Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Mellan update: yesterday, he spent the day at the vet so they could monitor him and take chest x-rays. When we picked him up yesterday afternoon, the vet showed us the x-rays, and he said that he didn’t see anything that stood out to him as abnormal. Today, our vet spoke with some specialists, aand the radiologist also agreed that his heart looked normal. So while there is definitely a heart murmur present, they do not feel it is life threatening at this time. I imagine that unless we start seeing symptoms, we should assume he’s pretty normal (well, for him!). Thank you all SO much for your kind words and thoughts. They meant so much to us :)ย  I took the above photo tonight, after I did tonight’s look — he always keeps me company by staring into the bathroom (he’s not allowed in it except for baths) longingly!

I got the urge to try and recreate my “Barbie Loves MAC” look, and I did… using not the same products as before, LOL.

I used Golder’s Green pigment (LE) on lid, Pink Pearl pigment above crease, Metamorph eyeshadow (LE) on lid, Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow above crease, Parfait Amour eyeshadow in crease, Living Pink eyeshadow (LE) above crease, Hush eyeshadow on brow, Metamorph eyeshadow (LE) on lower lash line, Blacktrack fluidline on upper lash line, Feline kohl power (LE) on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. I had Don’t Be Shy blush (LE) on cheeks with Lightly Lilac beauty powder to highlight. I wore Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick (LE) with Crystal Rose lipglass (LE) on my lips.

** These are recommendations for dupes based on permanent colors available — may not necessarily be identical; they are the closest I can think of!

Golder’s Green = Kelly Green + Chartreuse; Metamorph = Juxt; Warm Chill = Surreal + Juxt; Living Pink = Swish; Feline = Graphblack; Don’t Be Shy = Well Dressed; Fashionably Fuchsia = Girl About Town; Crystal Rose = Pink Pearl pigment + clear gloss

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97 thoughts on “Looks – Green, Purple, and Pink — Really, who knew?

  1. aw i’m so glad that he is okay. and i love that look! i think it’s even better this time!

  2. Kristen Elisabeth

    This is really pretty. I’m glad that Magellan is okay!

  3. Rini

    That’s Great News!! It’s Wonderful that Mellan is Ok!! I’m The Poor Puppy must be exhausted from being at the vet. I bet he’s very happy to be home! As I Know you are to have him back! =)

    As for the look… WOW! It’s Incredible!! Must try it out someday…. Although my skills are nothing to yours….

  4. jenn

    Very pretty!
    More importantly I’m glad to hear your beautiful pup is ok!

  5. Vivien

    Whoa this is hott, especially the lips!!! Glad to hear your puppy is ok!!! My dog is like my son, I cant imagine anything bad happening to him, its amazing how much we love our animals! <3

  6. Chrissy

    So glad to hear Mellan is okay. He looks tired in that picture..must have been a long day for all of you!

    Great look, I agree, it is better than before!

    • lol! That’s Magellan – keeping me company doing my makeup. He’s a little needy (at least he doesn’t cry or whimper when I leave), but he certainly loves his Mama!

  7. Yayyyyyyy! I’m so so so so SO glad that your puppy is ok!

  8. yuumi


  9. Lil

    Great news about your puppy! I was just thinking about Fafi again and I stumbled across this picture.

  10. Chloe

    =D I am very happy that Mellan is okay! Btw, I love your look and I think it looks even more fabulous this time around!

  11. jo


  12. addicted_2color

    whoa! what a trip. i was about || this close to wearing the barbie look today, but i opted to wear a lot of barbie products instead!

  13. Nell

    Good to hear mellan is fine!

    the look is amazing, you look just like the darkhaired barbie model in the promo pic from the collection!
    and your brows look perfect, btw!

  14. Mรกrcia

    It’s beautiful Christine, I love the combination of these colours.

  15. Amy

    So so pretty!! I like the different purple shades this time around. And I’m glad that your bebe is alright!

  16. Calico

    I am so glad he is ok!! Thanks for the update! :) he sooo cuuute!
    Lovely to see a repeat of an old look, when you look more mature(in a good way!) and your skills improve all the time! This is stunning!

  17. That is gorgeous, Christine. I’m so relieved Mellan is ok!! He’s getting so big <3

  18. Zsofi

    Thanks God Mellan feel right now :-)
    i was so worried about him…
    When i found out his situation a horrible storm started here with ice pieces falling from the sky….
    and now,that i write this my door suddenly started to close :-) So if there is something like Karma,than Mellan will be O.K. from now on !! and he is sooooooo beautiful :-)

    Now speak about the look: i love the combination of green and pink and violet!!! You wear it better,than Barbie ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sexy lips absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ahhhhhh ..I m so relieved that now he’s ok,Really happy for u both.

    Ur look looks absolutely stunning,Definitely its very much better from earlier,Luving the delicious colours and ur LUSCIOUS LIPPIES!!


  20. Minty746

    Hi Christine!
    I’m sooo glad that Mellan’s situation isn’t abnormal. I was pretty worried about him when you posted about his heart murmur the other day, and I’m glad that everything turned out alright.
    This is such a beautiful look, and I can see that it’s a little different from the other look you did for Barbie Loves MAC. You look wonderful, and I agree that you definitely look very Barbie-doll, complete with your wavy hair!

