Sunday, October 7th, 2007


Some photos of the upcoming MAC Cosmetics holiday collections. Temptalia should have better photos of Antiquitease sometime next week, too.






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34 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Antiquitiease (Royal Assets, Finery, Heirlooms), Curiousitease Photos

  1. not helping my MAC addiction. Yesterday I ordered an MSF and paint pot, today lipgelee at the Macy’s counter……….and now, plotting which of these i need to buy.

    not to mention the McQueen collection………*sigh*

  2. Omg, the purple and red mineralized eyeshadow duo looks so good, I’m def getting that, in fact i think ill get all of them, not to mention the palettes, and the brush sets, and the pigments…my poor aching wallet..haha

  3. Thalia

    Oooh, now Sweet Sienna pigment has caught my interest more than Gold Stroke.

  4. Madeleine

    Let me repeat after Courtney…not helping my MAC addiction.Just got on Friday night Wildfire nail polish,and four new lipsticks(two are going back; Bombshell is definetely NOT my color.).But there is a good news….my CC are totally paid off.Thank God at the moment I do not have an access to McQueen collection 馃槅

    • At least we can sympathize with you here! Oh, Wildfire’s pretty. How do you like it?

      Yay for paying off the credit card!!

      • Madeleine

        Well…I am surprised how poor the color payoff is.However I think that’s the way black nail polish obviously is.I remember summer 1999 in Europe.Black was soooooooo hot.Everybody wore black nails.I gave it try too and again,it felt like 3 coats were not enought in order to achive nice and saturated black.Wildfire has a
        creamy finish with red pearl,but again you need
        3 good coats to get solid black.

  5. Emily

    This is such a pretty collection. Im aiming for just the eye brush set but we’ll see! lol

  6. zoe

    i need the pigments, the big jars and warm and cool minis , one or two of the mineralize eye shadows , red romp, the middle lipstick and probably one of the gloss sets , im lucky the eyeshadows dont do anything for me too many repromotes/perm items but i guess ill see when they actually come out

  7. Very hot. We’re gonna go broke together, girl, but at least we’ll look cute.

    I’m all over *EVERYTHING* in “Finery” and “Curioustease”

  8. jeni

    Oh yes the eye pallettes and pigments will be mine ! Im so excited I still have some birthday gift cards that are waiting just for this! Its soo close but so far two more weeks! That red/purple mineralize shadow looks sooo hot!

  9. Ashlee

    Hey do you know what the brushe #’s are in the eye brush set?

  10. Cristine

    are the pots fluide line or paint?

    • Lori just informed me that there are two paint pots (I think if I re-read the info behind Antiquitease, we could have figured this out for ourselves, lol!) :)

      • Lori

        The two small jars between the pigment jars and nail polishes of Antiquitease Colour are fluidlines. One is gold and apparently very nice!

  11. Carrie

    Hey Christine,
    Do you think the brush sets are worth purchasing? Is there a different between these and the fullsize brushes? Which do you prefer? Thanks!

    • If you can’t afford the full size versions, YES, most definitely. If you travel a lot, YES, most definitely! If you can afford full size versions, then you should buy them, because they are better in quality. Basically, full-size brushes are hand made versus the brush sets that are mass produced and machine-made. The quality of the brush sets is still quite high, and for the price, a great bargain to pick up some of the more expensive brushes (I like the set with the 187, 190, 168, and concealer brush – forgot the number). I mean, the full size 187 is $42 alone!

      So the brush sets are a great chance to grab MAC brushes at budget prices for any beauty addict.

      I originally purchased the brush set I mentioned above, and I ended up buying all the brushes full size because I just loved them and finally caved into buying the real deal (I can afford it, but I didn’t WANT to!).

      I bought the eye brush set for my younger sister for her 16th birthday as a great way to introduce her to MAC and quality without spending an arm and a leg.

  12. hey hun im trying to make a price list of everything, coul possibly update us on the prices? Esp the Mineralize e/s duos…