch date yet! The lady on the phone said they are being “very secretive about it.” Does anyone know the launch date?

    • Nope, they don’t :( In California, only South Coast Plaza has them (well, as of yesterday morning), but they didn’t have Kick-It Yellow. Vegas and Texas @ North Park have them, too…

  22. erynn

    when are these going to be released? are the LE?

  23. Ashley

    LOVE the colours but I don’t like matte p/m. Plus if they aren’t eye-safe, I can’t justify the cost.

  24. hillary

    i want these soo bad!
    eyesafe or not, i’d wear them. they look amazing

    i love bright colors and i prefer matte eyeshadows, idk. i think its strange that people dont like them…

  25. Melissa

    Does anyone know if these are eyesafe or not (yet)? :)

  26. Kell

    Not eye-safe? wtf.. That’s a downer. If I did a ton of makeup for like theater or something, then they’d be great and worth it for the face and body.. but if I were to get them for me, I’d definitely want them to be eye-safe cuz I wouldn’t use them anywhere else..

  27. Emily

    OMG I want. Why aren’t they on the pro website though? I’m a member and I couldn’t find – I guess they’ll probably release them there after they’ve released them in more stores.

  28. caprig

    Are you KIDDING- I have been waiting a lifetime for these colors. I bet the red/pinks would make fabulous blush, and I will use these colors as a base to mix up eyeshadow colors.

    If they are not eyesafe, I will test them over a protective base- I have learned how to use Bright Fuchsia for accents and stuff so it does not irritate eyes.

    This is great!

  29. Angi

    Can’t imagine a use for these so it’s a pass for me. Well, I can imagine a use if you did theater or were a clown. But not for me.

  30. Lily

    oooh i want these so bad.
    i could use them as nailpolish oooooh and eyeliner…and for hair stencilling. hmmmmmmmmmmmMMMmmmmm to purchase or not to purchase…

    • Oh, hair stenciling! That sounds fun!

      • Lily

        it is pretty fun :) it’s cool if you’re going to a party or themed party or club or something. just take a stencil, have a sleek hairdo like a bun or ponyfail, and on the flatter bit of hair, use th stencil with glitter or pigment or whatever float your boat (obviously it halps to use gel or wax to hold the glitter/pigment on!)

  31. Mike


    I’m crazy to try

    # Full Force Violet
    # Green Space
    # Magenta Madness

    i love green, but this magenta is so cool…

    i will dazzle the club with this colors… LOLOLOL…
    The bad part is that i live in Brazil and i don’t have any pro store here so i will have to ask some NY friend to buy and send me!!!

  32. jennifer

    I bought the neo-orange one
    it looks awsome on, i put it with canary yellow and a pink powder from makeup forever and it look insane !!!
    my mom dosen tlike it and i wouldent say its for everyone day look but still fun to have in your collection

  33. tinna

    i would wear the green, yellow, and hot pink one if they were all eye safe. OF COURSE not together but I would wear them separately. I LOVE bright colors.

  34. tinna

    Besides Mac’s Bright Fuchsia pigment is brighter than the hot pink swatch….i was expecting BLACKLIGHT pigments. That’s neon.

  35. Ivy

    MAC pigments are amazing, I love the metallic/shimmery ones

    Hmm, what’s the value on these? the same as the regular/non-Pro pigments?

  36. Necole

    I purchased the magenta madness, which is actually the hot pink looking 1! I just had to have it. I haven’t had much luck with matte pigments! But hey what the heck! Lol