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LUSH Do Knot Disturb
LUSH Do Knot Disturb

LUSH Do Knot Disturb

LUSH Do Knot Disturb ($29.95) includes four products: French Kiss bubble bar, Sex Bomb, Lust soap, and Soft Couer massage bar. Note, mine is a press sample, and it came with Dirty Toothy Tabs, whereas the ones for purchase include French Kiss–boo!hiss! since I adore lavender! The bubble bar as the fourth item is a way better pick, because those Toothy Tabs aren’t for everyone (so just ignore it in my photos!). With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share this with you, because I think it’s absolutely adorable. Totally a cute gift to give to your special someone who loves LUSH!

French Kiss is a bubble bar, which is described as a “calming and reviving lavender, rosemary, and thyme bath.” Bubble bars are typically used to add bubbles and scent to a hot bath. While you can certainly drop the whole thing into the tub, the best way to use these is to crumble a few pieces into the bath. I normally get two to three uses out of each bubble bar.

Sex Bomb is a bath bomb, which is described as “jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang.” It also has soya milk to make the water milky and helps to soften your skin while you soak. It primarily adds scent and color to a bath, and this particular bath bomb turns the water pink. Not as moisturizing as a bath melt, but skin won’t feel dry after a long soak with this. It will leave a faint purple ring around the tub, which I found rinsed off once I turned the shower on, but still something to mention.

Lust soap is all about jasmine. It’s full-on, unabashedly jasmine. I’m personally not a fan of jasmine (or most floral-based scents), but if you do love jasmine-scented products, it’s nice. It’s not synthetic or like a layered perfume.

Soft Couer is a massage bar, which is described as a mix of honey and cocoa powder. If you’ve tried Honey I Washed the Kids, the scent should be familiar. Massage bars are solid forms of moisturizing butters that melt as they’re slid around the skin (assuming you’re warm-blooded, of course!). I actually picked this up a couple of years ago in a trio of massage bars. If you do any massage, these are excellent–they really melt upon contact with the skin, and you can work it in over time, because it doesn’t dry down immediately.

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LUSH Do Knot Disturb
LUSH Do Knot Disturb

LUSH Do Knot Disturb
LUSH Do Knot Disturb

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9 thoughts on “LUSH Do Knot Disturb Review & Photos

  1. LUSH products are cute, but they always make me sneeze for some reason!

    • Hannah

      Yeah, I literally cannot step into a Lush store because the smell is so overwhelming(ly unpleasant). I haven’t tried any of their products for that reason

      • Alison

        That’s so weird. I’m someone scents generally set off (migraines, sneezing, itching.. the works.) and I buy Lush BECAUSE its one of the few brands that doesn’t.

        Perhaps we’re allergic to different types of ingredients…

        • jillian

          The only thing that bothers me about Lush is that they train their employees to tell customers that they don’t use synthetic fragrances when they absolutely do – they disclose it on their website, yet they train employees to lie to consumers. I only get headaches from synthetic perfume/fragrances and can tell the difference from a mile away- I’ve worked with essential oil companies and natural bodycare companies for almost 20 years. I have friends who wear perfume and still get headaches and/ or allergic reactions simply from being in their stores. That being said, I love some of their fresh face masks, and am trying to devise a plan for how I can acquire them without actually stepping into a store 😉

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous :) Love it!!

  3. Wouh so lovely it is a good present for valentinesday!!

  4. I actually used Soft Coeur as overnight hand cream. It’s a bit greasy but it works really well and smells so good! 😀

  5. Very cute packeging and very cute pack of products! thanks for sharing, I am very curious and how they work and if they are worth it! thanks for sharing

  6. toothy tabs are the worst thing! bought a little pack on impulse and when i tried crushing it up between my teeth i ended up eating/choking on some and losing the rest in the sick when i tried brushing. :(