Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Look: Chanel Spring 2012

Had a lot of you asking about what was on my eyes/cheeks/lips throughout recent Chanel posts, so I figured maybe I should post the look in full so it’s easy to find :)  It’s super easy and takes about five minutes or less!

You will need the following…

For eyes, I applied a light layer of NARS Smudgeproof on the lid as an eyeshadow primer from lash line to brow bone with a firm, flat brush.  First, I applied the lightest beige shade from the quad all over the lid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.  I used a slightly stiffer brush to apply the darker beige shade to the outer third of the lid (which really doesn’t add a lot; you could skip it).  With a fluffy crease brush, I applied the burgundy shade and diffused it upwards.  To highlight the brow bone, I used the lightest beige shade against with a fluffy blending brush.  On the lower lash line, I applied Chanel Grenat.  Finally, I applied a coat of Hourglass Film Noir to lengthen and thicken lashes.

For face, I applied Chanel Perfection Lumiere with a circular foundation brush.  I blended Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel onto cheeks with a dense blush brush and set with Guerlain Les Voilettes.  For lips, I applied Chanel Flirt.

Check out more photos!

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94 thoughts on “Look: Chanel Spring 2012

  1. I like the soft colors of the eyeshadows. Great look!

  2. Martyisblue

    Very soft and nice! :) love burgundy shades on you..:)!!

  3. Debora

    Pretty!! It’s natural and really nice for the spring! 😀

  4. kw

    What a great simple neutral look. I love Chanel and greatly appreciate your honest reviews of their products whether good or bad. You’re my go-to site whenever I’m looking for a new product. Keep up the great work!

  5. Yay for a new look! You look really pretty, Christine. :)

  6. VickiC

    you look really radiant here! that eyeshadow colour really brings out your eyecolour!

  7. Audrey

    Thank you so much for putting this up! I’ve been loving the Chanel lip swatches, but I desperately wanted to know what you were wearing on your eyes. It’s gorgeous!

  8. Ana

    Perfection Lumiere looks good on you. I have it in B10 because it is hard to find B20 in Europe. Overall look is good. I like it.

  9. Ana G.

    Gorgeous look!!It’s really gives you that spring feeling! :-) I’m so sick of the cold…:-(

  10. Tatiana

    So beautiful! The Grenat eyeliner gave a very elegant touch to the look. Now I want it! :)

  11. brenda

    lol – I know I asked about it after commenting I’m loving the new coco shines, (but my comment disappeared???) so thank you for the look!!! When I’m stuck for inspiration I always come here :)

  12. Natassha

    You always do the most lovely looks, thank you for sharing sharing xx

  13. Adrienne

    Wow you look beautiful!

  14. I love the new look for 2012. I have never tried NARS Smudgeproof but I will now. Thanks for the post.

  15. helen

    This is just so simple, fresh and classic spring-looking collection. Absolute perfection.
    PS: Congratulations on your engagement!!

  16. Roza

    Wow… That lip colour looks amazing on you!! I want that blush, but it has a pretty hefty price tag…

  17. Ale

    That look is so becoming on you Christine! Prettiest I have ever seen you =D!

  18. Maddy

    So pretty and simple. I like the fact you dont wear eye liner on your upper lid. Makes me feel better (lol) I dont wear eye liner on upper lid either! My eyes are to hooded/deep and it never stays put. Thanks for the look.

  19. Oh, I love this! It’s so very Chanel – refined, elegant, and gorgeous. You (er, your eyes?) look great in burgundy, Christine :)

  20. divinem (Melissa)

    I love that you do a pull away photo to give perspective, Christine. A look can be fantastic close up but ridiculous when you see the whole face. This is beautiful on you – demure comes to mind.

  21. Beverley

    hi christine! just wondering, what are your thoughts on the perfection lumiere foundation? i want to purchase it, but i’m not sure it’s worth the hefty price tag!

  22. This is probably my favorite look on you ever!! Well at least my favorite that doesn’t involve red lipstick :) It is just so classic effortlessly chic and your skin looks amazing! The individual reviews of the spring collection made me feel underwhelmed by the collection but seeing it all pull together really makes me give it a second thought!

