Friday, February 22nd, 2008

MAC Cosmetics:  Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 8

The “LE” Factor

The “LE” Factor refers to the Limited Edition collections that launch throughout the year.  These are products specifically designed and developed for a particular collection that debuts in a month and is then sold out or removed from shelves shortly thereafter. Once this occurs, then it becomes quite difficult to track down the color you fell in love with.

How often does MAC come out with a new collection?

Quite honestly, it depends.  Sometimes it seems like there is one a month, and other times it feels like there is one a week.  It can be hard to keep up with what is coming out now, next, and when.

Should I buy everything just because it is limited edition?

If you can afford to, by all means!  However, most of us cannot, and I would recommend checking products and perhaps getting at least one item from each launch (if you find something you like), but I advise strongly against giving into to the “LE” Factor.  Certain launches, like 2007’s Barbie Loves MAC and 2008’s Fafi For MAC, do sell out incredibly quickly, and for such large, anticipated collections like these, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that you can’t deliberate too long!  These collections had certain products sell out in a matter of days, not weeks.

Should I buy more than one item?  Do I need back-ups?

I rarely buy back-ups of any product, because of how often MAC comes out with new items, I find myself constantly changing up my favorites and finding new things to fall in love with.  If you find your perfect lipgloss or highlighter, I would totally say to pick up another if it’s available and it’s just that holy grail product for you.

What do I do if I fell in love with a limited edition product, and now it’s gone?

Take your favorite product with you and try to find a permanent item that is close to it, or be on the look out for potential new products that are similar.  When all else fails, try to find a product that’s a dupe for it from another brand (gasp!).

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14 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 8 — The “LE” Factor

  1. Katherine

    I totally agree with you about not buying backups of LE’s – because I find my favorites change too! I also find that MAC (as well as other cosmetic lines) will end up re-releasing LE quite frequently in upcoming years and will just change the name – especially if they did really well with the product the first time around.

  2. kaoru

    The only backup I ever got for a LE lipglass, because I knew I would go through it quickly. I totally agree, unless something is your HG, and you know use it up, there’s no point in buying a backup. And let’s face it, most of those backups will go to waste. You will usually save money only buying one, and if you really love it, using eBay or another site to locate another (even at an inflated price).

    • Hey Kaoru! It’s so good to hear your point of view! I completely agree :) I’ve only really bought multiple back-ups of one product – Mari-sheeno lipstick, which is a HG shade and only available in Asia!

  3. Hi, Christine. The official routine for MAC releases is once every 30 days, but of course a few times a year there are special releases in between those once-monthly releases.

    • Hi Jen, thanks for this info! Based on past collection dates in the last year or so, it definitely looks like they come out with more like two per month!

  4. I agree, I wouldn’t buy more than one of something unless I adored it LOL I do wish I had purchased more of the Barbie range tho :(

  5. Tekoa

    I only have two LE backups, Fun N Sexy and High Top. The shades were so unique for me that I could not bear to risk my only and beloved lippy being stolen by my kitten (what can I say?)

    I think I’m comming out of the slightly crazed “But its limited edition!” phase every new MACaholic goes through. Got a good base range of colour now. :)

  6. Sandy

    I, like any hot-blooded woman, ADORE M.A.C…..yet they have a tendency to come out with similar, not to say identical products in every collection. I do have to say that I am a sucker for packaging. I have approximately fifteen glosses in the same shade, with slight variations, but from different collections. I suggest you browse through collections and find a product that really catches your attention and that is different from those you already have. Try and resist the urge to buy something just for the packaging, like I do (shame on me!). Though M.A.C. is a high end cosmetics brand that delivers like no other, they’re still trying to merchandise a product so be alert. Don’t fall into the hype. Choose something you might love, and will use. And remember, while we’re obsessing over their latest collection, the next one is probably boiling or ready to hit department store counters the following week.

  7. sara

    if you’re willing to spend the money then you can get it duped by prescriptives, sorry i don’t know to code or use html very well. But yeah, I have heard nothing but great things about their custom line :)