Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Rimmel Berry Queen Lipstick + NYX Blonde Pearl EYeshadow
Rimmel Berry Queen Lipstick + NYX Blonde Pearl EYeshadow

Look for Less: Gold Shimmered Red Lips

Many of you really liked my MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Combo that featured MAC Gesina Lipstick and MAC Mary Lip Gloss. It’s a lovely combo, but it’s DEFINITELY! dupeable. Gold shimmer always looks really stunning layered over a red lipstick.

I used…

  • Rimmel Berry Queen (940) Moisture Renew Lipstick ($5.99)
  • NYX Blonde Pearl Eyeshadow ($7.00) (But any yellow gold eyeshadow will do!)
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Clear Lipgloss ($1.99)

For $15, I think we get pretty close. I specifically wanted to find the cheapest dupe I could, so I only went through my drugstore products to pull colors. Berry Queen is insanely close to MAC’s Gesina, but it’s a little more pigmented, so it doesn’t end up as pink as Gesina when applied.  I mixed the gold eyeshadow with the gloss and then applied, so it would blend better (if you pat it on, it can be lovely, but it tends to stay where you patted it!).

I’d also recommend trying maybe a dark pink and then patting a sheer layer of blue-based red lipstick on top to get that pinky-red if you don’t have one already in your stash!  If you have naturally red lips, you might opt for a fuchsia lipstick rather than a pink-red.

What do you think?  Close enough?  Better? Worse?

See full face and comparison swatches…

Rimmel Berry Queen Lipstick + NYX Blonde Pearl EYeshadow
Rimmel Berry Queen Lipstick + NYX Blonde Pearl EYeshadow

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Marcel Wanders Combo: Gesina Lipstick + Mary Lip Gloss

Rimmel Berry Queen Lipstick + NYX Blonde Pearl EYeshadow
MAC Gesina Lipstick vs. Rimmel Berry Queen Lipstick

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59 thoughts on “Look for Less: Gold Shimmered Red Lips

  1. That is a really pretty combo, and insanely close to the MAC shades

  2. Janet

    I love this idea!

  3. I actually prefer the cheaper combo as the lip color and gloss blend together better…

  4. Laurel

    Wonderful. I prefer the Rimmel & Nyx dupe because I tend to like more tomato-y reds than fuschia pinks. Also, I’m a sucker for pretty much anything Nyx. :)

  5. Sarah

    Very pretty, and a great look for the holidays! I love this idea, do you have plans to do more or make it a regular feature? (I apologize if this is something you’ve done before, I have horrible memory!)

    • We shall see! :) I’m trying to shift things around so I can find possible dupes faster!

      • Sarah

        I can only imagine what an undertaking it must be to try and organize a collection the size of yours! I have a hard enough time with my makeup, which is only a small fraction of what you have!

  6. Elysia

    awesome. Thanks for doing this Christine! O, and you might already know this, but I just learned to wash your brushes in cold water, as it keeps the bristles from loosening up and falling out.

  7. Christine…you are epic. LOL

    I saw the other post and cried inside because of the price tag :( Thank you for this affordable dupe!

  8. DallasBrownEyes

    It would be great to see dupes for the Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks!

  9. Hiromi

    you deserve a medal, seriously. saving us so much money <3

  10. MARGO

    both are great but mac is better on you. so close…………………

  11. Mayra

    i really like these lip combos and dupes! Christine u should make these an evereyday thing, it would be great but i know ur super busy :( so maybe not…

  12. Grace

    I actually like this one so much more!

  13. I think the red with gold shimmer is gorgeous!

  14. Stacey M

    Better! Looks richer!

  15. I actually like the look for less better. It looks more like a red with gold than the MAC one.

  16. What a great idea- it’s a fab idea in practice as well as a post for us. Thank you!!

  17. kcrystal

    Really Awesome!!! The colors are close but the intensity is different. I like the stronger red on you but I like Gesina more (on me). I do like the comparison and would be fantastic in the future if you were able to do Highbrand vs drugstore lipstick pics in the future. For example, High Brand (warm tone) vs drug store (cool tone) lipsticks and vice versa.

