Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Wait, what? Oh, you know that meet&greet we had, well the PRO store launched FAFI! WAY EARLY! Here are swatches… I’m going to work on the review now, but I have a dinner at 7pm, so it might not be up til later tonight. I’ll do my best!

Check out the rest!

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135 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Fafi for MAC Swatches

  1. addicted_2color

    wow! i love the lippies and lipglasses, i like the blushes, but i’ll have to see more comparison swatches. and i thought i wanted the quad, but looking at the colors, i think i’m going to pass on it. yay! i’m happy i didn’t fall in love with everything. thanks for the swatches and cant wait for your review.

  2. Ashlee

    *drooolll* LOl, I know I want quad one but im still not sure about the lips. They are all really pretty.

  3. OK, I’m there monday!!!

  4. Are the bottom swatches nailpolish?

  5. kaorica

    wow i’ve been looking for the color information about Fafi… thanks!!
    i spent lots of money for N collection and Fafi is coming soon… and then Heatherette… completely without money!!
    everyone like that too right?? haha

  6. monica

    yay for swatches!!
    I was dying to know what the quads looked like I think I’ll pass
    I will definitely have to get the blushes and the dolls of course
    maybe the paint pots
    i can’t wait for your review

  7. Miki

    Omg I love you!!!!!!! You’re my hero. I will worship you from now on. lol. I want everything!! except maybe the lipsticks because they look weird but everything else I will have! oh yesss!!!! *dork alert*

  8. glamqueen

    what a treat! thanks, Christine!

  9. Danapotter

    Great swatches! My dad would not let me take swatches, but that is why Temptalia rocks!

    Great meeting you again! You are one of my makeup idols!

  10. Nicole

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! I need at least 4 of the l/s and at least 1 l/g now!!!

  11. Fie

    Oh god. I seriously do what literally everything. D: My dad’s not going to be happy.

  12. Stacey

    Christine!!!!! Oh my gosh I love you! Everything I wanted, I want even more, lol.

  13. Steph


  14. Madeleine

    On Thursday at MAC counter I got an invitation for Fafi invent,held on Sunday,Febr.10th/08 I’m going,already confirmed an invitation.The invitation describes the collection as “an electric technicolor dream”.Well,we shall see;the swatches look promising,no kidding :)Fun and sexy l/s and l/g Totally It look like something I can use LOL

  15. Brooke

    omg! omg! thank you thank yoU!

  16. AHHHH! SO EXCITED!!! I think I want to get Cult Fave, Fun n’ Sexy, and Fashion Frenzy!! XD

  17. Tanya

    OHHHH wow! can’t believe that you got swatches, WOW!! I adore everything…I can’t wait to see it in person.

    but…but….but…does this mean your not going to the Fafi event in San Jose?

  18. Aprilrobin

    ooooh, Strawbaby!

  19. Sara

    i LOVE your swatches! my boyfriend is giving me a mac giftcard for valentines day, so this is coming out right on time!!! sugartrance, cult fave and fun n sexy are definitely on my list so far…not sure about the quads and im looking forward to swatches of the paintpots!

  20. Katie

    Thanks for the swatches! It has killed a few of my wants which is a wonderful thing because I am dying for Heatherette. Any word on what the feedback was for FAFI? I am interested to know what other people at the PRO store thought of it. :)

  21. tatiana

    i love you!!! lol im calling santa monica 2mor!!!!

  22. Nell

    Thank you! you are so helpful!

  23. Tina

    Totally Amazing swatches!!! You’re so the best!!!

    Did you happen to get swatches of the paint pots?

  24. Kate

    Thank you. I can’t wait to hear about/see the paintpots (specifically Nice Vice!)

  25. nunu

    thanks for the swatches! i want it all!!!

  26. Tonee

    Those are truly awesome colors and I can’t wait to check them out in person. I am definitely going to get most of the eye products and powders. Love the lipsticks too but I want to try them out before buying. I am very surprised and disappointed the only fluidline in this collection is Blacktrack :(

  27. Thalia

    I can’t help but think how muted most of those paint pots look for a “vibrant” collection :S Oh well… I’m definitely lemming Boom! n/p though.

