Friday, February 27th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics | Double Dazzle

Launch Date: April 30th, 2009 (North America), May 2009 (International).

All you need is Love… Lips and Lashes! Summer simplified for the modern makeup minimalist. Double Dazzle will daze the closest competition with colour-changing, light-reflecting pearl-shine lips; paired with a new formula for the ultimate in voluptuous lashes, et voilà! Lips lead: seven new Dazzleglass shades bring the scintillating selection up to 18! The flotilla-of-lights formula imparts the pearl combination with mega-glisten shine, creamy comfort and the subtle sensation of vanilla. Lashes follow: multiplied, volumized, utterly glorified by our newest eye innovation…This sly new small-and-mighty brush has been developed to capture and emphasize each and every lash. Lips, Lashes, Lovers…Look out!

Dazzleglass ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • Sugarrimmed Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl
  • Goldyrocks Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl
  • Moth to Flame Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl
  • Smile Light coral with pink and gold pearl
  • Steppin’ Out Clean yellow pink with red pearl
  • Utterly Posh Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl
  • Love Alert Raspberry red with red pearl
  • Date Night Deep plum with blue and gold pearl
  • Funtablulous Purple with violet pearl
  • Extra Amps Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
  • Like Venus Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl
  • Stop! Look! Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl
  • Money Honey Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl
  • Rags to Riches Plumm y pink with teal and red pearl
  • Baby Sparks Pale pink with violet pearl
  • Bare Necessity Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
  • Girl’s Delight Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl
  • Get Rich Quick Warm yellow brown

Dazzle Lash ($12.00 U.S. / $14.00 CDN)

  • Star Brunette Brown
  • Black Dazzle Black

Available: April 30th, 2009 (North America), May 2009 (International).

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108 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Double Dazzle (New Dazzleglasses!) Collection Information & Photos

  1. Mz. Shayla

    Are the dazzleglasses finally gonna be permanent? At least some of them….

  2. Oh crap – another great-looking collection O.o

  3. LaKiesha

    wowzers. that’s a lot of dazzleglass. *starts saving pennies*

  4. Ahhhh like I don’t already have 50 or 60 lip glosses, now I need these ones too, LOL!

  5. DevilishDoll

    I want
    Moth To Flame
    Steppin Out
    Extra Amps
    Like Venus
    Stop! Look!
    Baby Sparks
    Bare Necessity

    Very disappointed that they didn’t being back Comet Blue. Hope they realize what a mistake they made on that.

  6. vicki

    Again I’m def all over this one since I’m a Dazzleglass Ho! I have most of these already except maybe three or four! Just in time for graduation!

  7. Fie

    I would like soooo much to love Dazzelglasses…but they don’t work for me. :(

  8. oh dear…and yes I agree about Comet Blue, i wanted it so bad! :(

  9. Samantha

    Oh. My. Gosh. Wow, that is a whole lotta dazzleglass! I have never tried them before but I have heard a lot of good things. I may have to try one now, especially since I will actually have money since my birthday is the week before :)

  10. julia

    So they are re-releasing the old dazzleglasses, and releasing new ones too? are these perm?

  11. No word on these being perm yet! but the new colors look GREAT!!

  12. Brenda

    Oh, no Comet Blue… Guess I might be skipping this one.

  13. OH MY GOD! I really hope they’re perm now. There are way too many there that I like. I only have three of them from last May and I could use some more

  14. Brooke F

    The promo pics for Dazzleglasses always are so pigmented, but the reviews I’ve read have said they’re not. What gives?

  15. KaylaK

    From what I understand my MA said the dazzleglasses are perm now. Yeah I’m pissed no Comet Blue! But I’m happy that pretty much all of my favs are back for good! But then I dunno, I’ll have to look at home to see which ones were my favs that aren’t on the list lol.

  16. Virginia

    I might get one or two of these…love the scent, staying power and feel on the lips, but I think they’re too expensive. Hopefully they will be perm, since I’m getting tired of running to the MAC counter on the release day because of being afraid that the limited stuff will sell out before I can get some.

