Friday, February 6th, 2009

Lavender Whip, Fun Fun, Fashion Mews

There’s been a lot of questions about how does Lavender Whip (from Cremeteam) compare to Fashion Mews (from Hello Kitty), and what about Fun Fun from Balloonacy eons ago. Ask no more, the picture above tells the story.

Lavender Whip vs. Fun Fun: It’s obvious that Fun Fun is a lot pinker. I would actually say that Fun Fun has some lavender in it, but when sandwiched between two more dominant lavender shades… the pink is brought out.

Lavender Whip vs. Fashion Mews: Fashion Mews is lighter and frostier in its finish than Lavender Whip, but they are similar. If you only want a lavender lipstick and don’t see yourself wearing it all the time, you might try Lavender Whip over Fashion Mews, just because the finish is nicer and it has a touch more color pay off. Plus, you can always add frostiness or make it lighter with a lipgloss.

Fashion Mews vs. Fun Fun: Again, they’re not dupes, and next to each other, they don’t even look like they’re in the same color family! I love Fun Fun, but I’ve always found it to be a very cool lipstick with some purple to it (but not as strong as the other two)–but in the swatch, it almost looks like a warm to neutral pink! But I think we can safely say they are definitely not dupes.

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34 thoughts on “Lavender Whip vs. Fun Fun vs. Fashion Mews

  1. Great Christine now I want fashion mews AND fun fun, and fun fun is discontinued! lol

    Do you happen to have Up The Amp to compare to any of these?

    • lol! Fun Fun is one of my favorites!

      I don’t have Up the Amp anymore, but it’s way darker than all three. Very creamy, but also very dark. I think it is a pink purple, too.

      • Gee Gee

        Hey Christine,
        Can you tell me why MAC decided to just send 5 tubes per each of the three stores that we have here in the Richmond va area. would you happen to know where we can get it. Everybody seems to be sold out!

  2. Milan

    I would also add the Fashion Mews has more pink than Lavendar Whip. Lavendar Whip is more of a true lavendar when comparing the two. I have both though and I love them!

  3. Sandy

    I love love Lavender Whip, already wearing it! Thanks for the comparison Christine :)

  4. Shanel

    i the fashion mews way better then lavender whip, lavender whip is too much on the purple side for me.

  5. Irene

    your swatches of lavender whip and fashion mew doesn’t look lavender to me at all. It’s more like lilac. I’m still hoping to find a good purple lipstick that is not too dark or too light.

    • Neither of these is really purple, but I do think they would fall under lavender or lilac in terms of description. I’ve always thought of lavender as a light purple color!

      You might want to look into theatrical makeup lines if you’re really looking for something more purple! :)

    • Karla

      I have a REALLY pretty purple lipstick by MAC it’s PRO now… but it was avaliable for limited time on the reg. Mac site. Violetta is awesome. It’s almost like the amplified creme… but i forget the finish. I don’t wear it often because it’s so bold. Check that one out tho, its lovely and not drying.

  6. Tanya

    I think we have another fan of Lavendar Whip and gloss

  7. mahalia

    I saw lady gaga on perez and I knew exactly what was on her lips. I was beyond proud. Lols

  8. Andrea

    thank you so much for this! I just got Lavender Whip last night, I’ll probably get Fashion Mews as well! I really wish I could find a dupe for Fun Fun though!

  9. Sara

    I THINK I JUST NEED BOTH. they are differentish enough. well at least i will get fashion mews since lavender whip is perm. i can always swap/sell fashion mews if it isn’t good enough. yeah.

  10. Irene

    lavender whip is permanent?

  11. abby

    Thank you Christine for the comparison and also for your opinion on each lipstick. I always like to know what you think about the products before i buy them. :) By the way…have you had a chance to try the well defined collection?

    • Sure thing, Abby! I haven’t really been able to try it too much. They didn’t have stock in yet, when I went, so I wasn’t able to get my shade :( The concealer seems to be OK so far. It’s pretty thick!

  12. Hi Chistine!!It’s my first time here and I really loved your site!!I found it in the google search,about the Hello Kitty lipsticks.
    I have a make up blog too,and I want to ask you if it’s possible to use your swatches photos in my blog today.(I’ll link
    I love the Fresh Brew ,and your swatche really help me to decide about the colors that I want…
    Thank you very much!

  13. Tierra

    Hey Christine I gots a question lol what lip colours would you suggest for a C6?

  14. abby

    hey Christine! which lipstick would you suggest to get that would go with purple eyeshadows, like parfait amour and purple haze; gladiola, fashion mews or lavender whip? i am not very good at these things. I am an NC30. Thank you:)

    • Gladiola, probably, though I’d use it lightly. I think using Fashion Mews/Lavender Whip maybe TOO purple with just purple color on the lids :) But you can add some pink to Fashion Mews/Lavender Whip to make those work!

  15. the bee

    thank you Christine
    iliked the lavender the most

  16. So many years later and I’m STILL desperately seeking a dupe for Fun Fun!!!! *pouts*