Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Assemblage Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics: Colour Craft Collection Swatches

Back from my excursion at Nordstrom! First, swatches for you to devour. Next up will be product photos, and then to follow will be my full review. I will post swatches of both the lipsticks and lipglasses on my lips tomorrow. I appreciate your patience!

Here are swatches for Colour Craft! :)


Eccentricity Mineralize Eyeshadow

Fashion Patch Mineralize Eyeshadow

Girlish Romp Mineralize Eyeshadow

Natural Flare Mineralize Eyeshadow

Odd Bits Mineralize Eyeshadow

Lip Products

Crazy Haute, Electic Edge, Funky Fusion, Miss Marble Lipglasses

Nice Mix Up, Pretty Pattern Lipglasses; Colour Crafted, Ever Embellish, Made With Love Lipsticks

Madly Creative, Most Popular, Trimming Talk

Full hand shot!


Cheek & Cheerful, Daft Pink, Fad-dabulous, Hand-finish Mineralize Blushes

Improvise, Style Demon Mineralize Blushes; Porcelain Pink, Cheeky Bronze Mineralize Skinfinishes

Mineralize Skinfinishes

Cheeky Bronze, Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature Mineralize Skinfinishes

Smooth Merge Mineralize Skinfinish

Triple Fusion Mineralize Skinfinish

Warm Blend Mineralize Skinfinish

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82 thoughts on “MAC Colour Craft Collection – Swatches

  1. I love how you can achieve full looks from just 1 eyeshadow pot, but unfortunately I dont like the texture of mineralize shadows. I will have to check them out in person!

    • i’m not a fan of mineralized eyeshadows at all — but omg these are soooooooo smooth and buttery.. still a tad messy.. but such an improvement from the past MES! I got natural flare and eccentricity!

    • They’re so tiny, though. I mean, more than I’d use up I’m sure, but such a small area to use each color from.

  2. Debbie

    wow! speechless!!!

  3. lesleykat

    i was going to just pretend this collection didn’t exist, but i want all those blushes!

  4. Katey

    Okay now I want the entire collection!!!!

  5. Great, I am going to want like 75% of this collection!

  6. I thought I was going to be able to skip this collection, but Fashion Patch and Girlish Romp call to me…

  7. Luda

    Just got a whole bunch of stuff. It’s gorgeous

  8. oh very excited now I ordered the 226 , odd bits, porcelain pink and triple fusion -hurray up and ship it MAC UK

  9. amy

    I thought I would love this & totally don’t. All the MS F/E/B are glitter bombs, especially the MSFs. Hardly any payoff on anything. I only ended up getting the 131 brush.

  10. Aramis


  11. Laura

    Thank you very much for the swatches Christine. You are awesome as always.

  12. I was so disappointed with the Porcelain Pink! Almost no colour, just some glitters :S

    And the blushes are very similar with previous collections…

    But I love what I got: Hand Finish and some lipsticks and lipglosses :)

  13. danielle

    Luckily for me I’m only really interested in Cheeky Bronze msf and Madly Creative lipstick.
    But I do want to see colour crafted and made with love lipsticks in person.

  14. Omg! There are some fabulous colours here! I adore Eccentricity, Girlish Romp and Smooth Merge! I have ordered all the eyeshadows and MSFs, but didn’t order Style Demon as I thought it might be too dark, but it’s so pretty, and I also didn’t order Nice mix up and Pretty pattern, but I’ll definitely be going back for Nice mix up! Warm Bland MSF seems very dark, but I just couldn’t not get it, it’s so pretty (not like Brunette was, I didn’t get that, it was too dark and bleugh). Thank you so much, now I’m even more excited about my delivery tomorrow! :)

  15. Noel

    you’re the best Christine!!! thanks for these swatches! *HUGS* :)

  16. SarahT

    Thank you so much for all your hard work Christine! The swatches are so helpful :)

  17. claudia

    Thanks Christine ! Pretty !! Can’t wait for the lip swatches.

  18. cloudburst

    YES you made my afternoon!

  19. Electric Edge looks like what Fast Friends WANTED to be from the Hello Kitty launch
    Thanks SO much for these swatches. You never take a break :DDD

  20. niknik

    I want the blushes so bad! They’re all so beautiful

  21. hi

    It’s all so gorgeous! I’m sketchy about Assemblage MES. Is the grey shade a gunmetal silver color or a taupe? In swatches from other sites it was taupe. Also, is the gold a pure gold shimmer or a yellow shade? Ugh! Can’t wait for your review Christine – I’m on the fence about what I want to get. I’ll probably buy dupes when I have money and gift cards in December.

    • Hm, for me, it was pretty silver. I wouldn’t call it gunmetal though. More like Fineshine eyeshadow, I guess. The gold is slightly yellowed, though not superrr yellow on me.

