Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

You know that feeling you get when you do a look, and you just LOVE it? I totally had that yesterday. Admittedly, I haven’t really loved, loved, loved anything I have done in awhile. Gilded Green is a pretty unique pigment, because I couldn’t think of a great permanent dupe for it. Makes me think I might need to reconsider the CF pigments, but I’ll probably look for samples instead of buying them in full size.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look as much as I did :)

I used Gilded Green pigment (LE) on lid, Aquavert eyeshadow (LE) on inner lid, Wondergrass eyeshadow (LE) on middle of lid, Newly Minted eyeshadow on outer lid, Humid eyeshadow on outer lid/crease, Ricepaper eyeshadow above crease and on brow, Graphblack technakohl on lower lash line, Shade fluidline on upper lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. I wore Suncentered Color Forms Powder (LE) on cheeks. I had Cursty lipstick (LE) with Nymphette lipglass on my lips.

** These are recommendations for dupes based on permanent colors available – may not necessarily be identical; they are the closest I can think of!

Gilded Green = Emerald Green + Frost + (a dash of) Teal; Aquavert = Surreal; Wondergrass = Bio Green; Suncentered = Cantaloupe; Curtsy = Jubilee

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71 thoughts on “Looks – Colour Forms Gilded Green Rocks

  1. bright bright bright~!! this green looks lovely :)

  2. angela

    I’m with you Christine..it rocks!! i lovve greens because i have green eyes, so it looks like Gilded Green is going on my wish list! and i think i love it when you line the top lashes, too!

  3. Elle

    I think this may be my favorite green look on you. I also love seeing what you do with the looks because your skintone is similar to mine, so it makes it easy for me to see what will look good on me. Is there anything you *can’t* pull off? I don’t think so! Gorgeous!

  4. TR

    Wow. You look so pretty in greens. :) Love this color.

  5. Your eyes look huge! Much bigger than normal. I think it’s the mascara.

  6. Kristy

    Amazing!!!!! I bought gilded green too and I adore it!! I need to play around with it some more..so thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. Kelly

    I know I’ve said this before but green is the best color on you by far!!!

  8. Ariele

    This is, by far, my favourite look I’ve seen you do in quite some time! Not sure if its just because you look AWESOME in greens/corals, but this is absolutely stunning. Greens can seem so overdone, but this looks so soft on you, especially with the lips & cheeks. I’m trying to wait patiently for my Gilded Green & Sun Centered to come in the mail tomorrow, but this look isn’t making it easy! Hehe :)

  9. Nell

    Really amazing!
    You made me order Suncentered, grrr! 😉

  10. Kristen Elisabeth

    Christine, this is amazing on you! This is one of my favorite looks you’ve done in a LONG time. I’m def. going to have to check out that pigment!

  11. Tekoa

    Great, I love Gilded Green so much that I’ll have to get it. You’re such an enabler.

  12. Monica

    Oh.. my.. this is another beautiful look ! Bravo! The greens look great on you!.. but I got to say my favorite part is the lips.. they look gorgeous!
    I’m going to Norsdstrom to get me some green! ;P

  13. Joy

    Hey Christine!
    I just wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for a Brilliante Award! You can check out deets on my site! Have a great day!

  14. Zsofi

    yes,i know that feeling when You fall in love with a new look You have just done :-))))
    very genius,this look 😀
    love bright colors with Your hair color 😀

  15. Dainty

    I really love this look.
    I might have to get gilded green now!

  16. Brittany

    Wow!!! I love love love love love this too!!! God, it is SO gorgeous!!!

  17. HeavenLeiBlu

    That green is gorgeous! Hopefully there’s no Nordies is Chattanooga ( where I’ll be for the weekend) and I can avoid temptation :-)

  18. Nartian

    I was going to blow off buying the pigments from this collection, but you’ve shown a convincing arguement for me to at least buy a sample of Gilded Green.

  19. LaEisha

    That green really brings out your brown eyes. You look gorgegous.

  20. viv

    oh my gosh. I LOVE THIS GREEN. that’s like, the perfect mixture of MAC greens! absolutely wonderful :)

  21. Sandra

    beautiful look!how do you like Suncentered?

  22. Kellie

    I’m so glad that I discovered your site. The green is fabulous on you!

  23. Daantje

    OMG this stunning! You look gorgeous, radiant and yet a bit mysterious too. I absolutely love what you’ve done 😀

    Keep up the good work Christine and thank you for the inspiration 😉


  24. Amanda23

    LOVE IT!!!! I think I’m gonna try this look out tomorrow. I can’t tell you how much your looks have inspired me and changed the way I do my makeup today. Thank you!

  25. Danielle

    WOW THIS LOOKS SOO HOT!!! I LOVE IT!!! Green is a really good color for you!!! AMAZING!!!!

  26. I am so inspired by this intense green look! In fact, it is such a coincidence, I also used Glided Green p/g today, and I posted my look here, it is much lighter, and I left my lower lids naked.

  27. natasha

    this is a lovely green on you chris!

    would you akin it with gulf stream? i’m deciding bet buying newly minted and gulf stream. i’m not brave enuf (and too kluzy) to try piggies :(

    • Thanks, Natasha!

      No, not really. Gulf Stream is a bright pop of teal, IMO. It’s kind of like Warm Chill or Aquavert (Warm Chill hardly gave me any color, though).

  28. glided green is completely different from gulf stream…. which is more aqua.

  29. Lish

    your rockin that green!!! i think green is your color!

  30. Calico

    WOW! The eyeliner on your upper lid looks absolutely stunning! I agreed with you before, about just needing it on the bottom, but with this look it really is beautiful!

  31. gio

    I LOVE this look, it’s gorgeous!!

  32. charlene

    man this is gorgeous!! ur brown eyes just pop out at me :)

  33. melovemaclongtime!

    aww christine…your so talented!!!
    i love hw u could put such colorful color on without lookin clownish!!! :-)
    im a new BIG fan of your site
    melovemac longtime…

  34. Awesome look! I really like those shades of green.. they just look so fresh to me!

  35. Sash

    Are you serious, Christine!?
    You out-did urself this time, babe!
    This is by far one of my fav. looks!
    I NEED to try this!

  36. Bettina

    Ooh man that is sweet! I think that may be just what I needed…I may have a color bright enough to pull that off. 😉