Friday, March 12th, 2010

MAC Art Supplies Collection

MAC Art Supplies Collection

U.S. Launch Date: April 1st, 2010
International Launch Date: April 2010

Just as Art Supplies for Eyes invokes the vision, Art Supplies for Lips speaks to the ultimate in sensuality….Luscious lips drawn from innovative new Lipstain Markers and Pencils to use like a modern multi-media artist would – design and discover! Incorporating the concept of art tools into the world of M·A·C makeup, these pencils and markers create dramatically different lip looks. New Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker has the doodle-fun of a “pen,” but with sophisticated, light and long-wearing results. It’s all about artistic freedom!

Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN)

A lightweight lip stain featuring the look and delivery of a colour marker. With its felt-tip nib, it goes on with precision to deliver a sheer, ins tantly abs orbed flush of colour that can last all night. Fills, defines and layers for more colour when wanted. No need for lip liner. All limited edition.

  • Full of Flare Bright yellow coral (Limited Edition)
  • Stylesetter Hot pink (Limited Edition)
  • A Classic Rose red (Limited Edition)
  • Purposefully Red Dirty red coral (Limited Edition)
  • Modern Mocha Light brown (Limited Edition)
  • Point of View Light neutral (Limited Edition)
  • Tomorrow’s Coral Mid-tone blue red (Limited Edition)
  • Runway Ripened Berry plum red (Limited Edition)
  • Sunset Coral brown (Limited Edition)

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Greengrease Blackened forest green (Limited Edition)
  • Zinc Zone Dark gunmetal (Limited Edition)
  • Slick Black True carbon black (Limited Edition)
  • Dirty Blackened taupe with pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Brown, Now Blackened burgundy (Limited Edition)
  • Below Ground Blackened bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Uniformly Blue Blackened navy (Limited Edition)
  • Charred Mauve Blackened violet (Limited Edition)

Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

An eye pencil that provides rich, luxurious colour with a touch of shimmer and sparkle. Soft, smooth, creamy formula glides on for a perfectly intense line, yet its soft texture allows you to blend. Long-wearing, smudge-proof.

  • Almost Noir Dirty plum (Limited Edition)
  • Designer Purple Iridescent violet (Limited Edition)
  • Petrol Blue Deep navy (Limited Edition)
  • Undercurrent Blue teal (Limited Edition)
  • Industrial Periwinkle grey (Limited Edition)
  • Black Line True black (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Clear Clear (Permanent)

See more photos!

MAC Art Supplies Collection

MAC Art Supplies Collection

MAC Art Supplies Collection

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136 thoughts on “MAC Art Supplies Collection + Added Photos!

  1. evo

    more greasepaint sticks?? yes!

    • jennina

      Yes! I will be stocking at least two of each greasepaint stick and pearlglide eyeliners!!!
      Just love this product so much.

      Cant believe it will be available in other colors aside from black. It means I can wear it on my different day and different mood.

  2. Stacey

    Oh sh*t. This is going to bankrupt me.

  3. Allie

    Oh, so excited for the greasepaint sticks! I love the ones I have.

  4. viva

    OMG, look at all the Pearlglides. *drool*

    And this really makes me wish I liked the greasepaint sticks better! They sound gorgeous.

  5. Brian Kelly

    Am I the only one who was only excited by the name because I actually thought
    this was going to be about actual art-related tools? I was so hoping MAC would stop with their Pro crap and just make the whole brand available by easier means…

    • Lorna

      i agree in that they should just have all products available to everyone. Just give PRO members a discount or something.

      • What’s Pro only in this collection??? Pro products are available to anyone – You can order them on-line and they are WILDLY good about returns! (trust me, I know from experience) LOL.

        I was actually excited about this collection because of the name too though… And disapointed when I saw what they were offering. I was hoping for something more like the C-Shock collection.

        I have a question though: Was anyone else as turned off as I was by the D-Squared greasepaint sticks??? They STINK! Smell like oil-based paint and I found that they would flake as they dried, causing little bits of D-Squared greasepaint droppings to fall into your eyes! (And yes, I returned them!) LOL.

        • Beto Kylie

          I actually really like them! The only one I’m not that crazy about is the V one because it doesn’t look as purple as I’d like! However, the blue definitely is recognizable as blue and doesn’t get lost when paired with black.
          I’ve only used them on the lower lash line, though.

  6. claudia

    I didnt get them !! But oh, I really want the GPS !!!

