Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Look from yesterday :) My brain is tired from reading marketing–at least it isn’t dying like it was doing accounting homework. I think accounting might kick my butt, LOL!

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Lovely Lily pigment (lavender), Up-do eyeshadow (light pink), Team Violets eyeshadow duo (mauve-plum/dark burgundy), Hush eyeshadow (pink-toned highlighter), Urban Decay Lust Eye Liner (purple), Rave pearlglide liner (dark purple), Chanel Exceptionnel mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Blooming blush (soft pink)
  • Lips: YSL Lingerie Pink rouge volupte lipstick (pale pink), Negligee lipglass (purple-pink)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Lovely Lily = Kitschmas (close); Up-do = Sushi Flower; Team Violet = Fig. 1//Sketch; Rave = Prunella; Blooming = Well Dressed; Negligee = Cultured

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Lovely Lily pigment all over the lid as the base with the 249. On the inner lid, apply Up-do eyeshadow using the 239. Apply Team Violets (lighter side) to the middle of the lid. Darken the outer lid using Team Violets (darker side) and drag into crease using the 239. Sweep Hush eyeshadowunderneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Rave pearlglide liner on outer lower lash line and UD Lust Eye Liner on inner lower lash line, and Chanel Exceptionnel mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Blooming blush using the 129. Apply YSL Lingerie Pink lipstick to lips, and then top with Negligee lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

Lovely Lily, Up-do, Team Violets, Rave, UD Lust

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46 thoughts on “Looks – Pinks and Purples from Suite Array

  1. Trace

    I like this look, it’s funky! This lip color looks like a perfect fit with the eye combo 😀

  2. Heather

    Your skin looks so matte – I LOVE it! That lower liner looks almost blue in the full face photos, so it adds so much dimension to the purples you used. You look beautiful!

  3. So is this you modeling the Vixen palette? It’s beautiful :)

  4. Bella

    Christine- I thought you were in law school? You have to take marketing and accounting classes? Weird!

  5. Thalia

    This look is really nice, but there’s something about the colour of your foundation that looks a little… off. Like its a little too yellow or beige compared to the looks you’ve posted in the past.

    • This is a really good example of what different lighting can do! I’m using different lighting and area for these photos – and it’s actually more accurate than the majority of photos I’ve used in the past, LOL (because in the past, the flash tended to overexpose/over saturate). So this is, unfortunately for me I suppose, the color of my skin!

      I keep going back to the photos and looking at myself in the mirror, and I’m not seeing a difference :(

  6. SnickerDoodle

    I love it! Sometimes I have a hard time with pinks and purples together, I always seem to over-bled them. But this looks really great! And accounting totally sucks.

  7. Pretty eye. You’re so creative with your color choices. I like an understated look, so I think I would’ve paired it with a more neutral lip. Something along the lines of Modesty, a brownish pink from the new MAC Cremesheen collection. Good luck with homework!

    • You could definitely do that :) I always feel like those kinds of lips make me pale, which is probably one reason why I lean towards bolder than not, LOL.

      Thanks :)

  8. Colleen

    I’m working on my MBA too. You may have to practice the same problem sets 8 hours a day for the week before the midterm, but you’ll get it. Besides, most B-schools are merciful during The Core and implement a forced curve. By the way, I love checking out your blog every day. I’m dying to get my hands on some of those YSL lipsticks you’ve been loving lately.

    • How far are you into it? Or how close are you to finishing?

      I took accounting before, actually, so luckily I just have to refresh the brain. Second class and we’re already doing income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, and equity. Way faster than I anticipated!

  9. Hey Christine! Lovin’ this look! I was wondering what would be a sub for the lipstick that your wearing?

    Later! Valerie xoxo

  10. Colleen

    I’m a first year in a full-time program, but we’re on a split-semester schedule so I’ve been in class since about August 15th. Luckily I’ve taken accounting before too, so 8 hours a day was, admittedly, an exaggeration (it was more like 4 LOL). Our class moved just as quickly. I have a lot of sympathy for the kids who had never heard of debits and credits before!

    Does your program have strategy during the first quarter? That class is awesome. So far it’s my favorite part of business school, besides all of the corporate schmoozing of course. I’m already worried about landing the “perfect” internship. My dream is to squeeze my way into Aveda, which of course is an Estee Lauder subsidiary, the parent corp over your beloved MAC!

    • Got it :) I’m still taking one law class, and that started mid-August, too!

      Nope, no strategy in the first quarter! Management 101, Accounting 101, and Marketing 101 basically.

      Good luck getting into Aveda :) Get ready to move to NYC! I believe EL is headquartered there. Imagine it, a huge building with floors of makeup!

  11. s

    Please do a tutorial on this look! i simply love it!

  12. Asta

    Ooooh, your hair looks so good! The eyes look great too, of course. =D

  13. DevilishDoll

    I like the look, but at least now I know I don’t need this duo, I can easily dupe it with colors I already have.

  14. Loooooove <3 I am really feeling different coloured liner on the lower lashline at the moment too!!

  15. inani

    Hey, love the look. I have been lurking around this blog, but never had the chance to comment. But now I have to say: Girl, your eyebrows never looked better!!!

    Tumbs up :)

  16. claudine

    you look beautiful

    oh and i bought this lipstick yesterday to be honest i bought two of this color (lingerie pink) i love it lol

    oh and im happy that i finished school i used to hate accounting and marketing classes lol

  17. Cynthia

    This look is really pretty!!You look fab!

  18. Joyce

    Hi Christine.
    I like your tutorial.Can You advise me how to enhance my dark complexion. I’m half african and half indian

  19. danielle


  20. katrina

    i loooove the eyshadow. christine did u change ur camera? the shots kinda look different…

  21. katrina

    i love how the new camera takes portrait shots. the colors are more vivid. what camera are u using?

    • It’s a Nikon D90! :) It does a much better job of capturing colors – like the flash works better, but to be expected, it’s a much better camera in every possible way. Except weight, LOL.

  22. hi

    Uh oh, looks like you got a lil’ Lingerie Pink above your upper lip :O Meh, you can just wipe it off 😉