Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

MAC Candy Yum Yum is Permanent, Available Today

“The Lipstick dreams were made of” is back so you can get your fix of the vibrant, matte pink of Candy Yum-Yum. The colour most coveted by Makeup Artists and enthusiasts alike in M∙A∙C By Request is now available to you permanently. Enjoy!

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Candy Yum Yum Bright pink (Matte)

Availability: December 19th, 3PM PST online at; December 21st at all North America MAC locations; February 2013 for International locations

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70 thoughts on “MAC Candy Yum Yum is Permanent, Available Today

  1. ANastasia


  2. Yellowlantern

    Well that was unexpected. I figured they’d just keep repromoting it every so often like other coveted products. Good on them though.

  3. Ashley

    Wow, I’m impressed that MAC actually listened to their customers for once. This wasn’t one I was interested in when it was last promoted, but I know a lot of people were upset that it sold out so quickly.

  4. chris

    Maybe this will push them to bring back “old” colors again. I am missing Squirt lipglass and any rich red like Miss Dish, Runaway Red.

  5. Mandi

    But, will it be the original release color to the repromote color that wasn’t as bright?

    • Ruca

      Mandi… THAT, is actually an excellent question! Oh man, don’t make me buy another one LOL!

      Honestly, I suspect the color changes on CYY and Moxie might be something like dye lots in yarn, where after the first batch is used up, the next won’t be a perfect match. Either that, or there could have been an ingredient they chose to leave out of the base or dye with the 2012 versions of the 2 colors. Either way, neither of those two By Request colors matched the originals. I can only guess as to why. You are right, though; the original CYY was MUCH brighter, and I’d prefer it to the one I have–mine is nearly a dupe for Pink Pigeon. :(

  6. xamyx

    Now, if only they’d do this for some of the other popular shades, especially something with more universal appeal. I totally get why shades like this are often LE, but when they do it with such basic, everyday shades, I find it very annoying. Perhaps Moth Brown eyeshadow will be next?

  7. Ruca

    I missed this on the By Request release–1st round. I asked a rep if it would be restocked like they usually do, and she told me “no, it won’t, but you can try Lickable; it’s very similar!” UH… no it’s not. I sat and watched for 3 days while people paid $120 for this lipstick in eBay and my stomach churned. What MAC lippie (that will likely be restocked or repromoted) is worth $120??? It was restocked on that 3rd day, and I ordered it from MAC for $9. People continued to pay 3 digits. The rumor mill has been spinning that this is going perm for many weeks now, which is why the eBay value went down, but right this minute there are still people paying $30 a pop for CYY. It’s not worth $30, either.

    I’m very happy they have released it as a perm now! No one should pay double (or OMG! $120!!) for any MAC lippie! EVER. I prefer Pink Pigeon, and my favorite is Moxie. I wish MOXIE would go perm! That lipstick is seriously gorgeous.

  8. breyerchic04

    This kind of annoys me, but also makes me happy. It wasn’t the color I picked in the repromote vote thing, so it makes me sad that the ones I wanted weren’t available and then this became permanent so soon. But I’m happy for the people who do want it.

  9. Miss J

    YAY. I bought OCC Nylon, but totally still picking this baby up!

  10. Jen

    I love this color and Im lucky to already own it only its very drying and chalky.

  11. Great now we just need Ever Hip for all my fellow fair girls. But this one was so popular it about time!

  12. MACaddict22

    Thank you for the update Christine. I don’t see it on their website yet. Do you know when this will be online?

    • Naty

      Yeah, I couldn’t see at first when putting it in the search engine. However, you have to look it up in the lipstick section.

  13. freshpinklips

    made me smile!

  14. I was fortunate enough to barely grab this when it first came out.

  15. Yessss!! I’m totally skipping on pink pigeon next week

  16. Vilkas

    Yayyyyy! Now all they need to make permanent is purple Heroine. I lust for it but am NOT about to give ebay pirates $75 for it.

  17. Meri

    Putting an end to ebay lipstick culture sales

  18. ms

    now if they’d just bring back moxie once more, but please not in an online only collection, something i can see in person, i’d be v happy!

  19. MACaddict22

    Oops. Sorry. Never mind. I just realized it’s up 3pm Pacific time which means 6pm Eastern time. :-O

  20. Very smart move on their part. I think there’s more than enough demand to keep this in the permanent rotation for the time being. Bright pinks are likely to be hot for a while.

    • Rachael

      RIGHT! They should of done this a long time ago…who knows how many possible buyers they lost now that they waited that are either content or like even more the nylon lip tar.

  21. Désanne

    I wished they made Moxie permanent… Do you know if they will do this?

  22. tyler

    Location Mac location has had this out since last Tuesday… It’s okay if you like that kind of color… with no complexity.

  23. Laura

    Wish it was Moxie or Rocker instead. Adore those 2 colours. This one never really worked for me :(

  24. This is such great news!!!

  25. Keen Janine

    Now they need to make the Heroine from the Reel Sexy Collection permanent! I LOVE THAT COLOR!!!!!!!!

