Saturday, January 17th, 2009

According to Malay Mail, Grand Duos is a collection of mineralized blushes DUOS. One side will be a solid shade, while the other will have tri-colored veining (sounds like mineralize skinfinishes…!). The article states that there will be one called Moon River Blue as well as Intenso.

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41 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Grand Duos Preliminary Information

  1. Lingping

    oh no, I was going to spend all my money on Hello Kitty… now I’ll have to save some; these look gorgeous! 😉

  2. Anitacska

    Oh wow! I love mineralized stuff, so will be definitely getting some of this. Interestingly, Moon River was sold on Ebay UK recently (must have been a preview sample, that’s how I got my Stark Naked too!) for

  3. Lindsay

    Very exciting!! When are these out?

  4. Tekoa


  5. I like these, but they don’t scream “Must have” to me. It’s probably a good thing since MAC will be robbing me in Feb.

  6. Oh. My. God. Mineralize blushes and MSFs are so amazing. I’m going to want all of these. Craaaaaaap.

  7. They look really pretty.. Wow! =D x

  8. MsEclectic

    Me and Mineralise do not go together!!!! Happy to pass on these :)

  9. DevilishDoll

    Oh thank God for something I don’t want. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m paying for the stuff I already have on my want list.

  10. Fie

    Haha of all sources, it’s the Malay Mail. Wow. *ahem* They look gorgeous, but I hope they won’t be a glitter bomb!

  11. Quynh

    omg..i’m all over this like a fat kid on chocolate cake. and i’ll be able to save for it too since I can’t get anything from the hk collection (sob).

  12. Leah

    OMG I want them, and blue named one sounds particularly interesting!

  13. great scoop, thanks, this seems to be the year that will surpass all other MAC – years

  14. Those look GORGEOUS. For some reason they remind me of fancy Japanese arts and crafts paper… I really want the peachy colored one.

  15. Heavenleiblu

    Well crap. I was just saying that I don’t really want anything that has been scooped for 2009 so far. I’m definitely interested now and I’ll stay tuned for more details. I love mac mineralize products.

  16. gio

    wow, these look so pretty!

  17. evangelia

    is it just me, or do these look fake and photoshopped?

  18. Bona

    i am not big fan of blushes. so i am happy to pass!! i might get one or two when they are out on the market.

  19. Reesa

    These sound very nice! I really enjoy the Mineralized products by MAC. …Can wait to see in person.

    Thanks for the scoop, Christine.

  20. cloudburst

    I hope they make the colours different enough from the permanent Mineralize blush colours.

  21. lisa

    Sounds like something i will have to check out for sure!

  22. kat

    I loveeee the mineralize blushes! Though I do finally agree with you-I used to be such a mineralize eyeshadow shipper but actually I’ve been finding mine really chunky lately so I haven’t been using them as much.. but my Dainty is every day go-to blush!

  23. OMG!!!! i’m so excited!!
    and the source is from Malay mail, the local newspaper in my country.. hmm interesting..

  24. zipperfire

    Interesting. One looks like a darker pink version of Lightscapade with a pink side–I’ve been tempted by Blonde and missed Petticoat. Maybe this would be a backup of my Lightscapade, which is a hg face highlighter-brightener for me.

  25. eh, Malay Mail from my country! haha and the raise the price again sigh. mineralize blusher used to be RM80 now its RM95. Damn they should stop raising the price. sigh

  26. Diyana

    you read the malay mail?

  27. Natasha

    ooooohhh, these ARE interesting, but I wouldn’t say much until I see the swatches! lol

  28. lucyzombie

    god damn you mac!
    you seem to be ADAMENT that im not going to have money in 2009.


  29. GretaluvsMAC

    Looks like I will be buying these…PRETTY!

  30. I love anything mineralized that MAC does, but honestly, there are already so many lines announced already and Hello Kitty is going to probably be the biggest for the first 2 quarters so I’m going to go for that. I already have enough blush and skinfinishes, I don’t want to go completely broke buying everything they come out with.

  31. Lola

    Ohhh i adore blushes and the pink one of these looks GORGEOUS!!

  32. Fairy

    I love MSF’s & blushes so I’m in trouble!

  33. Gorgeous! I need some!