Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Yesterday, I did Bing + Jampacked… well, I also threw Cult of Cherry lipglass on top of that to see how it would look.  That’s what I’m showing you today :)  (Which is why I’m wearing the same shirt — these photos are from yesterday!) I put a little more blush on (just heavier), too.

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Raven kohl power (black-purple), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Blooming blush (soft pink)
  • Lips: Bing mattene (dark purple/black), Jampacked lipglass (dark purple), Cult of Cherry lipglass (bright red)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Raven = Foxy; Bing = Cyber; Jampacked = Desire; Cult of Cherry = Russian Red

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Line lower lash line with Ravek kohl power and apply Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Blooming blush using the 129. Apply Bing mattene to lips, and then top with Jampacked lipglass and Cult of Cherry lipglass for color and shine.

See more photos and close-ups…

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81 thoughts on “Look – Blood Lust Red Lips for the Day

  1. dee

    So all you did was add CoC lipglass? Your whole face looks different…brighter, if you will. It’s gotta be the blush because I love this.

  2. SnickerDoodle

    Gorgeous!! I actually think I like this one a little better..isnt it amazing what change a lip gloss can make?!?! It looks sooo good though. I really need to get Jampacked.

  3. claudine

    you can really pull those dark lipcolors off
    i cant :(
    and wow your teeth are white :)

  4. Leigh

    I’m too chicken to wear that myself (not to mention I don’t have any of the products) but holy hell! That’s so gorgeous!

  5. Nicky

    I like this one a lot better! Your face looks much brighter and the color is much less severe.

    Aw, you’re so pretty, girl!

  6. cherry

    Wow! Really pretty on you! I wish I could rock
    those lipcolor like you do..

  7. cloudburst

    I like it – I’m so glad I changed my mind about Blooming, it is a great colour to pair with the dark lips.

  8. EVO

    i like this look much better than the one you did yesterday!

  9. Asta

    The red makes a huge difference. I like this one lots more!

    I really want to go back for the blushes now…

  10. Rachel

    Nice lips, Christine!

    But I am really curious to see how you will look if you used a lighter hand on your lower lashline / smudged it out / lined only the outer half of it with a dark colour + higlight inner corners / left it alone. :)

  11. Nartian

    Oh, I like this lip look much more. Seems to fit your personality (blog-wise that is since I haven’t met you personally) more than the other one.

  12. DevilishDoll

    I have to find somewhere to get Cult of Cherry and Jampacked. Both have sold out online and I didn’t get a chance to buy them yet.

  13. gio

    You look great! I love this lip combo, I wish I could pull it off.

  14. JillyB

    I liked this better with the Cult of Cherry lipglass added on top. Just a little too dark purple the other way, but I guess that’s what’s coming up for this fall. You look good in the dark colors though.

  15. Jelisha

    I think this look is one of the prettiest ì’ve ever seen on you so far. Something I couldn’t pull off , those lips … but I just might try anyway x)

  16. Skyler

    Holy @!@##$^%*&! The LIPS! No idea if I could pull them off but I will sure as hell try when my CoC stuff arrives. 😛 The combination is just stunning and perfect for this dark fall lip that’s in. And I know you probably get tired of hearing this (actually, what am I saying? I wouldn’t!), but your lips are just sooo perfect. The shape of them is fantastic and you must be so proud of your pout. I would kill for lips like yours. Mine are small (width-wise) and my top lip is so thin. Worst combination ever. :( I think your lip shape really helps make any lip combo look amazing.

    • LOL, Skyler. I thought they looked really cool up-close. I really used to hate my lips, and hearing from others how they envy them has done a real number to my lip-self-confidence 😀

  17. lovekills

    This look is lovely on you, eyes cheeks and all!
    you’ve given me inspiration for a look next time I’m out

    I just got Rapturous matene l/s and cult of cherry l/g from the cult of cherry collection and it looks similar, I’m a NW43 pressed powder can’t wear the foundation a bit heavy.
    let me know what you think Christine

    • Thanks so much! I’m flattered that it’s inspired you.

      Rapturous is really pretty. I think I had it at some point, but I’m not sure if I still do.

      I must be spacing, what did you want my opinion on?

  18. Donna

    Those lips look hot on you,Christine! Gotta try that combo out. I bought Blooming blush because you raved about it and I love it!

