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MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection

MAC Cosmetics All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection

U.S. Launch Date: January 7th, 2010

All Ages, All Races, All Sexes is our credo. Now M∙A∙C takes the “One World” idea further than ever, with a multi-culti colour story intent on a universal focus – spectacularly shaded and shaped brows for all, because beautiful people come in colours! Miraculously matched to the individual, Impeccable Brow Pencil is the ultimate artist’s tool to fill, lengthen and shape, with a firm tip that sharpens application for high-performance precision. Penultimate Brow Marker, in one shade suits all, has a liquefied glide adept at the all-important arch. But that’s not all: Lipstick, Lipglass, Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer shade extensions speak your language, a match for every international skin tone.

RE:  New Pigment Packaging

Yes, indeed — it’s true, there is new packaging for pigments. I checked with MAC, and each pigment contains 4.5 grams (at least for All Ages, All Races, All Sexes).  The packaging is permanent going forward and the price is still the same.  MAC will be phasing out the old jar packaging. This generally means until they’ve run out of stock.  I do not have a hard date, but I expect we’ll see it in 2010, since the new packaging will launch first in the All Ages, All Races, and All Sexes collection on January 7th.

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Myself Creamy pale yellow beige (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Equality Light dirty mauve with traveling pearl (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Empowered Creamy mid-tone neutral brown (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • 5N Plumy sheer brown (Lustre) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Glamour for All Sheer pale baby pink with pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Spirit & Soul Frosted dark cool brown (Limited Edition)
  • Liqueur Frosted mid-tone pink brown (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Naked Frost Sheer taupe with silver pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • All Races Cool light mauve tapue (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Cross-Cultural Dark yellow brown (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Banshee Dirty taupe with frost and sparkle (Lustre) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Showstopper Deep blackened brown (Matte) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.00 CDN)

  • Universal Mix Sparkly white gold (Limited Edition)
  • Rich Life Dark cool brown with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

Beauty Powder Blushes ($19.50 U.S. / $24.00 CDN)*

  • Personal Style Light mauve taupe (Limited Edition)
  • All’s Good Cool deep rose (Limited Edition)

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Impeccable Brow Pencil ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Blonde Pale yellow brown
  • Dirty Blonde Cool light brown
  • Taupe Mid-tone taupe
  • Black Blackened dark neutral brown

Penultimate Brow Marker ($16.50 U.S. / $20.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Universal Sheer neutral brown

Brow Set (Permanent)

  • Mink
  • Clear

Brow Pencil (Permanent)

  • Lingering
  • Stud

Blot Powder/Pressed (Permanent)

  • Medium
  • Deep Dark

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
All’s Good Beauty Powder Blush

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Personal Style Beauty Powder Blush

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Blot Powder

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Blot Powder

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Brow Pencils:  Black, Blond, Dirty Blond, Taupe

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Mink Brow Set; Lingering, Spiked Brow Pencil

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
All Races Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Banshee Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Cross Cultural Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Showstopper Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Universal Mix Pigment

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Rich Life Pigment

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Lipglass:  Glamour For All, Liqueur, Naked Frost, Spirit & Soul

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Lipsticks:  5N, Empowered, Equality, Myself

MAC All Ages, All Sexes, All Races Collection
Blond Penultimate Brow

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126 thoughts on “MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection + Photos

  1. electrik love

    did u mean jan 7 2010?

  2. Aramis

    this collection will be interesting. cant wait for the promo pics and advertisement!

  3. I will be all over the eyeshadows, that’s a promise! LOL!
    Very interesting collection by the sounds of it, me likey.

  4. Yea, more beauty powder blushes & pigments! Those shadows also sound like they’ll be really wearable and make great neutrals.

  5. Bridgette

    Omg Beauty Powder Blushes!!! I love them so much! Can’t wait to see some pics!

  6. Lorna

    this looks like a good mix for a collection

  7. sf

    i am soooo happy the Ns will be repromoted! I love 3n!