  17. Elisa

    so at skool im like the lipgloss girl lol and this collection is sure not going to help……………………..

  18. wo-wow! i’m soooo glad to see this because these are my favourite lipglosses/MAC product EVER!!! It doesn’t help that I’m a lipgloss addict…but wow, these are def my holy grail…for now :)
    SO GLAD THEY ARE BACK!! YAY!!! but…what about Glamour OD? why’d they leave that one out..that was my favourite!!

  19. nico

    no Ms.Fizz :((

  20. Rachael

    I am so excited for these to come out. I don’t own any dazzleglasses yet as I am fairly new to MAC so I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!

    • Same here!! 😀 I’ve never tried any Dazzleglasses. The MAC HK Couture are way too expensive so I’m not even looking into buying those. But these… if they’re as amazing as everyone says they are… uh oh to my wallet!

  21. elle

    wow theres so many!!! I don’t have any yet and if I love these as much as everyone else seems to my bank account and bf are gonna hate me!!

  22. Arika BH

    I skipped the Dazzleglasses initially because I have very full lips and I dont like to draw attention to them. Ive been doing dramtic winged liner and Strayin lipstick from HK. I think I’m ready for Dazzleglasses this time. Im going to start saving for these right away! I want to get all of them. Dazzlelash definitely doesnt look dramatic enough for me so I will skip that for sure. I love LashBlast anyways!

  23. Val

    I am so excited Dazzleglass is back! The only thing that would top this would be them being perm! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

  24. Ashley

    *Does Happy Dance* I’ve been waiting for this collection! Funtabulous will finally be mine!! And I am needing more Steppin’ Out in my life. I hope they’re all perm. They NEED to be!! Haha Thanks for the info Christine!

  25. Gina

    wow! looks like fun! I do not own ANY dazzleglasses and am excited to buy some!! Any suggestions??????

  26. I can’t tell what I want, but I know I’ll want some of them.
    I LOVE Sugarrimmed and Miss Dynamite.
    I think the Dazzleglasses are fabulous!
    I’m so glad you shared this, as I hadn’t yet heard about this collection.

  27. Dominique

    I adore Goldyrocks and Love Alert!

  28. carriespooner

    Oh Sheep! I want dazzle Glass now!!

  29. I love dazzleglass, I can’t wait to get some of these!

  30. Anna

    I was grinning like a fool when I saw these. 2 more months!

  31. cloudburst

    I was hoping they’d bring back Blue Comet – but no such luck. :(

  32. Christy

    Oh dear! I never got a chance to get some the first time around, so this will be great!

  33. SNAP!!!!! I’m so happy that they are re-releasing the Dazzleglasses!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on 17 out of the 18 shades of the dazzleglasses!!!!

  34. nicoish

    Comet Blue come backkk!!! ='[

  35. Katie

    I’m more pissed off about Pleasure Principle and Ms. Fizz.

  36. Naomi

    Sugarrimmed & Steppin’ out look so nice.

  37. Andrea

    omg I love my dazzleglasses! I’m so glad they are coming back! I def. need to get some of the ones I missed out on the first time & also some of the new ones! Thanks for the info!!!

    • Andrea

      My list is…
      Baby Sparks
      Extra Amps
      Like Venus
      Rags to Riches

      & I’ll have to see others in person!

  38. Kaoru

    No Ms. Fizz…. *crys*

  39. Kayc

    ok well I do hope these are perm now coz those are a whole lot of dazzleglasses that I gotta get. i still have to budget for these lol.

  40. dani

    are these gonna be permanent? OMG!!! O_O ~{WOW}

  41. Ruth

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG more dazzleglasses, I’m doing back flips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously need alot more $$$$$$$$$$$ than I have !!!!!!!

  42. Haha, think they have enough colors for this one? I feel pretty left out since I’ve never had the honor of trying lipglass, dazzleglass or any of that. I was meaning to try Dazzlelash but I never was able to get it, and those over photoshop ads of the Dazzlelash ain’t appealing to me much.