  7. Saki

    oh god…there goes my money.

  8. Roberta

    I see MAC will be getting my tax return money

  9. Kierstin


  10. Greasepaint sticks! Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!! & markers too :) :) Yea, more Pearlglides!

  11. Victoria

    So excited for all those GPS!

  12. Carla

    It looks like I might be spending over $100 on Greasepaint sticks. I won’t have an ounce of remorse either!!

  13. cmferrets

    im very interested to see what the pro lipstain markers are all about! and i am glad to see they are coming with greasepaint sticks. bbut i hate it when mac comes out with a bunch of colors in am item and makes them all LE. WHY? why not just make them permanent… ? they eventually probably will in the future! i wonder if the greasepaint stick colors are gonna be diff from the ones from style black?

  14. Lorna

    i want more greasepaint sticks. hope the colors come out good.

  15. amy

    Holy moly! That is a lot of greasepaint sticks! I will pick up a few lip markers for sure.

  16. Helena

    This sounds lovely!!

  17. stephanie

    love that there are so many greasepaints coming out! YES!!!

  18. Wilcoa

    I’m interested in these stains… hope they’re as good as they sound!

  19. yajaira

    Are the lip stain markers only going to be sold at pro stores?


    this makes me very happy.

  21. rowan

    wow, exciting 😀

  22. nasr1n

    Just great! I’m never going to have money for the rest of my life! But I suppose a pretty face trumps that :p

  23. Ashley

    new pearlglides and greasepaint sticks?!?!?!?! YESSSSSSSSSSS!

  24. Tattoo Girl

    Must have all greasesticks!!! Yay!! Does everyone know about the sharpener in the end of them?

  25. It sounds very fun with a new typ of stain :)

  26. jolenz

    Yes! Greasepaint Sticks! Definitely going to grab some of those!

  27. aaw.. i seem to be the only one here not crazy about those greasepaint sticks! christine, what can you use them for? and i’m sadly probably gonna only pick up the black one and maybe the gunmetal or violet one :(

    • Base or eyeliner, those are kind of the two big things you can do with ’em.

    • Anitacska

      I’ve never used greasepaint sticks, but their name alone (grease – yuck!) puts me off. 😛 Are the eyeliners as good as the Urban Decay 24/7 ones?

      I don’t know if I’ll get anything from this, the lipstain markers don’t excite me either.

      • jillo

        i know how you feel . Grease paint in makeup school was nasty. ..clown makeup, ick. But I hear such good things about these sticks that I might just grab the green one.

  28. Lorna

    Yay! Greasepaint sticks- I want them all.

  29. Maddie

    im so xcited for this collection
    MAC has really outdone itself this timee

  30. Kim

    im looking forward to the lip satins and greasepaint sticks!

  31. Vijaya

    I’m going to wind up buying everything, unless MAC really fails with the stains. Gosh, I love those Greasepaint Sticks!

  32. Zinnia

    cant wait for the grease paints 😉

  33. ak

    As usual everything on here sounds hot and intriguing; all that remains to be seen is which colors’ll suit me.

  34. alyssa

    Charred Mauve
    Full of flare
    Point of view
    Wow I did good lolz I thought I would have wanted more
    Cnt wait for the grease sticks yay!

  35. Inna

    Hi I wanted to know how you get all these collections ahead of time it is cool.

  36. yajaira

    Awww I wonder if those will be the only pearlglides for this year? I was kinda of hoping they’d bring rave out again (HG for me) and bankroll, which i didnt get….I wonder if undercurrent will be a regular teal color, it says blue teal and well, i know teal is a mix of blue and green Im just hoping it’s not more blue…idk, lol

  37. aMy

    i am def looking forward to this collection! i heart gps!

  38. Ellie

    excited for the lip stains!!!

  39. Alison

    Wondering what the difference will be between the slick back greasepaint and the black one that came out with Style Black ?

    • cmferrets

      yeah me too. i already have the black, violet and blue greasepaints from the style black collection, so how do these new ones diff from them?
      i def want to get the grey, green, taupe, bronze, burgundy colors!

  40. Maddie

    WHY MAC im going to go bankrupt :))

  41. civa

    oh I’m gonna need to get some greasepaint sticks!!!

  42. Mia

    I can’t wait for swatches of this collection!

  43. ak

    They talked about the lipstain markers when they showed a picture of one of them in the British edition of Vogue in either the January or February issue but they didn’t go into any details and they didn’t say when they’d all be out.

