Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Beauty Basics: MAC Eye Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 214 Short Shader Brush

MAC 214 Short Shader Brush ($23.00) is best described as a stubby 239. It has natural bristles, and the brush itself is fairly stiff. If you’ve ever wanted to smoke out your lower lash line for an ultra sultry smoky eye, this is the brush you’ve been missing. The rounded edge can easily smudge color without getting it everywhere. It can also be used to deposit color into the crease or to create an extremely defined/sharp crease. The stiffness of the brush helps to prevent over-blending of the crease when used for that application.

How do you like to use this brush?

See close-ups

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62 thoughts on “MAC 214 Short Shader Brush Photos & Review

  1. Crystal

    Oh that looks like a fun brush!

  2. electrik love

    i love this brush…i saw it on the mac website one day and had to get it…i use it on my lower lid before you get to the crease…it deposits color very well because the bristles are stiff but still soft.

  3. hi

    I use it for smokey eyes! And since I smoke out my eye makeup frequently, I use this a lot. :)

  4. Sephora makes a really similar brush. WOuld you happen to know how the MAC one compares to it?

  5. AYHM

    This is a fabulous brush, I use it mostly to apply concealer under my brow(for a natural look when I don’t want to highlight with shadow and the brush allows me to perfectly sculpt the brow and gives the look of a clean, fresh threading).

  6. cloudburst

    I have this but I find the bristles a little scratchy, so I only really use it to pack on small areas of intense colour.

  7. I didn’t pick this one up as it is so much like my NARS #15, but this style of brush is amazing for smoking out eyeliner like the Kohl Powers or any soft eyeliner and also cutting the crease. Smoking the eyeshadows up or really packing on color. Just a great multi use brush!

  8. Aimee

    I love this one. I use it every day to deposit color on my lower lash line.

  9. Ang

    I’ve had the 214 since it came out w/ the bbr collection, but I never use it. I used to use it to apply my highlight color.

  10. BINNIE

    I noticed this brush is still availabel on the uk site im pondering if its a MUST HAVE?

    any comments any1??X

  11. Jen

    I had to have this brush when I saw it and my MUA even tried to talk me out it. Should have listened, I hardly ever use this brush. It is too stiff/scratchy to smoke out top lid eyeliner. I find it makes a general mess of it. I love the idea of it and keep trying different techniques with it, trying to make it work but it’s not a must for those building their collections!

    • Jen

      Thanks for more suggestions on how to use this brush! I will try to show this guy some love using it for highlighting, packing color and more crease work. I just believe nothing stands up to MAC 219 brush for smudging out lower eyeliner. Instead of using the tip, I was given a tip to tilt it to the side and smudge from there. Two uses in one great brush! Apply with the tip, wiping off any product left and smudge from the side in short strokes.

      • I think the shape of these bristles makes it easier to smudge certain liners (like creamier ones), IMO! The 219 often seems to get a lot of product caught up in it!

    • It isn’t ideal for the upper lash line, because it is a more sensitive area – I definitely prefer it on the lower lash line.

  12. I have one like this that I got from a Kirkland brush set that I bought and I LOVE it. I much prefer this to a pencil brush like the 219 to smoke out the lower lash line.

  13. Joss

    I’m really loving this brush series! Very helpful and informative 😀

  14. scalley123

    love it, i use it when am doing a smokey eye with black eye liner on the bottom i use this brush too blend and then deposit black eye shadow on top of the liner, it don’t smudge it just goes where i want to it go!

  15. Chiara

    Those brush reviews are great! Keep up the good work =D

    I’m a little sceptical about this brush. Is it worth to spend around 20 euros on a brush just to smoke out your lower lashline, which can easily be done by the 219?

    • Thanks, Chiara! :)

      I like it a bit better than the 219 for smudging, just because it’s faster and it doesn’t really BLEND color so much as smudge (who knew there was a difference?). Do I think it’s a must? Nah!

  16. glamrockstar

    what camera do you use because these close ups are amazing!!

  17. Sass

    I haven’t gotten this one yet, but I got a look at it and I will get it. I want all of my brushes MAC so I have no choice in the matter. But I definitely know this one will be great to use under my lashes. Great brush.

  18. ambar

    I love this brush. I got it a month ago more or less and I can’t live without it. For me it has became a must have.

  19. shonn

    I need to pick up another eye brush…I have a few 239’s and I use them for everything. I/e pigment etc. What do you think would be best for the outer corner of my lid and up to crease. I usually wear a lot of dark e/s and probably need something more dense to really pack in the color??

  20. Teresa

    I got this brush during the F&F sale because of your review. I’ve had the chance to use it once so far and I love it. I like using it for dark colours in the crease. Thanks again, Christine! :)

  21. Jazmine

    Sephora recently released their new I.T. brushes and it has a brush very similar to this, their smudge brush too. But for like $2 cheaper. Have you tried that one yet? How do you think it compares?

  22. I’m looking for a very thin and small brush to put colour (white) between double winged liner… Do you think it would work for me?
    I may sound stupid but don’t you think this brush is cute???

  23. Emme

    Sonya Kashuk has a bamboo shader dupe,I love it!

  24. pinkrickjamespony20

    This is one of the first brushes I bought! I use it wet with pigments to apply shadow above the crease. I have hooded eyes so this is the brush I often use to apply shadow to the hood part that can be seen when my eyes are open. I always use it wet. Also love it for lower lashline color and highlighting. It’s good for spreading wet products with control and even consistency. The sonia kashuk bamboo is a pretty good dupe. The MAC is better. I think these brushes are sometimes called “French shaders”?

  25. t7n7t

    The sephora brush has much shorter bristles and is much stiffer; you can use that mostly for smudging…