  43. Emma

    DAZZLEGLASSES! AAHHHH! ive been waitin 4 this 4eva!!! im only dissapointed that comet blue wuznt in there, thats like the most unique one, and the best!
    i want:
    steppin out
    utterly posh
    love alert
    date night
    like venus
    rags to riches
    bare neccessities :):):)

  44. Liz

    Ohhh baby baby. Oohhh baby baby!

    So will these dazzleglasses be perm? I sure hope so!

  45. Macaddict

    I’m a BIG fan and collector of the Dazzleglasses. So far, I have 16 of them. I’m going to have to buy the ones I don’t have yet (8):
    – Goldyrocks
    – Moth to Flame
    – Smile Light
    – Utterly Posh
    – Extra Amps
    – Stop! Look!
    – Girl’s Delight
    – Get Rich Quick

  46. shyyy

    wow gotta save up lol

  47. *dies* Christine I love you!!

  48. Lisa

    recession, can’t save money…MAC keeps putting out new collections!!!!!!!!!!!I have a zillion lipglosses, still but more!!! Is there therapy for this…never mind I don’t want it!

  49. Diyana

    I don’t know… I already have 7 of them on the list and this collection isnt convincing enough. I mean, it’s been summer and I haven;t reached for my dazzleglasses at all… So why buy new ones?

  50. Pat

    YES!!! THEY”RE BACK! I regret not getting some of the color when they came out last year. I think i’ll be getting back ups too just in case.

  51. Nat

    Hello, Christine
    First time on commenting your blog, what a fabulous on-line place! :-)
    My country (Thailand) just launched Hello Kitty on 26th Feb.
    Surprisingly with Grand duos on sale altogether!
    Sorry I couldn’t take any photo.
    But I would say, IMO, grand duos is halfway between sonic chic and BBR msf (i mean, grand duos is a bit less shimmerry than BBR msf and less than the pigment level of sonic chic)
    Ah, and the promo photo took accurate color, but can’t represent the shimmery at all
    I hope this information may help :-)
    I like Moon river & Love rock, but didn’t bring them with me yet 😛
    PS. I tested grand duo collex on the single color side
    and please forgive me, my English sucks.

  52. olaronke

    Gosh … THANK GOD!!! Another opportunity to get dazzleglasses … got only one the last time!

  53. Tierra

    …mmmm SMH no thanks my savings account is for the Style Warrior collection exclusively for the ones with the zebra print ^_^

  54. Pat

    Aww I wish they have comet blue, Glamour OD, spaking rich too

  55. margot

    I loved the Dazzle Glasses !!!! And I’m getting 5 of them when they come out !!!

    I sooooooooo want :

    Baby Sparks (‘cos it was out of stock when it last came out in Belgium snif)
    Rags To Riches
    Stop ! Look !
    Like Venus !
    Extra Amps

    I love the pink ones, so beautiful !!!

    Thank you Christine for these … yummie pictures (that made my bank account just die XD)

  56. Erin

    omg DAZZLEGLASS!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!

  57. Dawn

    thanks for the info!

  58. nursevonzombie

    I agree with most of u…last yr I didn’t get a chance to buy any..I hope they become permanent plus I don’t wat to spend almost $40 on just comet blue (ebay)

  59. Tracy

    Dazzleglasss is the best lip gloss ever (just my opinion) I grabbed all but 5 shades when it launched. I’m glad one of them was comet blue but what about pleasure principal!! I bought 3 of those I loved it so much…glad I did. Can’t wait to see the new colors :-)

  60. silvia

    is there one in the collection thats similar to miss fizz?

  61. Fairy

    Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m doomed.

  62. Sarah

    Oh.. my… goody gosh!!!
    i want them all!! Lord help me!

  63. Sun

    (sigh).. just when I thought I had cured myself of my MAC addiction…

  64. Lizzy

    These aren’t at all photoshopped; whoever said that needs to see and wear! They’re bright. And thick and sparkles! The pictures are always a bit darker and dill than the product.
    And these are all the colors that came out last year in the original collection, except Comet Blu. I can’t decide whether to but a couple new ones or more favorites for my hoard. There is nothing more awful than a totally empty tube of Love Alert. So that, Rags to Riches, maybe Like Venus… Extra Amps is tempting!