  8. Jenny

    MAC>.. my wallet will cry!!!

  9. Alia

    Is showstopper from the collection with Diana Ross?

  10. MissLynn

    Yes. Showstopper was launched with the Diana Ross Collection!

    Ladies! I have seen these colours and they are total must haves!

  11. Tattoo Girl

    Yay! New eyeshadows! And, I am in love with matta shadows now so these will be awesome!

  12. Cynthia Z.

    Not sure if I’ll have any money left to spend after the holidays.. but i really love the idea of this collection.

  13. Brittany

    photo’s photo’s photos, I MUST HAVE PHOTO’S they sound amazing. cant wait!!!

  14. selena

    This looks like a very interesting collection, and I’m actually excited. Especially since there are some blushes and pigments coming out, the release date is on my blackberry calendar !

  15. marlene

    OMG I cant wait to see pictures of this collection, the best part is this launches a day before my birthday

  16. Chase

    My wishlist:
    Lipstick: Myself, Equality
    Eyeshadow: Cross-cultural, Banshee, Showstopper
    Whichever brow pencil will be right for my hair color
    Penultimate brow marker
    Pigment: Universal mix
    Bpb: Alls good

  17. kpenn09

    I’m so dying to see pictures of these colours. I’m trying to behave myself with Warm & Cozy so that I can save up…this collection spells economic disaster for me!

  18. Rhonda

    Any photos yet??

  19. Definitely a cute collection.

  20. omg the pigment jars are so small!

  21. Tina Marie

    New style of pigment jars? Looks pretty cool.

  22. Looks Great! Nice basic beautiful makeup!

  23. Kajsa

    New pigment containers? o_o

  24. Chrissy

    What in the world is up with the Pigment Jars? Is this a new thing for 2010? I like them but if they have infact changed them, what is the size and why?

  25. Dee

    I’m SO HAPPY. I forgot to get Liqueur when it came out with Cult of Cherry.

  26. Ashley

    Wait… the new pigment jars are 4.5 grams? But still the same price? That seems ridiculously unfair. Do we know if this is a going-forward thing or just for this collection?

  27. Kat

    whoa, they are changing the packaging for pigments?? or just for this collection? ty for the info!

  28. kpenn09

    Oh myyyyyy…just as I suspected, I love pretty much everything!

    Christine, do you think that the brow pencils could work as eyeliners? I’ve never purchased one before, but Dirty Blonde and Taupe look like they might work as eyeliners for me (at least in the picture). What’s the texture like?

    • Hey K,

      I imagine they might, but I have no idea if they’re safe for the eyes or not (since they’re brow pencils), so that would be my only concern. They feel soft enough, though maybe not quite as soft as a regular khol. I haven’t tried one in awhile, though!

  29. Susan M.

    I want all of these. They look ideal for my medium dark skin tone! Think NC43 MAC foundation…

  30. Ashley

    I’m all for pigments being smaller… if they come with a smaller price tag!

  31. amy

    This collection reminds me of the N collection with lots of neutrals. I am interested in the pigments and the eyeshadows.

  32. Ashley

    nice collection! i’ll probably grab some stuff from it!

  33. Sweetpearl

    the new pigment packaging is cute, though i didnt have any problems with the old one, but i dont like that they will be 3g grams less product for the same price!!! ridiculous!

  34. Jennifer

    I want all the eyeshadows!

  35. Julia

    Well I personally am really confused about pigments right now! The MAC Pro site says 4.3g, the MAC site says 7.5g, and my (authentic, bought at MAC) True Chartreuse jar says 2.5g!

    • Hey Julia,

      I just checked like 30 of my pigments (I didn’t keep a lot of them in their original jars but empty PRO pigment jars–which they no longer sell, boo!), and all but True Chartreuse were 7.5 grams or 0.26 oz. True Chartreuse did say 2.5 grams. (All my pigments came from MAC stores.)