      • Kharina

        I think “Hi” meant…gray shade from the assemblage shadows…as in the brown-gray one…not the silvery white one…because the brown grayish shade I was also wondering if it was a taupe or not. o_O

        • IMO, it’s kind of a pewter-bronze shade to me. I wouldn’t call it just gray!

          I wasn’t sure which she meant initially, but it just seemed so brownish to me that I didn’t think it could be that one!

  22. blushes, skinfinishes and lippies for me- i’m kind of disappointed with the e/s :(

  23. daphne

    Not a big mineralize person and will probably get next to nothing from this collection, but I am VERY impressed with the pigmentation of the glosses. They look so cool! Ummm, Eclectic Edge? It looks like Stars N Rockets in lipgloss form! How COOL! Man, I have to admit I love all the glosses. I may have to get one or two.

  24. Christine, I am so glad I stopped by my MAC counter BEFORE you posted these! I probably would have broken the bank!

    But I’m pleased with my Triple Fusion SF and the 187 brush I have been lusting after, time to save up for fall’s fabulous collections!

  25. binnie

    gr8t swatches xx

  26. Macaddict

    Like the pigmentation of Assemblage. Not a MSF person: I have 20 and never use them! I find most too shimmery. Also sketchy on triple l/g! Bought 2 from Sugarsweet collection and they are the most disappointing products I have EVER bought from MAC. No color payoff at all! So, will skip these newer ones.

  27. Evelyn

    i want like……

  28. kp

    The triple lipglass is more pigmented this time around (thank God), and the MES’s are smoother with a better payoff than in the past…and the Warm Blend! Awesome for darker skins w/o looking too ashy! Finally!

  29. Elle

    Though I did spend a pretty penny ($40 for a brush – MAC, you hurt my heart… and wallet), I actually ended up getting less than I initially thought I would. I was SURE I was going to pick up Porcelain Pink (my skin color is porcelain and I love pink!), it barely registered when I swatched it. It was like a less pigmented (and, ok, less shimmery) version of the NARS Hungry Heart duo. So… skip. I also only picked up 2 of the blushes (Daft Pink & Hand Finish)… I thought I would like Fad-dabulous but it looked too brown and muddy on my skin, and Style Demon did end up being too dark. But… along with those, I did pick up Smooth Merge, Triple Fusion, Cheeky Bronze… and I managed to snatch up a perm (Warm Soul).
    Luckily, none of the eyeshadows or lip colors called to me. Phew!

    • Porcelain Pink is pretty light – they definitely could have repromoted another older, previously released mineralize skinfinish and gotten much more fanfare over it!

      I’m with you on Fad-dabulous and Style Demon! I definitely feel like Fad-dabulous might end up muddying my skin tone :(

  30. Zebo

    omg…my delivery got delayed til monday! :( these swatches make it that much harder to wait!!!

  31. dadadaaa


  32. Lana

    Thank you for the swatches Christine – you have confirmed that I need to order more from this collection!

  33. adriana

    Deffinetely getting Warm Blend MSF! and the 226 of course! I have to wait for my paycheck tmrrw!!! I’ll be at MAC by 3 picking these up! yay!

  34. adelinky

    Christine, I wish you would rub the colors on your hand, to see the color better!

    natural flare min e/s has truly the best gold colors ever!

    • What do you mean rub the colors? If you could tell me a bit more about what you mean, it would be a great help! :)

      My swatching procedure is usually one or two finger-swatches of color — I’ve found anything more to be more misleading. I know I don’t want to see this great, intense shade… that took ten layers to get there! I wouldn’t want to purchase something that required that much work 😛

  35. Jody Brown

    I bought 4 of the blushes and 2 of the skinfinishes. What brushs do you use to apply these? I have tried a kabuki, a 188, a fluffy brush. I must be doing something wrong. These are the first ones that I have ever bought. All I seem to get is a lot of shimmer/glitter. Is there a trick to applying so that you don’t look like tinker bell threw pixie dust in your face. I also tried applying them with my finger but once I try to blend them the color goes away and I am left with just shimmer.

    • I use the 188 or 187 typically, or else the 116 blush brush!

      You can also use them wet if you’re finding you’re not getting enough color when you use it dry!

  36. AlyxVeee

    Everything is so beautiful!! Smooth Merge is for sure going home with me and Porcelain Pink is a maybe. Checking account is not going to like me very much

  37. Nooooo you make me want the whole collection Christine!

  38. Sophiiieeee

    i got ALL the eyeshadows n absolutely LOVE THEM. also Warm Blend MSF looks amazing as an all over glow. loovveee <33

  39. BINNIE

    I got eclectic edge lipglass,faddabulousblush which I thought would be a dupe4hot planet but its not :-( just dirty plumbrown with so much shimmer on my nc40 skin n from the store along with 2of the naked honey perfume(1 for my mummy) which smells of moringa flower reminds me of the body shops moringa range thinking of gettin some backup. my online order got delayed should get it in the morning I ordered the 226brush also may get 1 more,honey salve x

  40. Karolina

    what do you think are the must haves?