Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Thanks to Kat from for the photos!  Details for color information is here.  Check out more…

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143 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Colour Forms Product Photos

  1. Sara

    SCREW YOU NORDSTROM EXCLUSIVE! now i have to drive 50+ milessss waaaahh

  2. Brooke

    I see about 1000 things I need lol

  3. Jennifer

    OMG. This collection oh-so-conveniently launches the day after my b-day. I can just say goodbye to all my birthday money RIGHT NOW. *Sigh* Thanks for sharing these, though!

  4. Jennifer

    These collections are going to kill me… I could have cared less about Heatherette and Fafi for some reason, but starting a little with NN but mostly Neo Sci Fi, ALL the collections have/look like they will tickle my fancy like crazy!!!

    I used to live a few blocks from a Nordstrom when I lived in L.A. – now, the closest one is in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh area of NC, which is an hour and a half away on a good day. Guess I’ll have to order on line if I want any….

  5. evo

    omg…….i want just about everything! good thing we can get this in canada at the bay.

  6. Tina

    I just passed out!! this is insanely beautiful!! I love it so much!!

  7. Tanya

    WTF happend to the green pigment? did they change the color? The first green pigment picture is nothing like the green pigment in this picture…whats up with that??????

    I adore the packaging but I am gonna pass on the shadow compacts :(

    I would like the pink lipstick and am gonna have to check out the pigements.

  8. mjr


    Have you ever tried the richmetal high lighters?

    • Hey MJR! I have only played with the ones from Couture and Stylistics, and I definitely didn’t care for those, but these look different – hopefully better!

  9. Ooh, the pigments look gorgeous!

    I’m always apprehensive when it comes to brush sets though “/ I got one last year, and the quality in the brushes themselves weren’t up to par. Lame.

    • Shefali

      I agree….the brushes are not good at all.

    • Hey Joey! IMO, brush sets are worth getting when you’re 1) new to MAC; b) cheap/on a budget; c) travel a lot. I find that the brushes are decent for the price (compared to the prices of them full sized!). They’re great for when you’re not sure you’re ready to shell out $42 on the 187!

      • kat

        Totally agree! I got a set to start me out and maybe they’re not as good as the normal brushes, but it was a fantastic way to start my collection :)

  10. Meesh

    Man. I envision myself getting…pretty much EVERYTHING!

  11. Carrie

    Oh, i like the look of these pics better than the old info. Especially the highlighters and pigments. And those are lip palettes? Hmmm….. 😉

  12. Joli

    Ohhhhh, I like. I want the warm eyes pallet, one of the basic brush sets and the nude/pink lipstick in the middle.

  13. Kharina

    I’m loving the dark blue and pink-reddish pigments!

    I am also eyeing the red brush set as the brushes would seem to be more practical than the blue and green set. I wonder how much they are going to cost.

    Also, what’s in the center of those lipsticks?

    Yay! Thanks Christine for this awesome eye stimulant!!!

  14. kimberly

    omg are you kidding me!!! i am so lovin it.

    those blush paletts are to die for

  15. MissVizzy

    Sorry I’m a little lost here…
    Is this a nordstrom exlusive or a regular MAC collection coming out in the states? In addition, will this be available this coming July also?(like the nordstrom exlusive).


    • Nordie’s exclusive. I don’t think it’ll be anywhere except Nordstrom’s, their website, and the Bay. But I could be wrong – I think I heard rumors that it would be online at the MAC site, but I haven’t heard it substantiated yet.

      But yes, July 18th!

  16. Thankfully we are only getting the palettes and brush sets here, so my wallet is somewhat safe!

  17. Lehea

    MAC is really on a roll this year. I think I’m gonna faint…

  18. Fie

    Ahaha. I just realized the word colour is spelled using British english. 😀 Nvm bout that… why oh why MAC. I want both eye palettes, the green pigment (humid in a bottle?) and the pink lipstick. Ah there goes my money for the next 3 months.

    I have a little rant though. I wonder why the Heatherette launch in Malaysia is like in July…and yet, NN & Skinsheen came out last week and Neo Sci-fi is coming out next week. :/ I’m peeved.

  19. Shefali

    Love the new MAC logo!!!! All of it looks cool…but as with the last few collections…not sold on anything until I see it in person.

  20. Heather

    I’ll get the 4 pigments that are new (have two of those already), and maybe one or two lipsticks…but the rest I can easily pass on…eh, not my cup of tea. Though the richmetal highlighters do intrigue me :-)

  21. victoria

    omg, i am getting, i am getting. i love the packaging, i don’t care.

  22. Skyler

    Aww. The brush bags are so cute! I wish you could just buy those separately because I already have most of those brushes. :( This packaging isn’t at all what I expected! It’s really simple but also really cute. Quite a different style for MAC. I definitely want the blue shadow palette (Cool Eyes?) and the purple Richmetal. Not really interested in the lipsticks (is it just me, or did MAC copy Avon?) but definitely want all the piggies, minus the two repromotes! Thank god this is for July so we still have time to save. I’m going to stab someone if anymore release dates get pushed up. I’m hoping my wishlist stays that small. Thanks for posting these, Christine! :)

    • I have so many brush sets, I definitely don’t need more!

      I’m actually not lovin’ the new palette packaging, just because it seems kind of boring? I don’t know! Looks more like everyone else’s palettes.

  23. NOUNA

    i am gonna get 6 items,the blue eye palette,2 RM highlighters, 3 pigments and that’s it.

