Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

This is actually an old look I did last December (!), but I thought I’d share since my eyes are still swollen from doing upper lash liner for a few days in a row (which means I’ve been laying off the eye makeup!).

I used Melon pigment on lid, Ochre Style eyeshadow (LE) on inner lid, Daisychain eyeshadow (LE) on middle of lid, A Little Folie eyeshadow (LE) on outer lid and crease, Daisychain eyeshadow (LE) above crease and on brow, Graphblack technakhol, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. I had Margin blush on cheeks. I wore NARS Indian Red/Moon Fleet duo on my lips.

** Substitutions: Ochre Style = Juiced (70% dupe); Daisychain = Nylon (frostier, less yellow); A Little Folie = Folie. BTW, all three are still available via www.maccosmetics.com as of 4/15/08.


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41 thoughts on “Looks – Brown & Golds and Bright Red Lips

  1. Camilla

    its beautiful!!! i gotta try gold/brown combination :)

  2. Jeni

    love this look darling

  3. Sara

    love it! i’m still deciding whether i should get daisychain…

  4. T.

    Beautiful look!!!

  5. Erin

    Wow, this is so pretty!! I wanna try it. I just recently purchased the Mixing Medium so I can give it a try.

  6. Claudia M.

    I was so sure this was gonna be a tacky mess, gold and red?!?!? But I have to say I really like it!!! One thing though, I like the looks with the hair down better, to me it looks finished, maybe b/c I put my hair up when I’m doing my make up, then let it down after? ps Christine, you look like a ballerina here, lol!!! (in a good way) =)

    • Heather

      What do you mean, gold and red?! Gold is the best pair for red! What do you wear red with, Claudia? Just wondering – cuz I don’t know any other good combo. :-)

      • Claudia M.

        Sorry, I gotta explain, I don’t like gold (jewelry, accents, furniture!), I think it’s kinda tacky, I’m a silver kind of gal! And red on me looks a little…..hooker-like. Since we have similar skintone/hair color, immediately I pictured myself w/ gold e/s and red lips, and went “OH, NO!” But it looks really good here.
        I have to add that I have the Marilyn/Cindy Crawford mole, ahem, beauty mark, so I always end up looking hoe-ish. It’s that old stereotype in movies, drawings or cartoons when they have the hooker with the mole and red lips (then I have my sis laughing and pointing at me!!!) So unfair!!!!!!!!!!!
        I think I’ll try the eyeshadow look shown here, I really like it, but I’ll see what lip color works best with my Marilyn wanna-be-mole =P

    • You know, I always pair gold with red!!

      Thank you!

  7. Pia

    Christine, sorry to hear about your eyes. The things you have to go through in the name of sharing beauty to us. Hope you got better soon! and yes, this is a beautiful look. I did this yesterday but had to lay off the red. I originally applied Russian red but it was too bright for office. Lol. So I put prrr lipglass over it and some nude lipstick to make the total look acceptable.

    • Thanks, Pia :)

      I still have no real idea what makes it swell up, and I don’t know any way to help minimize the swelling for the most part either, boo!

      Yeah, I find red is such a traffic stopping lip sometimes that you just have to tone it down.

  8. This is so pretty!

  9. Stephanie D

    Looks very nice! 😉 Thanks for adding the substitutions lately. It’s good info.

  10. dawn

    Very beautiful. I love brown and gold combos. That’s a great color for the lips too!

  11. Theresa

    I am a sucker for brown, bronze and gold looks.
    Paired with this bright red lips combo, you look really gorgeous and classy!!!

    love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

  12. Nell

    Very classy and sophisticated. I love how Ochre Style looks on you, maybe it´s the underlying melon pigment, I´ll try that. I´m still trying to find a way for it to work for me.
    Thank you, hope your eyes get better soon (I know the feeling, mine play up from time to time too.)

  13. So pretty Christine, the red lips look fab! Hope your eyes feel better soon :) The first thing I thought when i saw the whole look is “She’s looks like a ballerina” Maybe it is the hair pulled back? LOL. I’ve always wanted to say – you skin is fabulous, especially even on your neck and below! I’m still conservative when it comes to wearing deep V neck clothes, but I know that’s cos I’m not very confident about carrying it off. I’m digressing, I know!

    • Thank you!! :)

      You know, when you used to be really overweight, then lose a lot of weight, you get the urge to show off a bit… and I think that’s where it all came from, lol.

  14. Hey Cristine,

    Ur looking beautiful.But i really dont love that outer lid shadow mixing with gold and brown,but thats something my opinion :)



  15. Eva

    I think this is one of my favourite looks from you…but then, everything looks good on you.
    That lip combo is hot!!

  16. Ju

    So beautiful 😀
    And I love love the dupe part (thank you!) ^^

    Ok, now, i want everything lol

    Biz ( = short name of “Bisous”)

  17. Sash

    Oh, my! I love me some red lips! It’s just the perfect look for you, Christine!

  18. Chocobon

    U look absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful combo browns and a red lip!

  19. Tonee

    That’s a such a great combo for eyes! I must try something similar myself. It looks so good.

    As for the lips – FABULOUS! I bet you knew I was going to say that, right??!!