Monday, July 1st, 2013

Hoop, Tomango, Ashbury, Fiction

You voted. We listened. M•A•C By Request is back for a second year! What’s old is new again, and the most beloved shades from the 90s and 2000s have returned for an encore performance. M•A•C is bringing back highly-requested retro-classic, long-lost lipsticks and eye shadows. Starting on July 8th— vote on Facebook for your favorite shades and the six (3 lipsticks and 3 shadows) with most votes will return in Spring 2014.

Voting begins July 8th and continues through July 21st–stay tuned for a full roster of shades on the voting ballot next week! Anyone remember Hoop or Tomango lipsticks? Ashbury or Fiction eyeshadows? I remember the latter (and happen to own it), but the other three were new-to-me–if Tomango makes it back, it looks like a real vibrant coral!

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72 thoughts on “MAC By Request Returns for Spring 2014

  1. Why not bringing back pigments? Eveyone would love that!

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Great minds think alike. In the old jars…I wish they would package all the older shades in the older style packaging.

  2. abigailod

    Yay! =D So exciting!

  3. sunshine

    I wish we could vote for the product we most not just lipstick and eyeshadow. I wish MAC would repromote the eyebrow gel. So sad I missed out on that!

  4. fabiola

    This is amazing. I love mac by request. Thank you Christine for keeping us posted.

  5. I do wish that when they do this “by request”, they at least keep the winners in their permanent line. And if the products will only be available online (as they were last time), chances are I will pass on them, as I really DO like to see and try the product before buying it. I don’t own any of these 4 products but I seem to remember Fiction.

    • Jax

      Absolutely, I couldn’t believe they weren’t last time. Then again it’s typical of MAC these days, however much I love them they want to take our money and run.

  6. Claire

    When you google these products, nothing comes up. I can’t wait for swatches; considering they’ll be the only ones…

  7. MakeupTray

    I wish they would have brought back the Hayley Williams collection instead. Ablaze was an amazing color, especially. Ablaze should be a permanent color.

    • There are still several more shades that will be on the potential list, so fingers crossed it’s there for you! But did you mean Sounds Like Noise? That’s the orange lipstick with Hayley Willliams’ collection – Ablaze was from Fashion Sets!

      • MakeupTray

        Oh, sorry I guess I had it wrong, I meant Ablaze and Silly, two awesome colors that should be permanent. I thought they were with the Hayley Wiliams collection . lol

    • I absolutely love Ablaze! I thought I would hate it but I’m glad I got two lippies plus an ablaze lip pencil if it doesn’t ever get repromoted. I hope it does.

  8. Poppy Fresca

    Wow! This sounds exciting! Don’t even know what the shades are, tried to google them but it was useless… I feel somewhat like a young little girl now LOL! 😀

  9. Eeshita

    I hope they bring back Moxie again! Christine, is there any chance of Moxie’s come back?

    • No idea – the only shades I know of were the four MAC wanted to tease us with!

    • Jan

      I agree! I hope moxie makes it back I need another back of it last year it sold out on the Mac website & was desperate for it that I payed $50 & bought it on eBay. There’s just no any other color quite like it! One of my fave all time Mac lipsticks.

    • Wendy M.

      Moxie will actually be back but in a lip palette (along with Candy Yum Yum and Violetta). I believe it’s the Antonio Lopez collection, which is out in August (I think!).

    • FKS

      I too would like to find Moxie on the counters, that too in the original retro matte formulation. As for the forthcoming collection, I will remain disinterested, as it will be an online only collection, and, AFIK, MAC is not willing to ship overseas to asia.

  10. Fernanda

    I really hope they bring back Marquise D’, didn’t get the chance to buy it at the time… such a lovely color :/

  11. These are from before my MAC buying days so it doesn’t really phase/effect me I guess.

  12. They DEF need to bring back some of the shades from the All About Orange collection. ESPECIALLY Sushi Kiss and Sweet & Sour! :)

  13. Jolene

    they need to bring back Bunny Pink from the Playboy collection, I’m almost out and have been holding on to my tube now for 10 years!!! I love i!

