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LUSH Holiday 2010

LUSH for Holiday 2010

LUSH always puts out a TON of holiday items and gift sets, so check out this rather exhaustive list… Everything is available online at LUSH!  Anything catch your fancy?  Personally, this is one of my favorite brands for finding great, affordable gifts to give or use as stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers

  • Snowcake ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Marzipan-scented soap cake
  • Angel’s Delight ($5.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) The reason angels come down to earth at Christmas
  • Candy Candy ($5.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) A sweet bubbly treat for the bath
  • Snow Fairy Shower Gel ($24.95 for 16.9 fl. oz.) (Vegan) Fruity pink shower gel for snow fairies everywhere
  • Li’l LUSH Pud ($3.95 for 3.1 oz.) Just like the traditional English pudding! Without the fire part, that is.
  • Cinders ($3.95 for 3.1 oz.) A soothing soaker for seasonal chills
  • Satsumo Santa ($4.95) (Vegan) Bursting with citrus oils for a jolly good bath
  • So White ($3.95 for 3.1 oz.) (Vegan) Soak in apple-scented froth for a happy ending
  • Christmas Eve ($6.25 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Too excited to sleep? Have a soak with one of these!
  • Sugar Plum Fairy ($4.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) And sugar plum fairies danced on their skin
  • Winter Bath ($3.95 for 3.5 oz.) Finished frolicking in the snow? Hop in a winter bath.
  • The Boog ($6.95 for 4.6 oz.) A Swedish snowman tradition with a twist
  • Gingerbread House ($6.25 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Christmas is a confectioner’s dream, especially with our Gingerbread House bubble bar
  • Bearded Lady ($5.95 for 3.5 oz.) We dare you not to make a bubble beard
  • Glogg ($24.95 for 16.9 fl. oz.) (Vegan) A Swedish tradition to get you in a lather
  • Bon Bon ($8.95 for 0.9 oz.) (Vegan) Scrumptious cranberry scrub for sugary, sweet lips
  • Snow Fairy ($5.95 for 0.4 oz.) (Vegan) Bubblegum flavoured lip tint
  • Maple Taffy ($4.95 for 0.4 oz.) (Vegan) This Christmas, kiss like a Canadian
  • Once a Year ($8.95 for 2.1 oz.) Mark your calendars for a festive treat
  • Buche de Noel ($9.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Boozy cleanser for soft, winter skin
  • Iced Wine ($10.95 for 8.8 oz.) A specialty treat made just once a year
  • Mandarin’s Tea Party ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) Mandarin orange soap fit for an emperor
  • Snow Globe ($5.95 for 3.5 oz.) Citrus invigoration for winter mornings
  • Matrioshka ($19.95) S Rozhdestvom! Celebrate the season with our bath time babushka
  • Silent White ($6.00 for 6.3 oz.) Peaceful floral fizzer for winding down the day
  • Hot Toddy ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Fancy a Hot Toddy or two?
  • Christmas Kisses ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Spicy cinnamon bubbles for big, warming cuddles
  • Ruby Red Slippers ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) There’s no place like your tub
  • Gold, Frankincense, and Beer ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) Golden boozy jelly for a pre-party in your shower
  • A Gold Star ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Vegan) A golden star of frankincense to lead you back home

Check out gift sets!

12 Days of Christmas ($74.95)

If you know someone who’s been really, really good this year, why give them just one Christmas treat? This gorgeous hat box is filled to the brim with twelve holiday products for festive baths and merry showers all winter long. Well… unless that is you love LUSH goodies as much as us, in which case, they’ll last you twelve days (if that!) You’d better pick up two. Candy Cane 3.5 oz, Cinders 3.1 oz, So White 3.1 oz, Christmas Eve 3.5 oz, Satsumo Santa 6.3 oz, The Böög 4.6oz, Winter Bath 3.5 oz, Bearded Lady 3.5 oz, Gingerbread House 3.5 oz, Mandarin’s Tea Party 3.5 oz, Glogg 3.3 fl. Oz., Snow Globe 3.5 oz.

Happy Christmas ($39.95) (Vegan)

For many of our customers, spending time relaxing in the tub is just the ticket for a happy Christmas. We designed this gift just for them. Nestled in the shiny red, reusable box are six stunners for sexy sudsing, bountiful bubbles and a fizztacular good time in the tub including our best-sellers and newest inventions. Happy Christmas? You’ve got it sorted with this one. Christmas Eve 3.5 oz, Cinders 3.1 oz, Mandarin’s Tea Party 3.5 oz, Sexy Peel 3.5 oz, Dragon’s Egg 6.3 oz, Butterball 3.1 oz.

Christmas Star ($34.95)

Christmas Star is a gift we’ve had for many Christmases here at LUSH, but it’s always so popular that we keep bringing it back! This year’s incarnation is filled with six Bath Bombs (including our brand new Mrs. Whippy), sure to brighten up the holidays for the shining star on your gift list. This one is great for teachers too- why not give them a gold star for a change? Cinders 3.1 oz, So White 3.1 oz, Li’l LUSH Pud 3.1 oz, Winter Bath 3.1 oz, Think Pink – XMSSTR 3.5 oz, Mrs. Whippy 4.4oz.