  26. Cindy

    They need to do this with Pink Pigeon too! :)

  27. Lydia

    Awesome. But I have 2 backups of this. Now all they need to do is bring back Heroine and we will be good to go! :)

  28. wow, i’m really happy about this, even though it isn’t one of my personal favorite shades it’s definitely a great lipstick and makes me wonder if they’ll do the same with other limited edition shades that were as popular as this :) I hope MAC starts doing these with other shades because they’ve had such fabulous LE items… much better to make those permanent instead of coming again and again with average to crappy collections full of only lustres lipsticks!

  29. brittany

    I just bought this from someone online… and now it’s permanent?! -__- Wonderful.

  30. great news! and so aptly named

  31. No way, i recently purchase candy yum yum by auction on ebay for 21 € and and it is in the permanent range?! ahhhh, i’m gonna go crazy!!!

  32. Liz

    When I first went on the website, I could only see the top of the lipstick. I thought it was a picture of the beautyblender. I love the beautyblender, but I would never wear a lipstick in this color.

  33. Rachael

    DUDE! I just seen this on mac! I knew I should of sold back up sooner! I obsessed for this lipstick for a YEAR! Like hard core bought every dupe possible, then bought 2 when mac request came out! But once occ nylon came out and I already had barry m dupe of it I though I’m just gonna sell this, but I waited…Oh well good for everybody who wanted and didn’t get it! It really is a beautiful color, especially on cool toned people!

  34. Brenda

    I like to see MAC listening to their customers/fans and making items permanent. There are several items they need to do this with, to update their permanent collection and to help retain customers.

    That said, this isn’t a colour for me LOL. I’m a pretty boring lipstick person (Honeylove, Patisserie, High Def, Ravishing etc). But I really wish they’d bring back Cyndi or do a repromote of Hibiscus. That would be a step out of my comfort zone I would love to take!

    • Naty

      I so agree! I also hope they bring back Cyndi too. That was such a flattering color. Hopefully MAC will bring back some other items and make them permanent. Candy Yum Yum never got a chance to get it. I’m not into bright colors myself but I do wear them once in a while. Thanks Christine for the review.

  35. Denise

    Thanks for the heads up Christine! I clicked on your link and ordered Candy Yum Yum and a few last minute Christmas gifts and got free 2 day shipping at Mac!

  36. Sara

    They should do this for blushes too. I stalked Hipness all over the place and finally found it as a depot and then repackaged into packaging for the MAC VV collection. At least it was for a reasonable price.

  37. Sherly Obillo

    Yay.. I’m happy about this. Love this color. I’m hoping Mac will put MSF Stereo Rose permanent as well *crossing my fingers*

    • Ruca

      I think if MAC would repromote Pleasureflush and Metal Rock MSFs people may die of spontaneous strokes caused by shock and joy. Can’t they at least bring back Pleasureflush just once? *sigh*

      With Stereo Rose, I’m very curious if the color will change like it did on the last repromote, or like CYY and Moxie did this time.

      • Brenda

        Pleasureflush, yes!! That is my go-to blush and one of the only two creme blushes i own! (other is Lilicent which I find similar)

  38. Stephanie TP

    I wish they would make the 226 permanent!

    • Miss J

      ME TOO!! *crosses fingers and toes* I already have the 226, but it’s one of my favorite brushes, and I would pick up another in a heartbeat.

    • Ruca

      ME TOO! That is my favorite brush out of an embarrassingly large collection of brushes of many brands. It’s really versatile; my HG.

    • Adrienne

      YES fave brush. I’d recommend it to everyone but can’t!!!

  39. Amalia

    And Toxic Tale lipstick please, and In Extra Dimension eyeshadows please.

  40. Sandra

    FINALLY…I got my hands on it. I just purchased it today. :-)

  41. Lilly

    Oh, God. Ebay vultures are now pretty shocked, I’m sure of it!!. Can’t stop laughing xD

  42. afroditi

    Perfect! Now let’s make Heroine permanent!I find there isn’t much variety regarding purple lipsticks!!
    Oh….and the extra dimension skinfinishes!All of them!

  43. Melissa

    Good news, indeed! I have a couple of CYY dupes, but I am very happy to go and purchase the real mccoy. This makes great business sense for MAC, andI am sure that this will continue to fly off the shelves.

  44. lulu

    YAY! christine just had to make sure, when they say ‘international locations’ they do mean australia right?!

  45. Melissa

    A big thanks to Christine! I went to one of my local MAC counters this afternoon and was able to finally purchase Candy Yum Yum. If it weren’t for your site, I would not have know about the permanent status of this lipstick which I have been wanting since its original release. Thank you!

  46. Eva

    PLEASE BRING HEROINE BACK! make it permanent please!!!:)

  47. Lex Marie

    I kept missing out on this one. Very glad it’s permanent now.