  23. The shadows really bring out the color of your eyes, and I love Flirt on you too!

  24. Christina

    You look beautiful(as always)! The whole collection coordinates really well together!

  25. AmyD

    ah, thanks for this, christine! your eye look is awesome, and i’m learning to love burgundy eye looks. looks like i can maybe dupe this in mac and mufe – now to decide whether to do that or just pick up the quad :)

  26. Lily

    Thanks, Christine! I asked this a few days ago on fb and I knew that patience would pay off!

  27. sunny

    so beautiful, christine!

    it’s a perfect date night look.

  28. You look so beautiful <3 I really like this look, it's so sweet, elegant and natural

  29. MikkiD

    I’ve been checking out the burgundy pencil and wasn’t sure if it would make me look drunk. It’s gorgeous on you. How do you think it would look pn blue eyes (and mahogany hair)?

  30. YellowLantern

    Such a lovely natural look. You look great with that slightly rosy shade of brown on the lower lash line!

    Do you think you’ll be reviewing the Chanel Perfection Lumiere eventually? :)

  31. Michelle

    Beautiful! My counter doesn’t have the spring collection yet, but I’m definitely getting the blush when it comes in.
    Will you be doing a review on the Guerlain Les Voilettes Mineral Powder?

  32. Samantha

    This look it so pretty!
    I want to get the blush and also May nail polish! But the blush seems expensive :(
    do you know when will it come out in canada?

  33. Amanda L

    I know that you mentioned fall out in your initial review of the quad. How was the fall out while wearing this look? I almost bought the quad today, but I’m nervous about that one shadow!

  34. Caitlin

    Christine, I think this is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you look.

  35. Charlotte

    Totally gorgeous!

  36. Andrea

    Thanks Christine! You look beautiful in this new collection and I am happy to see what the colors look like on the skin because the pictures I have been seeing made the quad look more peachy, pink and dark reddish brown. I see now it definitely leans more neutral and purple.

  37. Gorgeous as always. xx

  38. Nina

    you are so beautiful! :)
    great look!

  39. Cindy

    Wow, Christine! I have to say, those neutral looks (these and your fave make up look this week) both look absolute gorgeous on you!
    You look polished and fresh and I LOVE it.
    I have a soft spot for these looks after all the heavy drama from the holidays.

  40. Melissa

    Just wondering if you had a tutorial of your makeup in your profile picture? Looks so pretty but I didn’t see it in the “Looks”!

  41. bleuciel

    Lovely! So good to see a soft modern look without intense eye liner. I saw something similar on Chanel’s site and I was curious to see your interpretation. I thought you might add the eye liner as most ‘interpretations’ have.

  42. Andrea

    I always want to wear a Chanel foundation (even despite the price tag!) but I cannot ever seem to find one that is the right shade for me, and that works for my skin. I usually stick with Loreal True Match in W3.

    Some of the Chanel foundations make me break out, how did you like the Perfection Lumiere?

    Thank you!

  43. Emma

    May I ask what is your skin tone? I bought chanel vita luminere 1.5(shell) 30 which was assitanted by BA, but I found it looks very on my skin, BTW Im warm undertone.
    what is the colour of the liptick I love it looks so beautiful on you =)

  44. moushka26

    This is a fabulous look on you. I can’t get over what versatile colouring you have. Everything seems to look good! I really envy you. Maybe it’s my age (62) but there’s a specific range of colours that looks good on me and when I stray, it’s a disaster. Somehow you make even the palest lipsticks work. Kudos – you’ve certainly found your perfect métier. I love your blog and am very grateful for all the wonderful reviews and photos you post. Thank you.

    •  @moushka26 Thank you so much, Moushka! :)
      It could just be your perception!  Maybe try out something you think isn’t so great on you and ask a friend (who is honest but kind!) – there are definitely colors/shades that I don’t think look great on me but others think do!

      • moushka26

         @Christine (Temptalia) Great suggestion, Christine Thank you.. One tends to get rather set in one’s ways over the years. I know I’ll find lots of colour choices here. 😉

  45. somchit

    this is very pretty look on you. 

  46. michellesielman

    You look sooo pretty!! Love these colours on you…