  65. on3cut3cupcak3

    So… does anyone know if this is Permanent??

  66. JF

    Is it me or that model REALLY LOOKS like LINSAY LOHAN?!

  67. BabyDollB

    Ooh I am excited they have re-launched some of the colours because I didn’t get them the first time around and I have heard really good things about Baby Sparks =D

  68. Sarah

    came back to drool over these, so excited!
    at the very, very least I’ll be picking up the first 6. that’s if of course everyone else doesn’t beat me to them. :)

  69. Natasha

    Hm, I have some money that I’m willing to spend on Dazzleglasses..
    Hopefully I’ll have some more cash by the time it comes out, but for now, I’m probably gunna get Sugarrimmed and Baby Sparks.

  70. gingin501

    I can’t breathe!!! *faint*

    Comet Blue was my 1st and now I am hooked!!! I want them all!!! I love Dazzleglass!

  71. Kathy

    yay their coming back i never had a dazzleglass !!!

  72. Ashley B

    i was soo happy this made my day!!!!!!!!!! why? because i can not for the life of me find my love alert from the red she said collection:( im going nuts!!!! im def picking it up when it gets repromoted!

  73. meechi204

    not like i need anymore lol but why not. i guess i’ll have to start saving once again =)

  74. G-Rod

    Dazzleglasses are fun, youthful, and so perfect for summer. I can really see owning quite a few.

  75. Sara

    Ohh prettyful! I gotta get the yellowish one


  76. Dave

    Im so glad that you have all the information so early and so kindly share it with us. I was talking to my makeup artists at MAC Pro in Dallas,TX and she was trying to say we wouldnt get a collection like this until September. Im so glad that it is much sooner. Im excited about all the different colors. Maybe Comet Blue will be re-released later down the road. I wanted that one but never was able to get ahold of it.

  77. sheesh, i only want Lollipop Loving from Sugarsweet & Love Rock from
    Grand Duos but this collec. is gonna make me so broke..
    i want at least 6 of the dazzleglasses!!

  78. Kim

    Okay, I am a huge fan of lipglasses and I have tried the Hello Kitty dazzleglasses recently, but I do not feel like there’s a reason to pay more for dazzleglasses, especially since they give u less product.. can u explain to me this dazzleglass hype?

    • The regular dazzleglasses are $18 whereas the HK ones were $28 — so they’re about $4 more than the regular lipglosses. People like the glitter :)

  79. MAG

    omg im so excited I wish they had brought back spankin rich! I ran out =( my list is… light
    girls delight
    love alert
    utterly posh
    the list would be alot longer if i wasn’t savin up for a bunch of stuff from the Style Warriors collection…

  80. Nars

    Wow, I never knew how many of you want Comet Blue back! I recently got it from a duty free shop, and though it was one of the last ones they had I never realized CB was that hard to get! Maybe I should have grabbed whatever was left!

  81. Brenda

    I haven’t tried any of the glosses(or lipglass), love the lipsticks…but here’s an off the topic Q…what is the model’s eyeshadow??? its such a beautiful pink!!!

  82. Chloe

    These are really nice!

  83. Stefani

    wow, i want them all….!!

  84. Tanya

    Yeah, I want like five of these….

  85. SOOO glad these are permanent cause i will not have money when they come out! YESS

  86. BINNIE


  87. Jannie

    I hope these are permanet

  88. Ricci

    Id like one more lol Im glad I got the comet blue last release still lots left!Im loving the purple ones!

  89. Nicki

    I have heard that Goldyrocks, Utterly Posh, and Stop! Look! will be the only LE colors in this collection, the rest will be perm.

  90. Lauren G

    According to MAC artist at Nordstrom these are being released
    on April 9th, earlier than planned, are expected to sell out fast!

  91. Angie

    I saw these today, and was NOT impressed. The glitter is chunky and gritty, and the colors are very very sheer. I’ll be saving my money for Euroistocrats II and Color Craft!

  92. Kat

    dazzle glass is here!!!!!