Friday, April 17th, 2009

Here are some low res images from MAC’s upcoming Colour Craft Collection!

Edited — Added two more images!


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45 thoughts on “MAC Colour Craft Sneak Peek Photos

  1. tremorviolet

    Ooh, awesome. I can’t wait ’til we get some real product photos of this collection; the descriptions sound amazing.

  2. Angie

    These pictures look amazing! I’m really hoping I’m not dissapointed!

  3. Very exciting! I can’t wait for more product photos!!

  4. jen

    This looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Stephanie

    friggin amazingggg

  6. Catherine

    Wow, this looks right up my alley. That lone liglass looks awesome… I hope they’re more pigmented than the Sugarsweet ones are.

  7. Wilcoa

    Wow those are awesome photos, can’t wait to see more! Love the colors!

  8. kat

    More tri coloured lipglasses? hm…

  9. Pizzicata

    This could be for those who weren’t interested in the pastel shades of rose romance and demanded brighter color.

  10. Stunning, simply stunning and I can’t wait to see more!

  11. taymi

    christine you rock

  12. gio

    These pictures are stunning, can’t wait to see more!

  13. So far me likes what I see :)

  14. Anitacska

    How disappointing. I was hoping to see some product pictures of the mineralized stuff. :(

    • Anitacska

      Okay, now that mineralized quad does look interesting! (I didn’t see that first time around, it wasn’t there, was it, or am I blind? lol)

  15. Vness_12

    Will be on the look out for more pictures for sure. These have my interests peaked.

  16. Leah

    These promo photos are incredible! This is definitely a collection I’ve been chomping at the bit for!

  17. Mikki


  18. Chloe

    The model in the middle of the 2nd picture looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what they have in this collection.

  19. Nicole15

    I see lots of eye popping color in these pics. I sure hope we get some in this collection. I feel like its been awhile since we’ve gotten something real vibrant that makes us wanna scream.

  20. This collection is a must-have!!! Going to save up big!!

  21. cloudburst

    Reminds me a bit of Manish…the lipgloss looks like the Tri Colours!

  22. Heather

    looks good so far! can’t wait for product pics

  23. carriespooner

    Hope this one has color and not so many sheers . It looks festive and fun.

  24. This looks so promising! I can’t wait to see more! Thanks :)

  25. Teresa

    That mineralized eyeshadow reminds me of Odd Couple, but with gold instead of the gold-lavender-glitter melange–and a kinda plummier purple instead of the bright purple. Looks good for people that missed out on OC. :)

  26. aradna

    i like the outfit + accessories the model is wearing….

  27. Brie

    For once I’m actually intrigued by the promo images – so beautiful!

  28. hi

    OMG, that would be MAC’s first ever Mineralize Shadow Quad! Can’t wait!!!! 😀

  29. BaDKiTTy

    wow… very exited!!!

  30. Haley

    Yay! The eyeshadow pinwheels are going to rock! =)

  31. Skyler

    That looks like a Tri-Color… but it doesn’t say anything about those in the preliminary details. I almost hope they have them instead of Lipglasses so I can save money. Haha. But from the way I imagine those Tri-Colors sold, they may change their minds before this hits the shelves. I think they are the most useless product MAC has ever come out with!

    On the upside… all of these photos are GORGEOUS and it looks promising! 😀

    • Don’t’ think they are tricolor glosses — but they might just be using new packaging. The square lipgloss tube was first seen with the Couture collection, actually!

      • cmferrets

        i hope not, i hope they change the packaging b/c the tricolored lipgloses that came out with the sugarsweet were horrible! u couldnt get any product out and the colors mixed anyways. i hope they end of being lipglases!

  32. Amanda

    I was looking foward to this collection mainly for all the mineralized things and the colours although I’m not liking that quad shadow.. I like when I have enough room to move the brush around in the colour I want, especially fluffy brushes.

    The lipgloss though.. looks pretty as heck!

  33. charlieee

    these images are very interesting! can’t wait to see more! thanks christine! :)

  34. Cathy

    Great pics. Heads up, your promo pics are being re-used under a different name with no credit here:

  35. tori

    i am so excited for this collection
    especially the mineralized eyeshadow wheels

  36. oxanne

    I can’t wait to see that collection.

  37. I love the look of thenew Mineralize eyeshadows, they’re quads! Although I’ve always enjoyed the pretty m

  38. mineralized eyeshadows: yeah!!

  39. Looks great! Especially the quad!

  40. B

    This is pretty. I like it all except for the lipgloss. The brush looks amazing.

  41. Heather

    I am so excited for this collection. I hope to be one of the firsts to buy the 130! The quads look great too!