  44. kfm

    I think I’ll need to grab a couple of the greasepaint sticks (greengrease, zinc zone, charred mauve and dirty all sound like they could look great). If I like the feel of the markers, I’d probably go for Runway Ripened.

  45. Rosanna

    I’m excited for the greasepaints – I’d love to use them as eyeshadow bases since MAC isn’t putting out any colour paint pots anymore.

  46. kpenn09

    Surprisingly, I think that I will get more from this collection than Spring Colour Forecast, MAC to the Beach or Prete a Papier. All of the stains are sounding appealing, as are many of the liners and GPSs.

  47. When do you think you’ll be able to post photos of the actual product?

  48. I am looking forward to the grease paint sticks. Not so sure @ the lip stains or the pearl glide liners? Does anyone know where I can view swatches??? Does anyone know where I can buy the Ripe Peach blush ombre or a good substitute? I’m an NC 50. It’s sold out everywhere and I missed it. I could kick myself.

    • Krys

      hey…i missed ripe peach too :s but i heard a good dupe is peach nuance by estee lauder.. check it out on the website, its currently out of stock tho

    • Daphnee

      Did you check Nordstroms, Dillard and Bloomingdales? I can’t remember if Lord & Taylor sold MAC Cosmetics?

  49. I can’t wait for this collection! I didn’t get any grease paint sticks when they’ve been out in the past, but am looking forward to getting a couple. Yay more pearlglides too!

  50. Grease Paint Sticks! My ultimate weakness. I can’t wait.

  51. Tanja

    I was also hoping, they would bring out RAVE again! I need a new one!!!

  52. Rachel

    I have to pay tuition… This is not good timing. Agh… I guess I’ll have to limit myself to two or three things.

  53. lauraaaaaaaa

    neeeeeeeed the taupe greasepaint

  54. I don’t have any of the grease paint sticks from the previous collections. Are they really that great? They seem like they would crease a lot as a base… do they?

  55. katrina

    i’m really excited with the lip stains! Can’t wait for this collection =)

  56. Marcie

    cant wait to see the lipstains!

  57. Casey

    I’m not big fan of multicolored liners so if I buy anything it’ll probably be the “Slick Black” Greasepaint Stick. I’ve never tried any of these..what are they like? =)

  58. Sarah M

    Can’t wait. Love greasepaint sticks and pearlglide liners. :-)

  59. Budget Beauty Bombshell

    I need to see swatches of the pearl glide liners. Does the shimmer transfer & show on the eye? Do they all have shimmer? If so, what color?

    What about the wear, what’s it like?

    Temptalia I expect all of this in your overall review report. LOL

    I count on your awesomely detailed reviews to help me decide what to order. Luv ya girl!

  60. Alix

    Uh oh, I’m in big trouble with this collection!

  61. This collection will cost me a fortune! But, who am I to complain when this is my chance to stock up on greasepaint sticks and colored liners? *insert innocent look at my bank account* 😉

  62. silverred09

    beautiful colors but…. not an interesting collection. i’d say nope.

  63. Virginia

    Do the greasepaint sticks crease? I’ve never had one of these. Can anyone describe the texture? Are they like shadesticks or paint pots?

  64. Ooh, the purple & navy eyeliners look so pretty! I wanna see the lipmarkers though ^^

  65. Leea

    I will definitely be getting the Zinc Zone and the Charred Mauve Greasepaint sticks,
    and the Almost Noir and Undercurrent Pearlglide eyeliners.
    They all look beautiful, but unfortunately I promised myself I wouldn’t go crazy on MAC collections this year : ) haha, not doing too well with that right now, but hey I can still work on it!

  66. kcrystal

    I wonder if the industrial pearlglide liner is similiar to wolf ?
    However, the almost noir and deep petrol intrigues me.

  67. MAC is taking me to the poorhouse

  68. JD

    Yay greasepaint sticks!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try to get them all…I love love love the one I already have.

  69. Alannah


    I am confused by the photo, though, because it looks like there is a green pearlglide on the end, but the names/descriptions don’t include a green liner. I don’t see a black liner in the photo (and there’s one in the descriptions) so maybe there’s a mix-up? I would LOVE a new green liner, that’s the only reason I noticed!

  70. babicsek

    OMG these look so amazing:D

  71. Meg

    I was hoping those were shadesticks and not greasepaints because the colors are lovely but the greasepaints just don’t work with my eyelids! The lipstains are very interesting though!