      All my other matte pigments aren’t in original jars, or else I’d try to see if just matte pigments are filled at 2.5 grams vs. most other pigments, which are 7.5 grams — several PRO colors (e.g. Emerald Green) were labeled 7.5 grams, too!

      • aksaiyo

        Hi Christine,
        I’m kinda confused now, my Brash & Bold pigment actually says 4.3g! It is definately the old packaging. So have they’ve been selling us 4.3g anyway? Do you have a Brash & Bold to check? Thanks

        • Mine says 4.3 – the Richmetal pigments were also 4.3. The Canadian site lists the larger pigments as 4.3 (the U.S. site lists them at 7.5). Matte pigments can be as low as 2.5g!

  36. Tori

    Wow this collection sounds SO good!! Im really excited too see swatches when it
    Comes out :)

  37. Lorna

    i am interested in the new pigment containers. funny thing is, i just started collecting pigments. i hope this doesn’t become a new obsession… this and warm and cozy should satiate all the neutral lovers among us.

  38. DonnaN

    oh, Banshee, Showstopper and Liqueur all have my NAME on them…..1/7/10, right?

  39. Brie

    Wow, this collection looks so promising!!

  40. Wilcoa

    Yeah I asked some of the girls at my MAC counter and they said they were told the new smaller amount is permanent as “prices of materials has gone up” and “MAC must remain competitive.” I wasn’t too pleased about this, so I’ve been buying all of the 7.5 g jars that I want. Don’t think I’ll be buying the smaller one, too much $$$ for the amount – and I do go through certain piggies that I use often.

    • victoria

      i agree, it is a bummer about the size and price. i mean i might get it if the color is beautiful. and i’m not too thrilled with the packaging, i wish it had a sifter or something like ilamasqua’s with a smaller hole or something.

    • Adrienne

      Oh no!! That’s horrible! What is Mac trying to do, get rid of customers?!

      • aksaiyo

        I agree with this thought. I heard on spectra that universal mix is the non-pink version of vanilla! this is really tempting. That may be my last pigment if this smaller pigment thing is permanent though. :(

  41. BeckBeck

    This is the first MAC collection I’ve seen a preview of that I’m like “want stuff from that!” I think I’d buy all the eyeshadows, haha, plus I like the looks of Liqueur lipglass, Myself lipstick and Personal Style blush. (Yes, I am obsessed with neutrals.)

  42. Jessica

    the OCD in me is crying too!!

  43. Alice

    “In the meanwhile, the OCD in me is crying.”

    LOL Totally know what you mean.

  44. Michelle

    I’m loving Equality lipstick!

  45. apfelwinter

    What’s the significance of the title ‘All Ages, All Races, All Sexes’? Is there any special sets composed, like in the collection BBR?
    Watching this promo photo, I have to say, I’m kinda disappointed. I thought ALL Ages and and ALL races are a little bit… wider chategories… Sorry, but I find it totally uncorrect.

  46. egon

    I don’t know I already have good brow products & enough browns in my stash ! maybe the Rich Life pigment

  47. Anitacska

    Enough! I can’t take any more browns! :O Can we have some colours please? 😉

  48. Ribbons

    Blond Penultimate Brow – I’m intrigued …

  49. Not too crazy about this collection except for the pigments, they’re gorgeous.

  50. Kay

    The whole pigment thing is infuriating IMO >.<

  51. Bobbiedoll03

    I am sooo excited about playing around with this collection at the counter. I really hope my counter has an event as well. I have a nice long list and since I have not hauled in aged, I will definetely be saving my pennies from now until the 7th so I can get everything I want…I feel bad for my 12/30th paycheck!

