Monday, August 15th, 2011

MAC Art of Powder Collection

Launch Date: September 29th, 2011 at all North American MAC locations, October 2011 at select MAC locations internationally

A collection of three M·A·C Artist Powders inspired by the Masters & modern art movements. There’s an op art Optical Bronzer that explores the depth, dimension and sheer illusion of bronze. A Street Art Eye Shadow personalizes the eye with a madcap act of pure graffiti – and for those who love random acts of light and shade, an In The Abstract Highlighter. These palettes empower creation…make some art!

Highlighter ($38.00 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • In the Abstract Soft pink base with yellow gold lines and lavender and mid-tone pink dots

Eyeshadow ($38.00 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Street Art Graffiti design with light brown, white, light cool blue, warm orange, pastel pink, and pastel blue

Bronzer ($38.00 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Optical Bronze with gold pearl and neon pink with gold pearl

See more photos!

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79 thoughts on “MAC Art of Powder Collection for Fall 2011

  1. dude! wth?! those are PRETTY!!!!

  2. Sharlie

    The eyeshadow looks like it might be difficult to use. Not sure what to think about that yet…

  3. Jasmine

    They’re gorgeous, but I think I’ll pass. Too pretty to use and too expensive to buy “just because”

  4. Michaela

    These all look absolutely gorgeous, especially that bronzer. The whole concept is pretty neat, but i’m really wondering if all these are oversprays. Hmmm…

  5. Meagan

    Beautiful!! I am really digging the look and sound of the Bronzer, even though I am so pale that I don’t typically reach for bronzers when they are released. The eyeshadow looks very interesting-I wonder if its designed to be used as one shadow (mixed) kind of a “create your own color” idea.. or separate shadow colors. Either way, I can’t wait!! Thanks Christine for all your hard work :)

  6. alex

    These look too pretty to use.

  7. ErinGayle

    Neato! but it makes me not want to use it 😛

  8. Holy cow, I want all three!!! Though the eyeshadow might be hard to work with…

  9. Margaret

    This…does not look good.

  10. Looks like something DiorShow would put out. Very pretty but I rather spend $46 on something else.

  11. Amy

    WOW!! this looks seriously cool! I’m going to be seriously broke!!

  12. Courtney

    Ooh, I think I’d really like In The Abstract– wait, $38?! Is the compact the size of my head?

    • Caryn

      to me they look like they are the same size as the new MAC quads. But that’s just what I think and have no proof lol

  13. kim

    they look cool in their packaging, but they seem like they’d be very tricky to actually use. not a fan.

  14. LM

    two boring but someone did a nice job on the artwork. probably wouldn’t meet my usual criteria but for what it is I think it came out well.

  15. Emily

    Ohmygod… I must have Street Art. But I KNOW that I will never be able to work up the nerve to even open it.

  16. Hillary

    mmm… i’ll pass.

  17. Ani

    im so loving the bronzer but im curious as to how you would wear the eyeshadow!!!

  18. Lisa

    Wow, these look really cool. O: I want them all.

  19. Toni

    Optical looks nice

  20. Judy

    These are amazing!And very creative. I’m planning on getting the eyeshadow & highlighter. MAC is making me bankrupt with all these amazing collections coming out. I don’t mind though. I’m a MAC junkie and proud of it. :-)

  21. Martha

    I don’t know what to think about it.

  22. Liz Mc

    Fascinating concept and they look really cool, but they’re expensive.

    If the highlighter swatches real well I’ll consider it, but unless it’s really over the top this is probably a skip for me.

  23. Sedasa

    I’m not quite sure what’s going on in that eyeshadow palette. Whatever it is, it ain’t pretty.

  24. sam

    i’m getting tired of mac collections :( these don’t even seem fun to me because i’m on mac collection overload

  25. loving it :)
    yeah, they will be mine


  26. emily

    Wow, collector’s items for sure o.o

  27. Very pretty! But I don’t have a use for products like these…

  28. kira

    ill definately get the highlighter and bronzer. i may pass on the eyeshadow, but who knows after seen some swatches.

  29. Isobel

    I don’t want to know how much Street Art will cost in Australia after the price markup…

  30. love the highlighter and bronzer … not sure id have too much use for the eyeshadow tho :-)
    thanx for putting these up christine
    much love

  31. leelee

    oh dear..i will be poor again and again…

  32. Monica

    I feel like they are very pretty but the problem is
    A.) The eeyshadow looks very difficult to use and looks like you have to put in a lot of work to use these shadows
    B.) These are expensive. Too expensive. $38.00 for an eyeshadow may seem a little overpriced.
    C.) I would not use them often not just because of the price but they aren’t one of the items I would usually grab for out of my makeup kit.
    In other words… I’ll pass.

    • Isobel

      Mac in Australia is generally $32 a normal eyeshadow, so it’ll probably be astronomically expensive :(

  33. Noir

    If I’m going to buy this collection, I’ll just save it and never use it. They look really pretty for usage to be honest.

  34. Destiny

    They look pretty but I refuse to pay that much for an eyeshadow.

    • Ryan

      Why? it could actually be a great value. if its a good 6+ grams like it seems then its actually cheaper than regular MAC eyeshadows. The same goes for people saying it looks hard to use. If its the size that it implys than it shouldn’t be hard at all.