Christmas Candy Box ($39.95)

This year, our most popular Christmas gift returns – in a fantastic, re-usable box! We’ve filled it with a selection of very pink, sweetly scented goodies (as well as a chunk of our best selling Honey I Washed the Kids Soap) to make it a ‘best of both’ gift; ideal for anyone who likes showers and baths. Snow Fairy 3.3 fl. Oz., Candy Cane 3.5 oz., Rock Star 1 oz, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 1.7oz, Bubble Gum 0.9oz, Snow Fairy Lip Tint 0.4 oz.

Christmas Tweets ($27.95)

A delightfully indulgent quartet of holiday tweets for that poor soul who spends their holidays looking after everyone else. Why not suggest they unwind in a vanilla toffee scented bath and soften their weary hands with rose infused cocoa butter cream? Pick one up for your mum, your aunt and of course, your bird! Snowcake 2.1 oz, Vanilla Fountain 3.8oz, Smitten 1.5oz, Li’l LUSH Pud 3.1 oz.

Christmas Cracker ($14.95)

Skip the corny jokes and plastic toys this year -break tradition and give them a duo of Bath Bomb cracklers instead. The Böögg will delight with an explosion of colourful bath time fireworks, while Cinders will snap and pop in a spicy cinnamon fizz, warming them from head to toe. Cinders 3.1 oz, The Böög 4.6.

Best Wishes ($19.95) (Vegan)

A trio of our finest red and white goodies go into this perennially popular parcel. If you want to grant someone your ‘Best wishes of the season’, then treat them to this pack of bath time treats, all wrapped up in snowflake embossed paper. So White 3.1 oz, Satsumo Santa 6.3 oz, Bearded Lady 3.5 oz.

Secret Santa ($10.95)

What do you do when you draw someone’s name out of the hat for the annual gift exchange? Don’t fret; give them the gift of LUSH! Two delectable limited edition treats to use in the bath, in a beautifully wrapped box. Job done. Satsumo Santa 6.3 oz, Snowcake 1 oz.

Chillin’ with my Gnomies ($14.00)

Ok fine, we admit it. They aren’t gnomes, they’re little blue Santa’s on this shower-friendly stocking filler. Regardless of the elfin genealogy we’re sure their reactions will be anything but cool upon receiving this. Unwrap the box to find a pair of uplifting, invigorating shower treats for just about anyone. Snow Globe 3.5 oz, Whoosh 3.3 fl. Oz..

Christmas Washes ($59.95)

We reckon that everyone will want to get their mitts on this spectacular selection this year. Inside you’ll find seven products for the shower including shower gels, best-selling soaps, a shampoo bar for their toppers, and a moisturizing body butter for soft skin. Getting them into a lather over this gift is guaranteed. Sexy Peel 3.5 oz, The Olive Branch Shower Gel 3.5 oz, Glogg 3.3 fl. Oz., Mandarin’s Tea Party 3.5 oz, Buffy 3.1 oz, Sugar Scrub 1.7oz, NEW! 1.9oz.

Stardust Gift ($49.95)

Sprinkle a touch of Stardust over someone’s Christmas this year by presenting them with this fetching parcel of six limited edition sugary bath and shower products, as well as one of our spectacular new Twilight Bath Bombs. Or if you happen to be a fan of all things fruity and sweet, you may want to buy this box for yourself! Candy Cane 3.5 oz, Angel’s Delight Gift Star 1 oz, Snow Fairy Shower Gel 3.3 fl oz, Twilight 6.3 oz, Bon Bon 0.5oz, Sugar Plum Fairy 0.5, Iced Wine 3.5 oz.

LUSH Holiday 2010

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37 thoughts on “LUSH for Holiday 2010

  1. Maricar

    Hey Christine,

    I am already getting so excited about all the new holiday collections :)
    I was just wondering, when do you think you will have some previews up for the MAC holiday collections?

    Thnkx :)

    • I already posted everything I have for the MAC holiday collection. If I have anything else, I will be sure to post it as soon as humanly possible.

  2. Maricar

    Oh also Christine, I was wondering how we ask you those questions that you feature in some of your posts. Is there a specific email we should send those beauty questions to?

  3. Caitlin

    I LOVE Lush… :)
    But I have to order online becaise I don’t have a Lush store near me… do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions of new Lush stuff to try out?

