Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

This is not an official promotional image for the collection.

MAC Colour Craft Collection

U.S. Launch Date: July 9th, 2009


  • Madly Creative Pink neutral with white pearl (Frost)
  • Ever Embellish Plum brown with red pearl (Lustre)
  • Made with Love Bright coral pink (Lustre)
  • Colour Crafted Milky pink (Frost)
  • Trimming Talk Bright fuschia (Frost)
  • Most Popular Purple with yellow undertone (Lustre)


  • Pretty Pattern Warm mid-tone beige
  • Crazy Haute Blue pink
  • Nice Mix Up Burnt ginger
  • Funky Fusion Pink coral
  • Eclectic Edge Cool violet
  • Miss Marble Muted pink

See details for new mineralize skinfinishes and blushes!

Mineralize Skinfinish

  • Sunny by Nature Rich bronze with pink pearl pig
  • Cheeky Bronze Soft golden coral wth bronze pearl
  • Porcelain Pink Soft pinky coral wth gold veining
  • Triple Fusion Left: Soft champagne gold, Center: Soft golden peach, Right: Rose pink with gold nuances
  • Smooth Merge Left: Soft champange pink, Center: Deep rose, Right: Pale cool pink
  • Warm Blend Left: Antique gold, Center: Mahogany Bronze, Right: Copper

Mineralize Eyeshadows

  • Assemblage White with silver pearl / Deep grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow gold
  • Odd Bits Mid-tone silver grey / Dusty rose with gold pearl / Dark burgundy/ Peachy bronze
  • Fashion Patch Ice blue / Off white / Black with silver glitter / Light white pink
  • Eccentricity Rich gold / Light violet / Deep plum/ Rich bronze
  • Natural Flare Copper / Yellow orange / Mid-tone brown / Rich gold
  • Girlish Romp Mid-tone violet / Yellow white with gold pearl / Light pastel coral / Mid-tone pink

Mineralize Blush

  • Hand-Finish Light pink with deep gold veining
  • Fab-dabulous Mid-tone burnt coral with yellow gold veining
  • Daft Pink Deep blue pink with light white gold veining
  • Improvise Mid-tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining
  • Cheek & Cheerful Mid-tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining
  • Style Demon Mid-tone brick red with copper veining


  • 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush Small tapered blending brush (Limited Edition)
  • 109 Small Contour Brush Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products. Softly rounded dome tip delivers just enough colour; smoothly blends colour into the face. Of natural fibres. (Permanent)
  • 130 Brush Flat Tapered Face Brush with short natural hairs and long synthetic fibres (Limited Edition)


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113 thoughts on “MAC Colour Craft Collection Information & Details

  1. sej

    I was hoping Rose Romance would be the only one to get me right now…apparently not…I’m excited for the MSFs!!

  2. the blushers and MSF sounds real good. Can’t wait to see the promo pics.

  3. Sara Kye

    Mineralized Skinfinishes? Oh gosh, looks like I’m not getting much from Style Warriors after all. I can’t wait for this collection!

  4. Joanne

    Wow, 6 MSFs and 6 blushers! I’m excited!

  5. cloudburst

    Whoa – so many MSF’s & blushes?! Oh god & I’m supposed to be saving $.

  6. Caesara

    Oooh … those skinfinishes look like fun. And SIX blushes? Plus I can’t wait to see how they do the “pinwheel” swirl for the eyeshadows!

  7. Tanya

    hehehe is it bad of me to want make-up ONLY because I am a crafty girl and these have crafty names? LOL

  8. Franki

    Most Popular (my new HG) + those gorgeous sounding MSFs + 226 (which I WILL need like five of) = a very poor me!!

    • Just curious…but what do you use more than 226 for? I have one, but I can’t think of a use for another one hehe :-)

      • Anna

        maybe different ones for different colors so it doesnt get mixed or muddy. for example, you wouldnt wanna use a brush that touched dark blue for a light brown

  9. Sarah

    Ooh.. I’m tres excited!! Seriously lusting after those MSFs, blush and eyeshadows!

  10. Stephanie

    Ahh I’m dying to see some pictures! Anybody know when they might release some???

  11. My-Linh

    Didn’t Most Popular come out with Hello Kitty? This description sounds different though…or is it just me?

    • Lizzy

      Same lippie; it didn’t look to have done so well with Kitty so maybe they rewrote the discription. They don’t change colors under a name very often. It would have to have been a very old color to change a name. It’s really pretty- but alongside the bright colors in HK it looked so Fall.

  12. The MSF’s and ME/s look awsome! can’t wait to check this out, I’m going to start saving now! haha :p x

  13. victoria

    wow, so excited. mac has been listening, they brought back the 226. i wonder how the 130 looks like cause it sounds like a stipling brush, do you have any idea christine? and are they coming out with msfs in the original swirly form AND degraded plus blush form? wow, i love the choices, just have to wait for the colors. thanks a lot christine.

  14. Todd

    Finally, an opportunity to get a back up 226! The rest of it looks awesome, but I’m totally stoked about the brushes!