  35. What an awesome looking collection! I have a feeling this will be highly sought after!

  36. Msharma

    People sucker for packaging will eat them up. I couldn’t care less for packaging/design

  37. Elysia

    I like the pink highlighter, but I don’t LOVE it. Plus it’s too expensive to buy for something i’m not crazy about

  38. Lianne

    Why is 2010 written in Street Art’s grafitti?

  39. Erica

    Oooh… I’m loving what I see! Don’t know how the eyeshadow works though…

  40. Carrie Ann

    For some reason, those promo pics don’t appeal to me at all, and I’m glad. All of these collections are just too much and I really don’t want to spend $38 on a powder or eye shadow. MAC should slow down and release one new collection every few months instead of all these ltd. ed. collections weeks apart.

  41. With so many collections coming out, i’m bound to go broke….luckily I’ve been saving money for the past 4 and a half months!!!!!!

  42. The eyeshadow looks like a mess, but the bronzer and highlighter could be usable, assuming overspray is limited…

  43. artemis

    what’s up w/ so many collections? hehe
    they look so cute

  44. Yazmin

    i would buy these and never use them, they are like a work of art just to be appreciated in my drawer. i might even consider having them out on display

  45. Sass

    That e/s looks cool so I’m getting that…the others I’ll pass on.

  46. Michelle

    These look gorgeous, but that eyeshadow looks like a pain to use. I’m thinking this is going to be one of those “buy it to have it, not to use it” type products.

  47. Gillian (AKA Munchy)


  48. Becca

    these are gorgeous, but 46 bucks for and EYESHADOW?!?!!?!??! that I wouldn’t even use because it’s too pretty and the individual colours looks hard to use… no thanks!

  49. Kaitlin

    The eyeshadow looks impossible to use. Dislike.

  50. I want the eyeshadow just to look at…lol

  51. Ashley

    OMG! OMG! *swoons*

  52. Lilinah

    These are quite conceptual! And i really like the look of the products in the packages. But only testing during pre-sale will tell of they are practical as well.

    The highlighter looks like it will be useful so i’ll try it out. I don’t use bronzer, and the hot pink is so not “me”, so that it’s a definite “no”. The eye shadow box is intriguing – i’ve managed to use marblized shadows before and get out only the colors i want, so it’s worth looking into – i can use the colors except the cool blue. It IS a work of art, but practicality will depend in part on size. But, heck, it’s make up and none is essential for life, unlike air, water, and food. Still, i have something of a collection, so i’m certainly gonna be in the back room of my local shop playing with them.

  53. Laura

    Not interested at all, unless that eyeshadow palette is the size of my head it looks impossible to use, and not that pretty to begin with imo. Thanks for the early info, tho!

  54. It looks pretty in the packaging but I also question the efficiency of using this. I may pick them up just because it is pretty but it is also pretty pricey.

  55. Amy

    would be nice if the packaging had a cooler design

  56. Perri


    what a waste. I’d use it a couple times and the pretty design would be gone!

  57. La.pLebiitah

    Those look awesome!!! But it’s too damn expensive, poor me!! =\

  58. the makup is a art ,spacially those people whose know this skill very well.and i like the mac art of powder collection,its a brand and nice products.

  59. Hannah

    These are so weird/cool. I’ll wait to see the uk prices but the eyeshadow looks really unique!

  60. Laura


  61. Tamara

    Very pretty. However, I wonder if those colors run all the way to the pan. Or is it an top overlay like what they did with the Dame Edna powders.

  62. This is a gorgeous collection!!!

  63. brenda

    highlighter looks nice but not worth $46. I’ll save it for Chanel or the shisiedo cream shadows.

  64. ActingGal

    sooooo pretty!

  65. Dionne

    Street Art looks very i n t e r e s t i n g ! ! !

  66. Claire

    The highlighter and eyeshadows look gorgeous. I don’t think it’d be as hard to use as people think. The black “graffiti” is just an overspray, so take that away and you have blocks of different colours.

  67. GR

    Pretty in the pan, but we have yet to see whether they will be lovely on swatches. If I am going to spend my money with something that expensive, it has to be worth it. 😉

  68. olivia

    I can’t pay that much for a bunch of overspray….

  69. Kim-Mary

    MAC needs to slow it down a little. I LOVE their cosmetics and all the LE collections as well as their permanent ones. I would prefer quality over quantity for the price(s) we macaholics are paying. Take your time MAC and make better quality products for your customers plus some new amplified lippies won’t hurt…lol.

  70. Jaa

    OMG! Those are sexy! Don’t care about how hard they would be to use, cause I won’t use them. I just want to look at the pretty :)

  71. Nancy

    If I buy these, it’s going to be for pure looks and collecting not usage..I’m going to limit myself and pass because as with every intricate and beautiful product MAC launches, I buy them to keep and look at in my drawers but never find myself using it up because of the price and it’s looks, Also.. $38 usd per quad.. sigh.. I’m tryna save up to get the whole holiday collection too, I guess I’ll most likely pass also.. =[

  72. Val

    They just become available online!!! I already made my order!!! YEAH!!!