  52. Ally

    I need those beauty powder blushes I love the texture of beauty powder blushes :)

  53. Kristine

    I really don’t like the new packaging thing…we only get 3/5 of what we usually have on the current pigment packaging..and I would really hate it if we have to pay the same prize =\

  54. K

    The Penultimate Brow Marker looks intriguing! I wonder how natural it would look. I’m sad about the pigments too. Something tells me there will be less pigment in each jar for the same current retail. I love my Banshee eyeshadow that I have from a previous LE collection so it’s nice to see it return! The lipglosses look beautiful. These collections that focus on perfecting your existing features are brilliant.

  55. Honestly I think its disgusting that they shrunk the pigment sizes. I know they’ll last forever, but that’s hardly the point. The point is the jars used to be 7.5g, and now they’re only 4.5g, but the price isn’t coming down.

    Furthermore, this will cause problems for people who like to press pigments. As anyone who has pressed pigments will know, you need almost a full jar of pigments to press a full pan. So when we bought 7.5g of pigments in the past, they would yield a full pressed pan, and a bit extra. Now 4.5g in a jar isn’t going to press anything. You’d probably get a half-filled pan if you tried. So this means for us who like to press pigments, they’d have to buy TWO jars instead of one previously, just to be able to press a full pan. Geesh, so much for saving money by shrinking on the size.

    That’s so not cool MAC, so not cool.

    • Tonia I.

      I agree.

      I understand that MAC has to be innovative in order to stay ahead of all the competitors including the ‘fake’ pigments out there bla bla. Size reduction is unfair to brand royalty customers. More importantly, they won’t match with my already owned pigment collection which pisses me off. >_<

  56. aradhana

    looking forward to this collection…

    btw… what is a ‘travelling pearl’? (ref equality lipstick)

    • No clue… fancy wording, I’m sure!

      • Traveling pearl is another word for multidimensional pearl I believe. 3 of my pigments (Heritage Rouge, Push The Edge and Brash & Bold) are at 4.3g. I still want both Universal Mix and Rich Life pigments since I’m a pigment lover but the packaging is making me not wanting to purchase them.

  57. Helena

    That’s not a full-size pigment!! That’s an exorbitantly priced SAMPLE!!
    Doesn’t even come with a sifter, I bet… *tear*

  58. nicole

    my wallets really tight after warm and cozy and all but i think i can budge and get a beuty powder blush,naked frost lipglass and maybe a lipstick

  59. Rosie

    Oh, empowerment looks really pretty. Looks like a pretty good neutral shade for a Dark skin Afr. Amer. woman such as myself.

  60. Andrea

    Will the Mink brow set be permanent? Because it usually isn’t. The last time it came out with the Emmanuel Ungaro collection. But thank god it’s repromoting! I’m running out of mines! :)

  61. Nothing really exciting for me but it looks like there will be quite a few great staple products which is kinda exciting in itself!

  62. Luisafer

    Finally!!! it all looks soooooooooooo pretty!!! love that add

  63. Ooooh, Rich Life pigment looks gorgeous! Boo to the size and packaging change though… =/

  64. Saki

    Looks like a boring collection to me….I thought it was going to be something more interesting. I’m kinda over neutrals – everyone thinks that you have to wear neutral shades in winter. I’m so sick of that. MAC hasn’t been pleasing me lately…Style Black didn’t even do it for me (the lippies were a bit poor quality imo).
    And about the pigments: furious.
    I’d rather get the loose pigments by MUFE – cheaper. Better quality, too. I liked MAC because of the amount you got for the price but that’s not gonna last long, I guess! Might have to switch to other brands fully, then. *sigh*

  65. KIKI

    somehow I just feel like this collection isn’t diverse enough to be called “all races”, there are only two shades for the beauty powder blush and the blot powder…does anyone else agree?

  66. zeezee

    I dunno, looks a bit Bobbi-Brownish in its approach to universal neutrals, doesn’t it? Nice, to be sure – Banshee looks promising – but a bit bla.

  67. Jessica

    I’m kind of shocked by the promotional picture. Does the white girl have to have her arms around the black girl like that? To me that just doesn’t send a good message. I think there should also be more color range in the promo pics as well as the products, it makes it look like there are only two races. It should be titled 2 races, 1 sex. Not impressed MAC. I do applaud the effort though.

