Monday, June 1st, 2009

MAC Cosmetics’ Euristocrats II Collection

You can find official collection details posted earlier, but here are some higher res images for the upcoming collection, slated for July 2nd, 2009.

Dazzleglasses: Local Colour, Rue d’Rouge, Euro Beat, Internationalist, Roman Holiday, Via Veneto, Date Night

Lipsticks: Saint Germain, Cockney, Costa Chic

Lipsticks: London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris, Patisserie

Lip Pencils: Cherry, Magenta, Subculture, Whirl

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108 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics’ Euristocrats II Collection Promo Product Photos

  1. Jenna

    What finish(es) are the lipsticks? Patisserie looks like it’s a lovely color, but it’ll be useless to me if it isn’t a Creme. :(

  2. Aramis

    im so bad =( i wants all the dazzleglasses and 2 or 3 lipstick but one of the must haves is st. germain which i miss out on.

  3. hi

    Cockney and Milan Mode stand out for me! And Rue d’Rouge if it’s pigmented. What do you think are those two models wearing? The matte pink combo AND the glossy red are both to die for!


    lookin 4ward 2 da dazzle glasses x

  5. Naked Paris and Patisserie l/s are the ones that I’m going after. Also, I’m going to get Vie Veneto and Internationalist d/g. I might also get Euro Beat and Local Colour.

  6. AA

    Must have Local Colour, Rue d’Rouge, Cockney, and Costa Chic! I hope I’m not dissapointed.

  7. Andrea

    Can’t wait! probably gonna get 2 of Via Veneto & a backup of St. Germain!

  8. landwhale

    looks like they are wearing st. germaine on the pink and cockney with rue d’ rouge over it on the red. But then again, I’m only guessing.

  9. Faheema

    The colours looks pretty,
    when they come out I will deffo go to my local counter and buy what suits me :)

  10. Alexandra

    Cockney, Costa Chic And London Life are my picks and I will probably get a pencil or two. Which pencils do you think would go best with my three picks? Thanks for the info!

    • Out of the ones listed, Cherry and Whirl. I don’t think Costa Chic/London Life have perfect pencils to go with them, but you might be able to mix Cherry and Magenta to get more of a berry, and Cherry and Whirl for more of a coral.

  11. Vee

    Naked Paris looks so lovely!

  12. Samantha

    uh oh.. is it bad that I want everything except the lip liners! I hear my bank account crying already.

  13. Elle

    I think I’m finally gonna put my B2M stuff to good use with this collection. I’m loving the reds, and the Dazzleglasses are gorgeous.

  14. kathylulu


  15. Jody

    Saint Germain again! Wooooo hoo. How can this be? This is like the 3rd time now isn’t it? I have to stock up this time. :)

  16. Miss QQ

    I want Cockney, Patisserie and Milan Mode. For the d/g, I want Vie Veneto, Rue d’Rouge and maybe Internationalist.

  17. Ms Trendy

    I will finally get St Germain because MAC keeps re-releasing it in N.America so it must be a sign. I will get the LE dazzleglasses to start with because I think they are unique and different from all the previous and current shades. then if i fall in love with any of the permanent colours i might grab some more. 4 lipcolours for one collection is plenty for me.


    Date Night Deep plum with blue and gold pearl (Permanent)
    ***Euro Beat Peach coral with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
    Internationalist Yellow pink with blue pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
    Local Colour Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
    Roman Holiday Med brown coral with pink pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
    ***Rue de Rouge Light red with pink pearl (Limited Edition)
    ***Vie Veneto Light violet with blue pearl (Limited Edition)

  18. Hey there. This might be stupid question but I figured you of all people would be able to help me out. I just called my local Mac store and registered for the Naked Honey event. What do I do? What happens at a collection event. Please help!!!

    • Jessie

      if it’s like the events at my MAC you get to have your makeup done and you have to buy $55 in products from the collection or otherwise. Usually they charge $50 to get your makeup done, so it’s like getting a free makeover :)

    • Usually they give you a makeover :) If it’s a typical weekend event, that’s what happens based on my experience, but I haven’t gone in a LONG time.

  19. Shonn

    How much is saint germain like fashion mews?
    I love my fashion mews but hate to use it all of saint germain is very similar. If so, I might have to purchase it, since it keeps showing up

    • Jody

      IMO, they are quite different. Saint Germain is a very intense color of pale pink whereas Fashion Mews is a light lilac color with just a touch of pink. I have to wear Bubbles over St.Germain to tone it down a bit. I think it also looks gorgeous with Fashion Scoop over it. I am in love with this lipstick because there isn’t another color like it. I have Fashion Mews also and it goes on much lighter than St. Germain on me, Fashion Mews is much easier to wear but St. Germain is an awesome color. I have 2 back-ups of both of these lipsticks at the moment and I want to get more! Hope this helps! :)

    • IMO, totally different. Saint Germain is very pinky in comparison!

  20. Vness_12

    London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris, and Patisserie look like they are right up my alley…as well as the Magenta, Subculture, ans Whirl lip pencils :)

  21. Rachel

    this collection scares me..because I am saving up for my wedding and just cant afford it all! but i will try..lmao.

    What colors are the modesl wearing? is the red cockney?

