Monday, January 24th, 2011

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Spring 2011: Glowy Ballerine

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush ($40.00 for 0.39 oz.) is an icy, pale pink blush that goes on barely-there. It has a silver glitter overlay, but the glitter disappears after the first use. On me (warm, medium skin tone), I get visibly pinker cheeks, but the effect is definitely subtle. The texture is soft, and it’s effortless to apply and blend out, partially owing to the softness in the color itself. It has an ultra soft sheen that looks more like a glow when applied, so there is no need to fear shimmery or glittery finishes here (and again, the glitter is only on the top layer).

Lancome says: “The new must have blush is an original twist of two incontrovertible items of the 70’s style: the bowtie and the butterfly designed by Alexis Mabille. In fashion, wearing a bowtie is the ultimate chic attitude, besides a way to express free-spirit and absolute lack of concern for what other people think. The butterfly is a multicultural symbol of free soul, feminity and beauty of nature.”

Lancome recommends using the pink shade as a blush, beige shade as a sculptor, and lavender shade to unify the complexion. This is all well and good, and I appreciate the directions overall, but you’re going to need a pretty small (and precise) brush to use any of the three shades alone–especially the lavender one.

The design is femine and pretty, though of course, it looks less elegant once you’ve used it a few times, but some of the features still linger (and as far as I know, and based on Lancome’s recommendation to use certain shades individually), there are three distinct shades that go all the way through. Also worth noting is that this is practically a brick of blush at 0.39 oz. (average blush is around 0.15 to 0.20 oz.). The included applicator worksin a pinch, but the bristles are rougher than I’d like, and they will kick up a lot of powder if you attempt to use it.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: This will be gorgeous on light to medium skin tones both cool and warm, but I think much of the effect will be lost on darker skin tones.

where to buy: Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

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Where can I purchase Glowy Ballerine? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $40.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

NARS Desire, MAC Well Dressed all give a soft, cool-toned pink flush.

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88 thoughts on “Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. divinem (Melissa)

    I already ordered mine yesterday. Too too pretty to pass up. With my NW15 skin, I’m confident it’ll be a good match. SO pretty. Thanks, Christine!

  2. Iren

    What are you wearing on your lips? It is GORGEOUS!

  3. Shannon

    That looks so pretty, esp on you! I know it won’t show up on my NC45 skin, maybe as a subtle highlight. Do they make more shades?

  4. Marina

    I think this is an effortless, sweet, fresh & young look, I love the subtle rosey cheeks and I love the lipstick! Which is it?

  5. Gaby

    Omg I need this in my life right now.

  6. Nunuiviet

    Thanks for the swatch, Christine! I planned to buy it but I kind of changed my mind after seeing the swatch, the colour is kind of really pale, and for the price I think I’m expecting more…

  7. stephanie

    very cute :)

  8. I love it, it’s so pretty. :) I need to know, however, what you’re wearing on your lips!

  9. Caroline F,

    Perfect! exactly what I logged in to see this morning. Thanks for the swatch.

  10. Nadia

    This is so beautiful! And not a bad price either. I just don’t know if I NEED this. Then again, what makeup item do I really NEED, it’s all about want lol.

    I’ve tried MAC’s Well Dressed blush before and it barely shows up on me. I’m NC 25. So maybe this won’t really show up either. It looks great on you!!

  11. Polly

    TO DIE FOR!!! I will skip any blush on my list to get this first!

    It looks adorable on you <3 I meant you look so lovely :] I love your look today <3

  12. Petra

    Christine, you look stunning! And the cheek colour is really pretty too – I love the lip-blush combo with the understated eyes.

  13. Julchen

    Gorgeous! What´s on your lips Christine?

  14. Kelly Marie

    And you all thought the Wonder Woman packaging looked childish…

  15. JoElla

    Very pretty, but these colors do not work for me. Anyone who can wear this and buys it, wear it in the best of health =)

  16. Marie

    Swatches on your arm are kind of meh for me, but I think it looks great on your cheeks. Color me surprised!
    As for design, I don’t like it at all.

