Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Heatherette’s on eBay! Thanks to Lyndsey for tipping us off! Here are a bunch of photos…

Left to right: Fleshpot, Lollipop Loving, Hollywood Nights, Lollipop Loving, Melrose Mood, Hollywood Nights

Left to right: Bonus Beat, Style Minx, Starlet Kiss, Sock Hop, Bonus Beat, Sock Hop, Starlet Kiss

Left to right: Hoppin’, Mood Ring, Cloudburst

Left to right: Smooth Harmony, Alpha Girl

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68 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Heatherette for MAC Collection Product Pictures and Photos

  1. pompam

    it looks so gorgeous!!!

    those lipsticks look yummy!! cant wait to see more of it

    Hey!! the color of the first it similar to any before?
    its pretty cute for me..but i dont know whether r there any similar color like this?
    by the way love the fifth girly pink color!!

  2. pompam

    thanks kate!! do u think is it any possibility that the color of the first one is similar to any of N collection?

    but too pity..i really love to see those eye pencils cos they sound so great from what ive read.

  3. Nabila

    Oh dear! Those look so so fab! I’ve been waiting for more photos of this collab! I love it..Fafi didn’t grab my attention too much. 😉

  4. Tekoa

    It’s PINK! *bursts into giggles* I must get a lipstick and lipgloss. Now, stickers for this collection make sense to me (if they are stickers). It would likely be very difficult to get the sparkly disco ball in ink.

  5. Ashlee

    Oh my gravyyyy!! Lol, I think I might get some brighter lipsticks. And the eyeshadows of course!

  6. sarah

    Hey y’all actually I have seen this collection in person and it is not a sticker. That’s what I thought at first, but surprisingly it is actually engraved in the packaging. :-)

  7. Becky

    Whoa!! I’m so gonna be bankrupt :( I’m definetly getting the beauty powders and the 3D silver glitter!

  8. lala

    lol I just made a thing on you tube for this!! I love it I already know what I’m getting.

  9. Joke

    This is gonna be a first for me: I’m planning on buying ALL l/s and l/g!!

  10. Nell

    yay, that is so exiting! I love it way more than fafi (no dolls for me;)) Off to ebay, then…


    I think I’m in the minority here – not really loving this line.. I think it’s all just to pink for me.

    But I am definitely interested in the beauty powders. I’ve never played around with these and I think I’d get a lot of use out of them.

  12. Lindsay

    Thanks for the pics, I am very excited!!

  13. where can i buy the heatherette products?
    i have yet not seen them at mac!!

  14. jasmine

    i love this!!! this collection looks way better than fafi, i definitly want both of those eye pallets, 2 lipsticks, i lipglass, and a beauty powder! 😀 im going to the fafi event tonite and it looks so dull now compared to heatherette!

  15. This collection is sooo hott!! Cant wait.
    I agree with Jasmine (above) it does look better than Fafi.

  16. Guh! I’m gonna die! I’m in love with EVERYTHING in this set!!!!!!! OMFG!

    I do not understand people who are like, “Ew, this is so damn ugly.”. WTH? Seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever!!!!

  17. Aprilrobin

    Not sure if any of this is going to really work for me.. so pink, but I’ll have to buy a couple of things anyway. It reminds me just too much of my childhood.

    Those coral lip prducts appeal to me but .. agh, we’ll see if anything there works on pigemented lips.

    Still disappointed that the pigments are all repromotes, but I’m excited for more pressed beauty powders!

    The sticker desings actually work for this collection but I hope this isn’t something MAC starts making too much of a habit of.

  18. Tanya

    PINK PINK PINK!!! Im so excited and I just cant hide it…dancing around my hotel room :) LOL

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this line is looking! Oh how I adore pink. From the looks of it right now…I want one of everything!

  19. lala

    trio #2, b/p smooth harmony, bonus beat, sock hop, lollipop loving, starlet kiss. <3333

  20. Thalia

    I’m all for hot pink, but not this particular shade. The packaging colour in these pics looks a little more neon 90s pink and, as much as I hate to say it, it comes off looking a little cheap too. That said, Alpha Girl looks really pretty, and if the shades are true to life, then it’s not going to stop me from buying it.

  21. Sara

    WHEN DOES THIS COME OUT??!!?!?!?!?!?!

  22. kinkihair

    Don’t think I’ll get much from this. The second eyeshadow pallet and maybe a lipglass or two. Not even sure about the pigment

  23. Josay

    Wow! I did not expect this … this collection is so beautiful :)

  24. kat

    I have decided that I’m probably only getting 1 l/s from Fafi and perhaps 1 l/g if they are nice… that collection really didn’t impress me, even though I had been so excited for it! But this one looks way more cute!

    I want the 2nd eyeshadow palette, at least 1 l/s,perhaps a l/g, and maybe a pigment or eyeliner.. :) could be a costly collection for me!

  25. esme

    I was kind of disapointed with the fafi collection i thought it would have more color, so i cant wait for the heatherette collection to come out, Im so exited!!! do you when it comes out?

  26. Skyler

    WOO HOOOOOOO! OMG, the packaging makes me SO happy! :D:D Reminds me of Jem and the Holograms. <3 There’s stuff I know I’ll want from these pictures and stuff I know I won’t, so that’s good. My poor wallet from Fafi. Oy. I was hoping those two palettes would be hideous but I love them. Dammit.

  27. claudine

    omg im so going to get broke i knew it i just love the packaging to much its super girly and the silver reflects glitter looks hot too yay

  28. Zena

    Ahh! Now I’m going to have to miss out on Fafi to be able to get Heatherette :S Just my personal opinion but MAC is releasing waaay too many collections in a short period of time… I’ll still be waiting in line though 😛

  29. Erin

    Yeah! That’s what it is, Jem and the Holograms! The Nordies girls didn’t even know about Heatherette yet, until I told them why I wasn’t so excited for Fafi. Totally saving my pennies… I do think a couple of the coral shades in Fafi are nice, I was thinking of getting the paint pot and the blush, can anyone tell me how they like them? Worth it?

  30. victoria

    omg, yes you’re right erin, omg jem and the holograms!!!lol. i knew there was something crazy about the packaging that i just had to have it. i don’t mind stickers as long as the whole container’s a different color but great to know they aren’t. i’ve already decided i want one of each, not color but l/s beautypowder etc. i haven’t seen fafi yet, i’m going there tomorrow. i think they’re out already at nordstroms right?

  31. pompam

    hey for the green eyeshadow in trio*1, comparing to another palette(one with orange n green) in fafi far, which one u think is more pay off for color..
    i love that Melrose u think is it a good pay off colour?

  32. Joanna

    does anyone know if Heatherette will be available in the UK too??

    • Shar

      Hey Joanna! It will be available in the UK around early to mid April for definite!

      I must say that this collection looks a bit too pink, plastic and tacky for me. I think Fafi colours are more user- friendly IMO!!

  33. Valerie

    This is DEFENETLY on my want list it’s pink like my fave colour I’m gonna need to save up hardcore I’ve gotten alot of FAFI

  34. Daisy

    They’re not released ’till march! :)