Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Show Orchid, Impassioned Lipsticks

Swatches for MAC Colour Ready!

Includes lip swatches :)

Bitter, White Frost eyeshadows; Rapid Black

Impassioned Lipstick

Show Orchid Lipstick

Prep + Prime Line Filler

Left side normal; right side Prep + Prime Line Filler

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Unblended!)

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134 thoughts on “MAC Colour Ready Swatches & Pictures

  1. cat

    I am loving the Show Orchid lipstick!! I am def. getting it when this comes out!

  2. Ashley

    wow the line-filler looks awesome! also i love the show orchid lipstick!

  3. Oh wow… the line-filler looks amazing! I’ll definitely have to try that on and see how I like it when it comes out. Eeeek.

  4. Impassioned is GORGEOUSSS!!!! That line filler looks promising!!!

  5. Richel

    Hmm.. I’m loving Show Orchid!

    Just a question though- What do you think is better color choice for NC40 SKIN?

    Girl about town L/s or Show Orchid L/S

    I really want a hot pink lipstick and I’m just stuck on which one! :(

    DARN MAC and their amazing colors!

  6. Those lipsticks are hot!

  7. Ashlee

    I want both lipsticks.

  8. vicki

    I want to know how well that powder works! Keep is posted!

    • The powder just seems like a normal powder. I don’t notice anything particularly OMG! about it yet. It sets my makeup, and I don’t look oily at the end of the day, but that’s how my face is with most powders 😛

      • Nicole15

        I agree with Christine Vicki. I tried MUFE HD powder & i wasn’t floored by it. This one by MAC seems exactly the same. It just does the same as any other finishing powder. No miracle in this jar.

  9. D

    Hey Christine!

    Is the Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder similar to the MUFE HD Powder?

  10. Sandra

    it’s all about that line filler!

  11. Rachael

    Okay I have to admit, that Prep + Prime Line Filler is pretty amazing!

  12. abby

    Hi Christine both lipsticks look gorgeous. Would u compared show orchid to girl about town? can u tell the difference?

  13. HijabiApprentice

    I like the Show Orchid and the liner filler and I don’t even have lines LOL!

  14. babycakeseses

    just wanted to say thank you so much for ALL the GREAT info and looks, etc.~ your website is the BEST!!~

  15. Nunu

    The line filler…omg…i wonder how it compares to Estee Lauder’s Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher on the face?I just put my refinisher on the back of my hand and it in no ways compare to that line filler!

    • No idea, I haven’t tried the EL product you mentioned. But maybe you can tell us 😀

    • Sugarcrumb

      Hi Nunu,
      I’ve tried Estee Lauder’s Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher – went thru a whole bottle and then i repurchased cos i thought that i have to give it time to work. My skin does feel smoother (it was beginning to look a little crepe-y for a while) but i think you have to continuously use Idealist to get results. I’m definitely gonna get the P+P Line Filler when (or IF EVER) it launches in Singapore. We don’t get some things – our MAC counters here don’t carry Strobe liquid (only cream)

  16. Kacie

    that line filler is going to be my new bff. and i’ll probably have to pick one up for my mom too.

  17. migzy

    that line filler looks amazing! im gonna need that!

  18. lindsey

    OMG what is going on with that line filler and where can I get one!?!?

  19. DevilishDoll

    Those lipsticks look like something that Christina Aguilera would love. The swatches settle it though, I definitely want the eyeshadow eventually. I’ve been wanting a pure white, frosty eyeshadow.

  20. 1cig

    OMG! Impassioned looks amazing! needs…it…now..!
    Thanx for this!

  21. Skyler

    Holy CRAP @ the Line Filler! That’s a pretty amazing product. Really liking Impassioned too; wasn’t planning to get that before!

  22. Arika BH

    I want Show Orchid lipstick! It would look so amazing with Palatial Lustreglass, and bronzer. I cant wait for this, and I’m super interested in the primers and setting powder. I’m really looking forward to this one.I already have Bitter sO I can pass. I don’t need the other stuff really.

  23. elle

    The line filler looks amazing. I’m looking forward to this collection just for that.

  24. wow those lippies are nice! and the line filler is a amazing o_O

  25. Stefani

    want the line filler def!!

