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Overall, Curiositease is a gorgeously packed opportunity for MAC fans to try out a variety of lipglasses, plushglasses, soft sparkle liners, and pigments without buying them individually at higher prices. I felt like each set had a good mix of colors – some bold, some soft.ย  I loved the stylish packaging of the canvas holders with crown motif emblazoned on the side. If you were wondering what to do with these, they make excellent makeup holders for brushes, liners, mascara, etc. If I had to pick favorites, I’d probably go with the warm lipglass/lustreglass and cool pigment sets.

Keep reading for detailed individual color and product reviews, as wella s swatches and product photos!

Cool Lipglass/Lustreglass
Be Seen is a shimmery white lipglass with lots of glitter particles; it’s obviously going to be incredibly sheer and tone down a bold lipstick.
Spirited is a pink-mauve lipglass with pink shimmer, good opacity. It would help to make a great toned down vampy lip when paired with a very rich and dark lipstick.
Nymphette is a gorgeous dirty pink with gold pearlized particles. It’s a color I’ve never owned, but always kind of wanted to. It’s in the medium pink family, but it has a touch of “dirtiness” to it.
Star Nova is one of loveliest lustreglasses, because it has pretty good opacity, relative to most lustreglasses. It is raspberry hued with pink-purple shimmer.
Flash Mode is a bright pink with raspberry undertones and less shimmer than the other items in the set.

Warm Lipglass/Lustreglass
Expensive is a pale yellow with white-gold shimmer, which is quite pretty. This color makes a great way to add some va-voom to any lipstick. It just manages to alter the lipstick color in such a subtle, but fabulous way.
Bada Boom is a gorgeous medium-pink with subtle shimmer gloss. It is fairly opaque, but sheer enough to allow some buildability.
Pink Grapefruit is a cult favorite, because it is such an excellent coral gloss. It is a peachy-orange with gold shimmer, and it’s definitely one of my staple glosses for a good coral lip.
Beaux is a dirty plum-mauve with multi-colored shimmer in gold and pink-purple. With the shimmer, it takes it from a would-be brown-purple to something gorgeous.
Ornamental is another great lustreglass to grab, because it’s such a rich orange with pinkish-purple reflects in it, even some gold shimmer. It always reminds me of the holidays!

Pretty Plush is an incredibly sheer color (it does not show up as more than a few sparkles and the faintest sheen on me), which makes it a great alternative to add high shine to a lipstick without altering the base color(s).
Bountfiul is a frosty cool pink, very shimmery. It might seem a bit “pornstar pink” at first, but the plushglass formula makes all the choices fairly sheer, so it shouldn’t be overwhelming.
Pink Luxe has one of my favorite names out of the Curiositease sets, and it’s a hot pink with cool pink reflects. I think people will really love this particular color, because for some reason most of us are drawn to bold, bright glosses!
Hot Stuff is a darker medium-pink with subtle shimmer, kind of a dirty pink. I was thinking Hot Stuff and Pink Luxe should switch names, personally.
Wet, Wild, & Wonderful is a warm brown with gold reflects, and while it’s not a color I’d immediately grab for, it would definitely ring some bells for darker skin tones.

Cool Pigment Set
Reflects Blue is a white-based glitter that shows up with a shimmer of white-blue. I personally love Reflects Transparent Teal more, because it has a much finer texture.
Helium is a gorgeous cool light pink with purple undertones, and I swear it feels more finely milled than its original version. I wonder if they reformulated it at all, because it went on smoothly, not in chunks.
Softwash Grey is a lovely purple-gray color; it’s one of the more unique colors that MAC has put out in pigment form. I truly find this really adds diversity to looks because of the duochrome nature of it.
Naval Blue is a deep navy blue with purple undertones. Very winter-esque!
Forest Green is a deep, dark green with subtle shimmer. It’s such a great cool color, because it lends itself well to combinations with Femme Noir or Humid for a bit of a brightening touch.

Warm Pigment Set
Reflects Gold
has incredible gold reflects with a dirty base, kind of like antique gold. I liked this one over Reflects Blue, but all the glitters are fun to play around with.
Lily White came out almost as a light pink-purple on me, rather than a brighter version than I remember. It might have been the lighting on this one! This also seemed less chunky than the full-size release.
Dazzleray is one of my favorite colors, because it is such a great peachy-gold color. It looks good on nearly everyone, in my opinion!
Sunpepper is much like Blue-Brown (you don’t need both unless you’re a pigment collector). Reddish brown base with bluish shimmer.
Coppersparkle is chunky as ever, but I’ve found this to be one chunky pigment that works well despite its texture. It’s a gorgeous bright copper color with so much shimmer. Those who aren’t a fan of shimmer/frost, steer clear of this one!

