Friday, January 4th, 2008

Why must it always be an international site that manages to break the stories the quickest?  Sadly, I am only an English speaker (I took French for five years, but please, let’s not go there).  Zghzp delivered this color story, in Chinese (see Google translation here), and I must tell you, I certainly hope that as we get closer to February, information for the US launch trickles out, because I am hard-pressed to believe that a collaboration collection would feature as many repromotes/permanent colors as the site says. (Source)

This is why I’m not a fan of incomplete info!  I want everything – product photos, full color story, and exact descriptions and names.

Are you still excited over Fafi?

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75 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Fafi for MAC Product Photos

  1. victoria

    oh my, for me it’s not the packaging, it’s the colors. so unusual and it’s spring, i mean spring means color and these aren’t weak pastel colors. it’s gonna be hard to say no or say you’re not a least curious. look at that purple paintpot, i think i might need that. i’m in need of a new blush, too. i’m a sucker for purples and plums and they have those colors all over. and beauty powders, i even like the nailpolishes which i usually care the least. i think i like these colors more than barbie. it’s like spring in the city colors.

  2. Tiffany

    I can’t wait!!! I want the purple paintpot as well, along with the lipstick and glosses!! Hopefully we’ll know about the release date soon… budget time =)

  3. Ashlee

    Im not crazy for the packages either, but the colors look so nice. Hopefully I can limit myself.

  4. Lone

    Hmm .. I doubt that so many things are repromotes or permanent colours, or at least I hope not!!!!

  5. Tekoa

    If the eyeshadow quards are true, I’m shocked. So many perm colours. Blech! However, everything else still has me interested.

  6. Erin

    The paintpots look like fun!

  7. zoe

    i want 2 paint pots, a blush, 3 lipsticks, 2 glosses , and a beauty powder or two

  8. Elyssa

    wow well the quads are really hurting. I like the glosses well i like the light ones im not really into the purple stuff but they look nice as well as the lipsticks and the paint pots are the ones that really call my attention as of now. i really cant wait until February to see the actual products.

  9. I want to throw up, I am so excited. I absolutely have no patience for this release. I want everything and I know there is no way I can affordit and that makes me sad and depressed.

  10. kat

    Ugh I hope those colours for the quads are not true! Because I was really eyeing the first of the two and that was the thing I was really forward to in this collection… but I already have Pink Venus AND naked lunch so it’d be a no go for me D: Darn! The original swatch you had suggested different colours? In any case, guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

    The colours do look gorgeous though :)

    • Ditto, Kat! I’m pretty sure they will be something different for the US, though. :)

      • kat

        I admire your optimism and confidence :) Which are your picks? Though it’s so hard to tell without better descriptions yet haha 😀

        • I honestly don’t bother to make ANY picks really (unless something is really, really stunning) until I see it all in person. This way, I go in with no real expectations and always come out with a smile :)

  11. Hend

    why a a site from china brings is first? just wondering

    and they look so cute i want them all!

  12. MoOn

    why all info and pics for all the new collections comes from China?and do the new collections release first there?if yes..why is that? and MAC owend by who?an american or?I mean is it american brand

  13. As you say, hopefully it will not be all repromotes/perm. I would love to get a new quad as they are so handy for travel:)

    I bet alot of people are going to go crazy over the packaging though! It’s super cute, but I feel to old to get excited about it:P

    • I can’t imagine MAC would truly do that to us, nor do such a thing for a collaboration collection – why bother getting Fafi into the picture then?!

      I’m not really in love with the packaging – not sure why, lol.

  14. OMG I keep coming back to this site today to look at that stuff… *drool* I want them so bad! The hot pink lipglass? The pink blush? The purple color pot? IEEEE!! I can’t wait!

  15. Lindsay

    Nail polish and paint pots for sure! I am so excited! I am a little bit sad about the quads though, so I am hoping like the rest of you that its the wrong info.

    MAC is making this year really tough on my bank account..I guess its time to start saving!

  16. MoOn


    I didnt fall in love with the packaging too lol,why they didn’t select prettier fafi faces than those!