  17. babyinacorner

    I impulse bought this and I have to say I don’t really like it! I’ve some small pimples on my cheeks and the blush goes on slightly powdery and looks flat. It seems quite matte (after the glitter overspray of course!). for reference I’m super pale (diorskin nude 010, in general I take the palest shade of foundation) with blonde hair and blue eyes.

  18. you look gorgeous in this photo, but I don’t think that’s thanks to the product :)

  19. Lady Di.

    Beautiful as always Christine. Love this blush, its just so pretty!

  20. Patricia Couto

    Lovely packaging! I would buy only because of the butterflies!!
    What lipstick are you using? It’s gorgeous!!!

  21. tehteh

    I know this is probably kinda stupid to ask because you kinda said thar already…but is it ACTUALLY those 3 shades after a few uses, even if the pattern disappears? because honestly if any one them doesnt go all the way I don’t think it’s worth it, even though the quanrity of blush is huge…


    • I believe they go all the way through – I didn’t cut it in half or anything, but based on Lancome’s recommended use, it seems like it. (I also know that Lancome artists would always tell me how their products go all the way through in the past.)

  22. ak

    It looks more like makeup for a kid even more than the powder from MAC’s To The Beach collection with the seahorse on it, and even more than the MAC Wonder Woman collection.

  23. Patricia

    It is a shame that butterfly’s violet is just a layer.

  24. kfm

    Pretty colour and I think I might be a nice look on my NC15 face. I’ll definitely check it out. I also have to know- What lipstick is it you’re wearing? It’s gorgeous!

  25. Katherine

    The packaging on this is to die for! I’m so happy that you swatched it for us. My skintone is far too dark for this and I’m very disappointed.

  26. Whitney

    I don’t like how the color looks in the swatch but I like how the color looks on your face!

  27. Laia

    OMG this is gorgeous. Thanks for the swatch because now I realize it won’t show up a lot on my NW30 skin… :(

  28. abby

    omg this is gorgeous on you! what lipstick are you wearing Christine…looks pretty on you! :)

  29. Courtney

    So pretty! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. #turnoff

  30. anonymous

    Christine you glow there! Looks lovely on you. I think the instructions are kinda funny. I like that they did try to put a design & multiple colors but I’m wondering if they couldn’t have done something simpler that separated the colors better. It’s probably not bad though for people who would like a glitter free version of sugarbomb. Love the lipstick & hoping to see some of the other eye/lip items. I shouldn’t… but I’m so loving purple lately!

    • Yeah – great in concept but it’ll be hard to execute, even with a smaller brush. Maybe if they did it in just stripes rather than a mixed design.

  31. I am tan just like you and I reaaalllly dislike this! It barely shows :(

  32. Luciane

    Everyone loving your lipstick more than this! *laughs*

  33. Georgia

    I really want to buy this blush, its so pretty! i hope that this doesnt get sold out fast since its limited edition.

  34. I think I’m going to pass, looks a bit too cool and subtle for my taste, even though I’m NC15/20. Do you know if you’re going to review the polishes or Lily Rose lipstick from this collection?

  35. Carrie Ann

    I’m tempted to get this blush because the design is so pretty, but I know I’d be too afraid to use it and mess it up, anyway. That’s why I got a backup of the Marine Life blush from To The Beach. This is more expensive and less unique, though.

  36. Judy

    I just ordered online. It’s just too pretty not to have. Usually, I wouldn’t spend so much money on anything, but for this…I just had to have it. I love it on you Christine!!! I hope it looks just as pretty on me. I will let you all know once I get it & wear it.

  37. Wow, that gives you such a nice glow! Did you have to pack it on your cheeks to get it to show like that on your cheeks? The swatches seem really pale, but it looks really nice on your cheeks! :)

  38. Olena

    Wow, this color really suits you! Looks amazing!

  39. Vijaya

    I was about to ask what you had on your lips, but I skimmed the comments before clicking ‘submit comment’. Apparently that’s a popular question today. xD

    It looks fabulous on you, Christine. Have you done/will you be doing a review on it?

