Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics:  Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 2

MAC PRO? What’s that all about?

MAC PRO is considered the professional part of their cosmetic line, which is meant to serve industry makeup artists. The PRO line contains products that the normal person would have no reason to use. For instance, Chromacakes are watercolored cakes that work with water; they are ideal for body painting–how many of us need a product like this? They are fun products, and they’re great for Halloween for the consumer, but for professionals, they can be essential in photoshoots and editorial work.

Also, MAC PRO is also a membership program that allows makeup artists to receive a 40% discount off most MAC Cosmetics products, while other relevant industry employees receive 30%. There is even a student discount (e.g., for those studying cosmotology) and kits. In addition to the professional discount, a PRO membership includes access to master classes taught by a range of MAC artists, complimentary shipping for orders over $150, access to www.macpro.com, etc.

Do I need a PRO membership to buy PRO products or go to a PRO store?

NO! You don’t have to be anything but a customer. You are free to shop and browse in any PRO store. You simply do not qualify for the PRO discount, so you will pay full retail price on all products, including PRO products.

What if I don’t live near a freestanding or PRO store?

Have no fear, PRO stores take phone orders and will ship it to you for a reasonable shipping cost (in my experience, roughly $6). The best thing to do is to locate the nearest PRO store to you (be sure to select the box that says show stores that sell PRO products only!), call them up, and place your order. They will be happy to assist you! I always call the San Francisco PRO store, because the service is fantastic, and they can be reached at (415) 771-6113. If you have never been to a PRO store, I urge you to visit www.macpro.com, because you can view what they have available and make some decisions from there. Unfortunately, prices are not visible to non-PRO members, but you should feel free to ask the artist you speak with when placing your order.

What are some of your favorite PRO products?

  • Pigments | These are loose color that are often more pigmented than a typical powder/pressed eyeshadow. This is probably one of my favorite PRO products, and I love Chartreuse, Kelly Green, Pink Pearl, and True Chartreuse.
    Blush palettes/pans | There are several colors that are only available at PRO, many of them incredibly pigmented and bright. At PRO stores, blushes can be bought in a pan form, like eyeshadow pans, and there are empty blush palettes available that can hold up to six blushes.
  • Glosses | They come in some pretty colors, but they are great to shine the skin. They are fun, multipurpose lip products that are always worth a glance over. Some of my favorites are Rosy Coral, Duo Rose, Violet, and Guava.
    Eyeshadows | There is a great offering of bright and matte shadows, and if you love color, you should definitely check out Bio-Green, Blue Calm, Bright Sunshine, Kelly, and Sour Lemon.
    Cream Colour Bases (CCBs) | These are great, creamy products with good pigmentation that makes them great for lips, cheeks, body, maybe even eyes for some. I like the versatility of Antiqued Gold, Fresco, Pink, and Rich Coral.
    Powders | Invisible set is one of the most popular PRO powders, because it helps to set makeup without adding any color. Beauty powders are great loose highlighters and blush colors, and they are so finely milled that they deposit easily on the skin.
  • Mixing Medium | The water-based mixing medium is a product I could not live without, and if you want to wear pigments, I urge you to get this as a must-have accompaniment. It helps the loose color adhere to your lid and stay on all day long.

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46 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics: Guide For the Newly Addicted, Part 2 — MAC PRO, PRO Membership, PRO Discount, PRO Products

  1. Tekoa

    Very informative. I’m not sure why, but there’s a PRO store in New Brunswick of all places. *boggles* Sadly, I’m on the opposite side of the freak’n country. Looks like I’d have to call in orders. 😛

    • Tekoa

      Ooops…I was wrong. Its just a regular store. Are there no PRO stores in Canada? *cries*

      • lina

        I went to one in Montreal and I know there’s at least one in Toronto so they must be in all the bigger cities

      • Anna

        If you go to http://www.macpro.com and then go to the right hand side and click on “find stores” change the country from U.S. to Canada and fill out any other info you should be able to find some MAC PRO stores in Canada, good luck!