  28. Tekoa

    Rollickin IS very different from Otherworldly. Fie…FIE I say!!!

  29. Sarah

    I was hoping Nice Vice would have been a lighter purple but I am really liking the Perky more than I thought I would!

  30. lala

    Thank you xtine!!!!!! I think I will get 4 p/p 1 quad only :)

  31. carrie spooner

    I had a chance to go into the back room at Mac and see the fafi collection, yesterday. The colors are beautiful! I think they appear vibrant but I think they will be very workable. The lippies are beautiful. Even the one with the blue is not at all over the top. The paint pots are very workable. I think McQueen was very vibrant but fafi will be versatile enough that there will be something for everyone. Don’t forgo this collection until you see it up for yourself.

    I’m so happy these swatches are up! Thank you!

  32. Bella

    How exciting…I saw your swatches and they look amazing. I just bought half the N collection and I can’t wait until Fafi comes out. Was the collection exclusively released because u were at the MAC pro store? or did the NY store just release it early to the public? Thanks.

  33. Kristen

    Thanks so much Christine!! Definitely getting the quad with the brighter, pastel colors. And Strawbaby lipstick.. hopefully it will look good on me.

  34. Gina

    You’re the best Christine! Thanks for these gorgeous swatches! I’m disappointed that the designs are stickers, but at least it will keep me from buying everything just for the packaging!!

  35. jasmine

    how does cult fave compare to prr lipglass? thanks so much for the swatches, i initially wanted 3 paintpots and now i think ill just get 1, rollockin… and also is sugar trance comparable to oyster girl?!

  36. gracee

    i want rollickin in the paint pots and totally it lipglass =)

  37. Elle

    Wow, thanks for the swatches/review! It totally revamped my list into something I can afford! Too bad the Fafi packaging turned out to be such a disappointment with the stickers. I feel like I need to plastic wrap whatever I buy. Oh well… there’s still the Heatherette line coming up!

  38. TeeTee

    The pink quad looks similar to the N collection color scheme that is out right now. That orange quad — I will have to check it out when it launches to see if I still want it, kind of has that rockstar appeal. The lipglasses and lipsticks look very pretty. Rollickin’ paint pot color looks delicious….

  39. Woo! Thanks for the swatches!! The lippies look gorgeous… so do Perky, Rollickin’ and Cash Flow! Hipness blush, both nail laquers and Sassed Up! I must say, though… I am very disappointed with Nice Vice. I was really hoping for a more true purple or lavendar paint pot. Can you tell me how it compares to Artifact p/p? It definitely looks similar, just slightly more plum instead of burgundy..

  40. aziajs

    OMG!! I am so excited for this collection now. I was really iffy on it before. Now I want the Fafi Eyes 2 quad, Hipness blush, 3 paint pots, two lipsticks, and a lipgloss.

  41. aziajs

    Christine, how true to life are the swatches above? I know that everyone’s computer is different but I am so sold on this collection from the swatches. I would be dissapointed to see that they are very different in real life.

  42. shar

    Thanks for the swatches! How much does fun n sexy look like flowerplay from the strange hybrid collecion?

  43. Tiffany

    Wow!!! I too signed up for the Fafi event out in San Diego, Ca. CAN’T WAIT! So jealous!

  44. naomi

    Wow, the quads are a disappointment. But yey, I can spend on other stuff. It suxs they are only stickers. I want the blushes.


    I cant wait…I’ll be at belks bright and early on the 13th…I love this collection


  47. Thanks so MUCH for the swatches! I live for them :)
    In your swatch of the lipstick Utterly Frivolous – it looks like a beautiful pink, but on ebay and MAC the product/swatch looks more like a coral red? Which is it? I’m hoping it’s more like your swatch!

  48. Carol

    Wow that’s great! I’ve been looking for more info on the Fafi collection everywhere! Thanks! I was invited to the Fafi event as well this Sunday the 10th. They say there’s going to be food and everything and an appearance by Fafi I was told. I’m super excited and they let me bring a few girlfriends. Can’t wait. Hope to meet some of you gals there!

  49. pompam

    Oh!! Some of them r so gorgeous!! I really like those paint pots, especially CashFlow, Perky and Rollickin’. But I am such a beginner here,,can u tell me ways to use the paint pot. Thank you so much! Love u!!

