Thursday, June 19th, 2008

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

Cult of Cherry photos and some swatches, courtesy of Debbie (yet again, what a godsend!).

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

MAC Cult of Cherry Swatches

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84 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Cult of Cherry Swatches

  1. Kelly

    Ooo I’ll probably have to get Sharp and Sweet Chestnut!

  2. Liz

    I want every quad, holy crap!
    I’m glad Nanogold is back and the green shade in the one quad looks amazing!

  3. lala

    all the quads!! lol

    plum du bois :)

  4. michelle

    omg, spiced chocolate!!u will be mine!!when,where.I can’t wait:)

  5. Bianca

    Shadowy Lady, Spiced Chocolate and Blooming come to Mama!!!

  6. MAC is killing me with these releases! Spiced chocolate looks the best to me, followed by the Tempting quad.

  7. victoria

    this is not fair, i only like one color from each palette. i wish they would repromote neutral pink but i like smudged violet, sweet chestnut and i missed out on next to nothing:( but if i get desperate, i’d probably go for tempting quad, that sharp e/s looks great.

  8. Skyler

    I don’t get where Sharp comes from. It doesn’t go with the rest of the quad or the collection. *lol* Odd. Anyway, I still want all three quads despite the fact that I have the perm colours. I use the perm colours that happen to be in these a lot anyway. I’ve also used a lot of my Nanogold and Next to Nothing. Spiced Chocolate is a great collection of colours. Love the look of both blushes too! 😀

  9. JK

    I want Spiced Chocolate so bad!!! I really hope this collection gets moved up, I can’t wait!

  10. Kharina

    I think everyone is going to want spiced chocolate, me included 😀

  11. michelle

    this is the first time in almost 2 years that i am *truly* interested in hauling some MAC quads. When and where are these available? Shadowy Lady must be mine.

  12. Kendra

    OOOh I love shadowy lady, the only problem is I already have deep truth! :p I am almost hoping that this launch doesn’t come out for a while yet, my bank account is still recovering from my dazzleglass haul (I got 9 of them) and my HUGE haul from the 15% of promo (I still feel like I should have got more! LOL!) I seriously need to ban myself from MAC for awhile!

    • lol, Kendra! I hate when they repromote colors, ESPECIALLY permanent ones… just because it can be frustrating when you already have it.

  13. EK

    this whole “waiting until September” thing is just *not* going to work for me! I soooo want them all! Mac quads are $40 each? yikes

  14. Ariele

    Ahh, I think I can pass on the Tempting quad. That makes me feel a little better :) But I’m loving Spiced Chocolate AND Shadowy Lady.

    Do we know what finish the Plum du Bois blush is? Looks like it would look awesome with the Spiced Chocolate quad :)

    Thank you Debbie for the awesome swatches!!!

  15. kat

    The quads look amazing, especially spiced chocolate! I’m eyeing the shadowy lady one, too… but even the tempting quad looks cute! oh I’m so excited for this now!

  16. Nell

    I want the quads, badly…
    and blushes, who knew? Yay!

  17. Nicole

    oh gosh, i want the spiced chocolate quad and the tempting quad, partly for the new colors and cuz i only bought modest tone from the N collection and this way i get dark edge and nano gold and also next to nothing from the smokey eyes quad(?) that i missed out on. these quads make me love repeats! hahaha! as for the blushes, i’m kinda not feelin’ those, i think i would need to see them in person.

  18. I think I will need all of them!

  19. Miss QQ

    I want to get Shadowy Lady and Spiced Chocolate. I’m a new MAC fan so I have none of the colors in the quads so far. Yay!

  20. claudine

    yay the tempting quad is lovely i will get it for sure
    im not feeling the other quads enough and i got deep truth so money saved haha

  21. claudine

    oh can someone list the finishes (tempting quad)

  22. Oh boy. They just keep getting better and better… Sigh…

  23. damn i can’t decide between the Spiced Chocolates quad and the Shadowy Lady Quad. guess i’ll just have to get them both. oh well!

  24. grace

    I definitely want the two blushes and Tempting quad! And I didnt think I would like this collection ;D

  25. Eva

    I want them all…

  26. Carrie

    Tempting quad is SO mine. yay.

  27. Tina

    The Spiced Chocolate & Tempting quads are so sexy!

  28. marbs

    When will they be coming out??

  29. I am getting ALL of the quads. I am such a quad junky!!!! The Spiced Chocolate and the Tempting quad are fiyah!!

  30. whitney

    i cant wait for spiced chocolate, and finally i can have nanogold, i missed it with the n collection

  31. cloudburst

    I’ll probaby get Shadowy lady & Tempting quad…do you guys ever get the feeling that MAC repackages the left over e/s colours from previous releases in their quads, just to use them up? Ha, ha.

  32. Tekoa

    I am SO getting the Spiced Chocolate and Tempting quads! I already have Deep Truth and Shadowy Lady from the Shadowy quad. Maybe I should start a petition that no quads can have perm eyeshadows in it?

  33. Angi

    Is it shameful that I want all of those? Even though many of the shades look similar to other colors I have I don’t have THOSE shades and they all look quite wearable to me.

  34. Jennifer

    I want Spiced Chocolate, and maybe even the other two quads… this whole collection looks fabulous!

  35. I want all of ’em,all 3 quads of them!!!DELICIOUS!!!


  36. traca

    Why are so many ppl excited about shadowy lady? u can go to the store and get that now. i have it on my make up table now. IMO, Ive found the color is actually a lil difficult to work with. its hard to get it to appear how it looks in the pan without some sort of paint. If any one has any suggestions, hit me up.

  37. Nartian

    Huh, Color Forms didn’t excite me, but these do, especially Spiced Chocolate.

  38. Liya

    I wish sharp was in spiced chocolate quad instead of nanogold :(

  39. Claire

    I love warm colours so I’ll definitely be getting Spiced Chocolate. I’m on the fence about the Temtping quad though – it’s the green shade that is putting me off because I look terrible in green e/s. However, it might be worth it for the other 3 colours(plus I could maybe get it out of the quad and give it to my sister who loves bright colours on her eyes). I could attempt to display some willpower and NOT get it, but I go through some sort of temporary insanity everytime I visit a MAC counter so will probably end up purchasing it. :)

  40. Tanya

    hi! i was wondering, how does solar white and nanogold compare?

  41. Theresa

    Oh my!
    I am in love with all 3 shadow quads!!!
    I am sooo screwed!

  42. fionna

    i really like that smudged violet e/s….would you know any dupes? weren’t mac quads cheaper than $36 before?
    I want the spiced chocolate quad or the tempting quad (but I don’t really like the color sharp)