    • Jess

      if your talking about new brunswick, new jersey, there is not one there, because i live 15 min away, and i would DEF know about it

  2. Sara

    lol i love these!! new addict- that pretty much sums me up. i have an order that is supposed to arrive today with cult fave and sugar trance l/g, fun-n-sexy l/s, and chrome yellow and swimming e/s. then i had ANOTHER with high top l/s and black tied e/s. i cant stop!!! ikeep telling myself i need to build up my collection

    the ups truck is outside!!!! yes!!!!

    • Sara

      um…AWESOME!! i love it all!!!! i was hoping that swimming would be a little brighter, but it came up more when i swatched it. how pretty is sugar trance? AND cult fave! GUH i love mac

    • Hey Sara! I’m happy that this guide will come in handy for you!

      Yay for UPS!

  3. How did you like Chrome Yellow? I’m thinking about getting that one.

  4. Brooke

    thank you for the info!!

  5. Tanya

    Thanks for the info :) I just placed my first Pro order over the weekend!! I can’t wait to try some of my nifty pigments..I was bummed that Kelly Green was temp not available!

  6. its funny you should write an article about this today because my credit card was just charged today for the MAC Pro Card. Im sooooo excited. Cant wait for the card to come in so I take advantage of all the cool perks!!! MAC Pro NYC here I come =]

  7. Mathusha

    Hello :)
    I just wanted to let you know that there is a group on Facebook that is run by a girl who is taking all of your posts, and what not and reposting them on her group as if it was her work. I thought I’d bring this to you attention, since I’m sure that it’s your copywritten work. I don’t think it’s far she’s getting the credit for your pictures and posts.

    Here is her group:

    • Hey Mathusha! I’m not a member of the group, and if they’re taking things from the site, I don’t think they’d let me in, LOL. Do you have the owner’s contact information?


      • Mathusha

        I actually contacted her myself, but I received and extremely rude reply back and then she blocked me. You can always request to join, or if click the group and scroll onto the bottom, it says report group and there’s a link that says “Is this your copyright content?”

        If you would like her emails back to me and whatnot, I could forward it to you.

  8. lina

    Hey! Just wondering how you use mixing medium exactly? I’ve tried it a few times and it hasn’t worked out too well for me…so I’m probably using it wrong lol

    • Hey Lina! I use just one or two drops onto my brush and get the excess off by running the brush across my hand before I pick up any pigment.

      • lina

        I tried that once a long time ago and I think it didn’t work that well (probably because of the brush) and then I tried mixing the pigment with the gel and that was too sticky and kind of burned my eyes lol. I’ll try it again now that I have better brushes though…thanks!

  9. Bridget

    I just bought Mixing Medium. How do you use it and what do you use it for? I see you can use it for the pigments, is it easy to blend the pigments when you use the mixing medium?

  10. Flo

    wow, so happy I found your site
    excellent tutorials!!! and info!!!!!

  11. Valerie

    Hey Christine I was wondering if you knew if they sell the fifteen e/s palette at nordstrom counter and if not where are they availale ? Thanks

  12. liz

    Hey just to let you know, we have a pro store in Montreal, its on st. laurent street :)

  13. Amii

    Do you know if the PRO store in London takes phone orders? I’ve tried to find this out so many times, but no one seems to know…I really don’t want to resort to eBay to be honest.
    And btw, thanks for all the advice – I’ve loved MAC for a while now, but I still managed to learn something new haha! 😀

  14. Jannie

    I went to the MAC PRO in San Francisco on a Saturday and they were super busy and the workers were not too nice….they did not say hi nor did they help me and a bunch of that ladies who were waiting for sooo long. I guess its good for the customers because they get personal service and attention but its not good for the other customers who are waiting because they don’t even say hi.

  15. Jannie

    How can we become a pro member?

  16. Kate

    Hi guys, i was just wondering if there was anyway i could get any pro products, i don’t have th requirements to apply for a membership and there are no stores near me, i live near Newcastle in England, i think the closest store is in London?
    Can anyone confirm this? And if so is there a number i can contact for my orders.


  17. what cant mac pro members get discount on? for instane i know you cant get them on viva glam, or certain collections, but can you get it on say the holiday sets?

  18. San

    Do you have a current list of the current pro eyeshadows. Ifew so, could you put them on this site.