  18. Jenn

    YOU ROCK! This is a beautiful look, and it totally looks luxe.

  19. Dini

    Love the Rimmel. I actually like it better than the original combo.

  20. Melissa

    You should do more of these how bout more like a neutralish pinkish combo that be pretty but i like this too :)

  21. Katie

    I love posts like this…very helpful! If you ever reorganize your makeup, you have to give an updated video tour! Your collection video is one of my favs 😉

  22. Avin

    I loved the Marcel Wanders combo, but this is better, IMO. I love that it’s more red!

  23. The Rimmel is stunning! I think it’s my favorite.

  24. michelle

    I love gold flecked red lips!

  25. I do this thing all the time! Works like a charm. And this is particularly lovely. :)

  26. Carrie Ann

    Great idea. It was really nice of you to do this. I still prefer Gesina, though. The other lipstick looks darker and redder on the lips. It’s interesting that the swatches are so similar.

  27. I love this! For an even cheaper gloss, Forever 21 makes a gold one that was originally $2.80 but is on sale for 99 cents.

  28. Hmm, I don’t think it’s a dupe. The lipstick is close, but the combo is somehow much yellower than the Mac combo. I prefer the pinkiness of the Mac one. :)

  29. Kat

    I like the second lipstick photos a tiny bit more b/c it’s more pink (and a lil’ more softer to me) but you can only tell when the images are next to each other…really good dupes though! I’ll have to try the colour combo. Never thought of putting them together but it’s so pretty and complimentary =)

  30. Alexxxflt

    I think Perpetual Flame from MAC + NYX blonde pearl gloss would dupe this even better

  31. Tiffany

    The MAC one looks juicier…lol but cheaper one is pretty

  32. DIJ

    Thanks for this post Christine! You should do more like this :) very helpful, esp for those who dont have the money to buy more expensive products

  33. Laura

    This is going to sound nuts, but how do you use an eyeshadow with lipstick like that? Can anybody point me to a tutorial or something? And yes, I am an old fogey who hasn’t paid a lot of attention to her makeup look in years, so I clearly have some catching up to do. :-)

  34. I love this look….and I have to agree with a few who posted before me: I like the drugstore alternative better. It actually hurts my fingers to type that, but the addition of the gold eyeshadow gives it more of a multi-dimensional shimmery “Christmas-y” look. Great idea!!

  35. Mires

    Rimmel looks identical and I definitely love the price!

  36. MMM

    Great job, side by side you can see the difference, but the cheapo one gives the same holiday shimmery effect. LOVE IT!

  37. Deb

    I love your budget combo, but I think I like the Gesina better just because it has more of a pink to it. But I would definitely wear either one!

  38. gwen

    the rimmel lip looks better than the MAC

  39. Adriana

    holy frig your amazing…..I actually think the rimmel one looks even better!!!

  40. vikaki

    i like the cheapppppppp one!!:D:D

  41. Wasn’t feeling Gesenia until you dropped Mary on top – it gorgeous…added these two to my list so I’m getting those two and Digna. I’m done!!!

  42. Yumi

    I like the MAC combo more but I do agree that for $15, the cheaper one does the trick more than well enough.

  43. Promise

    I definitely like the cheaper one better. It looks way prettier!!

  44. Milani makes a lot of great and affordable glosses with golden glitter in them as does CO Bigelow from time to time. I’ve been in love with gold glitter gloss since Lancome’s Angelic star gloss.

  45. KP19

    This Rimmel/NYX lip combo is a lot better than the MAC version. Great idea :)

  46. Kai

    I made my own little dupe with what I already have!
    Urban Decay Half Baked, Clinique Raspberry Glacee, and Bath and Body Works Secret Wonerland Gloss!

  47. I think the Rimmel Combo looks better! :)

  48. Leslie V

    awesome! I would really love to see more post like this!