  15. Nice

    Got have some MSF’s
    just bought my 226 and i luv it
    i got buy 1 more

  16. NuNu

    Oh oh oh!My wallet doth protest too much!

  17. msciaociao

    AHH.. another very tempting collection. 6 MSFs & 6 blushes..I can see how I’m gonna be broke already :(

  18. vicky!

    holy MSFs!
    can’t wait for those! :)

  19. roslynd

    this collection will kill my wallet :(

    but i am so excited…want all MSF’s!!!!

  20. Brightness

    Be still my heart….

    Can’t wait for swatches, it just sounds absolutely heavenly from the descriptions.

  21. smugbear

    yesss 226 is out with this collection! i only got two of them from bbr:(

  22. I am really excited to see the new MSFs and mineralize blushes from this collection.

  23. Anitacska

    I can’t wait to see pics of the MSFs, eyeshadows and blushes. Oooh, so excited. :)

  24. Wilcoa

    So wish I wasn’t allergic to MSFs :( But super excited to finally get my paws on the 130 – looking or a new face brush and this one seems right up my alley!

  25. This collection is going to be very exciting!
    To My Linh: yes, Most Popular is a repromote from Hello Kitty and the description of Most Popular is the same as what it describes from the Hello Kitty collection.

  26. Andrea

    Yay the 226 is back!!!! And those blushes sound really good!!!!!

  27. rowan

    this sounds very cool =D

  28. Oh man this one sounds dangerous! At least I have some time to save up money!

  29. Kayc

    Oh no… I am a huge sucker for lippies and anything mineralize… I think I may be letting go of big bucks for this collection. I’m definitely getting the 226 this time.

  30. Christy

    Yeah! I love MSF’s and mineral blushes! The mineral eyeshadows sound interesting, so I am definitely going to check those out. Plus I really want the 226 brush since I missed it during BBR.

  31. Wow… this collection sounds… expensive. This is a huge collection… I really don’t know why they do this to our wallets. D:

  32. Iliana

    I might as well stop listing down the things I want and buy the entire collection instead! MAC’s killing my wallet but I love it so much!

  33. Ruth

    I know I’ll have to buy at least one lipglass

  34. Evelyn

    eeeeep mineralized stuff!
    thats what usually sucks up all my monay!

  35. charlieee

    OMG my wallet is so gonna cry! so excited about this collection! =D

  36. shyradynne

    OHMYGOODNESS! i think im gonna have to save up for this collection. Can’t wait for pics of MSF’s and blushes!

  37. Fairy

    MAC is the devil! Damn it =)

  38. Sabrina

    Can you say… BROKE!?!?! My visa is going to cry!

  39. monet

    a 130?!?!?!? *faints* saving for this collection from now!!!!

  40. Haley

    this makes me very excited. way more than style warriors and rose romance. wheee! the msfs and mineralize e/shadow’s!!! can’t wait!

  41. BINNIE

    im drolling over this collection love love Mineralize products but really want 2 or 3 of the 226 brush as they sold out when BBR collection was out :-( xx

  42. is this collection not going to be released in the uk?

  43. cmferrets

    LOL, is it just me or does the promo picture in the painting in green look like jesus?

  44. MAG

    i cant wait till the pics of these are posted i think im the most excited about this collection

  45. NS

    omgg these sound amazing!! When will the promo pics be out Christine?

  46. Lizzy

    I want to see this group. Often the color descriptions read one way and are something else, but this is a huge group of mineral colors! And right after Grand Duos.
    The eye shadows sound complicated- so many colors in one pot. The two in one were a handfull… I hope there’s a champagne/ pink/ pale stuff MSF for me, very pale women can get left out. G.D. Moon River is this hefty bronzer for NC15! LOL But pretty with that daring Tippy blush from HK.

  47. Qiani

    Will all of these be LE?

    • Qiani

      Oo, I wasn’t being specific, sorry! I meant will the MSFs, Mineralize Blush be LE? It would be a shame if they were, because they sound amazing!

  48. niknik

    I can’t wait to see the MSF’s.. and everything pretty much!
    This is exciting 😀

  49. Court

    okfgnjifghkankgjniaia… Bye bye money, Hello MSF & blushes!

  50. n33rja

    will this collection be out in Canada as well? I only see the U.S. launch date.

  51. Kelli

    omg….i cannot wait for this and the style warriors or something like that….ill thry to start saving right now(yeah right)

  52. freewing

    god…more mineralize?…and 226…i just cant say no to them!!

  53. color craft collection, intriguing.

  54. samantha

    i cant wait for this collection!! im saving!!!

  55. Stephanie

    hi Christine i was speaking to a mac pro makeup artist and she said that she took a class she did not see the 130 brush but from what they said its a mixture between a 190 (flat tapered) and a 187(short natural hair with long synthetic)…have you heard this? if so that would be a cool brush..if not mac need to make one like that lol…do you think this sounds about right…im sooo excited for this brush..plmk…thanks

  56. Evelyn

    stupid mac and their mineralize stuff!
    i would imagine girlish romp being popular
    its good to see the 226 back too

  57. Simply

    Definitely NOT missing out on the 226 this time around!