  50. esme

    hi! is the cultfave a pinkish tone because it looks brown tanish in the website also is the pink venus eyeshadow the same as the regular pink venus eye shadow?

    • Pink Venus is the same as the normal one (though I swear the texture is better, but I don’t own Pink Venus anymore, so I could be wrong). Cult Fave is definitely pink!

  51. esme

    does cult fave look like pink rat lipglass

  52. Summer

    Hi, Christine, Thanks for posting this :) I am pretty interested in the irresident powder, do you know which one will be good for NC35-40 as highlighter? I am thinking between Belightful and Verve-Acious… but I am wondering is the Verve-Acious similar to “star!” which was a LE long time ago. Thanks!!!

  53. Liliana

    I already have 2 Belightful because I know that it is a limited color that has a really nice shimmer to it. But I kinda like the packaging more than I probably should. But honestly, I don’t get exactly the whole story behind the characters? I wish I could’ve read the in depth story from Teen Vogue. The characters are cute but the colors are really starting to remind me of Barbie pink. I think I’m going to try not to go completely overboard on my spending. I like pink, but if this were a regular launch, minuse the characters and cool packaging I probably wouldn’t be this excited about it and willing to spend nearly $300 or so. I think I’m just going to really look at colors that work for me. M.A.C. is so smart but I’m a Marketing major and I know all the tricks!

    • Hey Liliana!

      This collection does anniversarize the Barbie collection, so I’m not surprised that it reminds you a bit of it.

      You go girl, get wise to their tricks!

  54. Shaundra

    Those swatches are awesome! You’re the best!

  55. Stephanie

    Hey Christine, what do you think of the blushes? I have the same complexion as you, but, just not sure of the blushes. Also, perky looks similar to Bare Study just by the pictures? What do you think? Is strawbaby to organgey? I’m just not sure.. Its so hard to judge without actually seeing it on my lips. Flash N dash, utterly frivous, and fun n sexy looks great. My mac SA had nothing but good things to say about the textures of the lipstick. So, hopefully thats true!

    • Hey Stephanie! I think they are pretty, but they are pretty bright. Perky isn’t like Bare Study, IMO, it is very pink and Bare Study is more of a beige. I wouldn’t say Strawbaby is orangey at all, more like a coral/peach, but not orange really!

  56. Helen

    this is such a fab collection! thanks so much for the swatch! I have one question, what is does the iridescent powder do? Do you use it as a loose foundation or is it mainly a highlighter for blushes and what not?

  57. Lori

    High top looks almost plum-purple on the swatch. It intrigues me. But I’ll prob stay safe with Strawbaby (though Utterly Frivolous draws me but I have so many pink similar looking tones) and Perky paintpot (though I have Fresco Rose so I wonder how similar it would be….). My worry is its going to sell out quickly before I get a chance to see it in person, hence trying to buying it sight unseen as soon as it comes out online. the dilemmas us MAC-addicts have!! LOL thanks for sharing though!

  58. I love Hipness. Such a pretty colour!

    Out of the paint pots, which one do you think is best as a neutral base?

  59. Stephanie

    FYI guys the site is up now!!! Hurry don’t miss out espically on the exclusive online merchandise!!!


  61. Sara

    rollickin looks sooooo appealing, im always drawn to those colors. but i already have the alexander mcqueen one thats really similar! damn my attraction to blues, lol! must…resist…

  62. Winnie

    How sheer/pigmented are the shadows in quad 1?

  63. Mits

    Can the eyeshadows in the quad palette be taken out and replaced with other mac palette shadows?

  64. Rayanna

    I really like the way Flash N Dash looks but I don’t know if it’ll look ok on me. It kind of looks like a light red tint to me. I was thinking of wearing it over a darker red But I’m not sure if that’ll work.

  65. esme

    Help! your advice is so good, I am an nc42 what is your oppinion for cult fave and sugar tranceon my skin? which one do you think i should get because i promised myself i would not go crazy with this collection, its sooo hard!!

    • Hey Esme! You know what, Cult Fave is gorgeous! I think it’s a great color. Sugar Trance is pretty, but not really must-have just because I feel like I’ve seen it several times in the past.