Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Naughty Nauticals | May 1, 2008 (Int’l May 2008)

Temptalia brings you this EXCLUSIVE look at Naughty Nauticals coming at you this Summer. Please enjoy & credit responsibly. And make sure you share your thoughts and potential hauls!


  • Buoy-o-buoy Sheer light pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (glaze)
  • Party Mate Creamy neutral pink brown (lustre)
  • Ahoy, There! Sheer midtone pink (lustre)
  • Port Red Yellow red with gold pearlized pigments (frost)

Get more photos and details, plus info on STOWAWAYS


  • Hey Sailor Blue plum pink with white pearlized particles (lustre)
  • Ensign Peachy pink with white and gold pearlized pigments (lustre)
  • Love Knot Sheer pink with blue and white duochrome (lustre)
  • Bateaux Neutral brown peach with white frost (lustre)


  • Shore Leave Pale frosty cream (veluxe pearl)
  • Illegal Cargo Mid-tone frosty greyed plum (frost)
  • Submarine Mid-tone frosty clear blue (frost)
  • Meet the Fleet Matte midnight blue (matte)
  • Pandamonium Frosty gunmetal with whtie pearlized pigments (lustre)


  • Lark About Sheer frosty white blue (frost)
  • Mutiny Sky blue with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Lovely Lily Lilac with red pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Bell-bottom Blue Frosty blue with white pearlized pigments (frost)


  • Smoothblue Ocean blue wtih frost
  • Greyprint Rich pewter grey with frost

Pro Lash

  • Coal Black

Nail Lacquer

  • Shirelle Classic red (cream)
  • Naughty Nautical Dark royal blue (frost)

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111 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Naughty Nauticals Collection Full Color Story, Images, Product Photos

  1. Sara

    mutiny is BEAUTIFUL!!! there is NO WAY i will be able to resist that!!!

  2. Wow, this is the first collection I have been excited about all year. I NEED all of those pigments. And the blue nail polish. Love it!

  3. I’m so excited about this!! I want ahoy there l/s for sure, and that quad looks awesome! I better start saving the pennies!

  4. Shefali

    Holy cow…that quad is awesome blossom! Wow Christine – thanks for sharing all these pics about summer releases! I’m going to be saving, saving, saving! I love EVERYTHING!

  5. Shefali

    Is anything here a repromote? Trying to figure out what I’m getting…I love it all!

    • natasha

      hey shefali, i believe pandamonium is a repromote from balloncy. Also the blue eye liner (but not too sure abt this one)

      Christine, do you know the colours that make up the quad?

    • Brianne

      lovely lily pigment is a repromote =)

  6. Jenny

    When I saw the pic of the quad.. I instantly fell in love =) LOVE the quad. The single eyeshadows are awesome too! Thank you for sharing Christine!!

  7. Kels

    SO excited about this.
    I’m a sucker for anything nautical.
    It’s about time they have a crazy blue polish again.. I miss the old Sailor Boy I believe it was. It was my fav back in highschool

  8. Mal

    oooh this one looks fun! Will definitely be spending more than I have on the last couple. I always fall in love with the summer collections…

  9. Tekoa

    Yummy. I hope this launch gets bumped up a week early. On April 29th I’m gone for a month to Ethiopia/Israel and I won’t get to play with it! *sad face*

  10. Ariele

    WOW! I am blown away by this collection. I want nearly everything, save the liners & one of the l/gs. Wow wow wow.

    And whats this Stowaways? Is this just a quad or part of yet anooother collection? I love that yellow!

  11. victoria

    interesting. they ahve individual e/s and palette. thanks for the photos.

  12. Thalia

    I thought the quad would reflect the colours used on the model’s eye – I guess that’s what the pigments/eyeshadows are for *sigh*… Now that just cuts my lemmings down to the lustreglasses

  13. T.

    That quad!!!

  14. Nell

    This is making me crazy, when will it ever stop?! I canยดt go on wanting everything from every collection! Iยดm going to end up on the street (with lots of nice make up at least)! MAC will surely be my downfall!

  15. Chica

    Oh wow! i hope this comes to the UK as well, I love nearly everything in this collection, especially the pigments – Mutiny is stunning! :o)

  16. Thank you so much for all the new Mac collections information!! This is going to be my fave, i love the pigments!!

    PD: I miss your looks Christine :-(

    See you

  17. YAY! New Pigments and Lustreglasses!! *does happy dance*

  18. tatiana

    what is the name for the purple eyeshadow? anyone?
    also for beigy color one?

  19. Cosine

    I see that the sky blue pigment’s name is changed from seawave to mutiny… I love the name SeaWave but I think Mutiny sounds hotter! Like make up with a vengence! Brings chaos to the world! HA!

  20. dee

    Oh, they got me. I’m gonna probably get at least 1 lipstick, 2 lusteglasses Submarine eyeshadow and maybe both technakohls.

