Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Tendertones | May 29, 2008 (Int’l June 2008)

Temptalia brings you this EXCLUSIVE look at Tendertones, Skinsheen, Summer Bags, & Colour Forms coming at you this Summer. Please enjoy & credit responsibly. And make sure you share your thoughts and potential hauls!

Tendertone Lip Balm SPF12 ($14.50)

  • Tread Gently
  • Take a Hint
  • E-Z Baby
  • Hush, Hush
  • Honey Bare
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Hot ‘n Saucy
  • Pucker
  • Sweet & Nice
  • Deep Sigh

Read about Skinsheen, Summer Bags, and Colour Forms…

Summer Trend Bags | May 29, 2008 (Int’l June 2008)

Softsac Bags

  • Mini Fluor-Citron ($15.00)
  • Small Infra-Orange ($20.00)
  • Medium Neon Sea ($25.00)

Skinsheen | May 1, 2008 (Int’l May 2008)

Skinsheen Leg Spray

  • Medium (Int’l Only)
  • Medium Dark
  • Dark
  • Deep Dark (North America only)


  • 179 Body Buffer (LE)

Colour Forms | July 18, 2008 (Int’l August 2008)

Colour Forms

  • 5 Warm Eyes ($38.50)
  • 5 Cool Eyes ($38.50)
  • 3 Warm Lips ($24.50)
  • 3 Cool Lips ($24.50)
  • 3 Neutral Lips ($24.50)
  • 5 Basic Brushes ($49.50)
  • 5 Advanced Brushes ($49.50)
  • 5 Advanced Brushes ($49.50)

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42 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Skinsheen, Tendertones, Colour Forms Info

  1. Shefali

    OMG…I’ve been having the worst day at work. I came and sat at my computer to see the latest here…WOW! All of this looks so super exciting!! Totally made my day! Thanks Christine for posting all this!! Woo hoo! Can’t wait for summer! New pigments, Solar Bits (wow – what are these?!), awesome nail lacquers, and volcanic ash!? I gotta make room in my bathroom for all this!

  2. # 5 Advanced Brushes ($49.50)
    # 5 Advanced Brushes ($49.50)

    What r these all about? What’s going to make these brushes any diff from basic M.A.C Brushes?

  3. Oh I can’t wait for these, I think I might get Pucker or Honey Bare, got to love the pretty pinks!

  4. Shefali

    Does anyone know what Colour Forms are? I’m guessing they are palettes?

    • Shefali

      I found out they are Nordstrom exclusive palettes that they do for their anniversary collection every year.

    • It’s a Nordstrom exclusive – it coincides with their yearly sale or anniversary or whatever, LOL. So it will come out with a regular color story (like lipsticks, lipglasses, etc.) as well as pre-made eye, lip, and brush sets/palettes.

      • Tanya

        Christine, does that mean that Pro members wont have access to Nordstroms exclusive pallets at the normal discount? Or will they be available though the Pro store? Pro discounts dont work at Nordstroms.

        • Hi Tanya! As far as I know, there will be no PRO discount on these. They will only be available at Nordstrom’s based on the info that’s out!

  5. Esme

    yay!! more collections i am defenetly geting some of the tendertones lipthingies as graduation presents!!!

  6. Ariele

    Ahh I love me some Tendertones. Can’t wait to see those darker shades as my fave was Pucker (glad to see its back!) since it had a hint of actual color.

  7. sarah

    I have 3 of the tendertones from when they came out last time. I HIGHLY recommend them. Not only do they make your lips extremely smooth with a hint of color, they also smell and taste AMAZING! :-)

  8. Nell

    I´m totally overwhelmed, but very happy…
    *sits staring into space, smiling vacantly, softly murmuring about limited editions*

  9. tatiana


  10. Linda

    OMG…I’m soo excited about all these new MAC color stories I don’t know what to drool over first! LOL


    I HAVE THAT BAG IN ORANGE RITE HERE ON MY SHOULDERS(lol in different BRAND but very nice,hehe)



  12. Cosine

    Am I the only one thinking about it or is the campaign picture for skinsheen about the same as the Naughty Nauticals? I mean the back ground colour and the model and all… I look at them side by side and it seems that they’ve cut the model up; top for Naughty Nauticals and bottom for Skinsheen…

  13. Cosine

    Oh and I dont know if anyone noticed, u can actually see the male model’s legs (I suppose the face is in Naughty Nauticals) in the Skinsheen photo… look carefully at the bottom… =D

  14. Thalia

    As cute as the Tendertones are, I think I’ll have to pass – I bought one the last time they were released and I barely touch it (a tad bulky to tote around in small pockets, and I find those in a swivel-up tube easier to use in public). Although the Softsac bags and Skinsheen collection has me interested.

    • Hey Thalia! I didn’t like the packaging for it – since it’s glass. Too heavy to keep in my purse! Plus, I prefer things to be more pigmented. I do have one, but that was it.

  15. S.


  16. I love these colors. I need the name matched up with the colors :) Her makeup in the promo is incredible – I want mine done just like it.

  17. Julia

    I was interested in the Tendertones last year, but passed on them. It looks like the colors might be a little more intense this time around. Are they still LE?

  18. kat

    Can’t wait for the colour story on the palettes :) Sadly, that’s the only thing from all of the summer launches that has actually caught me eye. The other collections don’t really excite me.. and Heatherette and Fafi looked great but ended up disappointing me, too! It’s been a bad MAC year for me D:

  19. tatiana


    are the tendertones, just like lip conditioner petting pink (my fav)?

    • Not really, Tatiana! They have a consistency that’s more in line with like vaseline or maybe a more solid lipgelee. They come in glass containers (or at least they did), which made them kind of heavy (for a balm!). They’re pretty sheer, too, but hopefully there will be some pigmented ones this time around.

  20. Ms. Jimmi

    I love the Tendertones! Better than the lip conditioner that MAC Sells.