Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Temptalia Reader Lushious Babe was kind enough to share her swatches with us! These are swatches of Heatherette lip products on her lips. Thanks Lushious Babe!  Be sure to visit her beauty forum for those in The Netherlands.

See eleven more photos…

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76 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Heatherette for MAC User Product Pictures, Swatches

  1. Cosine

    I thought Lollipop Loving is supposed to be coral? It looks really pink here… hmmm… maybe I can get it after all! =D

  2. Tekoa

    Melrose Mood would probably not look good on my lips! Lollipop Loving has my attention though…
    And MAC Canada is releasing Heatherette on March 20th instead of the 27th now. Horray for advanced release dates!

  3. Ariele

    Thanks for the lip swatches!! Melrose Mood is quite hideous, IMO… but I love Lollipop Lovin, Hollywood Nights, Starlet Kiss & Style Minx… Pink pink pink!

  4. lee

    I love Sock Hop. I’ve been desperately searching for a lipstick/lipgloss that I can count on for daily wear without looking too “over the top”. I’m fair and my lips tend to start looking pale and washed out throughout the day. Sock Hop might be the perfect color to remind people that I DO have lips! :)

  5. Ashlee

    Wow Melrose Mood was on my list but I think ill be taking it off. I thought it was going to look very different. I do really like Lollipop Loving and Sock Hop!

    Thanks for the swatches.

  6. dee

    I am not of fan of most of those…Fleshpot is just wrong. Around Hollywood Nights they start getting wearable for me, and I think I love Sock Hop and Style Minx.

  7. Shefali

    Love them all…except a little hesitant about Melrose Mood and Fleshpot. Chalky lipsticks don’t look good on me…but maybe in person they’ll be different. I LOVE everything else. Thanks for the swatches Luscious Babe!!!

  8. pompam

    wow..Lollipop Loving is so gorgeous!! the top line of my list!! Love Sock Hop as well, nice combination with Lollipop Loving…

    Im a bit sad bot Melrose Mood..It used to be the first of my list. But after seeing the swatches..i guess it doesnt well on me..But til love the Starlet Kiss tho.

  9. Pretty! I really like Hollywood Nights…

  10. wow – hollywood nights is beautiful!!!!

    I really hope we get Heatherette in the UK :(

  11. Davina

    this collection is going to be easy on my wallet (thank god! i need a break), i’m not really a frosty pink l/s kind of girl. i’m really interested in the eye pencils though, i’ll probably pick those up instead of any lippies. maybe sock hop, but even that doesn’t seem that original to me…

  12. TT

    This lip collection has alot of pinks — I guess to match the Heatherette packaging. Look at Lollipop Loving and Sock Hop, these lipcolors are divine!! Hollywood nights looks very similar to Immodest from the Mattene collection. But I can see myself combining Hollywood Nights & Bonus Beat and/or Starlette Kiss to create a pretty frosted pink color!!

  13. Crystal

    OH i like Hollywood nights! its so funky and fun… flesh pot is DIFFERENT.. i dont think very many people can pull that one off haha. I cant wait for it to come out!

  14. Hi ladies, it was fun to see my lips her at Temptalia, but I’m very happy to share the pictures with you!!

    Love from Holland!

    • Tanya

      thanks Lushious Babe for sharing your wonderful pics with us here at Temptalia :) I have been holding my breath every morning while this page loads with the hope of seeing some Heatherette previews :) So thanks!!

    • Thank you hun! :) Hopefully I’ve lured some Netherlands readers over to you!

  15. I am too pasty for most of those colors but sock hop looks interesting … and style minx looks nice. Those are the only two I would consider for myself, but I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection!

  16. Natalie

    Can’t wait! I wish I could find a color like Fleshpot in a long-wearing version. Any suggestions?

  17. Fleshpot looks like a lipstick my mom used to wear. In the 60’s. She looks at pictures now of her then and says “WTF?”

    Seriously, it is the tackiest, most guidette-looking color.

    Melrose Mood looks like an even more porn star-tastic version of Out to Shock.