  72. audrey

    MAC IS BREAKING MY BANK!!! The liberty of london, the art supplies, pret a papier!!! I AM BROKE!!

  73. liana

    How do these greasepaint sticks wear? are they like shadesticks? Im more concerned if they crease?

  74. Alexis

    Yay more greasesticks and pearlglide eyeliners. I love my Molasses and Fly by Bleu eyeliners and I would love to see all of these colors in person!

  75. Ooo! I want the Almost Noir Pearlglide liner!

  76. Oh thank god i don’t want anything from this one, well at least none of the grease paint sticks.

    I bought some a while back from the Dsquared2 collection and i cant stand the way they smell, i wonder if it was just the ones i had boughten??

    idk. =\

    • cmferrets

      yeah the greasepaint sticks DO smell funky, mine do anyways from the style black collection. i thought i was the only one , i smelt it and what like “what the frike” but i love the colors so oh well! i hpe they do change the smell, cuz my eyes dont want to smell like a tire.

      • That’s what I was talking about it my post on here! I HATE the way these smell! Anyone who paints would recognize the smell right away as oil-based paint. ICK!!!! Yuk Yuk Yuk!

        I actually found the ones from DSquared to flake a bit too – I used the blue one on myself and in five minutes I was getting flakes of paint-stick IN MY EYE! It was most uncomfortable.

  77. Vanessa

    Drooling over the greasepaint sticks!!

  78. Kerri

    Holy crap! I might need a second job for this one. I’ll wait for swatches on the lipstains but I know I’m getting all the greasepaints and pearlglides. I’m gonna cry because of how broke I’ll be but rolling around in all my new stuff will make me feel better though.

  79. Lynniekae

    I’m sold on the greasepaint and liners. Not a fan of lipstains, so at least with this collection, I won’t do too much damage.

  80. Sharon

    Lots of stuff I want from this collection… adding it up in my head it will cost over $200 CDN. Yikes! :)

  81. Ashley

    I am totally buying Zinc Zone, Dirty, Brown Now, and Below Ground.

  82. Alex

    I heart me some lip stains!!! wish there were pictures! This will be my b-day present to myself (04/07). I play up my lips more so the eye stuff doesnt grab me.

  83. viv

    omg all the pearlglides. I am in so much trouble… eyeliner is my kryptonite.

  84. Mia

    i might have to get all the pearlglides… -_-

  85. Miss_Rona

    Dear MAC, you’re the reason I work overtime..hahahaha.

  86. Alice

    Is it possible to sharpen greasepaint sticks?

  87. Tina

    no pictures of the lip stains?

  88. aradhana

    the greasepaint sticks….looking forward to dirty, and maybe the black one. the black from dsquared2 turns a bit blue on me…

    does anyone know what the model in the pic is wearing on her eyes?

  89. Rosa

    I have never used grease sticks…what exactly do you do with them. Are they like shade sticks or they just eyeliners?

    • aradhana

      they’re a bit of a cross between the two…they’re a lot softer than shadesticks — i find they go on smoother. they can be used as liners or lid colour/base.

      • Rosa Napoleon

        thanks…I really like the colors. I would probably used them as a base. I see several I might pick. Gunmetal looks great.

  90. Kalee

    im liking the sound of:
    Zinc Zone
    Slick Black
    Charred Mauve

    …..oh crap. my wallet is going to HATE me.

  91. Vijaya

    I want everything. xD

  92. Helena

    Excited :DD

  93. Rosie

    What is a greasepaint and how is it used?

  94. Love the pearglide pencils! And I’m glad they are repromoting greasepaints, I didn’t get one when they first came out but after hearing so many good reviews, I’ll probably buy one.

  95. ms.mad

    do you think they used greengrease for the promo pic? love th e look. thanks

  96. kenneth alan

    I regretted not buying a greasepaint stick from the style black collection so i’ll definitely be picking up a few of those

  97. mars

    I am buying every single thing from this collection. Greasepaint sticks I love as an eyeshadow (work quickly using a 242 brush directly from the tip). I didn’t know for months about the sharpener hidden in the base of them and now they’re my favorite to line with. I’ve tried the lip markers and they are amazing. A perfect stain that stayed put all day long and never faded or feathered 7 it doesn’t have any texture to it!!

  98. Sarah

    whats a greasepaint stick???

  99. ocelot1

    eeee!!!! this is the collex ive been waiting for. i love love LOVE greasepaint sticks! these need to be made perm for sure…