  14. Charlotte

    They should bring back Aquavert, I love that one!

  15. Jen

    Excited about this… Can’t wait to vote :)

  16. My personal favorite lipstick: Grid. I don’t expect to ever see it again but my oh my was it pretty! :)

  17. Julie Piracha

    Looks beautiful! Please bring back Viva Glam Cyndi!

  18. kp

    NOW I am excited about this! Taking it back to when MAC was still original and fun!

  19. MAC By Request lipsticks are my fav! Yay!

  20. Joanna

    Can’t wait to see which l/s and e/s will win :)

  21. I wish they would bring back Gem of Roses lipstick! It’s my all time favorite.

    • Georgina

      Agreed! I just used up my tube of Gem of Roses and I’m hoping that they’ll bring it back. It’s my favourite too.

  22. Julienne

    MAC needs to bring back Underplay lipstick. The best. I can’t find a dupe for this!!

  23. Yes!!! Last year I didn’t have times to get my hands on any of the bring backs!

  24. Felis

    I’ll be one of three people voting for Spanish Fly, I’m sure. :(

  25. ANGIE


  26. Vernette

    I would like to see Viva Glam IV SE (Fergie). One of my favs.

  27. Lynn

    Sea Myth eyeshadow and Myself lipstick!!

  28. rockangelmusic

    they need to bring back Phlox!

  29. *facepalm*

    IMO, if you’re going to do a By Request collection, go big. Include everything in the back catalogue, not just eyeshadows and lippies. Sigh.

    That said, I hope Scanty is on the lippie list.

  30. Tracey Langdale

    Fiction was my first ever MAC e/s! That was about 8 years ago, and it was a great shadow…definitely want to repurchase this.

  31. belencica99


  32. Seriously make Every Hip a repeat or permanent and I’d be a happy camper. lol None of these 4 shades interest me.

  33. Monica

    What about blushes???? I want MAC to bring back Ripe Peach.

  34. Sabrina Nogueira

    I read all the suggestions and nobody mentioned lollipop loving! Am I the only one who loves this lippie???

  35. suzana

    I just hope Pink Pigeon,Party parrot,moxie is repromoted i missed them just love the shades…fingers it really going to happen as in past item re stocked????

    • Moxie will be back in a lip palette in August…. which bums me out because I want a lipstick.. I hate lip palettes. Maybe it’ll be worth purchasing but it already has shades I already have so I’m iffy. meh.

    • I’ve read moxie is being brought back with the “Indulge” collection in late august. And as for the others, I skipped that entire collection because the colours were the same as permanents which I had, just with different finishes. Pink pigeon and party parrot are near dupes for impassioned and girl about town if I remember correctly.

  36. Glennette Jones

    I have several items they could bring back…MAC Sheena Lip Lacquer, MAC Drive Me Wild Lipstick, MAC Deep Dark Mystery Powder with refill, MAC Goldyrocks Dazzleglass……

  37. Fiction is the only one familiar to me, as MAC has only been on my radar since ~2009. Exciting collection for the nostalgic among us.

  38. Shannon

    Am I the only one who really wants to see Heroine brought back?! Loved the color. Had a tube but my cousin accidentally smooshed it. :(

  39. Nancy

    I want Waternymph to come back,it’s my favorite Teal! :)

  40. aaaahhhh!!! I’m so excited!!! I love mac by request… I hope fresh salmon is on there…. or then maybe I don’t, because if it’s a possibility and it doesn’t get chosen I think I’ll cry.

  41. Juliette

    I wish blushes were included. Specifically the ombré ripe peach :(

  42. Liz

    My picks to bring back would be Mancatcher and Illegal Cargo eyeshadows, and VG Cyndi and Love Goddess lipsticks. But I have a feeling that the ones they bring out this time will be unknowns. Fiction is a great shadow though, I wear it quite often.

  43. hayley

    for everyone who’s saying that moxie’s going to be in the Indulge collection in august, ive tried looking for it and I just cant find anything saying that it will be? I need this lipstick so bad!!! and candy yum yum was made permanent I believe early this or last year

  44. Does anyone know what time does voting ends? Thank you.