  17. Courtney

    Hmm…well the more neutral quad has shade names posted on Spektra because someone got ahold of it early, and there was Vanilla and Pink Venus, but the other two shades were new (can’t remember the names). So that at least is wrong – unless it has somehow changed since the lady at Spektra got the quad.

    • Oh, yes, I think I remember now. Jeffrey showed off the quad on his blog. I think we can be a bit more assured that we have some new colors coming our way :)

  18. Thalia

    I think the person who listed the colours were attempting to “guess” what the colours would be using the ones already described on MAC’s perm line. I mean, the list of Paint Pots are described as “Macroviolet, Sweet Sage, Brassy, and Frostlite” when those are clearly Fluidlines :S

  19. Fie

    YES YES YES. Hahaha. The packaging is lovely and omg that purple paint pot and the lipsticks! Blah I’m going to be in so much trouble.

  20. Jennifer

    Pretty sure they are fluidlines…
    That’s what they indicate in Chinese also…
    I’m Chinese (Chinese first language), if you need a better translation of anything…feel free to ask ^_^

    • Hey Jennifer! :) Thanks for clarifying! I know that it’s been said that there are a bunch of paint pots, not fluidlines, in this launch, so it’s a bit confusing whether this info is for China only.

  21. Tonee

    This is the only time I have ever wanted every single product in a MAC collection!! I must start saving all my pennies for this! Those quads and lipsticks……my presciousssssssssss…………

  22. Janis

    The e/s colors look blah to me but I can’t wait for the paint pots! Love the purple one!

  23. Claudine

    Hi im so glad i found this site…keep up the great work and ohhhh my gosh i love the new collection im a true MAC-aholic lol thanks for the pics and greetings from Switzerland <3

  24. Claudine

    omg i want the pink rouge the quads and the pots for sure lolol

  25. Stephanie

    I am so excited and going to be so freaking broke! My husbands gunna kill me! I am so very excited about the N collection also, it’s coming up soon, I can’t wait.

  26. Kirsten

    ahhh, i cant wait!
    for some reason these pictures make me miss the barbie line

  27. Elle

    As mean as it sounds, I hope I don’t like Fafi’s quads so I can get the paint pots only and save up for the 2 Heatherette eye trios. They’ll probably mix together in a really interesting way.

  28. Ummilkhair


  29. Denise

    do you know when this will become available?? i think i’m going for a quad and a lip glass… hooray i so can’t wait!

  30. Liliana

    I’m not really feeling the yellow, green, blue, and coral quad, but the other looks nice. But that’s just me. I think it’s a little strange that there are more lipsticks than lipglasses, but I guess the lipglasses will work with more than one lipstick color. The three powders look awesome. I’m probably going to end up getting at least two of those. I’m looking at the usual $250 range here. But it’s so worth it. The pink blush looks similar to Barbie, and I wish that I looked good in pink but I tend to look better with coral color blushes. The teal paint pot looks the most interesting to me. What would go with that? Interesting…

    • Hey Liliana! I’m the same way. I’m not big on the packaging, and I don’t really care about Fafi’s designs (I didn’t even know she existed til this launch!).

  31. Shannon BLazen-by

    Gimmi that fafi! I am loving it all. I think it is sweet that they are bringing art into make-up art. Both are great mediums. PAINT YOUR UNIVERSE!

  32. Ciarra

    The launch date is Feb 13th. These colors are amazing. MAC has def outdone itself this spring and Fafi is giving Barbie a run for her money!

  33. Dana

    This collection is WAAAAAY better than Barbie. Trust me. Wait until you see Heatherette for MAC. Yummy.

  34. blondie

    i loved the IDEA of barbie personal since she is basically my idol
    but i found a lot of the colors in barbie kind of similar
    while with this there seems to be more options as well as you can mix and match and create different color combinations with the different colors for fun and different looks
    and if youre into the barbie style you can totally pull of a barbie look with fafi :)

  35. michelle raymoond.

    damn, i want this

  36. Haha! A lot of people have mentioned that there are better choices from the Fafi designs than the ones chosen.