Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

MAC Colourizations Collection Sneak Peek

SUPER quick swatches + group photo of six of eight eyeshadow duos from MAC’s Colourizations Collection. Full photos and review to come, please hold all questions until then! Thank you!

See swatches!

MAC Double Feature 1 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 2 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 4 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

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59 thoughts on “MAC Colourizations Collection Swatches Sneak Peek

  1. slick

    Thanks Christine! I know these are pre-filled, but are the pans glued into the palette or are they removable like Pro Pans?

  2. Melissa

    Wow, the brown one in #5 looks just like Club.

  3. Sarah May

    Are there actual names for these shadows or are they just numbered?

  4. Pretty blue, I want it! But depending on the price I may not be able to justify buying it. We’ll see, we’ll see! Can’t wait for your review!

  5. Meh. This collection looks skippable right along with Semi Precious.

  6. Definitely like the look of Double Feature 1, 4 & 8!

  7. Christina

    I find 1,2, and 4 to be the most interesting. I wish I could buy each shade separately… I hate having these duo palettes, they take up too much space. This means I’ll have to depot them..

  8. I did like the teal shade in the 4 Eyeshadow Duo bur that yellow-ish colour is really something awful. >___> Seeing it swatched is even worse.

  9. Hm will have to pass on these.. I only like a couple of colors in some of them, but not both..

  10. Well these look so much better than the quads from several previous collections. Whew!

  11. Gabby T

    ooh the teal in 4 looks gorgeous…the brownish red in 5 looks a lot like Urban Decay’s Lounge….those two are really standing out to me though! Can’t wait to see the reviews!

  12. Samia

    They look awesome!

  13. Lauren

    Those are pretty awesome… and yet, I would have no idea how to wear any of them without feeling clownish :(

  14. I was just wondering Christine, are you going to demonstrate ways of using this duos on the eyes? Thanks :)

  15. Michelle

    wow! didn’t think much of the color combination but now that i see the swatches, it’s starting to make some sense. can’t wait to see your full review and recommendations!

  16. Is the gold/bronze from double feature 6 similar to woodwinked? Im trying to decide if I could justify buying :)

  17. Neshie

    These look interesting.. I’m loving the color combos.. Can’t wait for full reviews 😀

  18. The green in #2 is GORGEOUS!

  19. Jessica

    whoa these are all suprisingly boring. And they are extremely dupable…. not 1 single unique or outstanding shade. I would turn this whole brand around if they would hire me as creative director (if thats who chooses the collections). MAC needs to get it together becuase these last couple of years have been really bad.

  20. Jae

    Ooooohhhh!! I like feature 1, 2 & 8!!

  21. Riah

    Thanks for always having great swatches up so early. It gives me something new to fall in love with.

  22. lily

    I thought these were two palettes of 8 shadows at first. That would have been a great product!

  23. hell to the yeeeah :)

  24. Maureen

    I wish I liked this. :/

  25. liz

    i love number 6!

  26. L

    Love the blues in Feature #4 and 8.
    Feature #1 is totally my school’s colour. lol.

  27. Brie

    To be honest, these color combos are no better and no more unique than a lot of the Loreal HIP Duos… And for the difference in price, I’ll be sticking with my much more affordable HIP babies!

  28. Amanda Dubs

    5 Is very pretty :)

  29. I kind of like these… well I like them separately. The color combinations seem questionable though. I don’t think I’d be rocking a purple and orange eye…

  30. Victoria

    The color combinations seem really weird… definitely passing

  31. cloudburst

    The yellow in #1 looks like Going Bananas, the chartreuse in #2 looks like Rated R Starflash.

  32. Fitrah

    Haha, so much for holding questions.

    This look unremarkable.

  33. Jasmine

    Oohh well double feature 4 is looking pretty

  34. kelly

    I love #8, the brown looks like blue-brown pigment, one of my all time favorites, and the pink is soft and pretty. I might have to get this one =]

  35. Ashley

    #8 is cool, but I could prob skip them all

  36. Ashley

    #8 is cool, but probably all skippable

  37. These look like they swatched really well! Can’t wait to read about the quality.

  38. divinem (Melissa)

    Thanks for the preview. 8′)

  39. PoetrysTruth

    Wooow I love them…so pretty *sigh*

  40. KittenMittons

    Holy.crap. I honestly didn’t want any of these until now. Now I want DF2 for sure, DF4 and maybe 5 and 6.

  41. Avril

    ohhh, I like 1, 5 and 8.

  42. All the shades I want are paired with a shade I don’t. Ugh.

  43. Maddy

    5 looks like pressed blue brown… So pretty, but the other color is meh. I’ll skip.

  44. ashley seme

    Wow, these pics got me more excited for the launch! I just need to compare some of them to colors I already have, but there are definitely are a couple palettes here I like a lot! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  45. Judy

    Oh wow. They are so very pretty. Prettier than I had initially thought when I first saw the pictures. I am skipping though. I just bought Hint of Sapphire from the Semi Precious collection plus two lipsticks. I need to hold off buying anything else until August, September & October. Those are the collections I truly love. Dark colors. I am also going to be buying the Inglot rainbow shadows coming out next week. Christine, will you be reviewing/swatching those?

  46. Jill

    I don’t mind these, but there seems to be so much coming out in the fall collections, that I think I’d prefer to save my money for the fall. I like them, but I think I can find products I like better, or that are newer and I want to try out.

  47. Kylee

    im getting number 4 and 5 for sure!

  48. Kayla

    The teal in #4 is gorgeous, but other than that… Boring!

  49. aradhana

    Thanks for the reviews/swatches christine. I think I’ll prob try to dupe them though!

  50. I’m very like the number 1.

  51. Heather

    Very nice look!

  52. VJNS

    I am so done with MAC – except for the cream sheens. Christine, I’m sorry. I just have to vent. MAC has been running out of products on line and it’s so annoying. At best I think they expect us to be like race horses and get the the finish line first; or become horders at worst. I do love their colors but the forumulas have been really disappointing lately and the colors so dupe-able. This last collection is disappointing as well. They should have kept the Peacocky formula, which I think has been their best so far. So, I’m looking at other brands, like Milani and Inglot, even JKidd from Target. I’ve even been looking at making my own shadows! I guess I’ve really been annoyed with MAC since Nicky Minaj’s Pink Friday and how difficult it was to get it. Now Jealousy Wakes is on ebay for a crazy cost. I mean seriously. Have respect for the consumer. Do I sound like a crazy person? Help me out with this Christine – PLEEEEEASE