Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Ready for Heatherette on March 20th?  Check out promo product images…

Thanks to Kiss & Makeup for images!

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51 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Heatherette for MAC Collection Promo Product Photos and Images

  1. Ashlee

    120 bucks is SOOOO not enough lol. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Ever notice how totally photoshopped and off the pics like this are from MAC? That’s why I have to go to sites that swatch, and take real pictures. Because MAC puts out some crappy pics. (Sorry, this is TOTALLY not your fault Temptalia! I know you’re just providing us with everything you can, and we love you for it!) I can’t wait for swatches! Even though I know what I want to get! (and what I just can’t afford! LOL!)

  3. tatiana

    i honestly didnt want any of the eye liners, but now seeing it makes me want one! specially that purple and brown one!!! as well as the nail products… but im loving the silver one!

  4. Jane

    Is this the correct order for the lipsticks pictured? Lollip Loving, Fleshpot, Hollywood Nights & Melrose Mood
    And then for the lipglasses: Bonus Beat, Sock Hop, Style Minx & Starlet Kiss?

  5. claudine

    im so ready

  6. Julia

    Christine, I’m just wondering, when new launches come out do you buy EVERYTHING in the line and return what you don’t want? Or do you just sample like crazy in the store and buy only what you love?

    • Lori

      oh god people PLEASE do not buy it all then return what you don’t want. Its wasteful as MAC throws out returns. And then eventually our prices will rise….again.

    So glad they are releasing a week early!! YAY! :)

  8. I need Style Minx and one of those Beauty Blushes!

  9. annie

    Ladies: What’s the good word on the liners? I haven’t purchased any of these in the past but I am salivating so bad over them I think I want all 4. Can someone give me a heads up as to the color payoff? Are they fairly long-wearing? What about the glitter end? Is there a good glitter payoff as well on these? Any help would be appreciated!

    • Shefali

      Hi Annie – I was sooo on the fence about these too! I swatched them last week and I LOVED them. I thought the color payoff was good…not as good as a Fluidline or a Kohl Power, but pretty good. The glitter end has a good amount of glitter too, along with color. I don’t like too much glitter b/c it irritates my eyes if any piece falls in, so I liked that they were in the pencil and not loose. The only one that I was iffy on was Phone Me/Text Me (I think it’s the one with black and white on the end). All of this is IMHO of course.

    • Haven’t played with them myself, but from what I can tell the pay off is decent at least!

  10. Erin

    I think the teal and brown pencils are in order for me, as well as lollipop loving and trio 1! I’m not getting away from this one too easy. The lashes are super cute!

  11. Tekoa

    I’m uberly excited. The silver glitter interests me, though I’m not sure how I could possibly use a whole jar of the stuff in my lifetime. Can’t wait for that swatch!

  12. kontaisa


  13. Fie

    Hm..have they confirmed that the liners are waterline safe..or not? Not too sure.

  14. Pearl

    I think I’m going to buy three of each and every product!!! How wonderfully delightful and exciting. I can barely eat/breathe/sleep just thinking about the minutes until Heatherette hits the stores!

  15. Tanya

    ohhhh I am soooo excited about this launch!! Everything looks so amazingly beautiful in its pink packaging :) I still haven’t figured out how I am going to do the Birthday and Heatherette.

    • Me too!! I have no clue, Tanya! I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make it happen… if all else fails, ask them to put one of everything on hold and then pick and choose when you get there!

  16. I got mine, well at least some of it for now!

  17. Christine, what are you planning to get? And which beauty powder blushes did you get?

  18. annie

    GO ORDER! YAY! Just type “Heatherette” into the search. I just placed my order. Whoo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is one MAC line I’m going to stay away from. I saw all of the colors about two weeks ago when I stopped by the color and the SAs were playing around with them. Too bright for me, but I love the packaging.

  20. victoria

    i just saw the site this morning and i’m so tempted to order but i usually don’t because i really want to see it in person. it’s helpful to have swatches but even more helpful when you can describe the color and texture. but i’m also worried that they might sell out items that i really want. i know i’m definitely getting alpha girl. i can’t decide on the trios, it depends which one has the most unique color as i can wear both. i’m also on a budget but good thing not all the lip colors will work on me so it’s between the coral and fushia shades. pencils can wait because i really can’t wear any pencil, they always tend to dissappear on me, too bad because i really love the black and teal one. i might get that one.

  21. Carla

    You Christine rocks 😉
    go quickly and buy them to make like always a great swatches I really can’t wait. I love your swatches xxx