  19. danielle

    still so pretty!
    both looks are fabulous!

  20. kat

    Also a beautiful look for you!

    I’m curious about the layering of the lipglosses. I’ve tried this before but they seem to be pretty sticky when I’m done do you have any tips?

    • Thanks, Kat!

      I don’t mind sticky, to be honest. I actually love the ultra glossy, ultra sticky glosses, LOL. Sometimes you can put one gloss on the bottom lip, then one on the top, smush together so it isn’t as thick.

  21. i like this one a lot better on you than yesterday’s! gorgeous! although my absolute favorites on you are teal eyeshadows with peachy/coral cheeks and lips!

  22. JackA.

    Ugh, I’m “living for this lip” as one of my MAC MA’s would say. This is too sexy.

    My only criticism would’ve been some highlight on the eyes to at least give them some dimension. Other than that, I love you and these dark lips.

  23. Wow I’ve never seen you with such dark lips! It looks great. I still don’t know if I ever want to go back to wearing dark lipstick though. Maybe this will change me. haha

  24. francy

    i love this one! the other one was a little to dark for you I think. It almost looks like u ate a bowl of cherries 😉

  25. Nell

    Wow, even better than yesterday! the lighter red brightens up your entire face. CoC is a great collection, isn´t it?

  26. Haydee

    You always knock it out the ball park :) I think your wrong, both looks are amazing. Maybe for the purple look you should try MAC STADA blush, I got it at a CCO I think its an amazing color for fall but I may be wrong :) Im so gonna purchase Blooming 😉

  27. This is lovely Christine! It kind of reminds me of Alta Moda. You know, you’re so creative to mesh the glosses, for a completely different look. I feel like you can work both the dark purple lips and the dark red/berry lips equally well. The purple is just more extreme, but I think purple is a more difficult lip colour regardless of whether it’s light purple (o.O) or dark.

    • Thanks, Nepenthe! I like this better than Alta Moda, I think. It really does remind me of bloody, bitten lips, LOL. Which is sexy in a different way, right?

  28. Oh.My.Gosh.

    You rock it girl!!!! The lips! It looks awesomely fab on you! I think Bing + Jampacked was lovely, if a tad too dark. But this! This is stunningly GORGEOUS.

    Two thumbs up! =D

    PS: I think I should go look at the lipglasses again. *tee hee hee*
    PPS: Won’t you say Kirsch looks very similar to Clinique’s Black Honey cult lippie?

    • Thanks, Syen! I really liked this lip combo, because it totally reminds me of just bitten lips. Like a very vampy way.

      Kirsch is a lot more pigmented… and I think it’s redder.

  29. Kella

    Love everything about this, especially more colour in the skin. Lovelovelove!!

  30. Laura

    THANK YOU for this! it’s beautiful and inspired me to get bing and jam packed!
    or at least call up my mac girl and get her to put them aside for me!
    i got SO many compliments with so scarlet and cult of cherry, but this is that darker look that i DESPERATELY want to try but haven’t found the right combo for yet 😀 😀

    so thank you verrrry much, christine!

  31. Nikki

    This look is gorgeous!!! Blooming really makes your whole face glow. I Have jampacked but I may need to pick of CoC to put over it now~

  32. Michelle

    this has to be my most favorite look of yours thus far. you look absolutely stunning and flawless in that last photograph! love love love it.

  33. Your Lips look awesome:)

  34. This looks heavenly! Girl, your lips are to die for! Love looking at them and you always manage to take such great pics! Was wondering, is CoC gloss worth getting if I already have Check, please? TIA!

    • YES, get it. It’s so different from Check, Please. Check, Please is a dark, opaque red (love it!) but Cult of Cherry is brighter, nice pop of red (almost reminds me of a Christmas-y red) with subtle shimmer.


      • Oh dear! Well thanks! It looks lovely! Also thinking abuot getting one of the darker shades… as I’m NC10/15 it will look striking! CoC gloss would be a lovely pop for me I think, combined with a darker lippie.

        And btw, is the Stylistics Tastemaker l/g worth getting? Wouldn’t it be great for this fall?

  35. Wow, I love your cheeks! you brows look too harsh these days though. Try to thin it out a bit & don’t draw t hem on too harshly. The lips are magic!!!

  36. abby

    i just noticed this look. You look very very pretty. :)