Thursday, October 14th, 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale Collection: Viva Glam for Holiday 2010

U.S./Canada Launch Date: October 28th, 2010
International Launch Date: November 2010

For all the Bravehearts and beautiful souls that keep the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund flowing, we say, ’Tis Noble to Give… and with every purchase of this gorgeous, grandiloquent world-clan collectible, you are helping to keep the coffers confident – because every cent from every M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM purchase always goes directly to the women, men and kids affected by HIV/AIDS everywhere. It’s our heritage, our proud moment…and yours too. Keep the VIVA GLAM clan alive and thriving!

‘Tis Noble to Give Viva Glam Lip Bag ($36.00 U.S. / $43.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Viva Glam V Lipstick Neutral pink with pearl
  • Viva Glam V Lipglass Neutral pink with pearl

This go ’round, our special project for Kids Helping Kids is all about what happens when Teddy Boys meet Fuzzy Bears! M∙A∙C Sir Teddy has been officially knighted as the international symbol of KHK, at the pleasure of Her M∙A∙C Majesty! Squeezable, laughably lovable Sir Teddy comes in two versions: A too-cute tartan key clip that makes you smile every time you “turn it on.” Or go plush: A clan-tastic “collage” cuddly doll that you want to hug till it hurts! All part of the big plan, getting bigger every year: M∙A∙C’s Kids Helping Kids is a tale we’re thrilled to tell over and over.

Sir Teddy ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Sir Teddy (with clip) ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

We asked our extraordinary kids everywhere to tell their own Tartan Tales, and the results are more artful, abstract and inventive than anything the international art world could have come up with…and quite a bit less complicated! These cards, created by kids affected by HIV/AIDS, are so full of calamitous charisma, bold bravado, tartan tenacity…they’re teeming with optimism and individuality! You’ll treasure them, every one a masterpiece, just as much as we do… with all proceeds going to the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund. Good for giving all year ’round!

6 Kids Helping Kids Cards ($8.00 U.S. / $10.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

12 Kids Helping Kids Gift Cards ($8.00 U.S. / $10.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

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When does this come out?

October 28th for North America, November for international.

Is this limited edition?

All items have their status indicated item by item, but the majority are limited edition.

When will you have swatches?

Since I typically can't do swatches until I'm able to purchase the collection, not until closer to the date. If I'm able to do anything earlier, you will see it posted at that time.

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37 thoughts on “MAC A Tartan Tale Collection: Viva Glam for Holiday 2010 Official Photos & Info

  1. AngieV

    my son is goin to love that teddy is sooooo cute

  2. Sabrina

    I love them! So cute. :)
    How is the VG V lipglass? I have the l/s and love it but I’ve never tried the lipglass.

  3. Ani_BEE

    Sir Teddy better get some love. Seriously buy him as a stocking stuffer for your young family members.

    Why did it have to be Viva Glam V, it makes me look sickly wearing those shades. T-T

  4. Fiaspice

    The teddy is so cute. Me wants!

  5. aradhana

    the rest of this collection is overwhelming me…i might just get the teddy bear and forget the rest…;)

  6. Amy

    sir teddyyyy omgggg

  7. Kalee

    aaaH!!! i want the teddy!!! i do looovvve the tartan bags they’re putting out too

  8. Mor

    I’m loving this… The teddy is adorable, the cards are so sweet (I adore the one with the black teddy on it!). The lip products in the gorgeous bag look good, too- I can’t wait to see swatches of those, as I can’t really imagine what they would look like on.

  9. hehe I love the fact that I have a good excuse to buy this Sir Teddy ! So darn cute, I need him hahaha
    I might just have to buy the lipstick and lipglass combo, when it’s for charity, you don’t count 😛

  10. Hannah

    Aww… Teddy! So cute!

  11. Princessflttrby

    Now this I won’t feel guilty about buying for myself at Christmas time :)

  12. Lucie

    Hi! I’ve been lurking around here for a few weeks now. I don’t own much MAC stuff, but this collection is amazing! That packaging! Those colours! But I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get them until after the holidays when I have more money in my pocket, how long does the holiday stuff usually stick around? Is it gone in a matter of days like Venemous Villians or is stock less limited? I need to know if I should try to get my hands on some cash and spring the day they come out, or if I can hold off for a bit. 😉

    • I haven’t seen holiday launches sell out very quickly in the past years, though not a guarantee it won’t happen – but you should be okay to wait a bit!

  13. shayna

    awwwww! i want sir teddy the most! but i only have a counter so i will have to order online :)

  14. Aleksandra

    Thanks for posting this! I like hyperventalatedwhen I saw everything, also look its in french! Haha, Canada FTW.

  15. SiaM

    I want the Sir teddy keychain (there is no problem with me to add one more key ring to my backpack and keys) and the lip bag =)
    Thanks for the awesome preview of these collection Christine I greatly appreciate.

  16. Johnathan

    omg, i NEED that bear! :O

  17. Vijaya

    Kids Helping Kids is so sweet. I love that MAC partners with them. I’ll be buying all my cards from them this year!

    (And as an addict to cuteness, I think I’ll be getting at least one of those bears <3)

  18. Alex

    Viva glam v is wayy to nude for me… But the Teddy is MINE!! I love how mac works with such a great cause!

  19. YESS!!! Viva Glam V is one of my favourites! I will definitely be picking up the lip bag. :)

  20. Eliza


  21. Sabrina

    Will the teddy be availible only in mac stores or counters too? Thanks!

  22. OMG, I have to have Sir Teddy!

  23. Samantha

    I need that frickin bear!!!!

  24. I’m a sucker for a good cause. I’ll definitely pick up a bear for my daughter. It would make a good stocking stuffer for her second Christmas!

  25. jollie

    I am definetly getting the teddy, I just wish it was regular size. I wouldn’t mind paying more money for a regular size teddy bear.

  26. Angelina

    in the lipbag first promo pic the lipstick packaging looks different than the secould picture?

  27. Michelle

    I’ll definetly getting Sir Teddy!!!

  28. Ahhh I want the bear!!! And the Clip so I can hook it to my keys.

  29. I picked the the Viva Glam lip bag and will be picking up the teddies too.

  30. Liliane

    The key ring bear is not available here so I just got the “big” teddy, which is not that big at all – but very cute and very nice quality. The colours are awesome – a very adult version of the classic teddy, almost Westwood-ish. So I actually bought it for myself, maybe I’ll give it away eventually, but probably only to my future children – it’s just too cute.

  31. Lisa

    I can not beleive Sir teddy is only $15 dollars in the U.S it is $48 dollars here in australia! aghhhh!!

  32. Eli

    How can i purchase a SIR TEDDY? I live in North Carolina, USA