Softsparkle Pencil Set
Nightsky is a faded black with silver glitter.
Peacocked is my favorite out of the bunch, because it is medium-teal with silver reflects.
Iris Accents is a medium-to-dark purple with silver reflects, but I’ve never found it to be that usable when I do my looks.
Reflecto is the pale blue of the collection, again with silver reflects.
Goldenair is gorgeous, but harder to use; it is a white-gold with gold reflects. It’s pretty, but I’m not sure where I’d use this besides the waterline, though I’m not positive if the glitter is waterline safe.

Each set is $29.50. Available November 8, 2007 at all MAC locations, 1-800-387-6707, and



* Melon = Dazzleray, I mistyped!








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40 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Curiositease Collection Review, Swatches, and Product images, Photos

  1. Mary

    Girllllllllllll, how did you get your hands on the Curiositease collection? It looks bomb and that’s the one I’ve been waiting for most!
    I thought it comes out on Nov 15th?
    Thanks for the review!

  2. Jeni

    Thank You ! Hmm I have all those pigment colors except for softwash grey, sunpepper but I have blue brown, i dont have lily white but it sounds like pink opal ? The gloss sets look yummy! It sounds like you think softwash grey is a must have…can I get it full size or is it LE, is there dupes for it shadow wise?

    • Softwash Grey was a LE pigment from awhile ago, so you can’t get it full size at regular stores. I can’t think of any dupes really, off hand. Thunder e/s that came out with Blue Storm is kind of close!

      • Shannon

        I was wondering how close Makeup Forever’s Iridescent Periwinkle Blue 144 was to Softwash Grey. An MA told me to layer Silver Ring and Crystal, but if 144 is closer…
        Thanks so much!

  3. Joan

    I thought the warm pigment set was supposed to have dazzleray – not melon – did they make a change?

  4. Ashlee

    I want both the pigment sets and the cool lipgloss.

    I wish they always had that vials of pigments.

  5. Traci

    I want to plushglass set. those colors are super sexy!

  6. I need the warm lipglass, softsparkle, and warm and cool pigment set!!!!!!:) I love ur review!!!! Perfect as always

  7. tiffany

    YAY!! SO excited!

  8. Alma

    I thought these sets were going to be available on Nov 15?

  9. Shelley

    Fabulous!!! You sparked me a lemming!

  10. Skyler

    Thankfully I have most of the mini set stuff! ๐Ÿ˜› I was interested in one of the Finery bags but they are so expensive here! It doesn’t seem like much of a deal. Poo. Oh, well. Thanks so much for the swatches! I really wanted to see all of the lip products. :)

  11. Gonna try the Plushglasses tonight (after I remove all ten layers of Amy Winehouse makeup). YAY!

  12. allison

    Girl!!!!!You are as bad as me. Christmas came early over here too..he,he. I was thinking that they could be christmas gifts. But once I got them they were only gifts for myself…I know I am terrible. This launch was far better than last years.

  13. ariele

    I think I’m going to be able to pass on most of these. I may spring for the Cool Lipglass or Plushglass set though. Thanks for the swatches :)

    Oh BTW… I bought the Goldenair SSP when it came out with Balloonacy. The best way I’ve found to use it is as a browbone highlight. Actually, that’s the ONLY way I use it. HTH!

  14. Sandy

    Can you compair Your Ladyship pigment to the pigments in the Warm Holiday pigment collection for me please, colorwize?
    I’m trying to build my MAC collection but I’m thinking the smaller jars would give me a nice starter kit of pigments for my first pigment buy instead of one normal size for almost the same pricewize. I picked up a Your Ladyship last night at the mall and I’m thinking of returning it for the warm pigment set. What do you think?

    • Hi Sandy! Your Ladyship is closest to Lily White pigment, but it’s not as chunky or frosty, so I’d pick Your Ladyship over Lily White. However, if you’re deciding between Your Ladyship OR the Warm set, I’d go with the set since you multiple colors to try!

  15. Tekoa

    What IS the difference between Plushglass, Lipglass and Lustreglass?

  16. I have to disagree about Sunpepper. On me it’s much paler and more pink than Blue Brown, and the blue is much paler and less noticeable. I think of it more as an auburn pink than a brown.

  17. naomi

    Are the cool pigments really glittery? I have never used any of the MAC glitters just regular pigments. I ordered them online last night and really hope they are not too glittery. Assuming its a mix of pigment and glitter.

  18. Sara

    i’m about to order the cool lipglass set. i figure thats a good introduction to the lipglasses and seems like a good deal. i’m all about bargains!

  19. Eileen

    I know that it’s April and this was posted along time ago but…
    I was wondering did you ever do a tutorial with these pigments? I recently just got the Cool Pigment Set and now I have no idea what to do with it. I’m a bright color person and never used pigments before.

    • Hey Eileen! I know I’ve done looks in the past with Softwasy Gray – just do a search for that product and you should find something!