  26. AbbyL

    Yeah, i’m in total agreement about the line filler, it looks incredible!!!! If this is limited edition i might have to get two…

  27. apfelwinter

    Wow, the Prime Line Filler’s effect is really dramatic!

  28. IZzySA

    I have had Impassioned for a long time.. is this the same one? If so, it is a beautiful color. Same with Snow orchid.. the skin products– no thanks, I would rather pay a bit more, MAC’s technology has not been the best for skin care. I would have to read the ingredients of the skin filler.

  29. Luv J

    P+P Line Filler looks promising with its claims.. only half ounce packaging? Those lip colors look gorgeous!

    • It’s really only meant to be used in spots, rather than everywhere, so you should get plenty of uses out of it. It’s not as pricey as other line fillers, either, at least!

  30. Andrea

    I’ve been dying for a line filler but was wondering if anyone is using a great line filler presently?

  31. I love that Impassioned lipstick!!! It is so beautiful!!!
    Twitter: makeupgirl513

  32. Christina C

    The Line Filler looks like something I need. I was interested in the MUFE HD powder so I may give the Mac one a try.

  33. Amy

    hi christine, thanks for the swatches!
    how does show orchid compare to gladiola?

  34. line filler…pretty cool stuff….
    is it similar to other primers?? like the texture n all??

  35. sprut6

    No, I did two hauls recently and I’m gearing up for romance but I like the looks of the eyeshadows.

  36. I want bitter and rapid black

  37. G

    Does anyone know the formulas of the lipsticks?

  38. Lucy

    WOW the PP Liner Filler great

  39. Angie

    Both lipsticks and line filler MUST be mine!

  40. Nicole15

    The P&P line filler swatch makes it look like a wonder product. Hope it is cause i could really use something for filling in the “11” lines btwn. my eyes & my laugh lines. Question is – how long does it actually stay looking the way it does in the swatch?

    Those lip colors look beautiful on you. I would love to see you try them with a look because I could probably get a better feel with seeing the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

    • Hey Nicole,

      I think it definitely works really well for fine lines, but I’m sure the effect won’t be quite as dramatic on deeper, more visible lines, you know? It does seem to help on all lines, though :)

      I’ll see if I can do any looks with these!

  41. Rebecca


    Is it just me or does it look liker the line filler accentuated pigmentation in your skin? I mean, it looks amazingly matte and there is almost a soft focus to the skin tone, but it seems to have brought out the variation in pigment between your ‘freckles’/pigment and lighter areas. …Or is this just how it looks on the computer only?

    I mean I like my barely there dusting of freckles, but I don’t want it to be brought out even more so it looks like sun damage. LOL

    • Hey Rebecca,

      I don’t think so. I think because it’s smoother, they’re clearer, because normally you see the lines of my hand, which kind of interferes with seeing any freckling (because I don’t actually see any freckles on my hands, lol!).

  42. Kharina

    I think Show Orchid and Impassioned lipsticks are brighter and sheerer versions of the Dame Edna lipstick collections…I could barely pull of the Dame Edna lip colors so these are a definite no for me. :(

    • They are definitely similar! Impassioned is similar to Coral Polyp, but I’d say it’s pinker.

      • Liz

        What would you say to someone (fair, blonde, blue-eyed) debating between Coral Polyp & Impassioned? I remember the veins trick you mentioned earlier & I’d say that my veins are more green than blue. I’m a NW20 (according to concealer a SA matched me for).

        LOOOVE your blog!!

  43. Mel

    I am loving those lips. I’ve always been a fan of bright lips with toned down eyes and cheeks, so this trend is awesome for me! I’m digging Impassioned and Show Orchid, and I’m a little excited for the finishing powder. I’ve never used anything like it, but when I got to play with it a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love!

  44. Anitacska

    It seems Mac has a bright pink/fuchsia lipstick with every collection, eg. Gladiola from Dame Edna and Snow Orchid. Will be passing on this collection altogether.

    • Yes, MAC likes their bright fuchsias ;P Even Sugarsweet had Sweet Thing!

