Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Please note that I do not use liquid liner very often as it tends to interact adversely with my upper lash line and cause my eyes to swell shut (I sit here typing this while alternating ice over my eyes now!), but I try, so I can show you a different style.

What do you think? Does upper liner improve my look or does it detract from it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I used Ricepaper eyeshadow on lid, Cork eyeshadow in crease, Casablanca eyeshadow on brow, black liquid liner on upper lash line, and Feline kohl power on lower lash line. I had Cantaloupe blush on cheeks with Emote blush to contour. I wore Viva Glam I lipstick, and in the last shot, I added Prestigious lipglass.

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62 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Cat Eye, Upper Liner, Neutral Eye

  1. Malice

    oh christine!!!!

    though you have gorgeus almond shaped eyes (cateyes =^.^= *meow* I would die for them!) the liner looks definitely very good on you!
    I usually wear black liquid liner. with black mascara it’s my minimum, otherwise I feel “naked” 😉

  2. I think it looks absolutely wonderful on you, especially paired with the red lippy! But darling , please do be careful. We don’t want you hurting your eyes!

  3. Taj

    I thiink the liquid liner gives your look another *feel*. Should I describe it as feminine or simply more womanly ! Anyway you look gorgeous !

  4. Tiffany

    I think it made your eyes pop out more,thank you for going out of your way to show us another way. !!!!!!! I hope your feeling better now. Liquid liner does my eyes the same to me too.

  5. you need to give amy winehouse a lesson, yours looks beautiful

  6. TT

    Gorgeous! I really like it. Have you ever tried using mineral makeup as a liner? (I have a black Bare Escentuals powder shadow that I mix with water and apply with a tiny brush–you can get the strong effect of liquid liner or a softer, smokier look) It might not irritate your lids as much.

    • Thanks so much! I think it has to do with the mixture of product and brush against the upper lash line, which is just ultra sensitive. I appreciate the suggestion!

  7. Samantha

    Oh, I like the upper lined a LOT. It really makes your eyes “pop”.

  8. vanessa hudgkins

    it looks fabulous….even better than when you dont do it….there has to be eyeliner for sensitive eyes out there…or try wetting black eyeshadow and applying with a thin brush…hope you feel better

    • Thanks, Vanessa! I absolutely hate it, but I’ve never been a fan of cat eyes. It’s a mixture of the product and the feeling of the brush on that part of my eye – bad combo.

  9. Allison

    I think that with all of your beautiful features you can pull off anything…It’s a wonderful classic look that everyone can pull off now and again… We don’t want you hurting yourself in beauty’s process…

  10. kim

    I loooove the cateyes! it looks gorgeous on you! btw.. I absolutely adore your site.. it’s so helpful =) I’m just wondering.. I noticed you use emote blush to contour.. I’m an nc35.. and was wondering what blush is good to contour with? thanks sooo much and keep up the great work with your site =)

  11. kim

    oh! I also forgot! how do you apply your lipstick and lipglass? do you use the wand sticks that’s already in the lipglass tube and such or do you use your own lipstick brush? thanks so much! =)

  12. rk

    i love it! it looks gorgeous on you and i really like the way you do it, very precise. The simple clean line contrasted very well with the red lips too.

  13. This looks elegant!

    It also makes you look like you’d totally kick my ass in a streetfight! All you need are massive amounts of gold jewelry. Trust me, in my ‘hood this is a complement.

    Love the red on you!

  14. kia

    wow i love the top lid lined, but not at the expense of swollen eyes. you look just as fab without it. btw, which liquid liner did you use? you killed the winged liner that i cannot seem to master! great neutral combo for a red lippie. ricepaper doesn’t look as frosty as they tend to look, more satin. what did you use to blend/apply them with? your blush is gorgeous and you are wearing my fav red lippie! yay!

    • Thanks Kia! I’m not even a fan of cat eyes, LOL, but it seems like everybody else is. I used Prescriptive’s liner. They have a great brush for precision.

      Just used the 239 to apply, no base. :)

  15. Ignacia

    it looks gorgeous and is perfectly applied…. really looks good!

  16. You look wonderful – very pin-up glam!

  17. I think it’s gorgeous. Great lip color choice! A cat eye tut would be soooo appreciated!

  18. jennifer

    it looks awesome!! =]

  19. fredsonic

    Very cool. Eyeliner certainly looks good when done well. This is done well! You must have a steady hand.

  20. Janis

    This look suits you very much! But of course if your eyes will swell shut everytime you do this nevermind! lol :)

  21. tiffany

    Beautiful as always!!!

  22. cream/gel liner does the same to ur lashline? Sorry u go through that though :( Hope ur feeling better by now poor girly!

  23. jesica franey

    i think it looks lush very nice

  24. Mikella

    Ooook, I understand now why you don’t line the top… that’s the shits that it makes your eyes swell. Have you tried all different types of liner? Is it just liquid liner that causes a reaction? I notice you line your inner bottom rims a lot.. I can’t do that because my eyes react (I’m reeeally sensitive to basically everything).. what I would suggest is using a liner pencil on your top LASH line (not on the bottom, just line the bottom with shadow, and NOT on the inner rim).. and don’t line all the way across your eyelid on top or bottom.. that makes your eyes look smaller.. I just line the outer corners. If you sharpen your eyeliner pencil every time you use it, it will get rid of the bacteria, store it in a clean place, and apply it carefully and gently.. and neeever on the inner eyelids. You may go through MORE eyeliner that way, but if it means no reactions & gorgeous eyes, then I’d say it’s worth it… :) (Just buy a drugstore brand) Give this a try.. it works for me, and as I said, I’m super sensitive. Does your skin/lips react to anything, too?

    • To be honest, Mikella, I really dislike the way upper liner looks. I’ve only bothered to try a few times to appease others, even though it feels awful on me (I can feel the weight of the liner, lol) and looks awful in my eyes. Thanks for the suggestion, though :) It has a lot to do with any tool or product that close to the upper lash line that irritates it (I carry eyedrops in my purse 24/7 because my eyes often react).

  25. Mikella

    Well, I must say that seeing so many of your pics without upper liner gave me the confidence to give shadow a shot without liner! Because it really does look very pretty, you can see more of the shadow & I like that. Obviously you know yourself best so you keep doing what you’re doing – keep your eyes feeling a-ok, you look fab!


    awww, sorry about the swollen eye, it looks great on u though!=]

  27. Theresa

    My fave of the three looks would have to be this one!
    Hope you are feeling heaps better now :)

  28. Sasha

    I really like the upper liner! This is a fab look for you =)

  29. Lily

    I discovered this website yesterday after spending hours looking for a decent make up blog site and hooray!!! I think this site would be my pot of gold! I absolutely love your looks…I think the upperliner looks fab on you. thank you for all these wonderful posts and fabulous ideas for us to toss around with!

  30. abby

    wow! first time i see this look. Very sexy look on you.

  31. Katelyn

    I really like this cat eye look it’s dramatic and very classy. I am totally having my mom do my make up this way for my senior homecoming. Thanks for the great look, it will go beautifully with my white dress!