  22. ladyfabolous231

    seriously, i want all the dazzleglasses from this collection! between the dazzle glasses, baby bloom, and colour craft, im going to be 7826483648348 dollars in debt. im still tryna recover from hello kitty :( (jp)

  23. Jenn

    I’m leaning towards rue de rouge, roman holiday, naked paris, cockney, london life and maybe milan poor bank acct. oy thanks for the info Christine!

  24. Luda

    St. Germain has my name writen all over it.

  25. Hi christine how would you describe Via Veneto

  26. April

    Hey Christine,

    why don’t you do some tutorials on some vintage/ oin up girl looks, or maybe your version of an updated old glam look? Any ideas? I think you have a great face for those looks…

  27. Nars

    Wait, when did St Germain get sold out? Seems like quite a few of you didn’t get a hold of it when it was out last time.. For some reason I thought it was going to be permanent once and for all. Hmmmm ::raising my eyebrow::

  28. aradhana

    via veneto and roman holiday sound/look nice…

  29. Honey

    My eyes twisted inward! lol! Love it! Im buying all the lip sticks except for Naked Paris, its too dark form me, but i getting all the lip pencils!!! Can’t Wait!! EEEEK!

  30. Amanda

    Wow, I love almost all of the dazzleglasses! I will probably only get Internationalist and Euro Beat, though. And since I’m going to be attending a university in London all next year, I kind of feel like I have to get London Life… which is a really silly reason to get it. πŸ˜› I’m NW 15-20, so hopefully it doesn’t overwhelm my face. Patesserie looks nice, too.

  31. Christy

    Oh these look fabulous! I think I’ll get Rue d’Rouge, Euro Beat, Internationalist, Roman Holiday, Via Veneto, Costa Chic, London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris, and Patisserie.

  32. Andrea

    All I can say is, with all these fabulous collections coming out, I’ve got to find a job soon!

  33. liz

    no special packaging means i am b2ming for cockney!

  34. dawn

    YAY! more Dazzleglass! The lipsticks look fun too!
    Thx christine!

  35. Patricia

    I have via veneto already… it’s much prettier in person than it is on that picture.

  36. Chiara

    Gah, thank god they are all permanent in Europe =D

  37. Patricia

    I just tried Rue D’ Rouge. It’s not very pigmented. You have to slap a lot on to get it to be red. Love Alert is much more pigmented and vibrant. Rue is a washed out kinda red. Very faint red. Looks great in the tube, but doesn’t pop as much as Love Alert in my opinion. I have pigmented lips so this comes off as a neutral reddish tinge. :( Blah!

  38. Haydyn

    OMG. Costa Chic is beautiful. I really can’t afford much Mac seeing as I can’t get a job, but I love all their products. Does anybody know where I could find some for less money. I would love you forever!

  39. Patricia

    Ok, just tried Internationalist. O.M.G. Much lovelier than in the picture. The base of it is the same pink you see in the pic, but of course the pic doesn’t show the sparkles in it. It comes off as a neutral and very sheer pink on the lips, but the sparkle is the main attraction here. Hot pink, violet, and light blue sparkles. And a TON of them too. The effect is pink neutral glossy lips, with shimmer that reflects a violet blue. Very hot. But not one of those colors that really “pops” like Funtabulous. It’s more subtle, but lovely.

    Tried Euro Beat as well. Pretty unremarkable. Like Smile but more intense. But not too much more intense. The sparkles are nothing special, nothing pops or reflects back anything special. Meh, that one is also a sheer that comes off as nothing on my pigmented lips. I’m NC25 for reference but my lips are very pigmented. The best one so far is Via Veneto.

    I have Roman Holiday coming and I’ll report when I get it.

  40. Ohmigosh! July 2nd is my B-day and there are certainly SEVERAL items I will be picking up from this collection. So far think:

    Lipsticks: London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris, and maybe Patisserie
    Dazzleglasses: Local Colour, Rue d’Rouge, Date Night
    (I already have all the lip pencils)

    I swear, I should just sign over my check to MAC. I have to begin freelancing for them so I can get a bigger discount. LOL.

    Thanks for the advance intelligence on this collection!

  41. Lindsey

    What is the collection called that is coming out with all the MSFs?

  42. Tattoo Girl

    Loving those dazzleglasses. I have stayed away from them in the past but bought a few in F&F cuz hubby said he likes them. Guess if he likes them enough he’ll buy them for me!!

  43. Tattoo Girl

    Saw these dazzleglasses today!! Love them. My must haves are Via Veneto, Euro Beat, and Internationalist. I am a C3 in Studio Fix Powder so pretty much everything looks bright on me!

  44. Zong

    wow, love the lipsticks, i already have saint germain so maybe around this time when this collection launched i’m gonna have to get costa chic because at the moment i am looking for a nice coral and i have heard that the costa chic is a nice coral color. i have to limit myself due to the Color Craft Collection coming soon too. Thanks for posting this up christine.

  45. Tattoo Girl

    These are online now!! I already ordered mine today!!

    • Lauren

      Me too!! I ordered Euro Beat and Internationalist Dazzleglasses and Saint Germain Lipstick. How bout you?

      • Tattoo Girl

        I got the Euro Beat, Internationalist, Roman Holiday, and Via Veneto dazzles and London Life lipstick! I can’t wait to get them. Still waiting on my last order from F&F though so I hope they come soon.

  46. where can I buy St Germain lipstick by Mac