      • Anitacska

        Sweet thing is on my wishlist for Sugarsweet (still waiting for it :(), it didn’t seem quite as bright for me as Snow Orchid and Gladiola. Do you think it’s as bright? I’ll have to see it in person I guess.

        • Liz

          I have both Sweet Thing & Gladiola & I’d have to say that ST is def not as bright as Gladiola. Sweet Thing is a lustre and goes on much sheerer that Gladiola, which is matte. I’m pale with blue eyes & blond hair & ST looks like my lips but better; it def still looks natural on me while Gladiola is bright and attention grabbing. ST sort of reminds me of Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey, as it has a berry/just bitten quality to it. Gladiola is much more opaque and reminds me of Lickable & Lavender Whip, which are, on me, respectively, are a bright, deep, clean, blue-pink/fuschia & a blue-y purple. I’m not 100% about my descriptions of the colors though, I’m a new but eager MAC enthusiast.

          I hope that was helpful!

        • It’s not as bright as Show Orchid or Gladiola for sure!

  45. I’m dying to try out all three of the Prep + Prime products especially the Transparent Finishing Powder.

  46. I like the filler and probably the zone.

  47. Diana

    I can’t wait til this comes out! Is this going to be LE only though? Or perm?

  48. kittylounger

    are you familiar with MAC’s matte-cream (clear tube-y thing), is that new line filler similar? or what is the difference? thanks for any help! yea, that pic is great!
    i like show orchid lippie too!

    • MAC’s Mattifier? That one just reduces the oilies, while the Line Filler is about filling in your lines by plumping them up :) Two totally different things, so definitely check it out!

  49. Stina

    Can someone please tell me what the main ingredients of ‘Prep + Prime Line Filler’ are? Thanks!

  50. Mia

    Hey Christine, I stop by your site everyday and get so much information about MAC collection launches and products, so I thought you would have the most knowledge about the lipsticks. My mother’s birthday is coming up in just a couple days and I am planning on getting her a MAC lipstick (all the lipstick she uses are old and bad quality!). She doesn’t wear much makeup and she doesn’t want to take much time applying it either. She is the type where she would just want to slap on some lipstick and not worry about it for the rest of the day. I doubt she would want to line her lips and apply a lip balm, because she would claim it’s too much of a hassle. I was wondering if you could recommend a lipstick finish (Satin, Amplified Creme, etc.) that would work on women like her. I know she dislikes dry lips and feathering. I wouldn’t know how to thank you if you did reply and help me find a lipstick that she would enjoy. Thanks beforehand, you are so beautiful! :)

    • Go with glazes or amplified cremes, I think she’d like those. They tend to be very creamy and hydrating. Glazes may be better, though, because they’re not quite as pigmented as the amplified cremes — the more pigmented a lipstick is, the more likely feathering is to occur.

  51. Wow… Impassioned looks like a completely different colour on you than it does on me!
    I cannot wait to try that line filler around my lips to see if it helps feathering 😀

  52. Nathalie

    I’m a bit lighter than NC20. Does the powder really give a transparent finish to the skin, Christine? It’s not whitening?

  53. Jessie

    That prep and prime looks like it can do AMAZING thing O.o

  54. Emm

    I see you don’t have refined zone, I was curious is it good? I have combination oily skin and it sounds awesome.

  55. aradhana

    christine–can you do a look where you use the line filler? it’d be nice to see how it looks on the face…pretty impressive swatch!

    can’t wait till this comes out in the uk! the lipcolours look fab!

  56. Kharina

    Ok, so if I wanted to apply the following; moisturizer, foundation, face primer, and this new product–prep + prime line filler….how should it all be applied and in what order without it hopefully looking like too much?

  57. Torrie

    Thanks for these swatches…the lippies look amazing! If I have Crazee (from Red She Said) and Girl About Town….do I still *need* Show Orchid and Impassionate? What do you think Christine?

    • No problem, Torrie! Crazee isn’t as pigmented/bright as eithe rof them, though Girl About Town is pretty bright – though not quite the same as Show Orchid 😉

      If you wear Girl About Town a lot, go for one of the new ones!

  58. Andrienne

    the line filler looks amazing! i can say bye-bye to those ugly dry lines of mine!