    • Michelle Pattison

      two of the new non-seasonal bath bombs have quickly become my favorite ever – Fizzbanger and Dragons egg are so cool, strongly scented and lots of fun, fizzbanger has sound effects and dragons egg has a nice dose of glitter bith are colour changing.
      Also if you like spicy scents like me: Hot Toddy, Christmas Kisses, and hot java are all wondefrul retro, the first 2 are bubble bars and can be found in the christmas retro section and the last can be found in the regular retro section. Also Snowcake soap is a standby favorite of everyone i have ever talked to

  4. leesie

    I’m planning a visit to my closest non-Chicago (I’d rather NOT venture into the city for holiday shopping if I can help it) LUSH soon, and am so excited to sniff all this stuff. And probably buy some. I’m quite intrigued by the Snow Globe soap. Also, Snow Fairy lip tint sounds delicious–I had the bubblegum lip scrub and adored it, so I bet I’d like the tint.

  5. Fiaspice

    I recently discovered Lush products and they are amazing. I’ll probably treat myself to some of those in the Hollyday collection.

  6. Sam

    Ahhh SO excited! Any idea when these will be out in stores?

  7. Eileen

    Went to the live online chat party yesterday and picked up 9 items including Ghost shower gel and Snow Fairy shower gel and lip tint …. it’s always fun to get lush goodies but even more special around the holidays.

  8. Michelle Pattison

    Christine do you know if products like Silent White and Hot toddy will be available for the remainder of the season or were those only available last night at the chat party? I couldn’t order and this time and was really hoping for some of those things.

  9. Lamb

    I’ve been able to sniff/play with just about everything and OMG there isn’t a single product I love!… and I’m not just saying that because I work for Lush, I was a Lushie long before I donned an apron to support my habit!

    Seriously though, Iced Wine, Glogg and Snowglobe soap are some of the best smelling Lush products I’ve ever sniffed!

  10. Linnea

    Glogg and Iced wine sound sooo good! I’ll have to make sure I finish my Tramp shower gel before christmas!!

  11. s a b l e

    AHHH so cute, I want everything! Do you know if these products ever sell out?

    • HovercatMittens

      After christmas they usually do a “buy one gift set get second free” and online, “buy 1 get 2 free” for the seasonal stuff. That’s how I ended up with a ridiculous amount of Cinders and Satsumo santa fizzies!

  12. HovercatMittens

    teeheee “Kiss like a Canadian”.
    I still have stuff from last years 12 Days of Christmas box!! I’m lousy with using stuff up.

  13. Addison

    Am I the only person out there that doesn’t like the smell of lush products? I have tried so many products and none of them appeal to me, am I some sort of freak of nature or something? I want to love lush, there are so so so many rave reviews out on the internet, yet I can’t find anything that I like =/

  14. Vijaya

    I love lush. I just applied for a job there today. *fingers crossed*

  15. Karin

    This is CUTE! I had never really looked into Lush into now… shame! These products sound WONDERFUL. But I’m a little confused and curious… What exactly is “Iced Wine” used for?

    I’m adding this entire collection to my holiday wish list. My favorites are Snow Globe, Sugar Plum Fairy, Gingerbread House, and Bon Bon!

  16. Elle

    Ahh! Snowcake is my FAVORITE!! :) Thanks for the info Christine!

  17. the LUSH Holiday Launch is absolutely enormous! I love Lush Christmas:-) I’m curious as to why they only are putting up a few things for Halloween on the website and then switching them out…Kinda weird but oh well!

  18. Awesome!! I have not bought any LUSH products lately and will need to stock up on some soon!!

  19. nicci

    I love the holiday season since most brands come out with cute items! :)The Snow Globe sounds interesting

  20. Nessa

    SNOW FAIRY – my favorite LUSH Christmas product..

  21. markeesi

    I need to get a chunk of Snowcake. I got it last year for the first time, and at first I thought it smelled bad, like it was gone off or something, but then I got used to it and eventually fell in love with it. Also, Snow Fairy and Glögg -shower gels are on my list :) Probably also Iced Wine, the new shower jelly.. Although I have 5 shower jellies in my fridge as it is.. Oops

  22. Annika

    I LOVE Lush! I already have Glögg, Snowcake, Sugar Plum Fairy and Iced Wine – they are all so yummy! :)

  23. nunuiviet

    i’m soooooo sad we don’t have that brand n my country

  24. Jennifer

    I was excited to try Lush last year, so I ordered a holiday set that included Snowcake, Christmas Eve, Jingle Spells and So White products.

    Honestly, as lovely as the soaps were, they smelled very harsh to me. Very soapy-smelling and strong. I actually haven’t used three of the products, but whenever I move the bag they’re in, the room smells for the whole day!

  25. Lush always has such cute stuff. I just find I end up smelling too many things and can’t decide.

  26. Reyyan

    I love how LUSH is not only gorgeous but also good for the environment=)

  27. Gianna

    Dear Christine,
    This we be my first Christmas where i will be purchasing LUSH. I have a few questions about the boxing day sale. First off, when you purchase online do you recieve a code to put in when you check out, or are the products marked half off or free (or whatever they are) as soon as they are placed in your basket? Also, how many samples are typically included in your shipment (if you ask for them)? Thanks so much :)