  24. Michelle

    OMG! I am new to MAC, I have only been with it and nice make-up in general since feb, so this is my first time seeing something like this. Everything looks sooooooooooooo pretty. I really need a couple of brushes and the palettes are gorgeous. SO EXCITED. Thanks for posting.What will you be getting Christine? Any suggestions for must haves? :)

    • Awww!! The beginning is the best part, so much to learn and see an get!

      No clue what I’m getting – we’ll see how I feel. I so rarely reach for palettes, so they always end up sitting around collecting dust.

  25. Jeni

    this collection is so totally cute…must have

  26. Ashlee

    Oh wow very different. I still love that is like Holiday collection in the summer. I have to have that neutral trio.

    Lets hope I remember to order from Nordies lol.

  27. OMG I want the palettes!! NAOW! And the pigments! ALLL OF IT!! *DROOL*

  28. Rebecca

    The girl in the picture… does anyone think that might be Australian model Catherine McNeil?

  29. Anne

    darn, i was going to go on a mac break after solar field/future earth…i guess not…i love the packaging…i hate mac, they’re making me go broke

  30. SOPHIA

    MAC is making me broke.
    I am liking the brush set and pigments.

    I am still waiting for SolarBits and Neo Sci Fi. Dang, I can’t keep up with their new collections. Stop!!!!!

  31. What is that round stuff in the middle of the lipstick? Is it supposed to be like balm or something? Cuz that’d be pretty cool 😀

    The brush set looks cool too. Other than that, nothing else really interests me…

    • I think it might be like a highlighter/additional shimmer? No clue, lol. I know it’s the “inner core” though.

      • hm, i really hope that it’s not just the way the picture looks… some other pictures of the lipsticks show them sideways and doesn’t show the middle part… it would be really cool to have stuff in the middle lol.

  32. Nicole

    oh my gosh, i passed on heatherette, naughty nauticals and neo sci-fi but i won’t pass on these!!!

  33. claudine

    love the packaging …the lippies look great and the green piggie and the powders wow i will get broke with this one dammmit lol

  34. rick

    went is it coming out. is it at the mac store or nordr and went is it coming out love them all>.

  35. Chica

    I want every single thing in this collection, in fact I may NEED it :/

  36. Ping.

    wow.. this collection seems awesome! i love the brush. especially the one with mini 187. will it be as good as the normal size 187?

    • Nice! It’s similar, not the same as the full size – but it’s definitely WORTH the price if the 187 is out of your budget (or you’re just cheap, like I was).

  37. Calico

    Does the blue compact look like naughty nauticals? or is it just the photo? anyone know what the color names are?

  38. Candace117

    HEY Y’ALL…if you really want this stuff and don’t live near a Nordstrom, call your nearest store and talk to the MAC counter about what you want, if you order from a store the shipping is free…just FYI! :)

  39. s.

    Ouuu…what a wonderful world…love the eyeshadow sets and almsot everything of this collection.

  40. pompam

    OH MY GOSH!!!!


    everything looks so tempting,,i just wanna grab every single of them lol
    the lipsticks look interesting! wonder what is the inner of it?
    im so sure, that ill have a big problem this time for deciding which one to get!!!

    so exciting!!

  41. pompam

    another thing that im wondering is..that logo on lipstick package,,is it sticker like fafi or just go smooth like heatherette? Hope they come in good quality package

    Now that red brush set is keeping calling my name! uhhh red package!!!
    but i prefer the brushes in blue+green one than the red one, can i switch that? lol

  42. Tina

    They did a great job designing the packaging inside & out! I like it!

  43. Ooooooooooooo I want! I like the packaging too!

  44. Lou

    oh goodness! fabulous! does anyone have any idea how much the brush sets will cost?

  45. Pia

    that is pretty good for the money!

    Hey Christine, are you going to sell pigment samples again? Please do! Along with the lipstick, and the brush set, and the cheek colors and the shadow palettes. *panting*

  46. tiffany

    When does this come out??

  47. kat

    Oh wow the packaging is so hideous! I hate to be so negative.. but wow D:

    At least the colours look gorgeous! To be honest the ugly packaging may deter me from buying the palettes and force me to stick with pigments and eyeshadow singles-which will definately be nice on my poor poor bank account!!

  48. Jessie

    These are beautiful!

    Are you able to order these online?

  49. Dundan

    Any info on the prices?

    • Most of the products are the same price as normal products, I believe! I don’t remember the palette prices off hand. I want to say $24.50 for the lip palettes, $34.50 for the eye palettes…



  51. Tekoa

    I wonder once again if its a blessing or a curse that there is no Nordies in Calgary…

  52. Ruth

    Is available on MAC Store, or

  53. ihdyebze

    can I use my discount card mac pro membership for this collection?
    I’m interested in pigments, and the eyeshadows, eyeshadow is coming cream or normal?

  54. Mary

    I second that Macpro question…. if you have any idea :-)
    & are the richmetal highlighters like the Metal-X collection??

    Def getting a few of those pigments! :-)

    & im on your site trying to find the release dates list for the new Mac collections and i cant seem to come across it :(

  55. Mary

    ok phewww! cause i HATED Metal-X.. one & only Mac product i’ve ever returned… it never stayed on! :( even with primer!

    & thanks for the link, your the best! 😀

  56. Parveen

    does anybody know if it will come out in the uk… omg pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  57. Betty

    already saw these @ my Nordstorm……the brush set looks soo cheap(just to let u kno the 187SE was pretty soft tho…but still worth buying the full size brushes better)….i only will be getting a few pigments

  58. Betty

    one last thing…the only e/s palette that was eh ok…was the one that comes in the blue one.but other than that peeps i would rather save ur money ppl for the other collections that are coming out=]

  59. julie

    If you preorder it and spend 200.00 you get free shipping on line at Nordies :)Which is so easy to do there is so much