Friday, January 4th, 2008

Here’s a full peek at MAC’s N Collection, slated to release next Thursday, January 10th, 2008.  You can see a photo of the eyeshadows, PLUS the color story…


  • 1N Light frosted gold with pink pearl
  • 2N Creamy light pink
  • 3N Milky pastel pink
  • 4N Mid-tone creamy brown
  • 5N Plummy sheer brown


  • 1N Creamy white-tan
  • 2N Creamy neutral yellow pink
  • 3N Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl
  • 4N Light chocolate brown with red pearl


  • Nanogold Sheer Yellow beige with pink pearl
  • Modest Tone Neutral dirty tan
  • Neutral Pink Dirty mid-tone blue pink
  • Rich Flesh Neutral warm brown
  • Remotely Grey Dirty grey brown
  • Dark Edge Dirty chocolate brown

Paint Pot

  • Soft Ochre Yellow beige
  • Quite Natural Dirty chocolate brown
  • Groundwork Mid-tone Neutral taupe

Cremestick Liner

  • Creamola Low-down tan
  • Sublime Culture Pink caramel fusion


  • Graphblack Richest graphic-black
  • Brownborder Deep chocolate brown


  • Plushblack Black

Nail Lacquer

  • N Colour Creamy beige
  • Demi-Blanc Gold beige with green pearl
  • Naturally Rich Milk chocolate

Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural

  • Light Medium Pale golden beige
  • Medium Plus Tan beige
  • Medium Deep Rich golden tan
  • Medium Soft creamy beige
  • Medium Dark Caramel beige
  • Dark Deep caramel

Mineralize Finish

  • Warmed Golden bronze with light yellow gold veining
  • Light Flush Soft pastel pink with deep bronze veining

Charged Water

  • Renewal Detense
  • Revitalizing Energy


  • 134 Large Powder Brush
  • 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush


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50 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – N Collection Product Photos

  1. Erin

    I’m excited. Those look like beautiful, subtle shades.

    • It’s definitely a great nude/neutral collection, perfect for spring. With both Fafi and Heatherette being color-galore, it’s good that at least one spring line will be softer.

  2. victoria

    oooo, are you sure they coming out on the 10th and not the 17th? i am going then and get my first msf, the e/s and l/s look better than i thought in the picture.

    • As far as I’ve been told by various MAC artists/employees I’ve asked! Best thing to do is call up your local counter/store and ask them, though :) I always do that to double check!

    • kat

      If It helps at all, my counter here in Canada is also the 10th. They pushed the date up, along with the date of the originals (which was intended to be later than it’s actual release :))

      It used to be the 17th (for here in Canada, anyway) but it was moved to the 10th :)!

  3. Brooke

    *sighs* i’m probably going to need everything :\

  4. n.fiona

    i love these nude colours…. *sigh. ill be broke again!

  5. Ashlee

    Yayy nudes. Thanks goodness there is a gap between this and Fafi!

  6. Lone

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate milk nail polish :) hehe

  7. zoe

    ill probably only end up getting the pink lipstick, light flush ,a nd an eyeshadow or two depending on your reviews of course

  8. kat

    I do adore neutrals, but just for eyes. So I may attack those eyeshadows (why can’t THESE be in quads ;_; oh MAC…) and I definately want to take a look at those paint pots, too!

    • LOL! Ah, you can always depot if you’re brave, Kat, and put them into your own quad 😉

      • kat

        Yes! I have heard of depotting. My favourite MAC artist has attempted various times to teach me how but I’m still too scared to do it! However, if I ever break one and it’s already broken I may attempt it then :)

        • Lindsay

          Its really easy! I was scared to do it too but I was also sick of hauling around all my eyeshadow containers. There are lots of tutorials on Specktra if your a member.

          I counldnt find the one that I used but this one looks about the same and pretty straight forward.

          And this collection intrigues me, Im not really excited about it but Im sure that will change when I see it in always happens that way!