    • Me too! I’m truly surprised it turned out as well as it did, because we just never have good luck with these things.

      Thank you so much! I can’t tell you why, but I love this eyeshadow combo so much, LOL.

  21. Kristy

    I adore the look!!

    I’m so glad that Mellan is ok!!!

  22. Deanna

    Whoo! I am really glad that Mellan’s doing okie doke! I know how stressful that must have been for you. Annie (my Jack Russell) and I send him lots of snorgles and scritches. Totally dig the Barbie Loves MAC look you did, by the way. Very cool!

    • Gosh, it was terrible thinking about it! I’m glad that it’s over, at least for now.

      Mellan sends some licks Annie’s way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. gio

    I’m glad Magellan is ok.

    This look is so pretty!

  24. Ashley

    Love this look! Very pretty! I’m glad to hear Mellan is okay! I’m sure he is so glad to be home, but I’m sure the vet techs and assistants were giving him lots of snuggles yesterday to make him more relaxed!

  25. Tina

    OH MY! I’m so happy that Magellan doing well. He is so cute and so loved! Great look Christine…u r sooooo pretty…I might give it a go…

  26. Rubi

    BOTH of you are beautiful. I am so glad he is alright. I love the lipstick.

  27. AmyLou

    I’m so happy to hear Magellan is doing okay!! That’s great!

    And love the look–very bright and summery!

  28. dutchdaantje

    You look radiant as ever Christine!

    I’m very happy your cute Magellan is fine. It is always a real scare when you here news like that and it is good to have it examined. Lucky thing is, in most cases it is not that bad and many dogs grow over it as they get older. Hope this goes for your blond beauty aswell.
    Hugs and paws up for the Lab,

    • Hey Daantje! Thanks for your happy thoughts and encouragement :) It is the most bizarre thing, but he’s well now and that’s what counts.

  29. Stephanie

    Good thing Megellan is ok :)

    Your hair looks really good curly…what did you do to make it like that!

  30. Sandy

    Hi Christine, I’m glad your puppy is ok and you’re doing good as well. Again, another beautiful look. You are an inspiration to me:)

  31. Oh wow what a fun look! And I’m glad your doggy’s okay :)

  32. kellie

    ahh Mellan is so cute and I have got to try this look. How do you get such good separation of your colors? When i try to recreate some of your looks, the colors just run together and it looks nothing like yours.

  33. Tekoa

    Good boy Mellan! *gives him a very big chew bone* I’m so happy he’s okay.

  34. Eva

    I am so glad that the furry one is doing okay!
    And: oh my, he has grown so much!! He has such a pretty face..those big, soulfull eyes.. :o)

    Love the look…but you already know that!

  35. Angi

    Wow, you rock those brights! It’s like your eyes were made for that pink/purple on the brow.

    Great news on your doggie. He’s gotten so big

  36. Alexa

    aww im glad hes okay!
    i would be lost completely without my dog
    cute look!

  37. Nora

    Hmm, just looking at the pictures, could you tell us the difference between Golder’s Green piggie and the recent Warm Chill shadow? (That’s the light green one, right?) They look kind of similar to me. Hope your doggie feels better, too! I wish him the best!

  38. Claire

    I am so glad to hear about wee Mellan! You must be such a relieved mum! :) Mellan is such a gorgeous little guy! Well, not so little anymore – he is growing fast!

    Anyway, as for the look, it is gorgeous! You seem to be able to wear any colours! I would love to try that lip combo someday. Juyst wish I’d picked up those LE products. Maybe I’ll be lucky and come across them at a CCO (not holding my breath though!).

    • I am! I can’t tell you how relieved we are :)

      Thank you so much!! I adore Fashionably Fuchsia, it’s my favorite hot pink lipstick ever!

  39. S.

    You have a lovely dog. I’m glad that you feel better now and Mellan is okay. Just a concern, how come his eyes are red?

  40. Brittany

    ooooooh, LOVE this!!! it is GORGEOUS!

  41. Kelly

    I love the lips! ♥

  42. Stephanie D

    I love this look and all of the Barbie stuff! Your puppy isn’t really looking like a puppy anymore! He’s so big!!!

    • Thanks, Stephanie ๐Ÿ˜€ No, he’s not quite a puppy – I always forget that technically he is, since he doesn’t look it at all!

  43. Sash

    Ur so hot, Christine!

  44. charlene

    you do look like a barbie! :) who wud’ve thought is right! Thanks for being such a risktaker girly!

  45. lala

    mellan <33333

    you look like beyonce in these lol

  46. cas

    how did you get you eye liner on the inner parts so dark and to stay

  47. Bettina

    I just recreated this look just to see if I could and I think I have to wear it out somewhere it. :)

  48. Bettina

    Yah it was pretty sweet actually. I did it to myself first just for fun but then when I went out with my roomie and some of our friends I did it to her and she wore it out instead turned out great both times so thanks for the idea. :)