  58. Miri

    This collection will be the death of me…6 MSFs??? I went four for sure, crazy

    • Miri

      want, not went..
      The anticipation for this collection made me delirious right now, so I couldn’t even type lol

  59. My-Linh

    Ok, so I went to MAC on Saturday and I was completely shocked to find a bunch of 226’s available to purchase! I was so confused as to why they were there since I thought they weren’t being re-released until this collection. Needless to say, I picked one up. But for any of you guys who are looking to get a 226, I’d go and check your local MAC now just in case!

    On a side note, I completely called out the sales lady for thinking that Prrr lipglass was a part of the Rose Romance collection. They had it in place of Steal My Heart. Luckily I asked and she was able to find one hiding in the back. :)

    • cmferrets

      yeah dont u hate it when some mac stores try and replace something in the limited edition collection with something thats permanent ( i mean i can see why , but they shouldnt do it , its just confusing!) if its not their or in stock , dont put anything their so we know !=)

    • Glad you were able to get Steal My Heart, My-Linh! I get very frustrated when they insist it’s part of the launch, and I know better. It’s not even that I’m obsessed… it’s frustration because sometimes they don’t even bother to check, and it’s like… you want the LE color!

  60. Faheema

    Wow i seriously cannot wait for this collection! It sounds so beautiful especially the eyeshadows and msf’s!

    Lol I have skipped all of macs collections since BBR but I’m deffo not missing out on this one :)

  61. Olivia

    Can anybody not wait to see the packaging?! :O
    Lol.. It will sure be cute!
    Those eyeshadows seem soo tempting!!

  62. cmferrets

    oh geex first i got all the grand duos , now this, i cant wait! i want all the msf, the blushes and the e/s. i cant wait till pictures are up christine!

  63. Miss Trendy

    hmmm i wonder if this one is still coming out… havent heard any updates in a while. i was really excited for MSF and the 130 brush!!!

  64. Majken emilie

    I’m so exited for the MSF’s that my head is about to fall off !!! I have never seen a really good collection from mac for me, but this one is gonna get me =)

  65. jblover

    is the collection gonna come out in canada also?

  66. Jasmine

    This collection will be the end of me. I need to start saving NOW.

  67. so excited abt these :)

  68. WOW! 4 collections in July!

  69. Stephanie

    OMG. I don’t have any MSF’s yet, and I know I will be purchasing a couple of these! I just can’t wait for the launch date! Yes!!!

  70. JO

    this collection sounds AMAZING wish i could get 2 mac easier…will have 2 order online instead…do u know when this is out in the uk? hopefully not for a while need time 2 save!! lol

  71. noly

    was wondering if any of these blushes or MSF’s are repromotes???

  72. Jenelle

    Oh the 130 and the 226 are mine!! Yess and I think I might just have to get all the MSF’s they are my obbsession!! I could pass on everything else!! Im gonna have to see it in person though to make a final decision!

  73. Catherine

    do we know the prices for all of these yet ?

  74. rae

    i just bought some of the collection today and ran out of money mid way lol! can i just say, the MSFs in triple fusion and smooth merge is pretty pretty PRETTY! :D:D girlish romp keeps reminding me of a clown. dont ask me why i dont know haha! in all, so happy with the collection. buy all the MSFs if u have the money lol!

    • Court

      Did you buy them in the US?

      • rae

        no i didnt unfortunately. im on holiday and stumbled upon them even at airports. i didnt think graphic garden was part of colour craft because im sure i got gg first followed by them launching CC later on. unless that’s their way of showing it comes together? im unsure.
        let me know if u’d like to see swatches before buying some stuff i’d be happy to email u some :)

        • Court

          I know I was really confused when she told me that. I knew that GG was coming out soon and that CC was coming after that.

          Thank you so much for the swatch offer! Very sweet. At this point, I need to be talked out of buying EVERYTHING! I’ve never been this excited for a collection. I love the MSFs. I wish they weren’t so pretty! But thank you again. Which are your favs?

          • rae

            hey court!
            i bought triple fusion and smooth merge. i find myself reaching for triple fusion more, its beautiful! i found out that those two and porcelain pink sold out where i purchased mine. im still desperate to run back for the 130 brush and some blushes. but im out of action this week because today i got 4 wisdom teeth out lol! oh and eye shadow wise if ur playful in ur selection of colour, girlish romp and nice bright and cute hehe! personally i think the lipglass is nice, BUT i dont think its anything to rave about :) just my opinion

    • lol! Sounds pretty, Rae!

      • Rae

        oh Christine its amazing! i still have to go hunt down the blushes! i emailed u a swatch of something just so u could take a look 😀

  75. Court

    I talked to one of the MAC artists last week and she said that the graphic garden stuff was part of the colour craft collection, can that be?

  76. hi

    How much will the MES quads cost? I’m debating over whether I should buy the Notoriety quad from the fall MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics collection or the Assemblage MES.

  77. liby

    hi… when is this relased in uk

  78. I got all the Mineralize Blushes and all the Mineralize Skinfinishes. YEH!!!