    The last three lipglasses look fab, though.

  18. Natalie

    You have to have a killer tan like I do to pull of a color like Fleshpot.

  19. Anjelina

    I can imagine tan face with fleshpot! BIG NO!!!
    That look is cheap, like striper. those lips are almost white, OMG with a tan??? Definitely a bad idea.

  20. jasmine

    i seriously cant wait for lollypop loving and sockhop. i think those 2 are the only ones that would look well with my olive tone skin.soooooooooo cant wait for lollypop loving!! will it be on the website before the 20th?

  21. Brooke

    wow lollipop lovin is nothing what i thought it’d look like. i’ll still probably get it tho lol fleshpot looks a little scary :\ what to do!

    is sock hop lipglass really that sheer? it doesn’t look like it has much color to it.

  22. kia

    woohoo! super helpful! aww can’t wait for lollipop loving and sock hop!

  23. lala

    I don’t care what people say, but I’m in love with Melrose Mood. Love Love Love

  24. Pia

    Starlet Kiss, Sock Hop and Hollywood nights are definitely on my lips (not all together of course, or…hmmm, might combine this and that) come Heatherette in Indonesia. I’m sometimes glad that we have new collection here a bit later (2 months behind) so I could let my wallet gets a little rest. Plus, I get to read and see the reviews and swatches and mull over all the different collection.

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine!

  25. Robin

    Fleshpot is REALLY scary- ugh. hope the other items are better than these—

  26. Natalie

    Hmm..Eva Longoria really pulled off a great lip/eye combo when she wore that red Bob Mackie gown at the Golden Globes. It really made her look young and fresh. So I think tan skin with something like Fleshpot can work. Just depends on the undertones of the skin.

  27. Joanna

    Wow, I had my eye on Melrose Mood but it looks wayyy too extreme here in real life! I thought it would like more like Bonus Beat or Starlet Kiss. Does anyone know if Heatherette will come out in Hong Kong? Or when it’ll be out in the UK?

  28. Hi girls, I just wanted to let you all know that I did a review of my Heatherette stuff and put it on Youtube!! I hope this will be helpfull to some of you!

    You can find it when you click on my name! I also did a tutorial with eyeshadow trio 2, but it’s in Dutch…..;-)

  29. Jessica Liu

    Hey girls and guys! I just want to let you know that Heatherette is available on the MAC website now!

  30. Kate

    How would you say Fleshpot compares with 2N? Is it a dupe for 2N other than being a satin rather than a lustre? Thanks!

  31. Kristel

    oooeeehh!!! i really love hollywood nights :D:D:D:D

  32. Tasha

    IMO lollipop loving and sock hop are the only unique colours. Melrose Mood and fleshpot are wayy too pale and there are simlar colours to it along with hollywood nights and their lipglasses…

  33. Sarah

    Hi there! I’ve been a site frequenter for about a month now, but never posted.

    I definitely went out and bought Fleshpot and Melrose Mood. I also bought Bonus Beat and $$$$ Yes. I couldn’t resist any of these; I don’t care how strange they are! Even some of the people at the counter surrounding me were like ‘OH MY GOD THAT LOOKS SO WEIRD’ and were giggling and whatever but you know…

    I wear what I want! And I found that Fleshpot with Bonus Beat is actually a really nice, soft, neutral lip. It looks lovely. :)

    • Hi Sarah! Welcome to the site, and I’m happy to see you commenting :)

      How do you like Melrose Mood? I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on that one!

      • Sarah

        Melrose Mood is gorgeous as well. I love it. It’s a very pretty pale pink, and a color I’ve been looking for forever. I can imagine it would be great for a night on the town, with a really dark smokey eye. Maybe some glitter.

        I paired Fleshpot with a silvery and white eye and really dark lashes and it was a beautiful look. I can imagine Melrose Mood looking good with this eye, as well!

  34. J

    Just to let you know heatherette is releasing april 10th in selfridges… although there is rumour it may be april 3rd…. who knows who knows!!! 😉