  21. oh my! i love the name – naughty nauticals! so cute! =) i’m definitely getting the blue nail lacquer & one of those lustreglasses :) way to go m.a.c! *thank u christine for all ur infor!*

  22. Ashlee

    Goodness, Im already broke.

  23. Vero

    What is that quad at the very end? It is beautiful!!! I really want that one, plus I feel I will buy a lot from this collection.

  24. addicted_2color

    wow! this is the first time in a while i have wanted so much from a MAC collection! i def want 3/4 of the pigments (already have lovely lily), I have my eye on two of the lipsticks (the first and the red one – still on my quest to find a nice red that isn’t too shocking) and the first two eyeshadows (the neutral and purple-ish one), finally something exciting!!!

  25. pompam

    Only pigments and eyeshadows catch my eyes
    Teal color looks amazing!
    but blue is something i rarely use with..
    again..BUT mayb i can work it out as the color is so nice to be passed!

  26. How is it that I only just noticed there’s a guy in the promo pic????? I am so blind!

  27. shayna

    wait…is that quad apart of naughty nauticals?

  28. S.

    Aghhhh! that eyeshadow pan!…yellow and brown…and that blue nail polish….kill me..just kill me…

  29. Kim

    Is the quad coming out on the same day as the rest of the collection?

  30. This is a fabulous collection! Thank you so much for the sneak peak. Me absolutely loves =)

    I guess I won’t be eating this month…*sigh*

  31. Heather

    Any Idea What Colors are in the Stowaways Quad! I want it soo bad!

  32. lucyzombie

    is it true this is only being released in usa/canada?
    i’m well gutted if it is :(

  33. Marie

    I love your website, I look at it all the time!!! I was invited to this event at my mall, it’s next week, so I was really excited to see all of this ahead of time! I’m not sure if you’d know this, but do you have to be a professional makeup artist to work at MAC? I have no professional experience whatsoever, but I consider myself to be pretty good with makeup and I know with some training I could be really good. Just wondering if I should give it a shot, cause I absolutely LOVE makeup!

    • Hey Marie! Thanks so much!

      Ohh, fun! I hope you enjoy the event.

      Nope, you don’t have to be a professional at all. TBH, retail experience/selling experience is always a great thing to have for being a MAC MA.

  34. Mari

    Hi Cristine!! I heard trough the grape vine that the quad is limited in CANADA only, is that true!! Have you heard anything???

    • Hi Mari, no this is not true. It is a Nordstrom’s exclusive quad–I know for a few Nordie’s employees have seen the quad in the US, too!

      • Mari

        I asked my nordie’s MA and she know nothing about the quad. I told her it was with the nauty nauticals stowaways and she acted she did not know. So I’m confused is the nauty nauticals and stowaways in the same collection??

  35. kat

    I heard a rumor that the brown in the quad is Satin Taupe? I adore that colour, but I bought the smoke signals from last summer and it already has that colour in it D: It drives me nuts when they repremote colours because I can’t justify buying the quad unless all 4 colours are new for me… and they just did Satin Taupe, too! Is it common for them to reuse some colours more than others?

  36. lucyzombie

    thats a relief cos i ADORE this collection.
    in this collection i’m after:
    -all 4 pigments
    -buoy o buoy liptick
    -meet the fleet, submarine & illegal cargo shadow
    -Bateaux and Hey Sailor gloss.

    Lets hope I have some bday money left over from my London trip. Happy 18th to me on 26th April :) Haha. Wahey I can legally drink and enroll for mac pro.

  37. Corrie

    I work at the mall and went to the MAC counter on break and they had just unpacked the display for this line so I was able to see and swatch the collection a little early! The pigments are AMAZING!!!! The shadows are really cool too, the blue is kind of close to the freshwater. I will get a lot of the stuff out of this line. It is by far the best one this year.

  38. Rosalie

    I, too, had the privilege of playing with the collection today! I MUST MUST HAVE lark about, mutiny and bell bottom blue pigments!

  39. Kara

    I went to my mac store yesterday and one artist there who i get along with very well (lol) brung me to the back and showed me the new collection its comeing out this week at my store and im going sat after noon after i get paid and prob get it alll i cant waite

  40. I had a chance to see the line yesterday at a MAC event in NYC! The line is gorgeous!!! I wanted to purchase almost everything. The Lustreglasses are so pretty. Perfect for Spring.

  41. Danielle

    That quad looks friggen awesome!! Cant wait!! When is that one supposed to be released?

  42. mary

    Pandemonium is a re-release from 2006 Christmas Quad Im looking into the other colors to see if they are. They always just reintroduce colors in a “new” collection just like with Fafi & Heatherette.

  43. mary

    The quad is only being released at Nordstom’s which as we know is called Stowaway. The shades are Satin Taupe (available separately) and 3 palette-exclusives: Awash, Crest the Wave and Sea-Cadet.

  44. raquel

    yay It’s out 2 days early just like the lady said on the phone :))0 Im so happy I just got the pigments and the shadows now my boyfriends going to kill me lol when he finds out

  45. raquel

    did you see the video for the new collection on the website is that cute or what :)