          • kat

            Thanks for the link, but I know how to do it haha I’m just too scared to D:

            and also I agree… it’s so funny how some things you see in photo and you will think that you want it, but then you see them and they don’t wow you; alternatively, some things don’t appeal to you in the photo but in person you must own them 😀

  9. Thanks for the scoop. I’m looking forward to this collection. I LOVE color, but I’m looking forward to some new things to add to my everyday looks. Not that I don’t rock the color during the day, if I’m feelin it!

  10. Erin

    Colors like Tete-a-tint and Quarry have really changed my mind about more subtle colors. It’s the sort of thing you see on someone and you just think maybe they’re hatably, naturally beautiful. It’s just as important to have looks like that, I’ve decided!

    • That’s so awesome, Erin! I’m glad they changed your mind :) I used to be all anti-natural looks, but then everything changed and I saw their beauty.

  11. Josay

    I can’t wait …

  12. lisa

    Will for sure stock up on these:D


    I cannot wait for these! I actually plan my entire week around MAC launches… so that I can get to the MAC counter without the hubby and baby.

    • LOL! That is so cute, Tuprnut!! Let me know what you think!

      • TUPRNUT

        I just stopped by our MAC counter to check-in and make sure this launch was still scheduled for Thurs the 10th… the insisted it won’t launch for that store until the 17th. Super bummed! She even called a few people just to make sure. Funny thing is, that was the first she had heard about a release on the 10th.

        • Ugh! Call them on Wednesday to double check. Heck, call them Thursday if they don’t know on Wednesday! I asked today, and she was like “Oh god, I didn’t even know about N!”

          The reason why? MAC artists all go to update once per quarter, and for whatever reason, MAC didn’t inform them of January’s collections, and they don’t have update til February so they’re all out of the loop!

  14. Elyssa

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah im loving this collection they hit right on my spot. these are the colors i love oh my i have a feeling all my check is going to MAC lol
    i have one question though how long does MAC keep their collections on stock?

    • Carrie

      I know, right? My bank account is not ready for this yet! I kind of thought the release date was still a month away, lol.

  15. Claudine

    pretty i have to get some of the shadows and a lipglass because the colors are perfect for a workday

  16. Tracey

    Wow! I am so excited. Just think, I was running out of things that I wanted online ^_^ This is going to look really nice with my caramel colored skin tone!

  17. Annie

    Oh my gosh- cannot wait!!! Lipsticks and Lipglasses GALORE!!! Question, what is the difference between mineralize skinfinish natural and a mineralize finish?

    • Me neither! I’m so excited to see everything on Thursday 😀

      Naturals are like bronzers, light coverage, all flesh toned. The other ones are more like blushes and highlighters.

  18. shar

    damn it! never thought i needed these until i saw these pics. can see myself picking up a msf, lipstick and an eyeshadow or two!

  19. Row

    Oohhh does anyone know the release date is for the UK?

    Also, will a lot of this range be Limited Edition? It looks fantastic!

    • I don’t know the UK date myself, but this launches January 10th in US/Canada, so I imagine by end of January? Hopefully, at least. All limited edition as far as I know!

  20. ham sandwich

    any swatches?

  21. Mallory

    Hmm… not sure how I feel about these. It’s definitely different, and will be nice to get some staples. I’ll have to see them in person. The nail polishes intrigue me!

    • It’s different for… MAC, but very in with spring, based on a lot of other collections. I’ve never rocked brown polish before, so yes, quite interesting!

  22. Starz81

    How can you be unsure about this collection lol? neutrals are great! They make you look so clean and classy. Don’t get me wrong I have been a fan of MAC for years and love their colors. I have a decent collection but, sometimes I think too much color can look harsh and a good natural is all you need to look done up with out over doing it.
    So with this..I am loooving the N collection! I usually am a fan of myth so I figured I would buy 3N but I picked up 4N instead and am very very happy with it. I also got a paint pot from N. I got quite natural which I looove. I will probably get some more stuff tonight and then I’m awaiting Fafi!