  40. Mya

    you look gorgeous!!! are you wearing any foundation or tinted moisturizer? if so what is it? your skin looks flawless!!!

  41. Hiromi

    you look even more gorgeous than usual here! will there be a breakdown for what you wore?

    aside from the lipstick (which i can see was a popular question), what mascara were you wearing? your lashes look fabulous!

    • Just NARS Sheer Glow foundation, the Lancome blush on cheeks… nothing on eyes… Estee Lauder’s Wild Violet lipstick… L’Oreal Voluminous Millions 😀

      • anonymous

        thank you! I have too many open mascaras to buy another but I’ve been looking at Millions for when I do– I had no idea you were modelling the blush AND the lipstick AND the mascara in one! maybe you should do a total look breakdown with your pics sometimes just for fun. I am loving the wild violet but I’ve always thought EL made amazing lipsticks. idk if they were rich old lady makeup or not but they were always pretty shades and felt amazing. plenty of good shades too.

        my top EL picks for Christine’s coloring would be
        pure color: *extravagant berry*, bois de rose
        pure color crystal: berry truffle, plum fizz
        hydra luster: radiant wine, chelsea rose, black cherry, *rich currant*

        *top picks*

        (I am such a massive sucker for estee lauder…)

        • LOL, I rarely repeat products if only so I can maximize the testing canvas, haha.

          • anonymous

            LOL no, I just meant identifying what you have on other than the reviewed item. because I’m think Estee Lauder ought to be sending you a BUCKET of stuff, you probably just sold a billion Wild Violet lipsticks with that pic! you could include the rest of your look and where to buy it at the end of the review or something. EL stuff looks great on you. you reviewed the blush but everyone LOVES the lipstick lol. you could do more shades.

  42. AnGeLwInGz

    Christine this looks a lot prettier on your face than it does in the swatch. Lucky girl you are. Anyway I’ll be skipping this b/c I have a Flirt! dupe ($12 I think) and the glitter is all the way through.

  43. Hilary♥

    One of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen ♥ gotta have it!

  44. It looks too pretty to use! haha and it’s too expensive to just have it because it looks pretty, plus my skin is probably too dark for this

  45. Meh, I wish atleast the butterflies would have remained lavender! D:

  46. Dee

    Can you think of a blush for us medium and warm-skinned gals(around NC 35/40ish) that would give the same subtle, glowy effect?

  47. Ashley D.

    Awww overspray again?!

  48. Bernice

    SO beautiful Christine!

  49. Jenna S.

    I wasn’t impressed until I saw the photo of the blush on you–you look gorgeous!

    I already have Well Dressed, though, so I don’t think I’ll be picking this up, especially since the packaging is all a little too cutesy for me. But this post certainly encouraged me to rediscover something I already have in my drawer (Well Dressed), which is one of my favorite kinds of posts!

  50. poinky

    It’s such a pretty blush/highlighter. Too bad the purple butterflies is only an overspray. You can see on the last picture that the pan looks paler/lighter after application. But it’s still a delight to look at.

    Thanks Christine. Can’t wait to read your review on the lipstick :)

  51. Jeanie

    Is this like Benefit’s Dandelion?

  52. Nora

    So, so beautiful. A lot of the time the ‘overlay’ blushes look amazing but the actual result is underwhelming, but this is seriously stunning. If only they didn’t test on animals. :\

  53. Katie

    I am so obsessed!!! You look gorgeous in the photo :)

  54. Meg

    It’s so pretty! :)

  55. cosmica

    I bought this the other day and wow – it’s gorgeous! Im so happy I was able to grab one before they sold out. I have the one released prior to this one as well and it too is amazing. Can’t go wrong…it’s stunning on.

  56. Leea

    I saw this in person today, and I swatch-ed it on my arm and it was really sheer :( it wasn’t worth 55€ for me!

  57. Your makeup always looks pretty but it looks especially nice in this photo!

  58. Mimi

    LOVE this cheek color on you! Very flattering and shows off your beautiful skin. I’ll have to grab one!