    • Julia

      I don’t understand, it just looks like friendly arms around someone.. it’s a bit of a leap to get anything more out of the image in my opinion.

    • Tonia I.

      I would have imagined a group of people. different ages, colors, sexes, altogether. That would be fantastic. MAC could have done a better job on promo pic.

    • kiran

      i get what you’re saying, if somebody was to critique it they could easily categorize the white female as present/dominant and the black female as passive/subordinate. it is evident in their eyes and gestures… be honest i didn’t think of it until you pointed it out but you make a valid point. race is historically a sensitive topic, so it would have been more appropriate for the models to be poised in the same manner which would represent a more generic/universal approach to the concept of equality.

  68. aksaiyo

    ohhh, does this mean they will apply it to all the regular pigments as well? oh noes! I’m just starting to get into pigments! Will I be able to get the 7.5g ones in the possible January FF? Should I stock up now? Please help me confirm when they will be changing all the pigments into that size!

  69. Natalie

    Is there a reason the pigment jars are a different shape? Is there still the same amount of product?

  70. Lindsey

    i hope the new packaging of the pigments doesnt have less product *knock on wood*

  71. i just recently started collecting pigments, and i really wanted to buy these two! i currently have 5 of the old sized pigments… but since theyre getting smaller in size, i doubt ill get more. universal mix seems similar to vanilla pigment, is that true?

    • Vlcatko

      I have read from one review that Universal mix is like Vanilla without the pink sheen – so I imagine it will be even more gold-ish looking than Vanilla.

  72. Sorry MAC, not I’m going to boycott your pigments until you either lower the price or increase the size of the jars.

    MAC’s products (just like other cosmetic companies) are heavily overpriced and I think it is our responsibility as customers to refuse these ridicolously high prices! I mean, come on! I’d rather stick to the really good but small and independent cosmetic companies that offer different sizes of their pigments and a reasonable prie tag.
    Sure, I love MAC pigments but I don’t love them or the MAC brand blindly.
    I’m so pissed at MAC right now that I want everyone to boycott all their products!
    i mean, what if everyone boycotted ALL MAC products for a month. Or two? Would MAC still feel that overpricing products is a good way to keep up (with) the competition when revenues drop by 100%?

    • ak

      Sorry but I’m a ‘scab’ when it comes to MAC boycotts; I just can’t abandon or boycott my MAC!! LOL
      I’m a moth to MAC’s flame and I love it blindly. Even when I avoid MAC’s certain collections, I always return to it for other collections and their permanent colors.

  73. Mary Ann

    The new pigment packaging is quite upsetting. This actually makes me not want to buy pigments anymore!

  74. ak

    Its a shame about the MAC pigments, its a good thing I never buy them! LOL

    Thats OK because I buy almost everything else from MAC. The lipsticks, lipglasses, eyeshadows, blushes, and brow pencils all look good.

    But I am a total economic disaster though! When am I ever gonna draw the line?! Are there any MA group meetings (MAC addicts)?

  75. Annie

    I’m like you Christine – I hate, hate, hate the new pigment jars with a passion. Because I’m weird like that :s I like all my stuff that is the same (such as different pigments) to LOOK the same, too. Especially if the price is going to be the same! I think that’s completely ridiculous :(

  76. Saira

    Do you think there will be a friends & family sale or some other 20-25% in January at MAC online?

  77. casey

    is this the first release of the penultimate brow marker? I wonder what the texture will be like. I have used Laura Gellar’s brow marker which is great–much like a watercolor–sheer, but builds easily. I’m excited if this is something new and we can look forward to other color’s in the future!

  78. Sarah M

    Christine, are the new pigment jars made of glass like the ones in the holiday sets, only bigger? It’s seems so from the pictures although I really hope they are not. The last thing I want is bits of glass floating around in my travel bag, if something breaks, when I’m doing freelance work. :-S

  79. Zoe

    i think that the only thing i’ll get from this collection is a brow pencil….

  80. Jessie

    It looks like those pigment jars are the same size as the nailpolish containers… are they the same at all?

  81. zoe77

    almost halving the amount of pigment you get for the SAME price is WRONG, and i will NOT be buying anything from mac again. personally, i think their pigment sucks anyway, i much prefer ben nye lumiere luxe powder (or pressed) shadow. it performs/blends better, better quality, highly pigmented, and CHEAP! EFF mac!!

  82. Rachel

    here is my thought on the hole pigment change: if they are concerned with costs they should either charge more for the current type of pigment, or use the same jars and just not fill them as much (maybe 6g?) because the changeover will be costly, and people with ocd about their beauty products (like me) will stop buying pigments!!

    temptalia readers should band together against the change, haha

    • liz

      I’m pretty sure it’s more the price of the plastic than it is for the pigment itself. If it is that, then why don’t they just make thinner jars? You’d have way more volume anyways. I mean, seriously, what is the point of Back2MAC then?

  83. Ali

    Can’t wait for Banshee eyeshadow!

    • ak

      Me either. From now on when I do smoky eyes, I’ll only buy very dark shimmery/metallic shadows, from MAC naturally, they show up better on my skin when I do smoky eyes as opposed to using only matte shadows *shrugs shoulders*. And using the Painterly paint pot underneath, or the Constructivist paint pot when I’m using brown/bronze shadows, is a godsend! I don’t bother buying light colored eye shadows anymore, as ‘smoky eyes’ are my husband for life.

  84. noha

    Christine don’t kill me for this, but what are pigment jars? What do u do with ’em?!

    • They’re loose color, basically – you can use them on lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. (well, some are restricted – e.g not on eyes or lips). The jars hold the loose color :)

  85. Jessica

    Sorry if this sounds stupid but i just went and checked my pigment jars (im from the uk) and they were 4.3g? im really confuzed.

  86. after swatching these, Banshee is definitely the stand out eyeshadow of this collection. But the texture isn’t the best – Kind of chunky if you ask me. I’m just not a huge fan of brown eyeshadows though… I have enough of them already, I don’t really need anymore. Universal Mix is quite pretty though! That made my list (I didn’t expect to get either of these pigments).

    • I swear Banshee came out before. Maybe I’m spacing… I remember it being a very lustre-ish kind of shade. Hm.

    • MAChostage

      When I first saw Banshee at the counter my heart skipped a beat. I always get excited when MAC puts out a new pink (but yeah, Christine, I think it it is a repromote!). The amount of glitter/sparkle is just too much, IMO. Urban Decay’s Snatch, in their Show Pony palette, is similar, but Banshee’s glitter is chunkier, and the pink is just not as pretty as Snatch’s. Once again I’m disappointed in a MAC pink. :(

  87. Loquita

    This and Warm & Cozy have me beyond thrilled!! Ths theme of this collection is one of the reasons why I love MAC so much – it’s for everyone. These are beautiful neutrals…I am going to probably be purchasing several of the e/s, l/g, and pigments, since these are staples shades for me. Can’t wait till it hits the stores.

  88. Serpica

    As much as I love MAC and the new Rich Life pigment…. I will NEVER buy another pigment from them again. The only reason I found about the size of the jars and the amounts changing was because my local store where I just spent $1000 with them told me to stock up now since they were changing the jars within the next week. Shame on you MAC for doing this to us! Just drop the price a few dollars and it will make things better…. I writing to them every day to let them know how dissatisfied I am with them!!!

  89. FAN

    what u guys think about the beauty powder blush. which one should i buy i am nc35

  90. lauraaaaaaaa

    hey girl, i noticed you mixed up the descriptions of myself and equality lipstick! i just bought equality today and that’s the yellowish one. LOVE IT BTW!